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  1. How does the attack generate from disengage work with terrified? Or serene countanace? Or hard to wound for the dmg flip that will reduce the mv ? Does it apply ? All of them are worded in the same way so its all of noone
  2. Verdeloth


    In what pdf have prople found the condem upgrade? Neither resser or outcast has one (or im very blind) Edit found it, helps to have the newest version of all files
  3. You are correct, missed the word in "addition" to hire part. Page 41 under hire crew. I just went with that they missed the resser as faction meanwhile lady and jack daw had them. So they are very hireable as a jack daw resser.
  4. So as it stands now we wont be able to hire them because they are not resser feels like a huge loss for his synergy, how have people been doing with jack daw as a master in resser ?
  5. Thank you solkan adran, i have no figure game experience except from malifaux so multible bases with models are a new concept for me so i didnt know what to expect, i rather be 100% sure about something then just assume its like what i think. Are going to be teaching tos to other local players so i would love to be able to answer for most of all questions and back it up with a reference from the rule book. Im sorry if the question apperead to be so obvious to make fun of but i rather be stupid sure about something then ignorant and guessing. For this case my assumtion was correct i just wonder if it said anywhere in the rulebook to support the assumption thank you for a good answer on endless number thought
  6. But if i summon one fireteam using endless number, it say i can do this multible times , can i summon more then one fireteam from the squad that was killed last turn, will all these summons be its own unit or will they form a new squad so if a 3x3 squad got wiped out i can just spend 3 tactic to get back all the 3 fireteams from that squad as a new unit ( w/o ) asset. Edit or can i also lets say summon 2 units of the killed squad (twice the amount) of models? Becuase its not really the model that die i summon its all new models. Bonus question because i just dont seem to find it anywhere. When hire a squad with script. Do i get the full unit for the cost or is the cost just for 1 fireteam in the squad so i need to pay it twice more for a full squad. I belive its quite obvious its a 1 price for full unit based on the prices compared to singel model fireteams but would like to see where it say in the rulebook
  7. So do a whole unit/squad need to be killed for me to start to take them back again? Or its enough if just a singel fireteam is taken out? And if so what stops me from both reforce them and summon a new squad turn 2?
  8. Would not call it "just" its strong vs the right masters. But ye heads are still dropped. Because lady j place them and not the killed model
  9. Archie is also a nice new addition to her, 1 lowe mi then rogue necro but alot more tanky (also a henchman) and can me a nice model to lock down opponent models aswell cause some serious damage. With mollys 0 she will be able to give him free ap
  10. I have allways loved backyard masters to be able to support and just flood the board with minions. I have never liked the aggresive way of playing malifaux (or any game for that matter). Im a switcher player and i own more masters that i want to admit i do Nicodem is my most played master in resser and he fits my playstyle perfectly however my local meta like to play alot of high tier masters and many of them are agressive. I have tried out Nico in a few games with new upgrades and models and his backyard playstyle is hurting me alot now. Recently i have played against leveticus, von schill and sandeep and all of the games have been a struggle, all of the games because of the slow turn 1½ turn of nicos before you have either fully started your engine or it have been neutralized the opponent have already reached and holding the key points of the board and then its up to me to try to do my all for regain some foothold in the scheme positions. There will almost never be a turn 2 when i will be able to score both schemes and the strategy meanwhile the opponent already dominate and outnumber every "normal" position without contest so it will just be up to them to hold that position as long as they can and i have to work SUPER hard to tie them on VP on future turns. Many times i just wont have the time or cards to do any more summons at all because of the pure preassure i need to put on my opponent to regain control. I want the asura - nico - mortimer - emissery list to work but ye, so far with my recent games asura been killed so fast everygame without been able to do any real mindless zombie fun actions. I had better luck with Kirai but i dont have enough games with her to fully utilize her true power yet, she just have so much things to remember and to do all the placements correct is hard! She is a force to be reckon with, not so much a backyard master but this helps her alot because she can go up fast and contest all the key points of the board almost as quickly as most other masters. next up im planing to try out a couple of Mc mourning and seamus games and see how they work out, have yet to played either of them at all but think its going to be intressting. Reva is allways reva, she is also a nice backyard master but not as much control as i like. Also had games with her when she practicly did nothing for turn 1 and 2 because the enemy just danced around and pushed himself around my corpse markers until he couldnt anymore on turn 3 so i could start layout some beating. But for a master for 2 turns just sit there and pass is the worst feeling for me. Never tried yan lo or tara and probably wont have time for it either
  11. should i get a confirmation mail or something after posting? posted like 2 weeks ago with no further information?
  12. the agust promotion to buy in a local game store to get a madam sybelle is not up yet on the promotion page ?
  13. Am i allowed to show stats cards in a youtube video fully / parts of it? Like when having an oposed duel to cut in the attack and df on screen during the duel
  14. Just wonder if Ikiryo would be buried by for example by a death marshal would i still be able to summon her out with kirais aura when im getting hit? buried model dosnt Count to be in play and summon rare models only say that im not able to summon models with rare restrictions if it exeds the model rare amount 'On the board'
  15. I was so ckocked thought i played sammy wrong all this time to pay for her uphrade
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