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  1. Round 3 - American Tyrants vs Team Russia 2 Landon WIN vs Aleksandar 6-4 Taylor TIE vs Scoffer 6-6 Nathan LOSS vs Domin 3-5
  2. American Tyrants vs The Mali-Housers Taylor WIN vs Freeman (8-3) Nathan WIN vs Ray (8-1) Landon TIE vs Angel (5-5) Thanks for the games guys! For anyone interested, here is a google document that lists the crew choices and scores of our games so far. If people are interested, I could also put down the schemes chosen. Enjoy! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a_zawPR4Hcbw0rkmqruz1BP_qjSVAl2f4-GeD9mgMm8/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Team name - The American Tyrants Team USA Taylor (KingCrow) Arcanists Nathan Neverborn Landon Ten Thunders @dannydb Just wanted to let you know that we have an official team name now.
  4. Yea, this is basically my reasoning for only doing Single Master tournaments recently. Adding in another master does add a whole new dimension to the game but also makes it a bit rougher on our newer players. I'm trying to ease the new guys into the game and not send them running. Lol. Honestly, I do prefer single Master crews overall myself but don't want to restrict the game for others in the main scheme of things. Don't our friends across the pond (in England and such) maintain playing only single master tournaments?
  5. That crew looks deadly (and reproducible in my other factions -Arcanists with Sandeep and Poison Gamin) but a lot of tournaments around me seem to be leaning towards single Master crews. I'm trying to make it work so it will work in the local scene. Definitely have to try that crew out in a friendly game tho. Lol.
  6. Anyone had much luck with bringing Minako in a Mei Feng crew with Sparks? My idea is to summon in some Katashiro (so need a way to place at least two Scrap markers within range), throw some bombs in their bellies with Sparks and send them off to wherever they need to go. They get a decent amount of attacks, and while they are min damage one, any damage is good to have. The main thing is that they can kill themselves with Flicker tokens and do an additional three damage to everything within two inches. The sad part is that they won't drop any Scrap markers when they blow up so you if you need some Scrap markers placed, you could always send out Katashiro to attack things without the upgrade, have them kill themselves and drop a Scrap marker where you need something to Rail Walk to. The crew I'm thinking of bringing is Mei Feng - 8 Stones Forgling Minako Rei Metal Golem Sparks LeBlanc Metal Gamin Tanuki Shadow Effigy - Effigy of Fate There is enough stones to put one or two upgrades on someone or take another cheap Foundry model. So, what are people's thoughts?
  7. Sounds like Marcus has another dead model that will rarely be used like the Initiates. I've been trying to figure out the best way to make them work (in Arcanists) myself but have no idea other than inflicting damage with their attack on a friendly and get the Rake The Eyes trigger but then you're risking high cards to know what the next few cards might be. To make them more useful and individualistic, I almost wish they had more actions/synergy with bury such as they should be able to bury themselves (with tight restrictions) with the option to unbury in base contact with any (scheme?) marker. Four stones is a cheap cost of a model and they shouldn't be overpowered but I'm pretty sure Tara has some 4 cost models that are way better than these Molemen.
  8. The main way that I can think to stop a focused strike from killing the Hoarcat is to throw the Armor upgrade on the Hoarcat. Also, Marcus shouldn't be getting charged with his Disguised upgrade so the enemy model has to use an AP to walk to get engaged. Granted the enemy model could then charge the Hoarcat but then that relies upon you using proper positioning to try and keep the Hoarcat out of LoS, maybe putting the Disguised upgrade on it, ect. Just have to play it by ear. Either way, you're forcing your opponent to play to your game rather than you play to theirs. I will admit that I havent played much with the Rattler, maybe just one or two games but didn't really get as much out of it as I expected. Maybe I'll try it out a few more times. While Cojo is strong, he isn't 10 point model strong. Compared to the Fire or Rail Golem, he doesn't do nearly as much damage and is drastically squishier. He strikes me as a 9 (8 would be stretching it) soulstone model that is being charged a stone for the Mutation upgrade tax. I honestly believe many of the Chimera models cost one (or even two for some models) more expensive than they should be compared to other models, but that's something I've always thought even during the beta.
  9. Aye, because the attacker ignores LoS, range and targeting on the new target as per the wording on Protected (Beasts). The Manipulative is the reason to bring the Hoarcat. Its 5 stones you're having a rough time finding anything to do with but it's also 5 stones that keeps Marcus alive. Plus, you should have the Disguised and Stealth upgrade on Marcus anyways so neither of them should be targeted until the enemy moves up. Upgrades would be something I would cover if I did a full tactica.
  10. So I did a little write-up on how I've been playing Marcus for a guy on FB and figured I'd post it on here as well for anyone who didn't see it on the Arcanists FB page. Tell me what y'all think. Maybe I should do an actual tactica with Marcus as writing this all down was pretty fun, unless there already is one and I've missed it? Can anyone do tacticas? Do I have to have it approved by moderators? I know 3rd floor wars did one already but writing one might be helpful to some people, eh? Anyways, so here are my experiences with Marcus. Granted I've only had about 10 games with him but over those 10 games, I've tried quite a few things out and determined some things that I think work best, at least for me and hopefully for you too. First, I'll start with my crew I have played most regularly: Marcus - 3 stones Jackalope Cerberus with Soulstone Cache Myranda Ferdinand Vogel The Scorpius Soulstone Miner with Magical Training Hoarcat Marcus is a middle tier master and his crew runs a very thin line of being good and getting slaughtered. To stay above that thin line, positioning and card draw is key. The nice thing is that this crew is very mobile and can strike from multiple vectors. About nine out of ten times, I have most of my models with Mutation upgrades within range to trigger Primal Domain because Cycling cards is one of the strongest ways to keep the crew going. Not to mention the bonuses that come with Adaptive Evolution that trigger the discarding/drawing effect. Saying this, I do like to send my Cerberus (with the Soulstone Cache upgrade and at least two Mutation upgrades) into the enemy backlines or hunting scheme runners as it's the easiest model to do so and to get Soulstones back upon their deaths. Also, remember, when the Cerberus dies, it gives you a Soulstone back due to the damaging timing sequence (step 6C page 34 of the Rulebook). The Scorpius is an interesting Frontliner/Flanker mostly due to it's Neurotoxins ability. Once an enemy model within 3 inches (from a 50mm base) has Poison, the model CANNOT USE SOULSTONES OR DECLARE TRIGGERS. At stat 7 with built-in Poison, this model is going to inflict Poison. This prevents damage reduction from soulstone use, defensive triggers, etc. Its huge. Not to mention the Scorpius can heal from Poisoned models and can draw cards from Poisoned models. Notice that I don't really have anything else that can inflict Poison though (although Myranda can, she will never be using her own melee attacks). This is mostly because Arcanists lack any other real ways to inflict Poison but this usually doesn't matter as most people won't bring Condition removal vs Marcus and the Assist action can't remove the Poison so the enemy model has to let it happen. In regards to Myranda, she is a very fluid model. If she is in Beast form and I need a Beast healed (most likely the Scorpius), I have her switch back, heal and then switch forms again to then Charge into an enemy. Her role is very fluid and as needed. I mostly like to change into Blessed of December for the free enemy push on the attack and the Deadly Pursuit to set up a next turn action but if needed, another Cerberus works too. Usually the field maneuvering is something Cojo can do but I think Cojo is overpriced and I don't like to run him often. Usually only bringing him into Plant Explosives games to throw enemy models with Explosives 10 inches back into their deployment zones. Now for the Hoarcat. This model is perfect for when the enemy inevitably targets Marcus and you have to use Marcus's Protected (Beast) ability. If you haven't activated the Hoarcat (which you shouldn't until last), when the Hoarcat becomes the new target, the enemy is at a negative because of the Manipulative. The Hoarcat also has built-in stealth so they can't target it from range farther than six inches and if the enemy is within 6 inches, they are already having to deal with the rest of the Beasts. If, for some reason, you need the Hoarcat to run off and do schemes, you then have Ferdinand with you. Ferdinand is a great model. Able to help Marcus survive with Shielded +2, non-projectile 8 inch range with trigger to draw cards or push friendly minions around and can place enemies at negatives on attacks. Oh, also, a huge ass Werewolf jumps out at any enemy who wants to come play which just so happens to be a Beast. As for some of you issues such as playing vs armor, it becomes a little difficult because you have to fit in a December Acolyte to get their Analyze Weakness ability or hope to trigger the Beast's Within Armor Piercing trigger. Or rely on Focus to achieve those good Moderate damage capabilities. I haven't played vs Dreamer but I've heard he is above the curve and is one of the top tier crews so Marcus, as a middle-tier crew, would struggle vs him. As for schemes and strats I usually play Marcus into, I try for either attacking, maneuvering, or middle field schemes (although deep schemes are doable with a Soulstone Miner). Claim jump is hard but doable, Search the Ruins, Outflank, stuff like that. Power Ritual requires you to basically take a model out of the action and with this crew, it's not a good idea although faking it early game is a good idea. As for strats, I personally like Plant Explosives and Turf War. Reckoning can be hard due to the Beasts having a rough time healing unless you're blowing all your Adaptive Evolution's on healing triggers and not more damage. Corrupted Idols is just too much damage. You basically have to get lucky (or your opponent real unlucky) but it's doable.
  11. Oh aye, can definitely do that but then it's not for free (armor and shield reduce the damage to zero). Very good to have the option to use it on anyone tho. 👍
  12. Had a game with Mei vs Colette this past weekend in a tournament (top table!... but still lost due to last activation Colette burying my scoring model) and realized just how good Sparks is. I'm sure he's going to be a permanent model to always bring in my Mei Crew. He stopped the Coryphee duet from dancing back together, thew a bunch of explosives into my own models to then blast back onto the enemy, and all his other shenanigans such as Analyze Weakness and free fast on my constructs. The only downside is that I think he needs to always have Soulstone Cache on him to help protect him since he is squishy. Anyone else having some good (or bad) luck with Sparks?
  13. How are people enjoying the Scorpius? I'm debating bringing it into my next game with Marcus in a game of Turf War. It seems self-sufficient but I dont want to spend stones on something that is very swing-y. It also almost seems that it should be a "finisher" model to use The Feeding's trigger.
  14. Anyone had any luck using Joss with Mei and crew? Joss ignores armor and has a Construct-only Obey. Plus, bring the Mobile Toolkit (which is what I usually do) and you've got another way to give out Power Tokens.
  15. For protection of Sandeep, I like bringing a Mannequin for Take The Hit and healing (with the Focus trigger). Plus the ranged Slow can be a deterrent even with a stat 4. The discard to use Take The Hit is more than made up for all the card drawnin the crew.
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