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  1. Hello, apologies if this has been raised before, I did have a look but couldn't find anything. I'm a returning player from M2e; I've had a look through all of the models that are linked to new masters and was just wondering if there's a way to get new models that are going to come in boxes with models I already own - for example, is it possible for me to get The Dispatcher without having to buy the Dashel core box (most of which I already have)? Cheers all, have to say I'm pretty excited to be back!, 'Brown
  2. Finished my 2 Kentauroi for 16ss this month. Less is clearly more when it comes to me finishing models on a deadline! Congratulations to everyone on their great work this month, let's start doing it all again tomorrow! Cheers, 'Brown
  3. Here is a quick update on my pledge this month: Still need to highlight the horse coats & the skin, but hooves, gore & exposed muscle is finished, as are the spears (although one needs to be fixed as there was a bubble in the haft which weakened it). Another week & I reckon they're done! Cheers all, 'Brown
  4. Following on from my success with a more modest target last month, here is my pledge for October; a pair of Kentauroi for 16ss. Have a great month all! 'Brown.
  5. Hi @Franchute, here is the Necrotic Machine finished - with 90 minutes of September left! Tough to finish this one, not a fan of the model at all. Done now though, so all's good. Along with Molly (previously posted) that's a mighty 17ss for this month. Cheers all, let's start this all again tomorrow! 'Brown.
  6. Update: Molly is finished! With whole days to spare! Necrotic machine will be down to the wire no doubt, but that's just the way I roll. Keep going everyone! 'Brown
  7. I'm out of the country for a few days now, so won't get any more done until Thursday at the earliest. Thought I might share a WIP update before I head out: I still need to finish Molly's shoes, skin & dress. Necrotic machine needs almost everything finishing! I'm reasonably pleased with how they're coming along - especially as Molly was one of a batch of models that I undercoated when it was too hot & dry, and the spray went grainy. Sort of rescued her. I definitely think taking on a smaller number of models has been a good move; less daunting to start work on, and I've got time to get better results, which then encourages me to complete them. Cheers all, 'Brown
  8. Great work @PetitDalek - lovely concept and fantastic execution. Congratulations!
  9. I use greenstuff for very big gaps (mainly conversions really), and Vallejo putty for more standard, ill-fitting pieces type gaps. I find the best approach is to brush the putty across the gap, and try to build up the putty against one of the sides of the gap in a couple of layers. A needle file with a pointed end is useful in places like wing joints to smooth it all down afterwards - actually useful on flat open surfaces too.
  10. If you have some pictures of your Gaki to hand that would be fantastic!
  11. A more modest target for September; Molly & the Necrotic Machine for 17ss. Let's see if I can get these done early, and get a bit more in as a bonus. 'Brown
  12. @Joachim these look fantastic, congratulations! Can you tell me the technique you used for the emissary's robes? It looks exactly what I wanted to achieve on my Gaki. Well done once again, lovely work.
  13. 2nd Mulligan for me too @Franchute; turns out both me and my partner starting new jobs in the same month whilst the kids are on school holidays had an impact on my painting time - who would've guessed? Will be aiming for a more modest target for the remaining months - but I'm definitely going to get there. 'Brown
  14. Ok, getting ahead of the curve for this month - all my pledge models are already built! Molly, Necrotic machine, Kentauroi, that damned MZ (why won't he die?) and 2 Goryo started last month for a total of 41ss. Have a great month all, 'Brown.
  15. Ok, I didn't get the stuff I wanted to get done finished. In the end I managed the Jury, Sun Quiang and the Malifaux Child (base) for 18ss. I'll do more next month I swear.
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