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  1. Amina was an experimental hire as her aura was there to be a deterrent against the Neverborn charging my weaker models (Raspy and Silent One), useful with defense by giving out Shielded +2, potential to get back SoulStones, repositioning (with expected card draw in a game of Reckoning), and the lucky Obey. I think Amina is a great model to have beside Raspy (and squishy models) for protection against crews that cannot teleport beside them and hit for min 3 damage. I think I may definitely try her again with Raspy. As for the Rider, I tried to get off Revelations but due to poor card draw my last turn and a good suit call on Euripides Df(?) trigger, I was down to zero cards when I attempted the action. The fates mocked me by flipping a five. This was my first game playing Raspy and it was a fun game. I thoroughly enjoyed Raspy and think she is in a great spot. Being my first game with her, I definitely made some tactical errors but I do plan on playing Raspy more in the following months to get a better handle on her and her crew. Euripides and crew are one of the tankier and heavier hitting crews I've played against (granted I've only played about 6 games of M3E) although it was probably more so because both crews were summoning Ice Pillars.
  2. As a Marcus main in M2E, Alpha was one of my most used abilities that swung games in my favor multiple times. I just wanted to say farewell to the enemy control-based Marcus and can only hope that a future alt-Marcus card gives him control abilities akin to Alpha. Are there any other playstyles that people are sad to see disappear?
  3. KingCrow

    Mech Rider

    It seems to me that the Mechanical Rider is meant to confer AP manipulation/force multiplier. What if its final trigger read something along the lines of... "All models within range immediately perform a non-bonus action controlled by this models controller. Models receive a positive to any duels they perform." Would probably have to give a resist WP (maybe enemy constructs get negatives for flavor?) for enemies within the abilities range to make it fair. But could you imagine riding up into a great melee and using this action to manipulate the whole field around the Rider? Especially now that charges are only a one AP action. Maybe not as great as that irreducible damage, Slow and Burning from the Guild's Rider but I think this would put the Mechanical Rider closely on par with the others while staying in flavor. Would purposefully allow Masters to be targeted with this as well... but maybe that's too powerful?
  4. A thought I had about the Distracted condition and how to possibly rework it. Distracted: If a model in a crew can apply this condition, perform the following before deployment - choose 3 pieces of terrain to become Distraction Zones. If an enemy model becomes Distracted within 4 of the chosen terrain, that model suffers ato all duels and damage flips. Max +2. Reduce this condition by one when this model resolves a contested duel (duel versus an enemy model). Yes, this can be super powerful as it gives the player using Distracted certain areas of control on the board but it also gives the opponent a way to counterplay by trying to stay away from those areas on the board. Also, since Distracted is so powerful, I believe jumping through two hoops is needed (being both near the "Distracted zone" and applying the It seems to me that most crews that function on distributing Distracted just pile it on and completely neuter the enemy by the third turn. By using this reworked version, it gives both crews a way to counterplay each other. Pushes and pulls become more important in the game and tactically using blocking terrain can make a huge difference. It is also interesting because it also hugely effects how strategies are played, such as Corrupted Idols. If an idol gets placed in a zone of control, there is a potential for the enemy model to get Distracted and then possibly killed. But if an Idol appears in an area that is not a zone of control, the Distraction crew is now at a potential disadvantage. Plus I believe that the strategies can be random enough to not let this be too rampant/powerful. I had originally thought to have this apply to being near enemy models but it would actually cause Ranged to be more powerful than Melee (don't want that). I had also thought of having it occur near Scheme Markers (little better) but eventually figured that pieces of terrain might be the best way to try and make this work. Perhaps this could be increased to four pieces of terrain? Now if this is implemented, I believe crews that use Distracted would need a bit of changing but I could see this being a good, and balanced, way to tone down and control the strength of the Distracted condition.
  5. Also, I've had a thought about Marcus that I've been kicking around for a while. What if instead of Marcus being able to hire Beasts from his faction of choice as Versatile, he gave hired models the Chimera keyword (or Beast characteristic). This would represent his control over the evolution of creatures and such. Marcus is one of the few models that seems to rely almost 100% on the keywords of his crew. If you want to branch out to throw a little curveballs at your opponent, you are double slammed with paying the extra soulstone cost and not being able to interact with them via Marcus and multiple other models in the crew. So, with this ability, you would still pay the extra soulstone cost but would benefit from keyword synergy with Marcus. It would give him some versatility in hiring akin to how he plays in game. I realize it's late in the beta but Marcus seems to be doubly hit with his current rule set and I feel like this would help offset it. I also realize that this would mean having to balance a whole faction vs a few models... but it's better than balancing vs all Beast models in the game like back in M2E. Lastly, the upgrades put on those hired out if keyword models are basically "forever upgrades" as there would be no way to really get rid of the upgrades on them until they die. So, thoughts?
  6. With Marcus's new ability to draw cards when evolution upgrades are discarded, it seems that his struggle with cards in hand is no longer an issue. In fact, he can have a good card rotation every turn! I'm excited to get him on the board fo see just how well this helps the Chimera crew. I personally want to try the Mechanical Rider to give out Masks to the crew as this would allow Marcus to give up to 6 upgrades a turn. Plus, a lot of the other Chimeras have good triggers on Masks. Even with the cost bump, it might be worth it.
  7. Paul Crocket has the Coordinated Attack trigger on a on his Long Carbine attack. He ignores Friendly Fire and Concealment with this attack as well. He also has the ability to discard a card after damaging an enemy to allow a friendly Beast to take a action against that same enemy. So you can basically get 6 attacks with two AP, with proper positioning and card discard (which isn't too harsh of a cost with Marcus's new ability). So, my question is, what is the easiest way to abuse this? Ranged Coordinated Attack is a huge trigger that would allow for some insane amount of damage... or at least the opportunity for some insane amount of damage. The Mechanical Rider can let him add a mask to his duels for a turn but then you have to ensure that Paul stays within 6 of the Rider to gain the benefit. Could also attach the upgrade onto him that lets him spend soulstones, but then you're using soulstones that you might need to prevent damage onto Marcus or other such things. Those are the two ways that I've found that could really hike this action and trigger to the next level. What are your thoughts and can you find any other ways to "break" this? Edit: After taking a look at the Chimera crew, it seems that almost all of them have good triggers (such as Marcus can potentially toss out six upgrades). Perhaps it would be quite beneficial taking the Mechanical Rider. Will have to test this out.
  8. I played a game with her last night as a secondary master to Sandeep. Her new action to push around the Pyre Markers is strong (really drains cards from your opponents hand). Overall, it felt like Kaeris was still a "slow burn" master... meaning she took a lot of setup and did very little the early turns but killed my opponents two masters turn 4 and 5. Kaeris's passive increase in burning condition on my opponents models really helped with that feeling of "slow burn." I'm not against her playstyle as a buildup master... it's just I'd prefer if her crew went one way or the other with burning. Either have her crew use it as a resource with using Burning on themselves (decrease their own burning to add damage to their attacks, decrease burning to get positives, etc) or try to put it on their enemies. Trying to put it on both crews is difficult (although the trouble is slightly alleviated with the Pyre Markers). As for the Battle Report, my opponent should be posting it within the next few days. FYI - Arcanist won 8-3 (even though Parker got back 5 soulstones for basically nothing in the 4th turn... it was some bullsh*t).
  9. This is exactly why I was wanting to play these two masters together. It seems an easy way to spam all the Pyre markers and with Kaeris now able to move the Markers... I imagine it will be easy to always have Burning on models. I'm just honestly surprised that no one has played them together yet to try and break the two masters synergy. I haven't seen it in the CB or OB... could've missed it though. The thing about TDB's is that the Injured condition would then only be applied during the enemy models activation which is good for reducing their offense but is bad when you want to get the most out of the condition. Perhaps this is a weird way of debuffing enemy models but it's lacking in how other master's/models get to use the Injured condition to it full benefit. So yes, in regards to my original question, it seems that Sandeep would be the proper Master to lead.
  10. Which do you think is a more effective leader if you took them both in a crew? There seems to be such good synergy between the two of them and their crews that I'm surprised I haven't seen more of them being used together. I hope to run them together in a game next Tuesday and was curious as to what the general consensus would be. I think that Kaeris leading might be the best way as their builds currently are and having to pay for Sandeep and Banasuva would be a good, but expensive, investment. Sandeep basically becomes a huge enabler of the Fire Golem and Gamin and Banasuva allows for the creation of a stupid amount of Pyre markers.
  11. The main issue with only targeting a single Pyre marker is that her Totem already does something similar (pulse to do 1 damage and burning 1). My thought was maybe have her target Pyre Markers equal to the turn number and have the models take the duel. With the increase of Pyre markers, it makes it a real master level ability. I also think it should target friendly models as well as most of Kaeris's crew likes to be on fire. Make that whole "Wildfire" keyword show its indiscriminate nature. I do like the triggers on your action tho
  12. Sooo... I just looked at Reva after hearing that she plays with Pyres as well and WOW! Her "The Unquiet Dead" ability is bonkers. That ability sounds like something that Kaeris should have, especially with the triggers too! It legit seems like Reva and Sonnia have all the "wow!" abilities that deal with Burning and Kaeris just kinda got the "meh" abilities.
  13. The only thing about being able to move the Pyre markers is that Kaeris then becomes a lot like Eurpides and Titania in that they move their markers around as well. If we want Kaeris to be more unique, why not have it so that Kaeris can pull models (both enemy and ally) into her Pyre markers? Call it the Lure of the Flame and add trigger to apply more Burning equal to the number of models that ended the push into the Pyre. As the game goes on, and more Pyres get put on the field, the action is able to hit more and more models. Now that would give her some massive battlefield control ability. People have been talking about letting her crew apply more low level burning, well this would allow for a lot of Burning +1 to be put on models.
  14. It seems that Wyrd wants Kaeris and crew to be a group of models that benefits from both themselves and their enemy being on fire... but it just isn't working out for Kaeris. The rest of the crew performs well enough with having "Blaze of Glory" and such actions that use Burning as a resource. Kaeris (and the Firestarter) have no passive abilities that allow them to receive benefits like the rest of her crew. As a master she should have access to Master level abilities and currently, she does not. Everything she does has to jump through hoops to allow her to do anything. IMO, the easiest way to fix this would be to give her Blaze of Glory and/or change her crews ignite trigger to give both attacking and defending model Burning +1. With this, she would nullify negatives to shoot into cover, friendly fire, etc and could park herself inside one of her Pyres to constantly receive Burning. Unfortunately, this runs into what they did not want to happen in the CB where Kaeris becomes a turret. Although if Wyrd proceeds with how Kaeris is now... she might as well just be a turret. If Wyrd doesn't want Kaeris to be a turret, there are other actions to focus on such as Kaeris and crew's ability to interact with Pyres. This is just BEGGING to have more interactions than what it currently has. I realize the Arcanists already have a master that interacts with Pillars (Raspy) but those are stationary. I also realize that some other masters of Malifaux work with pillars (such as Euripedes) but why not have Kaeris be a master who actually uses Pyres more effectively? I could suggest multiple actions, in addition to those I already listed, because there is so much flavor and excitement in interactions with Pyres compared to what Kaeris does now. Honestly, Kaeris is one of the more flavorful masters of Malifaux and I do not want to see her relegated to the unknown (and unused) like she was in M2E. Right now she just seems to have a few actions thrown together on her card that have relative synergy. I'd like to see her make a break-out and have a huge change from her "generalist" build as it currently is. (Random thought) Maybe Wyrd wants her this way so that later on they can bring out an Alternate Card where she does fancy stuff to keep people interested in Malifaux later on down the line. Create those meta changes.
  15. In the CB, i repeatedly stated how Kaeris just did not have a true direction and I'll say it again. I was one of the people who suggested turning her TDB action into an because just targeting one model with the action wasn't good enough to actually use the action. Unfortunately, Kaeris's other actions just do not synergize with TDB's being AOE. Honestly, for Kaeris to be unique and still be fun/competitive, she needs different actions. I had previously stated she should have actions that more involve her Pyre's. An action that allow her to "emerge" (place next to) from a Pyre within eight inches with a trigger to do Burning/damage in an would solve her issues of having only ranged attack action that applies burning and being locked down in melee (yes she has "Up We Go" but being in melee still shuts down her ability to apply Burning... which is what she is supposed to do). Let her have an action that pulls enemy models closer to her Pyres (make it a simple duel - Mv 12 perhaps and this would synergize with her Totem's action). With these actions, she can pull models to a Pyre, emerge from a Pyre (would be nice if it was a bonus action which would compete with her On the Pyre bonus action) giving them burning with a built-in trigger (to enemies and allies), and then apply TDB to a few enemy models (preferably after a few other models have applied Burning to enemy models as well). She still plays with Burning but becomes more of a support/battlefield controller model. Plus, I've always thought that Kaeris's crew is better than her so this wouldn't really change the dynamics of her crew. Currently Kaeris is very reminiscent of M2E and no one really wants that. I feel that instituting these changes would give Kaeris a more defined, and distinct, role in the game and would fill a role in the Arcanist that we could use effectively. Maybe if we do a lot of Kaeris BR's, we might get some changes. ...Maybe I need to only play Kaeris for the next couple weeks. lol.
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