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  1. KingCrow

    Parker playable?

    Also, if you want, you could switch out Black Market for Survivalist. I basically always bring it with Parker to ensure his survival and giving him HtK is a big deterrent to opponents alpha-striking him. Plus, when you discard Oath Keeper (which I usually do on the first turn) you can immediately equip Black Market.
  2. KingCrow

    Schemes & Stones - Ironsides Crew Spotlight

    I always run her with Warding Runes because her getting lured or placed out of position is the quickest way to neuter her effectiveness.
  3. KingCrow

    M2E Rasputina

    Had a quick question about Raspy's Ice Pillars. The Ice Pillars count as Terrain Markers, correct? They have the impassible and blocking characteristics which are only given to terrain so following logic they are terrain markers... but it doesnt specifically say they are in the action so i wanted to ask here to make sure. This mostly has to do with pushing the Supply Wagon through the markers. Thanks!
  4. KingCrow

    Parker playable?

    Anyone tried the Bayou Smuggler with Parker? Ways to draw cards, gets enemy scheme markers and generate extra soulstones. Also has a 3 inch engagement which is weird. The Swap action just seems like a good way to get it out of a bad situation... or into even more trouble. I just stumbled upon him and it seems... interesting.
  5. KingCrow

    Parker playable?

    The Conflux of Stolen Goods states that only when the Emissary attaches an upgrade can he himself draw cards so I believe that when Hannah copies the action, she is not able to draw cards from it.
  6. KingCrow

    July 2018 Errata

    Yes yes, I meant the errata instead of the FAQ. My apologies for mixing the two.
  7. KingCrow

    July 2018 Errata

    Right. That's what I mentioned might happen in my posts. If Wyrd wanted to avoid this from happening, maybe instead of it being faction based, they perhaps do it by station? Every few months, revise a few of the Masters, then Henchman, and so on and so on. I realize there is so much more minions than any other station but that could be broken down into two or three different errata's. But from a sales point, this could be a driving force to sell more to those players that wanted to play the "flavor of the month". I would just love to see some continuous changes that positively affect the game rather than a few changes every 6 month to a year. There are plenty of models in the game that can use a tweak or two (or more) to be viable and there are still plenty of ideas for models that Wyrd can continue to release to keep up their sales.
  8. KingCrow

    July 2018 Errata

    Yea, I've played since the beginning days of M2E and the bi-monthly FAQ's were nice and I realize why they went to an errata every six months but now with nearly 500 models in the game, I would like to see a faction FAQ every 3-4 months. Like I said, it would allow Wyrd to focus on a much smaller pool of models and masters and tweak them how they felt was needed. Plus, it would allow them to see how newly released models have impacted the game and thus respond to them in a scheduled fashion.
  9. KingCrow

    July 2018 Errata

    Speaking of errata's in general, I've wondered why Wyrd doesn't put out specific faction erratas every few months? Yes I completely understand that this would take a lot of work but with ToS being released soon, maybe they would have more time freed up? By doing faction erratas, this allows Wyrd to focus on a much smaller pool of models to change while also giving that faction more time to find OP models and changes and such. I realize this could lead to "flavor of the month" factions like 40K but it honestly might be the easiest way to deal with the massive amount of models that now exist in M2E.
  10. KingCrow

    Parker Stick Up Upgrade

    It's frustrating that it seems so counterintuitive to how it's supposed to be played but I understand the reasoning behind what you two are saying. Basically if the upgrade didn't have the "if able" part, it would work the way it was intended. Basically this action went from being amazing to plain ol' crappy because of the way it was written.
  11. Recently ran into a question in the game about this upgrade. It states "This action can only be used once per Activation. Target enemy Enforcer, Henchman, or Master may choose to suffer 4 damage; if it does not, it must discard 1 Soulstone if able and this crew may add 1 Soulstone to its Pool." My opponent had zero soulstones left to use and so I decided to use this ability. My thought was that since he did not have any soulstones to discard (i.e. "if able" and he's not able to with zero stones), he must take the 4 damage. My opponent decided to not take the 4 damage and argued that since it says "discard a soulstone if able", then he did not have to take the damage or discard a soulstone and I gained a single soulstone to my pool. I argued that it was like trying to say you had zero cards in hand but could still discard cards to trigger an effect but he still argued his point. I was a bit confused about his argument but accepted it since the game was running a bit long and I needed to finish up. So, what is the correct way to play this and how do I justify it to the other player?
  12. KingCrow

    Sandeep: Considerations for Errata

    Well, if Wyrd was hoping to make more of the Arcanist masters see more play with these nerfs to Sandeep, I think it was a fail. I agreed that Sandeep needed something done to him (I like the -2 to Beacon and now his combat upgrade will NEVER be used since he's so squishy) but honestly, we need buffs to a few of our masters to have them be relevant. Sandeep is still good even if he's going to be playing in the backfield more. I also think Amina will now become a permanent piece in Sandeep crews for more protection and possible adding soulstones back to the cache.
  13. KingCrow

    Go To Master

    My go to master is Marcus. He's incredibly fun to play and can do a little bit of everything (except summon). Also, being basically the only master in the game that can control other masters is such a huge advantage and is just fun to do. Like using Seamus to use his once per turn shot of his gun to shoot his own crew usually screw the Seamus player or making Asami summon a Tengu with Flicker +7 and watching Asami "flicker" out of existence is just great. Buffing your own crew or debuffing the enemy can cause a huge swing in the game and being able to use Beasts from other factions is just great. Lastly, minimum 4 damage is something everyone is wary of. Of course I have all of the other Arcanists masters and some other factions... but for fun and tournaments, I usually break out Marcus to enjoy myself.
  14. KingCrow

    Hannah with Parker

    I've recently started playing Parker and I've never really used Hannah but she looks good and I want to try her. She brings a lot of interesting abilities with her and her zero action seems to have a lot of versatility. So I've come to ask the masses, with Parker in mind as the master, what are some models that are fun to bring along and copy their Ca actions with Hannah?
  15. KingCrow

    Gluttony - have anyone used him?

    Gluttony has always intrigued me and I've thought of many ways to use him but have never actually put him on the board. In regards to @wobbly_goggy's question, I posted in the rules forums a while ago about his ability spread over multiple models and it seems that Gluttony is able to get off a lot of passive damage if you are able to successfully place it on multiple models. Here is the link: http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/134230-same-ability-occurring-at-the-same-time/?page=0#comment-1077909 Basically it stats that if multiple models with this condition are in range when a scheme marker in place, only one pushes into base contact (or as close as it can get), the marker is discarded, but ALL of the models with the condition take the damage. Obviously it's bad vs models with armor (damage reduced to 1) but it seems like a fun way to push models around and through hazardous terrain or off cliffs and such. Even with this... he is still a very subpar model.