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  1. Aa7

    Monthly Painting Challenge - November

    Here is what I'm hoping to finish this month...a bunch of buildings sitting untouched for too long. So far all I managed is a base coat (this was actually done last month). If these do get completed then I'll aim for some colour on the backdraft arcanists. Next year I'm dropping to the easiest pledhe level and stealing the idea of doing the pledge of just one model a month with stretch goals. That seems to be the best idea with my varying amount of time each month for me I think.
  2. Aa7

    Monthly Painting Challenge: October

    A very slow month for me this month only finishing Amina Nadu for my Malifaux painting so just the 8 stones I painted a bunch of test figures in various colour schemes I've wanted to try out, but none of them actually got finished enough to call painted, or were Malifaux models. Next month I plan to get some of my terrain completely finished. Since the roofs have been done for months, I need to finish the buildings.
  3. Aa7

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    @Franchute April was 15 for Raspy and May was 9 only for Carlos so not enough in May for my pledge level
  4. Aa7

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    Hi Franchute, April and May where probably when I couldn't upload pictures to the forum due to the changes in the forum of having to link images from a hosted site rather than direct upload for whatever reasons they changed it to this way. Those months I did post my progress still but instead of images in the forum post the posts had links to my painting blog instead as they had my images easily uploaded. I have since found an image host that links the images to this forum and have also uploaded the images previously only linked to my blog into the forum posts. I think it was last month where I posted the missing images, April was Rasputina and May was Carlos. May would of been short of my pledge amount so that would be a mulligan and if can't get more than Amina painted next month that would be my second
  5. Aa7

    Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    Here are this months mercenary efforts albeit with a photo from my old ipad so pretty bad quality but at least there is an image. While taking the photo I dropped the ipad and it fell on Bishop, breaking him off his base, so he's a sad case needing a quick drop of glue to fix it before he gets some table time finally. The other mercenary making the painting table this month was the convict gunslinger. With these two I just scraped in at 15 stones. I may need to use my first mulligan next month as I will only get one week free to fit in some painting time all month but I plan to get Amina done and hopefully get some more models assembled but that's for next month so here is the image for this month....
  6. Aa7

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    yes 64 hahaha my math was as good as my image posting it seems
  7. Aa7

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    They are in this post. Seems the times I post from my tablet it doesn't link the same and show the images?? Same as my April and May entries which are there but haven't shown correctly? Here they are again while i'm on a desktop computer April Images: May Images August images
  8. Aa7

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Hey all, sorry the post is a day late but finished these late last week and have just got to a computer to post them. The Crossroad Seven got finished making my August total including the hoar cats come to 62 (Hoar Cats x2 8, Crossroads Seven: Pride 8, Wrath 8, Gluttony 8, Greed 8, Envy 8, Lust 8, Sloth 8. )
  9. Aa7

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Progress this month so far. Hoarcats done and crossroad seven started. https://ibb.co/iouoy9
  10. Aa7

    Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    This month I'm going to try and smash it. My initial pledge is just to get 2x hoar cat pride models painted for 8 stones but............ I've bought a pre owned semi painted Crossroads Seven crew and I have today off work to get a good start in. The seven are a crew I've loved thematically for ages and now I have them I'm hyped to get them painted so this month I'll try and get them painted as well. Could be a fifty stone plus month coming up if I can work it
  11. Aa7

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    Here's my months efforts. Ice dancers (12ss for 2) done for a couple of weeks and had a few hours spare today to smash out my TTB fated jimmy the augmented. Not sure how many as he's worth so 12ss + ??? This montn https://ibb.co/d0rJb8 https://ibb.co/eZzRUT
  12. Aa7

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    Well done everyone for last months stupendous efforts, another month of amazing output from all of us This month my pledge is to get my ice dancers finished and if I can manage that I'll try and get some more mercenaries ready too but I'll choose those once the dancers are done.
  13. Aa7

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Doh!!!! Make that 15..... 155 would be nice but that's about a years worth of painting with the time allocation I get to paint each month 😨
  14. Aa7

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Here are the images of my 155ss from this month... Hopefully this works??? Wow that's a painful way to get images uploaded. Will goo and put these in my painting blog now in case this doesn't work
  15. Aa7

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Just trying to get some pictures taken that are clear and will upload them to imgr and my blog of this months models completed. This month has been some model sitting here untouched for over a year so decided to paint them and will try them in a game soon. Anna Lovelace for 9ss and Scorpius for 6ss. Pictures in a link in my next post