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  1. DonCheadle

    When you choose Zoraida instead of Titania?

    I'd argue Zoraida and Titania are quite different in both what they themselves do and what crews they like to bring. Titania's crews are more likely to be scheme marker focused, and she lends herself well to a beater "champion" She's very durable, the same cannot be said for Zoraida, who brings other things to the table, such as her totem (opportunity cost being the Primordial Magic of course), which allows her to delete enemy models if your opponent failed to show up with condition removal. I think Zoraida does schemes such as Undercover Entourage, Take one for the Team and Symbols of Authority better, whereas Titania excels in scheme marker heavy pools, plus as a great eliminate game both offensively and defensively.
  2. DonCheadle

    UK Nationals - 10/11th November 2018

    GG19?! Is that true or a typo?
  3. DonCheadle

    Carrion Effigy- no love?

    Right. I have not played L5R, only looked at the lore introduction, but from what I gather, it's loosely (note: loosely, about as much as GoT could be said to be based on medieval Europe) on Japan. But the Three Kingdoms encompass so much more than Japan, and I say the following as a person of direct Japanese descent - to neglect this diversity in history and cultures would not only be ignorant, but also wasteful. There's a rich pool to draw from, and Wyrd has certainly shown to be capable of going deep. The Penangalan is a wonderful reference. Now to be fair, I am not accusing you of being ignorant. I only heard a rumour, and its verity is unknown to me. What I have noticed is a trend in haphazard naming of characters, with Asian sounding names being willfully chucked together without much thought, which makes me wonder if Wyrd staff were able to name which culture they stem from if asked to do so. This trend continues with the Obsidian Gate and the new master, whose name is Japanese, yet she is the headmistress of an establishment with a Chinese name. Everything considered, I have great faith in Wyrd, and by extension, in you. You've made a beautiful game, and while it may not have my favourite lore of all time, it nonetheless has a pretty damn interesting premise. Just please, do your research properly. Appreciation musn't become appropriation.
  4. DonCheadle

    Which Box is best for starting

    @LudvigPretty sure someone in official garments stated the Judge is but a post, and even if the person in said position dies, it simply passes on to the next one in line.
  5. DonCheadle

    Carrion Effigy- no love?

    I agree with @Ludvig, but also, if there's gonna be OP models in the Ten Thunder faction, please make it something easy to transport and Neff the hell outta YasNas and the ShEmSem.
  6. DonCheadle

    Carrion Effigy- no love?

    Unrelated, but Mason, I heard you're a weaboo (which isn't an inherently bad thing, but poses it's own set of risks). Please use actual historical reference and not anime fantasy for Ten Thunder inspiration.
  7. DonCheadle

    Carrion Effigy- no love?

    That's a rather cynical way to look at things, although there is very likely some degree of truth to it. I have faith that Wyrd trusts a good game to sell itself, rather than relying on cheap tricks. That being said, their sales team's tactics are impressive, what with dual factions and summoning.
  8. DonCheadle

    Sun Quiang

    Thank you! So from my understanding, currently Sun Qiang finds his main uses in Headhunter, Dig and Recover Evidence, with additional good applications being Ply for Information, Ours and Interference. Is that correct, or did I miss anything?
  9. DonCheadle

    Which Box is best for starting

    Lynch is a great starting box! Everything else aside from Zoraida sets you up reasonably well. She doesn't use too many models found in her box, although Juju is cheaper than he used to be, and Silurids aren't bad, just pretty situational.
  10. DonCheadle

    Sun Quiang

    Got a question on the timing of Sunny Q. If a model gets damaged and subsequently killed with Headhunter as the Strat, can Sun Qiang push and pick up the marker that was just dropped? What about Dig Their Graves?
  11. DonCheadle

    The Viks

    @Jesy Blue I like your suggestions, but Convict Gunslingers? I feel like they're outshone on every level by Sue, sad as that is.
  12. DonCheadle

    Carrion Effigy- no love?

    Hahaha, that's great. I've never actually taken my Shadow Effigy, though I do own it. It's mostly the problem of a Ten Thunder Brother usually being better, and while the tactical sounds great, it needs a ten to go off... Defensive Collodi could definitely work, but whether or not that's worth giving up the Brutal buff for is another matter.
  13. DonCheadle

    Carrion Effigy- no love?

    You're right, definitely depends on which Models people bring. I was mostly facing masters such as Lady J and Perdita, where the condition is clutch (as you've said). I feel like the better spread of the Effigy can sometimes come in handy, 1/1/2 is just very low, disengaging strikes is a good point however, but au think I'd rather have the ranged attack still. The Brutal Effigy drops a scheme marker when killed, which further disincentivizes it. Besides, you've ignored/chosen not to comment on my statement on the Shadow Effigy, where I feel like the attack is an integral part of an otherwise subpar model.
  14. DonCheadle

    Carrion Effigy- no love?

    It's just that durability alone is often no good when not coupled with a useful effect, because the opponent can simply choose to ignore it, plus it can even become a liability with something like Take Prisoner in the pool. The best Effigies (Brutal, Arcane) provide incredible utility for their respective factions. Thus they become targets that the opponent needs to deal with, but then they require more resources than they're worth. @Ludvig It's a fair statement, but having that sort of attack action means that your AP will not go to waste as often. The Shadow Effigies ml stat of 7 is one of the bigger selling points I feel, as it makes it a good model to lock a model somewhere. Ml 5 1/1/2 is very poor, and the trigger is rather conditional, although it can be good.
  15. DonCheadle

    Carrion Effigy- no love?

    It has a bunch of problems, sadly. Its master condition is mediocre, requiring additional resources, its unique ability is very situational, its melee attack is bad, probably even for a 4ss model. In short, raw stats aside, it has nothing going for it, which makes it one of the worse Effigies (you get to have one of the best Emissaries though, so it's not all bad).