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  1. Aa7

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    Well done everyone for last months stupendous efforts, another month of amazing output from all of us This month my pledge is to get my ice dancers finished and if I can manage that I'll try and get some more mercenaries ready too but I'll choose those once the dancers are done.
  2. Aa7

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Doh!!!! Make that 15..... 155 would be nice but that's about a years worth of painting with the time allocation I get to paint each month 😨
  3. Aa7

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Here are the images of my 155ss from this month... Hopefully this works??? Wow that's a painful way to get images uploaded. Will goo and put these in my painting blog now in case this doesn't work
  4. Aa7

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Just trying to get some pictures taken that are clear and will upload them to imgr and my blog of this months models completed. This month has been some model sitting here untouched for over a year so decided to paint them and will try them in a game soon. Anna Lovelace for 9ss and Scorpius for 6ss. Pictures in a link in my next post
  5. Aa7

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Trying again with ibb.co to get images so here's last months and this months pictures hopefully. https://ibb.co/fQ3Sao https://ibb.co/mScQT8 https://ibb.co/nLrPMT https://ibb.co/fUfb1T https://ibb.co/eVYUMT
  6. Aa7

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Missed posting at the start of the month but this month I'll be finishing off Carlos. Here is the link to my Carlos finished for May pictures. I still can't post pictures in this blog so have linked to blog sorry same as I did last months results.
  7. Aa7

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    Images for April are here...... it's a link to my pictures of painting done this month cause I couldn't get them loaded up here in the thread.
  8. Aa7

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    For some reason I can't upload any images, it just keeps saying error uploading with both big and small images so will try again later to post the pictures
  9. Aa7

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    Mid month update but it will also be the final update for this month. No more free days left to paint for me this month so all I managed this month was 15 stones for rasputina. While I was hoping to get the ice dancers started Carlos was sitting there glued up and staring at me so he got a first base coat lick of paint too. Next month I will finish Carlos and hopefully get the ice dancers done also. Unsure whether to paint the flames as normal red orange yellow fire or do it more like a magical purplish type flame. Until then here is Raspy and the start of Carlos.
  10. Aa7

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    Another month of great work from everyone last month, congratulations to you all. This month is a super busy month so not much painting time however I am hopping to get rasputina painted. If there's time I'll also start my ice dancers but that's going to be a push so I'll set the goal post at just raspy and see what happens.
  11. Aa7

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    It's more a self imposed rule for me to insure that I get all my bases finished as well. My Ramos crew the first thing I did was all the bases so I knew that everything would be properly finished.
  12. Aa7

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Minus One point for each model that's not based completely so minus five points. I will do all my rasputina crew bases at the same time when I finish the last model of the crew. The models themselves are painted but not finished until the bases are done
  13. Aa7

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Finished this month except for basing (will minus a point from each model as I will base all my snow base models at the same time for ease and efficiency) Snow Storm, Blessed of December, Ice Golem and three Ice Gamin. 41 Stones minus 5 for bases equals 36 stones. Next month I'll do Raspy herself
  14. Aa7

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Assembled and base coated last month but here's this months challenge for me. 3 x ice gamin blessed of december snow Storm ice golem will work out the points once I actually paint them and see how much of that I can get finished this month. Hopefully the lot of them cause I want to get raspy done next month so I can start playing her
  15. Aa7

    Monthly painting challenge - February

    No more time for me to paint more this month with work so basecoated my models for next month to get a head starts on it as I'm taking a week off for holiday's next month. Models for next month are three ice gamin, snow storm, blessed of December and the ice golem. Good work everyone for their awesome efforts this month. Super impressive models coming through from everyone has been inspiring and helped me stay focused to get more models table ready. See you all next month