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  1. Here is my finished Neil Henry for 7 SS in May. I left this until the last 2 hr in May and in my haste I made a hash of the skin. There are several people painting for lots of games. So much plastic-y goodness out there.
  2. My May model is Neil Henry. Looked at the calendar and then ran to the garage to grab my primer tonight. I have some base colors down and the base done, so this is a first pledge photo and a WIP photo all in one. Painting for four miniature games really keeps you hopping! Anyone else out there painting for this many or more? Egad, this is a great time to be a tabletop war gamer. Cheers, all.
  3. My hazardous mushroom terrain ended up being a very last minute rush job on painting and on the terrain. It is functional but not great looking. The mushrooms are on 30 mm bases and are magnetized so that they don't get in the way of models moving. I do have an excuse for my last-minute-ness this month: during a momentary lapse of reason I decided that three miniature games were not enough to keep me up all night so I bought and starting painting my first WH 40K army. What the heck was I thinking? Cheer all.
  4. I am coming in really late this month. For April I am going to paint these 4 mushroom-beasts I printed this morning and put them on some hazardous terrain I will make.
  5. My Silurid is done for 7 SS in March. I may come back and gloss coat it later to give a more slimy feel, not sure. That is the same model, but it has a really different feel from this angle. In other painting news, I just this week I discovered necron compound---I wish I had known about this stuff before. My House Escher and Brotherhood of Steel models are really forging ahead quickly now.
  6. @Purple Mist you win—-I can’t compete with space cats! 😊 Here is a better photo of my Silirid WIP.
  7. @Purple Mist I see your cat, and raise you a goat! Silurid #3 WIP is sticky-tacked to the horn of Parsnip here. Most uncooperative subject, ever. It is B&W because she was under a heat lamp and the original was irritatingly red. The light, not the goat.
  8. For March I am going to finish up my third Silurid for 7 SS. That green Stuff brain fungus is hiding some magnets---had to improvise to magnetize this one. I know I haven't been painting much on for the challenge this year, but I am ~1/3 way through my third Necromunda crew (10 models each), and have some Fallout progress, so making good progress when summed across all games. Cheers all.
  9. @Purple Mist: I figured one did not a pride make. I bought two boxes to make three pairs. I have seen three on a base, but it was cramped. They do put three bases in there, so I guess you could do one as well.
  10. Here is my completed Hoarcat Pride for 5 SS for February. I am going to take Viruk's advice on improving the eyes, but it won't be done before March begins.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion, Viruk! I am going to follow this advice within the next 36 hours. I am just about to post the finished model, so it won't have this improvement, but it will be done. Thanks again---this is a great help!
  12. A late work in progress for my February hoarcat pride. Need to fix the eyes on that distal cat, then detail work.
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