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  1. Rikk

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    I’m seeing some great painting and very inspirational stuff so far, keep it up all looking good. So, for me, after saying I’m done for the month and “should” be packing for holiday, tidying house, buying euros, going to work, etc... I got a bit carried away Im going to get the rest of the structure done before going away but the gremlins will have to wait until I get back in August
  2. Rikk

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    I’m a bit torn, as a Gremlin player, I like the alt Lenny and Nightmare box, but all depends what’s also available specials and alts from previous sales, for if I take the delivery and import charges it’s a lot so I’d rather get a lot in one go, or wait until Black Friday and hope the nightmare box is available then.
  3. Rikk

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    So I’m off on holiday in a week and need to do so much tidying, packing, etc before I go. So, calling it done for the month The Sow (8) A wild boar (5) Burt and Fingers (18) Total of 31 points from a planned 35 and half the models I had planned to do this month have actually been done.
  4. Rikk

    Rikk s Bayou Board

    Some more painting done before packing for holiday I have a fair bit of weathering effects to go and still need to sand down the sides before I can add water effects but should be complete by end of month
  5. Rikk

    Rikk s Bayou Board

    Hi all, A fair bit of progress with these terrain pieces Ill spend today filing down the sides of all three terrain pieces then I’m happy to start painting this one up. The tree I’m really happy with and have been a bit carried away painting before completing the base. This is the last pond piece I’m having for my board. I have another house to put together and then want to make some blocking terrain, I’m thinking; Moonshine still wooded area pig den Loot tower/horde/pile o’ crap
  6. Rikk

    New Video Battle Report

    Just finished watching and have to say that I really enjoyed it! Just about right timing, not at all too long (have been put off with 2+ hour reports in the past). I really like how you show the card draw, and the mid game chat was really good to see how the guys felt they were doing and plans going forward. My request would be more gremlins reports, but I’m subscribing and likely watch all future reports. I appreciate the huge effort it goes into making these vids so thanks muchlies.
  7. So I get in from work to check website to see this crew and my 4 year old daughter happens to be watching MLP at the same time....it’s fate. I like the idea of the crew and I really enjoy playing Ulix, so I’m in. It feels to me that it’s more likely these are piglets rather than boars so possibly we will see another companion box to go alongside it. Either way, I’m in. Edit: on reflection the ponies are quite large compared to the Gremlin and I’ve remembered there are three boars in the Ulix box so these ponies probably are alt boars
  8. Rikk

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    Hi all, My pledge for July will be; the Sow (8) 2x Wild boar (10) Fingers (10) Slop Hauler (5) 1x young La Croix (2) 6 models totalling 35 points
  9. Rikk

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Hi all, as it’s almost month end I’ll call quits to getting anymore done this month Ulix, Merris and a scenery piece finally complete for a total of 26ss
  10. Rikk

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    @Franchute that’s a very nice necropunk Im falling behind a bit this month, good early start finished Merris and scenery piece and halfway through Ulix, just need a bit more motivation to get him and a few other models done in month
  11. Great report and an excellent board, please post more
  12. Rikk

    Rikk s Bayou Board

    Not much of an update as have been away but working on some more terrain pieces, still no start on a gaming table yet
  13. Rikk

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Here’s my pledge for the month as a tournament on July 1st will need a fully painted Ulix crew.. Ulix - 15ss Meris (almost finished) - 6ss Sow - 8ss (I think, card not nearby) boar - 5ss fingers - 10ss trixie - 9ss (I think, card also nowhere to be found) terrain piece - 5ss approx 58ss, I know, I know, I never get so much done in a month, but let’s see
  14. Rikk

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Sure no worries, back from holiday now so hopefully picking up paint brush again on sunday 😀
  15. Rikk

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Yes! This explains why I couldn’t find pics of it and had to take another. Please exclude from this months total. There is another smaller display board but it’s nowhere near done.