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  1. Here is my September entry---a 50 mm terrain piece for 10 SS. I am leaving it horizontal but unsupported so that I can add a mule or horse when wanted, or prop it up on a saw-horse type barricade for static terrain.
  2. Hello all, I am coming in at the last minute again. More terrain this month, with a cart on a 50 mm base. Once the Green Stuff dries a bit more I will prime it, add some features to the base, and get some base colors on the base and cart. Finishing touches tomorrow night. Hopefully can still make it before midnight tomorrow. 37 hours to go!
  3. Too many games---so much painting! I did not get to paint any Malifaux this month. If I can use a non-Wyrd mini this month (and I will not make a habit of doing so), then here is a Necron Cryptek on a 50 mm base for 10 SS in August. If this is too far afield, then I must use my first mulligan.
  4. Here is my finished Sanctioned Spellcaster for 5 SS for July. The cape really needs some washes to blend in the shades, but no time as I only started 2 days ago. I am happy with how the skin came out for a change! Cheers all.
  5. My July pledge is a Sanctioned Spellcaster.
  6. The ice golem is done for 10 SS in June. I think I need to go back and do some highlighting on the head.
  7. I just keep pushing against that calendar this year. During what is left of June I am going to paint a transparent blue ice golem. Will try to think of a good basing idea for him to make up for the lack of paint that is going to need to be applied---there will still be some, though. Cheers, all.
  8. Here is my finished Neil Henry for 7 SS in May. I left this until the last 2 hr in May and in my haste I made a hash of the skin. There are several people painting for lots of games. So much plastic-y goodness out there.
  9. My May model is Neil Henry. Looked at the calendar and then ran to the garage to grab my primer tonight. I have some base colors down and the base done, so this is a first pledge photo and a WIP photo all in one. Painting for four miniature games really keeps you hopping! Anyone else out there painting for this many or more? Egad, this is a great time to be a tabletop war gamer. Cheers, all.
  10. My hazardous mushroom terrain ended up being a very last minute rush job on painting and on the terrain. It is functional but not great looking. The mushrooms are on 30 mm bases and are magnetized so that they don't get in the way of models moving. I do have an excuse for my last-minute-ness this month: during a momentary lapse of reason I decided that three miniature games were not enough to keep me up all night so I bought and starting painting my first WH 40K army. What the heck was I thinking? Cheer all.
  11. I am coming in really late this month. For April I am going to paint these 4 mushroom-beasts I printed this morning and put them on some hazardous terrain I will make.
  12. My Silurid is done for 7 SS in March. I may come back and gloss coat it later to give a more slimy feel, not sure. That is the same model, but it has a really different feel from this angle. In other painting news, I just this week I discovered necron compound---I wish I had known about this stuff before. My House Escher and Brotherhood of Steel models are really forging ahead quickly now.
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