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  1. Omg, everyone's smashing it out wirh lots of work, fantastic! Makes my pledge for the month of a single reaper hangman's noose and small dock as a terrain piece seem under par. Picture posted soon. Not sure I'll get any more time for painting stretch goals but will see. Good work everyone
  2. Here's my efforts for this month. Neil Henry is the only Malifaux model so stones will be 8SS. Stretch goals achieved are finishing my Wahammer Underworlds Chosen Axes crew too
  3. Hi guys, for February my pledge is Neil Henry and for stretch goals I plan to put the final touches on my Chosen Axes for Warhammer Underworlds.
  4. wow, everyone's done such an awesome job this month I feel behind already...this month I managed only to complete my Fitsimmons and the two saboteurs so 16 stones for me. I gave up on freehand for Fitsimmons sign but may revisit it when I get some new brushes. All mine have damaged tips and either curl or separate so won't hold a fine line anymore
  5. Just a quick note...not all crickets are green. Most of the crickets in my country are black but that would look bad so I agree that green is the obvious choice haha. Great looking progress on the belle by the way
  6. Jumping in on minion level this year to keep my malifaux models getting painted in the lull between m2e and m3e and my failure to finish last year. This is month my pledge is a single saboteur at 4ss with stretch goals of the second saboteur and fisimmons. Also will be trying to get some of my other game systems or random minis painted so will use stretch goals without stones scored for those. Should breeze in this month as they are 99% complete from last month but still have to bring out my paints and start
  7. Epic fail in December and first time this year I've managed to get online here. 99% finished my sabotures but Christmas and new year stopped the final touches so zero stones for me to end the year
  8. My paints are still packed away but when I get them out next I'll look and confirm colour names. Basically starts with a black base coat, then a dark blue from Reaper paints drybrushed on next then mix the blue with a the same light buff coloured paint used on the walls for the second drybrush, then mix in white to make it a light blue almost white for next drybrush and final layer is a light drybrush with just white.
  9. @FranchuteThanks for your efforts this year, well done! @Caedrus Thanks for picking up the mantle and running 2019. Nice ideas for the changes. I'm also stealing your format of listing a single model and trying for extra stretch goals with what I paint each month. Don't think I'll keep up with your efforts but I like the idea of the system so sign me up for 2019 as a "minion" please.
  10. Finished my 5x terrain pieces and got a start on the base coats of Fitzsimmons and the two Saboteurs. These will be next months task but stones for November is 25ss for the terrain.
  11. Here is what I'm hoping to finish this month...a bunch of buildings sitting untouched for too long. So far all I managed is a base coat (this was actually done last month). If these do get completed then I'll aim for some colour on the backdraft arcanists. Next year I'm dropping to the easiest pledhe level and stealing the idea of doing the pledge of just one model a month with stretch goals. That seems to be the best idea with my varying amount of time each month for me I think.
  12. A very slow month for me this month only finishing Amina Nadu for my Malifaux painting so just the 8 stones I painted a bunch of test figures in various colour schemes I've wanted to try out, but none of them actually got finished enough to call painted, or were Malifaux models. Next month I plan to get some of my terrain completely finished. Since the roofs have been done for months, I need to finish the buildings.
  13. @Franchute April was 15 for Raspy and May was 9 only for Carlos so not enough in May for my pledge level
  14. Hi Franchute, April and May where probably when I couldn't upload pictures to the forum due to the changes in the forum of having to link images from a hosted site rather than direct upload for whatever reasons they changed it to this way. Those months I did post my progress still but instead of images in the forum post the posts had links to my painting blog instead as they had my images easily uploaded. I have since found an image host that links the images to this forum and have also uploaded the images previously only linked to my blog into the forum posts. I think it was last month where I posted the missing images, April was Rasputina and May was Carlos. May would of been short of my pledge amount so that would be a mulligan and if can't get more than Amina painted next month that would be my second
  15. Here are this months mercenary efforts albeit with a photo from my old ipad so pretty bad quality but at least there is an image. While taking the photo I dropped the ipad and it fell on Bishop, breaking him off his base, so he's a sad case needing a quick drop of glue to fix it before he gets some table time finally. The other mercenary making the painting table this month was the convict gunslinger. With these two I just scraped in at 15 stones. I may need to use my first mulligan next month as I will only get one week free to fit in some painting time all month but I plan to get Amina done and hopefully get some more models assembled but that's for next month so here is the image for this month....
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