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  1. Burnin' Coal

    New Art for Malifaux - Your opinion

    First up this only my opinion and whilst it is something I feel strongly enough to comment on I have no wish to upset anyone..it's a game... When I first came across Malifaux it was during the changeover from 1e to 2e...because the new plastics were coming into my LFGS a few at a time it gave me the chance to compare old with new and I much preferred both the new plastic sculpts as well as the artwork that went with them...I was hooked and over the last years bought many models that were outside either mine or my partners factions purely for the aesthetic alone....my partner was equally enthusiastic as it was her who had first seen Rasputina when she was still in stripey stockings 1e version....then something happened around the time of Broken Promises when the artwork seemed to start veering towards being overtly cartoonish...I could ignore the artwork if the sculpts don't follow suit... @yool1981 posted the 3e version of Dashael...case in point...Captain Vanilla...total cartoon...not dark...not anything except comic book proportions and comic book colors ...rules wise I can understand that Malifaux perhaps needed streamlining, but visually ? Visually nothing was broken ...it didn't need fixing...Cult Of Burning Man in TOS has all the weirdness and horror of Malifaux so Wyrd have definitely still got it all going on in the design and art department... ...end of the day I am only one customer and if the new direction brings in a load of new players then I am cool that my opinion will be of zero consequence...having invested so much time and money to date I don't want to diss what I haven't yet seen in full but from the previews of what is to come at a visual level unfortunately I find myself high scoring on the "meh" scale
  2. Burnin' Coal

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    @KikkerVisje hope your order turns up soon....I'm still waiting for the Field Intelligence Corps that weren't in my order
  3. Burnin' Coal

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    @brian291 sorry to hear that and please update as you learn more....part of my order was missing (field intelligence corps) - I wrote to Wyrd but so far have heard nothing back
  4. Burnin' Coal

    The Other Side Demos - Dark Sphere, London - 15-16 Dec 2018

    Hi Tom...I will be in contact nearer the time but will totally be up for seeing how it all works down at the Waterloo store (my LFGS for some years now)....good luck with the painting - my brushes will be on fire over the Holidays
  5. Burnin' Coal

    Neverborn Rulez!

    Lovely work with a dynamic palette, nice basing too....lucky client
  6. Burnin' Coal

    Steele painting, cult of the burning man

    Nice work so far and good to see....I've managed to fill and prime just over thirty Cult figures so far but won't be able to get down to painting in earnest for a couple of weeks now....great sculpts and really looking forward to seeing everybody's take on them
  7. Burnin' Coal

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    @dalezzz just to reconfirm that with regard to paint I'm continuing to test as I go...am now using liquid green stuff and it's doing its job like it does on regular Malifaux models With regard to squishiness....have currently washed, scrubbed, deflashed and primed around thirty five models...the majority I would store in a pluck and pull case like my Malifaux figures and would not be concerned...I have not worked on any of the Royal Rifle Corps yet however...the rifle barrels and bayonets in particular are so fine that the bayonet itself is a bit too flexible for my taste BUT I would hazard after my experience so far that it will still take paint ok...having said that for those models in particular the harder grey plastic used on Samantha Thrace would have been preferable if I were given a choice...although having said that the slightly softer material seems to hold detail incredibly well Ultimately I guess it will only be in a few months time when a whole bunch of us have based and varnished figures that have been played and handled repeatedly that we'll have a clearer overview...much as I love the regular Malifaux plastic to work with it is nonetheless terrifyingly difficult to handle some models (I'm looking at you Will o Wisps and Goryo) and keep them intact whereas The Other Side models retain the same level of detail without risking damage...if it means retouching barrels or bayonets I would take that over having to glue parts back on as well as repainting - those bayonets in regular plastic would be a nightmare and I know that from having had an interest in WW1 wargame figures where even in thicker metal getting them in and out of storage inevitably resulted in first bent then missing bayonet tips or broken barrels A video can surely help in the discussion...the hot water to cold when rebending parts certainly seems to stiffen some parts....not sure what is happening chemically there but it works...will be curious to try on those rifles...am also trying to figure out if it's in my imagination or whether some boxes have fractionally stiffer plastic or whether it is because they have less very thin parts...I dropped one of the Rifle Corps while handling it - if it was regular Malifaux plastic it would have detonated...as it is no worries...even if initially there is a touch of doubt in the long term I think the recipe will work in our favour
  8. Burnin' Coal

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    As I started opening boxes I was similarly a little concerned...BUT....the hot water to cold immediately straightened bent parts out....then a brand new scalpel blade lifted off the very little flash and now twenty four hours after I hit a few models with a coat of Mig One Shot primer I tried a flex test on one of the many thin parts....no paint flaked or cracked and as they are still at primer stage I gave it a good go - no cracking...and now a third test on the very thin arm of one of the Warped - no worries - all good Also (this is a question maybe someone @Wyrd could answer) there does appear to be different plastics involved...Samantha Thrace and Bini Nguyen are both made from a darker grey and much harder plastic
  9. Burnin' Coal

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    I read the Yodel story with horror...I had no prior notification and just by luck happened to be at home to receive a parcel I wasn't expecting...we used to have just mailmen...now we frequently get people with no kind of uniform turning up at the door out of plain vans and cars handing stuff over...or leaving it on the step....or with neighbors...hope no one else goes through that
  10. Burnin' Coal

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    @innsmouthresident @Chou Thanks a lot guys...hopefully you won't be far behind me...can't put into words how happy I am with it all....and having been originally staunchly in favour of making up the models myself my very first thought was "glad I didn't have to glue this lot together !"...got the day off so will be investigating in depth
  11. Burnin' Coal

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    No advance shipping notice BUT....huge box just arrived for me in the UK 😀👍hope all others receive theirs soon
  12. Burnin' Coal

    Black Friday 2018

    They're five hours behind so guess it's what time they have breakfast before hitting the launch codes
  13. Burnin' Coal

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    @innsmouthresident @Chou In the same way that I wasn't trying to pick a fight I think it would be fair to say that neither was I trying to play devils advocate....yes there was a recent apology on this site I believe it was , but as I have barely been at home for weeks due to work I can't point you to it....I guess at the end of the day my personal approach remains "it'll get here when it does" as I've waited this long so another week or so is not a deal breaker for me...I can also completely underderstand if others feel differently....I do stick by what I said about Wyrd being really good at trying to put things right whenever they can because aside from this project that has been my personal experience but if you go to the home page where people occasionally post problems they are experiencing then I think you'll find that to be the norm rather than an exception My only worry at this juncture is that we aren't that far off of hitting the logjam that happens with the Postal service over the holidays...should it end up being delayed further because of that then my patience might start to wane somewhat...for now I'm sure we'll get another update soon
  14. Burnin' Coal

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    @Mr Janje sure....but they have been totally upfront all the way whenever there's been a bump or a snag and only this week gave a fulsome apology for the delay in a way that makes me understand as a customer that problems they have encountered were/are beyond their control....I would hazard that a majority of companies both big and small never go to these lengths to keep customers updated - whilst it may be a while before Wyrd does another Kickstarter I wouldn't hesitate to sign up again as I am sure they now have a comprehensive list of pitfalls to watch out for...just think of the research that went into sourcing a suitable plastic, then the renders ,then actually getting them produced to a satisfactory standard along with the assembly process and packaging...it's a gargantuan task for what is at the end of the day a successful but nonetheless niche company....am in no doubt that it will have been worth the wait once they get here
  15. Burnin' Coal

    TheGregs painting thread

    Good to see your models again....and oh boy ! You got yours ! Mine must be close by then - look forward to seeing what you do with them...love it that the basework has started before the camera came out 😉😀