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  1. Molja

    Demoing in Helsinki, Finland

    This time demoing is held 21st of August. In Poromagia as usual but starting from 14:00
  2. Molja

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Lots of work to balance all what there is as Math pointed out. And wise choice to not announce the date for stated reasons. Exited and worried for what we will see in the future. Wyrd also continues their own way of naming websites.
  3. Molja

    Demoing in Helsinki, Finland

    Once again we gather for demoing in Poromagia! This time it will be in 19th of June and as usual after 16:00.
  4. Molja

    Demoing in Helsinki, Finland

    Look how time flies! Once again we will gather in Poromagia after 16ish. The day is next tuesday 13th of March.
  5. Molja

    Demoing in Helsinki, Finland

    And once again we are playing and demoing at Poromagia. The date is 6.11. and I'll be there from 16ish.
  6. Molja

    Ropecon 2017 tournament report

    Sewers had eaten two sets of sewers kit and two or three sets of clips. Wasn't sure if we had enough mats for tournament so hastily put that abomination together. Indeed it would have been fun to watch a game where players would have treated sludge as hazardous as silly as Math suggested.
  7. Molja

    [Finland] Ropecon tournament 2017 29th of July

    What Amdor said. You don't have to have all models painted. And I have added You to the participant list. Have to double check these text to match each other...
  8. Molja

    [Finland] Ropecon tournament 2017 29th of July

    Usually we have had around 8 players. Now we have 10 already. That's a good attendance building up for this year!
  9. We're having a Tournamet in Ropecon (Messukeskus Helsinki) just like couple years before. Come and join us in Ropecon in Messuhalli 30th of July for Finlands (so far) biggest tournament! Useful links http://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux From bottom you can find latest FAQ and organized play formats which include Gaining Grounds 2016 document http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/133323/Malifaux--RULES-ONLY-Handbook--2E?cPath=23027_23028 From here you can download rules for free. Games are played with fixed faction which every player announces when registering for tournament. Crews of 55SS can be changed between rounds. Models should be at least assembled and primed. Schemes are announced before-hand to allow people to have some pause between rounds. Strategies and schemes are from GG2017. Three rounds are played and I will be ringer if number of participants are odd. 1. round 09:15 - 11:15 Turf war standard deployment Claim Jump Eliminate The Leadership Dig Their Graves Covert Breaktrough Undercover Entourage 2. round 12:00-13:55 Head hunter flank deployment Claim Jump Frame For Murder Leave Your Mark Show Of Force Last Stand 3.round 14:00 - 16:00 Interference close deployment Claim Jump Accusation Dig Their Graves Recover Evidence Tail 'Em Prices are promised to first, second and third best players. Person who places last will also have something to carry home. First 16 players to enlist will also be given guilder. To enlist reply with your name and faction. In finnish: https://www.sotavasara.net/keskustelu/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=116537
  10. Molja

    Demoing in Helsinki, Finland

    Let's start this year with some demoin in 7th of February. This all happens at Poromagia.
  11. Molja

    Demoing in Helsinki, Finland

    Still kicking and playing! 1st of November I will be doing some demoing in Poromagia once again! Come and join me after 16 pm.
  12. Molja

    Divergent Paths: Neverborn Edition

    Not instant but almost certain. The opponent can cheat down to miss, so you have to miss to to not give VP to opponent.
  13. Molja

    Demoing in Helsinki, Finland

    Tuesday 13th day I'll be at poromagia for demos and casual games after 15 o'clock. Everyone is invited!
  14. Molja

    Gen Con 2016 Orders

    OOOHHH YYEEAAH! Today my shipment has arrived to customs! Hopefully my stuff arrives before weekend. @Kobayashi Hopefully this kind of miracle happens to you also this week. Man has to have some little people to play with during honeymoon, don't they.
  15. Molja

    Gen Con 2016 Orders

    Fingers crossed! Nothing today but hopefully tomorrow.