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  1. Looks awesome to paint and play as well. Might just dip my toes into Arcanists again...
  2. Which Schemes and Strats does Yan Lo & Co perform well in? I'm thinking of bringing him for a game of Reckoning - since he gets progressively more dangerous it should be achievable to kill progressively more models.
  4. Though we might have had our disagreements in the past, there is no ill-will on my part. Good luck with your future ventures Mason, and thanks for all the work on what amounts to a marvellous game.
  5. Maybe a Hunger mechanic that makes them need to either kill models or be "fed" by Haulers? Like a condition that gives you charges as (1), but forces the charge and if you haven't Eaten your fill by the end of turn you take damage? EDIT: And once they've charged, mauled and devoured the opposition, they get sleepy and take a lil nap. Think of how adorable it'd be!
  6. I am very excited about Ulix. No further comments.
  7. I'd argue Zoraida and Titania are quite different in both what they themselves do and what crews they like to bring. Titania's crews are more likely to be scheme marker focused, and she lends herself well to a beater "champion" She's very durable, the same cannot be said for Zoraida, who brings other things to the table, such as her totem (opportunity cost being the Primordial Magic of course), which allows her to delete enemy models if your opponent failed to show up with condition removal. I think Zoraida does schemes such as Undercover Entourage, Take one for the Team and Symbols of Authority better, whereas Titania excels in scheme marker heavy pools, plus as a great eliminate game both offensively and defensively.
  8. Right. I have not played L5R, only looked at the lore introduction, but from what I gather, it's loosely (note: loosely, about as much as GoT could be said to be based on medieval Europe) on Japan. But the Three Kingdoms encompass so much more than Japan, and I say the following as a person of direct Japanese descent - to neglect this diversity in history and cultures would not only be ignorant, but also wasteful. There's a rich pool to draw from, and Wyrd has certainly shown to be capable of going deep. The Penangalan is a wonderful reference. Now to be fair, I am not accusing you of being ignorant. I only heard a rumour, and its verity is unknown to me. What I have noticed is a trend in haphazard naming of characters, with Asian sounding names being willfully chucked together without much thought, which makes me wonder if Wyrd staff were able to name which culture they stem from if asked to do so. This trend continues with the Obsidian Gate and the new master, whose name is Japanese, yet she is the headmistress of an establishment with a Chinese name. Everything considered, I have great faith in Wyrd, and by extension, in you. You've made a beautiful game, and while it may not have my favourite lore of all time, it nonetheless has a pretty damn interesting premise. Just please, do your research properly. Appreciation musn't become appropriation.
  9. @LudvigPretty sure someone in official garments stated the Judge is but a post, and even if the person in said position dies, it simply passes on to the next one in line.
  10. I agree with @Ludvig, but also, if there's gonna be OP models in the Ten Thunder faction, please make it something easy to transport and Neff the hell outta YasNas and the ShEmSem.
  11. Unrelated, but Mason, I heard you're a weaboo (which isn't an inherently bad thing, but poses it's own set of risks). Please use actual historical reference and not anime fantasy for Ten Thunder inspiration.
  12. That's a rather cynical way to look at things, although there is very likely some degree of truth to it. I have faith that Wyrd trusts a good game to sell itself, rather than relying on cheap tricks. That being said, their sales team's tactics are impressive, what with dual factions and summoning.
  13. Thank you! So from my understanding, currently Sun Qiang finds his main uses in Headhunter, Dig and Recover Evidence, with additional good applications being Ply for Information, Ours and Interference. Is that correct, or did I miss anything?
  14. Lynch is a great starting box! Everything else aside from Zoraida sets you up reasonably well. She doesn't use too many models found in her box, although Juju is cheaper than he used to be, and Silurids aren't bad, just pretty situational.
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