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  1. Time to get back to working on my Marcus all-dogs-and-cats crew. It will likely not go well strategically, but it will amuse the heck out of me. I will be working on a second Hoarcat Pride this month, for 5 SS.
  2. I have finished my January pledge, a Silurid for 7 SS. Great work finishing up early everyone!
  3. My January Silurid work-in-progress. All the base coats done. The Silurid is going to need a lot of washes and blending, but the base is coming along better. This seems to be a really great and talented group this year! @Caedrus That junkyard base is amazing! I have painted that one, but didn't manage to make all the individual components pop independently like that. Very nice.
  4. Congratulations to those who have finished pledges already! This is going to be a great year. I am only pledging one model, a Silurid, so that the pile of models from other games can get started. I see now in the photo that I need to get some green stuff on the join on the Silurid's front. Looking forward to painting along with everyone this year.
  5. Happy New Year to you as well, Franchute! That year seems to have gone really quickly. Thanks for all your tracking work.
  6. The Rogue Necromancy is now done. When I saw this photo of it I noticed a lot of touch-ups that will have to wait for another day. With the Corrupted Hound already finished this brings me to 13 SS for December (10SS + 3 SS). The bonus seasonal model is mostly done. I wanted to post it before the end of the year, and will finish it off later in January. Talk to you all next year!
  7. The Corrupted Hound is done, for 3 SS of my December pledge. The base for the Rogue Necromancy did not work as planned and only base colours done so far. The bonus seasonal model is too fun and keeps distracting me from my pledge. I have his base painted up and most base colours on him.
  8. Here are work in progress photographs of my two December models, both beasts. For the base of the Rogue Necromancy, I have painted flame colors onto some greenstuff and covered it with layer of gloss enamel. I am going to try using cracked earth paint over this with the idea that the cracks will open up and reveal the bright colors underneath. Not sure it this will work, but we'll know in a couple days. And here is a bonus holiday-time model: the Butcher Claus by MiniCrate. Cheers all!
  9. Yup----that did it. The happy whining of a 3-D printer is now a regular feature at my place.
  10. @Caedrus Sign me up for Minion level, if you would. I have to aim a bit low this year so I can keep up with the other games. However, I would have felt bad giving it a miss entirely with a new person taking the helm. Thanks again for taking this on, Caedrus. @Franchute Well done this year! Thanks for all your work, especially the SS errors I made a few times.
  11. Ahhh! Month is half gone I am not done priming! Who turned the temporal adjustment to 11? Hoping to prime and base-coat on Tuesday. Cheers from the land of corn, all.
  12. For this last month of the 2018 challenge I will paint up the alternate Rogue Necromancy and a Corrupted Hound. Need to give November's Crockett some new critters to play with. Cheers all.
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