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  1. I was thinking more when you flip it but I realized you would mark the card any ways
  2. i saw somewhere in the forums where a person played a classic ramos crew but put two ice golems in the list to lob the spiders are people 😅 i myself have been interested in the list since i saw it but i havent found two ice golems to borrow yet
  3. i dont wanna be that guy but my rasp friend ate up my fully healthed ironsides so technically wendigo has higher damage potential
  4. i mean, considering technically you need another component to "deal" the damage it'd say someone that does worse is wendigo
  5. from what the teaser said you really dont need kaeris in the crew for fire golem, he's more of a stand alone but you might want something like one union miner to spam burning onto him because of his passive you can basically say any burning is "extra hp" ^^
  6. fire golem, the model in backdraft that is hailed at the kaeris renewal is actually also reliant on burning condition. it stacks the condition on itself like rail golem and keeps it to the next turns and then reduces the burning with x to reduce damage taken with x so burning is gonna be even more a thing for her soon
  7. Thottbot

    M2E Ramos

    i prefer playing Large arachnid over joss because lower SS and also being a tank.
  8. Every other week i will be at our local club and be avaliable to play/demo with. if you find yourself on the little isle Gotland in the Baltic Sea and want to do something you can either drop a message here or just pop by every other saturday at the local club here is where we will be playing if you want to join 😁 7th Juli 14:00 - 20:00 21st Juli 14:00 - 20:00 4th August 14:00 - 20:00 18th August 14:00 - 20:00 Fenix Ungkulturhus Norra Hansegatan 6b, 621 39 visby
  9. this sounds interesting, im following this for those sweet updates 🤩
  10. i really wish the prompt showgirl thing was actually written, its not hard to do just add "unless target is showgirl" on the "target cannot be prompted again against the same target"
  11. maybe do it in a arcanist upgrade for mei feng? that way its buffing her arcanist side without making thunders side too powerful 😁
  12. what i do is just paint on two of my markers so you can tell they're different 😁
  13. i mean yeah, but im more curious what do they do when people hire them. i've never even found it worth to hire mannequins so.
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