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  1. DonCheadle

    Bounty: Assassinating Sandeep

    I had a Yan Lo slap him to death, and a Yasunori do the same on another occasion. Uh, I mean a Lady J and a, what do you guys use again? Executioner, yeah, I am an upstanding Guild member after all!
  2. DonCheadle

    Mei Feng Tactica.. ish

    I think it may also have to do with the current state of things. No strategy benefits greatly from aummoning 30mm 5ss models in GG18 the way they did with stuff like Interference. I think Komainu are good. Not quite good enough to get hired 5ss is probably our 2nd most competitive slot after 8ss, but ninetheless very solid, especially with an Ancestor nearby. I think it's not an either/or question, but just two different styles of play. I also think Rail Lines Beater transport may be better in the current pool, but that could change.
  3. DonCheadle

    The coming of the story encounter boxes

    A good fix for the most part is splitting the box. There's probably going to be someone in your local area interested in the other half (starting to sound like a dating app for middle-aged adults now, but it's true).
  4. DonCheadle

    Asami help

    Do you think? She's good n all but I feel like she has weaknesses that can be exploited and isn't nearly as versatile as Nicodem used to be. Asami is very good mind, but I don't know whether or not she's broken, or even our undisputed best master.
  5. DonCheadle

    Nightmare Ulix box

    Do not, for one second, underestimate the power of Ulix. He's a lot better than people give him credit for. Also Boars are still pretty bad, even after the reduction. WHat Ulix needs is somewhere around 8 piglets, 2-3 War Pigs, a beater Pig, Old Major, and some Sloppos. I don't think I'll be getting this box. I like Ulix's regular aesthetics. I might use it later for a conversion, the Big Horse in particular could make for an awesome Rider mini.
  6. DonCheadle

    Asami help

    Like I said, having no practical experience playing Asami, the best I can do is theorycraft, which folds at the first stiff breeze. You may very well be right. Obsidians are good performers in general, and summoning a Yokai/having an Obsidian usually makes more sense than the reverse. I dunno about Ama, we have so many great models at that point range that I'm just not convinced she's the best option. By no means bad, but ml5 just isn't all that. If she could Obey Yas for another 3 attacks it'd be a different story, but as is, I dunno.
  7. DonCheadle

    Asami help

    Yu is neat for a couple of reasons, but nonetheless loses out to the Emissary in most lists. If there's a lot of marker schemes, and you're bringing a Crime Boss, Yu can be good. I haven't played Asami yet, but I feel like a hired Obsidian Oni could do more than a Yokai. Having a source of corpse/scrap markers can increase the longevity of your summons. Also, Terracotta Warrior. Protects Yas, cycles Asami's situational upgrades, reasonable scheme runner with unimpeded.
  8. I'm seriously considering expanding into Reva... damn Ten Thunders and their "one finger in the faction honey pot" shtick. But nrly, I love my Thunders.
  9. DonCheadle

    Operation: MisShen Impossible

    @Mrbedlam Awesome! I'm making a Grand-Master Bushido Brown conversion myself. Just need to figure out how to do the glasses and afro. Warnin': Not necessarily for the sensitive of tongue. I think these models might be a good base to start out with. Does raise the issue of not being official Wyrd models tho, but then you'll likely have OG Shlongo as well if someone opposes.
  10. DonCheadle

    Sphere's Given Form: TBC - 27th October 2018

    I'll most likely be taking part! How exactly does this work? Is it like a regular tournament, but with wonky strategies?
  11. DonCheadle

    Malifaux Music

    I enjoy putting on this one when my Shadow Emissary uses his Destined condition to give focus to my team. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXUMB19WkT8
  12. DonCheadle

    Operation: MisShen Impossible

    While I think Snipers are great for Shenlong (2 plus flip focus shots across the map are rather insane), taking two seems like it takes up too many resources - namely both peasants, one of which probably wants to give Shenlong focus in one manner or another. To be frank, Shenlong is a force multiplier, making your other models perform better by giving them mobility, bonus AP and free focus, but all this has been stated above by other members. I think the Samurai isn't half bad in a Shenlong crew, and is stiffer competition to the Sniper than one would think. For once, the Sniper technically also costs 8ss since you're using a peasant to provide focus (although that extra activation is of course great on its own). They're both sh5, and the Samurai flips 1-2 more cards per attack. Armor 2 is great, especially considering that you likely have some heals in the way of Shenlong, the LRM and others. The Samurai will likely do less damage per attack, but has the opportunity to attack again using the walking fire trigger, and honestly has outshone the Sniper in terms of Dpa in most of my games. Of course you're gaining extra range with the Sniper, but the Samurai has a deceptively high rg, and as such cannot be underestimated. I'll be honest, what the Samurai really wants in a kick in the ass to propel him forward and give him fast. One could argue this is more resource intensive than a Peasant activation, but to be honest, Shenlong can usually kick two models in a turn (especially early ones), and as such you aren't giving up too much. @Mrbedlam I think Rail Workers have their niche, especially with McCabe. I like taking them into Vendetta pools, giving them the Sabre, reactivating, using their 0 to make, Sabre attacks at ++/+. Build-a-beater, if you will. And I'll never give up my TTBs I think, they're my favourite minions. I will admit that Warders are likely better, but I think they occupy different enough roles to warrant and inclusion of either in different pools. Do you hire Yokai often? I can see them work, but feel like their expiration date and fragility make them questionable (although they are definitely good).
  13. DonCheadle

    July 2018 Errata

    Hagla Bangla balloo walla walla natafalem. Mag'nef thessaleim maftaraband Hagla bagoo'we nelishma lha? Fa, prote maf tfi mef, boskarapfawand. Hin'terabewend demizilia megwera malu metesh mal bof pom. Ze wege netefelem pesh kor tewalassaim mois mal yig fo' telissîm. Egwere yed?
  14. DonCheadle

    Iron Piglet

    No overlap whatsoever seems a bit steep over five rounds, and the master limitation seems arbitrary at best. I'd say a realistic Iron Piglet challenge would be using every non-master (exceptions made for stuff like Huggy or Vik, but not totems, since generals exist) model a maximum of 2 times (or once if the tournament has 3 rounds) with free Master selection.
  15. DonCheadle

    Shenlong Burn like Fire

    @Ludvig There are abilities that have clauses like "then, if it is still in play, do x". This makes me think abilities that aren't tied to this and are part of the attack resolve regardless, before a model is removed.