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  1. Burnin' Coal

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    @Franchute Here I am sir....way way late....between work and travel have been away from home for almost a month so July never happened for me..definitely a second mulligan but not sure if it might have been a third.
  2. Burnin' Coal

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    Loving the alts...Hekome is also an amazing looking sculpt....have a feeling that alt Tannen is going to become my main Tannen
  3. Burnin' Coal

    Do you keep custom base theme per crew or per type?

    I try and base my models in theme with that particular model and where possible carry that theme across to other models that could end up working with it...that way for example if my mounted guard galloping across scrap strewn hinterland desert ends up in the city next to another model on cobblestones you can see where that character blew in from... Visually I also really like the way some people put models on transparent bases that will obviously then fit to all boards and all scenarios...but personally I enjoy making the bases too much to go down that road...and most of all I just enjoy seeing models painted as everyone has a different take on things
  4. Burnin' Coal

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    Well...despite my own disappointment I am still happy that others are so enthusiastic and totally agree that you could paint them all as decaying whatevers if total nightmare is your gig...BUT... I am now starting to actually dislike the direction of the new artwork and almost cartoon quality of recent previews...just leaves me like totally "meh" to the level that I won't be buying the next book blind....couple of years ago I would have been dying to see whatever Wyrd would come up with for Gencon...fingers crossed for next time I guess
  5. Burnin' Coal

    Iconic Fate Deck

    Yes but then I won't have an emoji sad enough for that kind of news 😕
  6. Burnin' Coal

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    @Amdor - hang on in there 👍
  7. Burnin' Coal

    Monday Preview - Undercover Agent

    ....not so serious that I can't laugh at myself 😉.... ....also I thought long and hard before commenting at all because generally I tend to fall in the category of "if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all" but this particular sculpt/artwork combo comes after a series of previews where I find myself less and less enthusiastic as the artwork and concepts become more cartoonish and drifting away from what drew me into the very enjoyable murk and mysteries of Malifaux...if I become less enthusiastic then my LFGS takes a hit ☚ī¸ ...as others have said if this was a preview for an alt sculpt I would be on the floor in stitches yelling "take my money already !" @Davie for myself I don't feel disrespected...just disappointed
  8. Burnin' Coal

    Monday Preview - Undercover Agent

    Great - send in the clowns 🤡
  9. Burnin' Coal

    Rainbow Witchling

    Strong and unique colour choice...works really well 👍
  10. Burnin' Coal

    Monday Preview - Undercover Agent

    Whilst appreciating all the time and development that goes into this game I have to say that I definitely prefer the dark, Steampunk, gothic horror aspect of the models.....pantomime is funny sure - but doesn't really do it for me...if it turns out ,as it could well do, that these two are an essential part of a crew then I will create proxies....there....sorry...not a fan of the artwork either.....polarised ☚ī¸
  11. Burnin' Coal

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    July already !!....apart from time flying by the challenge has already got me a small collection of models off the sprue and finished so at a personal level am very happy....already looking forward to seeing what everybody else makes this month...having not been able to complete more than Izamu last month I shall be painting the two Shikome I started last month for 14SS
  12. Burnin' Coal

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    @Franchute....many thanks....as you are in charge could you please tell me if that was my first or second mulligan ?...rules are rules and two is the limit I believe 😉....but if going down to enforcer keeps me in then I'd be fine with that eventually 👍 @bedjy unbelievable !!.....quantity AND very high quality...really impressive with an excellent choice of palette
  13. Burnin' Coal

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    @misterfinn wow ! Wonderful brushwork! Love your TTB figure @Phinn superb level of talent...please post the model when it is finished @Franchute With non stop work my painting hit a wall so at only 10SS I failed to make my pledge level - is that a mulligan?
  14. Burnin' Coal

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    @Franchute Thanks for the kind words and yes - oops ! Izamu is indeed 10SS...so close to my pledge total...and yet so far...will launch myself at the Shikome tomorrow...considering how long ago Izamu had been started I was happy to see him finished...not sure I would choose that scheme a second time...one day I'll make another one because it's a great model to assemble and paint...the blade was originally all rust but then got a glowing edge as I started experimenting with dayglo colors last month @Monkeyfist Rat King is superb ! Really tight brushwork and crisp lines - made me go "wow ! " out loud 👏 @Shock & Awe Very nice Will o'Wisps and nice contrast on Widow Weaver 👍
  15. Burnin' Coal

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Plans this month went somewhat awry when work called...then called again...then called again....no free time cut in massively to my plans for this month's Shikome...but here in th meantime for 7SS is Izamu - no longer lurking half made in the corner of a box but fully Ressurected and ready to join last month's Goryo...apologies if the photos are a trifle large...technology very far down my list of things I understand