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  1. Didnt realize that Wyrd had put out their M3E cards and made that last minute change. That's what I get for being busy and not reading newsletters. Lol. I agree about the versatility and they seem pretty good. I'm just trying to figure out ways to shore up their weaknesses, such as outdistancing Marcus (possibly using the MR to move him around) and Marcus getting targeted (deciding which Beast to keep near).
  2. Just irks me that this crew isnt a synergistic as almost every other crew out there. Especially when the base models are so expensive cost-cost-wise.
  3. According to the Beta files, they are not Beasts. They're only Living and Chimera minions. So for one more soulstone, I get more synergy and capability in a Cerberus. This, not point in ever taking an initiate. It's a dead model that will never see use.
  4. When my opponent declared Yan Lo, I figured I didn't have to worry about conditions as much because other than handing out Staggered, the crew doesn't deal very much with conditions. So I instead brought a Hoarcat and Saboteur in place of the Oxforidan Mage/Effigy. What are everyone's thoughts on bringing the Mechanical Rider with Marcus? While it is not a Beast, it has the damage capability with psuedo-auto trigger to draw cards (needed for all the discards in the crew), it can get Marcus out of tough spots with Ride With Me (perhaps the main reason for bringing it and useful to keep Marcus up with the rest of the crew - saving AP to throw up upgrade/charge other Beasts), can be tanky and can place different types of Markers at range. The only concern is the cost and thus going down to 7 models in a crew. Are there any other models in Arcanists that allow for such rapid movement of other models like the MR does? Next time I play this, I may take out Ferdinand and the Saboteur to try the Rider. Also, I agree that the initiate just doesnt seem that great on paper. It just doesnt seem to have any direction as a model and tries to fill roles of what we already have. It almost feels like a weaker Myranda and has no individuality. Nothing really sets it apart from other models. Using a 7 cost model as a bodyguard seems quite expensive but would almost be worth it if their Call of the Wild action actually worked on Marcus. Then you would have a bodyguard that could fully support the Master and be worth 7 stones. Also, just realized that the Initiate isnt even a Beast so it cant be a damage shunt or forced to move/charge. There is no reason to ever bring this model!!! But... I'll have to give one a try here sometime although I dont have high expectations. Lastly, it kinda irks me off that I have to worry about who is Chimera and who are Beasts in the same Keyword crew. Seems like I have to play a juggle game in my own crew when there are crews like the Viks that have everything affect everyone. It just seems like a bad idea and I'm surprised it wasn't caught during the beta testing. I wonder if those actions that clarify Beast or Chimera only should just say both to make the crew mesh easier. Or have the upgrades give models the Beast and/or Chimera trait/keyword to at least have the option of using abilities on other models. This feels to me like the easiest way to fix this issue.
  5. Whoops! My bad about the claim jump on Marcus. Still learning all the things with M3E. Lol. Maybe Myranda changing into a Mauler would be a good CJ model? How are you getting so many upgrades on the Jackalope? Are you just doing it each turn until you have 2 by turn two? 3 by turn three? The Chimerancy action cannot target the same model more than once per activation. Why not Chimerancy on Living models? As a master of genetic(?) manipulation, seems like he should be able to add his upgrades on models if you're willing to pay the soulstone tax. With all the having to juggle keyword around, it makes me wish that the upgrade did like they did in the Beta and gave out the Beast (or was it Chimera?) keyword to models that received an upgrade from Marcus. Thanks about the "movement" clarification. Makes things clearer but also a bit harder to obtain the shielded on models in a Marcus crew since they want to move so much.
  6. Had my game with Marcus today. Game type listed below. I chose Claim Jump on Marcus and Search the Ruins. Played vs a Resser Yan Lo list with an Archie. My list is below. My opponent called it after turn 2 possibly due to my two Cerberi (Myranda turned into one) tearing through his backline and other life things going on but I got a few takeaways from the game. - Marcus seems to be left behind so he needs to have a dedicated protector or something to shunt damage on to. I used Cojo to Toss Marcus up behind a few Beasts turn 1 and turn 2 they were sent charging with 2 upgrades a piece on them. My opponent sent Archie into my backline (read - dead Saboteur) and I was surprised he didn't leap into Marcus and start beating him. Need to find a way to keep a Beast near him. - Adaptive Evolution is strong... as long as you can stay within range of Marcus to draw the card and be able to toss those upgrades back on. - I wish Chimerancy could be used on all Living models. - With almost every model having unimpeded and Leap, it's very hard to lock down the crew. - Never got a chance to swap Ferdinand to the Beast but I think my opponent was a little apprehensive to allow him the opportunity to change. Also, why is Ferdinand not a Beast? Was rude to find out he wasnt as I had been keeping him close to Marcus for shielded and possible damage shunt. - Jackalope is an annoyance, except when anti-demise comes along. I like it. - Cojo. Maaaan do I like me some Cojo. Solid model if not a little squishy. I put the armor upgrade on him to help. Question, when the upgrade part says "if this model moves" does that only mean a Move action or any type of push/place/etc? New Marcus reminds me of M2E Colette, who originally got me into Malifaux. Consider my opinion changed and I'm curious so see how well I can do with Marcus, if I can solve some of the survivability/movement issues and with Marcus in particular.
  7. Honestly, this seems like the best compromise between all the discussions. It helps curb the strength of gaining keywords by shutting down very powerful bonus actions as most of the Emissaries do seem to have while allowing for the flexibility to mesh well with Masters keywords.
  8. Makes me wish that the Poison Gamin rkept their Beast trait from the Beta. Could've got a lot of use in a Poison Marcus crew.
  9. It saddens me that the Emissaries have lost their customization when taken with Masters. It added a fun level of customization that has been left behind with the streamlining of M3E. If this were to change, I think that the Emissaries should have a rule/ability something along the lines of "Evershifting Alliance: When this model is hired into a crew lead by a Master, this model gains the keyword of that Master." I was part of the closed an open beta and don't think I ever saw a proposed ability like this. Maybe there was and I missed it but this would add more interactions and such in the game that I think would be fun and interesting. It would allow such things as Marcus adding upgrades to the Arcane Emmisary and Shenlong doing weird Monk interactions with the Shadow Emissary. Anyone else think this would be something interesting to add or would this be too much for 10 soulstone models?
  10. I have my first game with Marcus soon vs a Resser crew. Realized that staggered can really screw this crew over and lack of condition removal is rough for the crew. So, I've decided on bringing an Oxfordian Mage with the Magical Training upgrade. Hard to decide if it's worth 9 stones but between getting an extra card, the AOE to get rid of conditions, the counterspell aura, the shielded +2 and concentrate to heal, seems it might be a good model. Plus the trigger on their ranged attack might be useful. Moreso if I can get Poison on the enemy model and switch the Poison to Slow. Just another reason to wish that Marcus had more access to models that applied poison. Only downside is only having 7 models in the crew. Is that normal?
  11. Did not realize that you can use the ability multiple times until you mentioned it but completely makes sense since it doesnt state any use restrictions. A few questions, if I declare this ability twice do I get two soulstones back for killing the model? If the positives to attack and damage stack, it seems that this should as well. Or would it only work that way if I declared this ability vs two different models and killed them? If the enemy model is not killed after using this action twice, do I suffer 8 damage? Thanks!
  12. One thing I have noticed about the Terracotta Warriors is they're good with Asami. They're able to use A Mother's Love to take Flicker Tokens off of Oni and give Focused +1. Also, since her summons are killed, its possible to replace the TC with a previously killed summon. Of course that's usually if you dont want to use that Mask for Asami to summon. For the Emissary, its bonus action to redraw cards has been invaluable in many games I've played, especially with Asami. I usually hire the Effigy and "grow" it to the Emissary but by that third turn, being able to redraw cards is a amazing ability made even more so with its trigger to draw up to a larger handsize. I took Fuhatsu into Mama Z once and forgot to put the Stealth upgrade on him so he was being used by my opponent to shoot my crew since he has a WP 3... still was able to tie that game. Probably always a good idea to put the Stealth upgrade on him. Always bring a Tanuki. Always. I ran a Lone Swordman into an Archie the other day... ended terribly. Seems the Swordsman is best suited for hunting down those cheaper non-minion models.
  13. Not sure I'd this is where I ask (if it's the wrong place, could the mods move it to the proper place?)... but for anyone who's in the know: Will Wyrd be making an appearance at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH this year? Curently I see no events but figured I'd ask. Plus I need to know for work scheduling purposes. As a follow-up, if Wyrd is present, will there be a M3E tournament?
  14. Not sure I'd this is where I ask (if it's the wrong place, could the mods move it to the proper place?)... but for anyone who's in the know: Will Wyrd be making an appearance at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH this year? Curently I see no events but figured I'd ask. Plus I need to know for work scheduling purposes. As a follow-up, if Wyrd is present, will there be a M3E tournament?
  15. Amina was an experimental hire as her aura was there to be a deterrent against the Neverborn charging my weaker models (Raspy and Silent One), useful with defense by giving out Shielded +2, potential to get back SoulStones, repositioning (with expected card draw in a game of Reckoning), and the lucky Obey. I think Amina is a great model to have beside Raspy (and squishy models) for protection against crews that cannot teleport beside them and hit for min 3 damage. I think I may definitely try her again with Raspy. As for the Rider, I tried to get off Revelations but due to poor card draw my last turn and a good suit call on Euripides Df(?) trigger, I was down to zero cards when I attempted the action. The fates mocked me by flipping a five. This was my first game playing Raspy and it was a fun game. I thoroughly enjoyed Raspy and think she is in a great spot. Being my first game with her, I definitely made some tactical errors but I do plan on playing Raspy more in the following months to get a better handle on her and her crew. Euripides and crew are one of the tankier and heavier hitting crews I've played against (granted I've only played about 6 games of M3E) although it was probably more so because both crews were summoning Ice Pillars.
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