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Found 58 results

  1. Battle Report Single master 50ss tournament, 2.7. Hi again, as I’ve alluded to in forum posts my local scene had a little open beta tournament this weekend. I’m gonna copy paste my forms from here and then give some breakdowns and thoughts. The tournament was single master, three 2.5 hour games. This might have very well been the first open beta tournament in Sweden! (I will only be including my own thoughts here, the other players can add their own if they wish since I’m doing this after the tournament) Game one Standard Deployment Turf War Breakthrough Hold up their forces Harness the Ley line Vendetta Dig their graves 2.5 hours 3 rounds. 4 - 7 Valkirswrath Colette - 3 doves 5ss cache Coryphee Duet 12ss Carlos 8ss Cassandra 8ss Ice Dancer 6ss Showgirl 5ss w/Magical Training 2ss Mannequin 4ss 1vp off of Turf War 2vp off of Breakthrough 1vp off of Harness the Leylines. The Force Marcus Myranda Jackalope Cojo Cerberus Blessed of december Hoarcat pride Ferdinand Vogel 3vp off of Turf War 2vp off of Dig their Graves 2vp off of Breakthrough So, in this game the Duet was definitely the MVP. It scored breakthrough on it’s own by murdering the little kittens and splitting deep after I realised that my opponent simply wouldn’t bother with them at all. It tied up Cojo before all this. His Cerberus jumped across the field to murder my Showgirl early and Carlos got smacked dead by Marcus to deny me a point. Carlos almost brought down the Blessed, it was due to die by burning but Myranda healed it. Cassandra schemed, securing leylines and being a general nuisance. Not dying, a first for me. The Dancer got cornered by Ferdinand and forced to choose between fighting him and the Cerberus. Suffice to say she died. His Cerberus did crazy mutch, Carlos performed better with his changes, but I still played him wonkily. Colette smacked a dove to bury herself and then popped up in the middle with Cojo to sink a ton of distract into him. Cojo sat in place until he used a well timed push to catch me off guard and deny me a point on the strat by flipping the middle turf marker. The new doves worked wonders, their smuggled soulstone ability makes for some neat tricks turn one. Fun note, I had Black joker in hand since turn one, and flipped Red joker on initiative TWICE. Game 2 “And they said you can’t alpha strike” Corner deployment Plant Explosives Outflank Assassinate Power Ritual Take Prisoner Claim jump 2.5 hours 4 rounds 6 - 3 Valkirswrath Colette - 3 doves 4ss cache Coryphee Duet 12ss Arcane Emissary 5ss w/Diesel Engine 2ss Carlos 8ss Angelica 7ss Showgirl 5ss w/Magical Training 2ss 3vp off of Plant the Explosives 2vp off of Claim jump (Carlos) 1vp off of Power Ritual Forgot to ask for his Forum name Zipp w/Inferiority complex Earl Burns The First Mate Gracie Burt Jebsen w/Twelve cups of coffee Merris Lacroix Iron Skeeter 2vp off of Plant Explosives 1vp off of Power ritual 0vp off of Outflank So, I read somewhere on the forums that people were using Colette and doves to slingshot beaters up the board. I picked up an Arcane Emissary this week and decided to try it out. As I used my doves’ activations to set the stage as it were my opponent moved up the centre with Merris, Gracie and Burt, who took one damage from Zipp tossing him about. With the cards and stones I needed in hand, and a dove waiting a mere move away Colette took center stage. She walked up next to her dove, and sneaking a soulstone from it’s cache she slung the Arcane Emissary up roughly 16” to the center, followed by the Coryphee Duet, the pair of death machina taking both sides of the street. To finish off her perfomance Colette swung her famous sword trick at the dove, cheating in a mask to reveal in a twist that it was she who buried, next to the now broken dove. His skeeter flew around at an edge and the rampaging bull made it’s move. With a red joker in hand I confidently charged Burt and knocked him down to his last health, rampaging through him. To finish him off the bull hit him again, before triggering to push and slap Merris down to one. A pass token was spent by my opponent and my Duet moved up and charged through gracie and Merris, finishing her off and setting the audience ablaze. The Duet split, and when I got to activate the pair reformed and charged through Gracie again, smacking her twice to get her down to one. The Burning from Merris finished her off for some sweet sizzling bacon. Carlos positioned to move towards the lower right edge, trying to not give away what his scheme was. Turn two Colette popped up near Carlos and presto’d her way to the corner to score me my Power ritual, flinging the Skeeter away and burying Earl so that he would come up in the middle to my waiting Bull. His Skeeter had placed an explosion marker on a 1” crate that stopped me from reaching it, winning him a strat point. Angelica almost died to Zipp dropping her around, so she dropped her explosion marker to not waste it, but Earl snatched it (and killed her iirc) before being promptly murdered by the bull. Carlos revealed his plan and moved 15” to the now nice and cleared middle for claim jump. The only thing of interest the following turns was Zipp getting Carlos down to 2 only to have him healed to six by the duet, securing the final point for Claim Jump and the First Mate scoring two more points, one through power ritual and one through Plant Explosives on his own. Leaping like a mad lad. This was my first victory in Malifaux, and I dare say I won it with style! Game 3 Flank deployment Corrupted Idols Search the ruins Dig their graves Detonate the charges Deliver a message Vendetta 2.5 hours 4 rounds 3 - 4 Valkirswrath Colette - 3 doves 5ss cache Coryphee Duet 12ss Arcane Emissary 5ss w/Diesel Engine 2ss Cassandra 8ss Ice Dancer 6ss Showgirl 5ss w/Magical Training 2ss 2vp off of Corrupted Idols 1vp off of Deliver a message (Misaki) 0vp off of Dig their graves Paradigm Misaki, 8ss cache -Masked Agent Shang Ototo 10 Minako 8 Yasunori 10 Lone Swordsman 8 Effigy 4 2vp off of Corrupted Idols 1vp off of Search the ruins 0vp off of Dig their graves. Colette was by far my mvp this game, with an honorable mention going to Cassandra and the Ice Dancer. Cassandra spent the game scheming, also blasted Shang of the board with two fire breaths. Colette danced in and out of bury, avoiding Misaki and didn’t come out until turn 4 to stick to the middle for power ritual. She drowned Ototo and Lone Swordsman in Distracted and stunned, always saving stones or cards for the mask trigger. At the end she sent the Lone Swordsman 10” away with False Reality and gave him slow to boot. Of course this was after he sliced my emissary to pieces. If the performance of my emissary was feast game two, it was famine in game three. I waited until turn 2 to send my Emissary and Duet up field, the bull charged Ototo barely scratching it only to die to the Lone Swordsman using two severe crit strikes. It was after this that he got distracted by everone and everything. Misaki took two fully commited turns to kill the Duet who had managed to kill some Oni summoned by Minako. Considering who Misaki is, I still took this as a win, considering the duet got to deliver a message and thanks to it splitting before being killed off plus it’s demise trigger the Misaki player never got to dig their graves. The Showgirl did very little before being murdered by Ototo. One of the two Mannequins from the broken down Coryphees healed Cass and tanked a hit, while the other smacked Minako for some reason and got turned into a burning wheel. The Ice Dancer, whoooo boy the Ice Dancer. She survived two turns against the Yasunori, taking 4 damage the first turn and then he black jokered his other hit. The second turn he missed but got the onslaught trigger (maybe the black joker for damage was here, it’s a bit fuzzy) and she butterfly jumped away. She then ran off and killed the effigy in melee, almost denying him a search the ruins points. She would’ve done that if we’d gotten another turn. I played around Deliver the Message by having Colette stay buried but it turned out to be pointless. Misaki schemed a little for the last points and that was that. The game was surprisingly close, though he edged out on schemes. After losing my 24ss worth of beaters my chances for Dig their Graves were severely hampered. A few thoughts: My first opponent who plays Arcanist mainly discussed the performers at length over the lunch break and he agreed with me that there is a bit too much power in the duet and Colette, at the cost of the rest of the crew. There is also an enjoyment problem with the crew, both playing as and against. The best strategy, unless you brought highly specific counters, for dealing with the Duet and Colette is to simply ignore them and let them do their thing. This isn’t very interesting to play against, and having your opponent not even interact with functionally a third of your crew is dull. Colette buried six times throughout the tournament, all of them with the “What a Twist” trigger on Sword trick. She got targeted with an enemy action a grand total of Zero times throughout all three games. The trick where you Sword trick a dove, stoning for mask turn one is fun and satisfying. You can set up a lot of shenanigans from there. I only summoned a dove once, and rarely felt like I needed to, but the new doves feel great and serve their purpose as Presto-chango points and spare stones/cards splendidly. Cassandra’s upstage is a problem. It’s currently underwhelming, with almost no good actions to borrow in keyword, and it limits design space by forcing all future tactical actions to be balanced around it. I understand the thematic idea, but I’d rather see her drop that actions and gain something to support other performers, or something to boost her offense. Maybe something like “Once per turn: target performer with X can take the interact action, ignoring normal placement restrictions (alternatively placing the scheme marker within X instead of b2b)”. I’m thinking of this as Cass helping a fellow performer out with their lines. Of course y’all at Wyrd can word it less wonky than this. Carlos feels much more defined now, which I like. He doesn’t feel like a worse Cassandra. I like his changes. He suffers a problem that he shares with the Ice Dancer though. They are both scheme runners, in a scheme heavy crew. This might be a problem with their dual crew nature however, and I’m not gonna pretend to know how to balance around both crews. The Arcane Emissary hits like a freight train, at similar speed. I love it, as is. It’s negation aura is really good defense. I should’ve held it back further the third game, but this is Malifaux, you win some you lose some, but you learn from it. This was a great experience and I’m looking forward to more local events in the future. I had a ton of fun.
  2. Deployment Standard deployment strategy: Reckoning Schemes: Detonate charges Dig their Graves Power Ritual Deliver a message Vendetta Crew Tara Blake Karina Aionus 10ss Mad Dog Bracket 10ss The Nothing Beast 9ss Scion of the Void 6ss Talos 8ss 7ss in cache Schemes selected: Vendetta: Scion against Carlos. Deliver a message: Colette Thoughts about my crew selection I picked Tara for testing purposes and because I dislike my life. I picked Aionus even though I don't think he's worth the price to try a combo with the Nothing beast, Mad Dog to counter the Coryphee and kill some fools for reckoning. The rest of the crew is for testing purposes and the stones are there so I can summon reliably each turn and have some over for defence. The schemes were picked because I thought they would go well with reckoning and because I know I can hit Colette when she's buried. I also now realise that Tara has very few low cost models, so picking Vendetta almost proved to to bite me in the ass. Crew Colette Du Bois w/Magical Training +2ss Mechanical Dove x3 Cassandra Felton 8ss Carlos Vasquez 8ss Coryphee Duet 12ss Showgirl 5ss w/Magical Training +2ss Showgirl 5ss Mannequin 4ss 4ss in cache Deliver a message: Tara Detonate Charges Thoughts on my crew selection. I’m still not sure about what to get and how, I’m not very experienced with Malifaux per sé. However since I’m going to a tournament next weekend for the open beta I wanted to play test some of the models which I owned. I know that the Coryphee Duet, on top of being my favourite model visually, is very strong so that felt like a no brainer. Showgirl with magical training also felt like a no-brainer. I wanted to try Carlos out, but I had bad feelings about him. He did practically nothing this game. Turn 1 Tara stones for Cards. Dropping a 1 and a 4 for a 13 of crows and a 11 of Rams. Colette starts as the attacker and deploys a coryphee, Carlos and doves in the middle. Tara wins initiative but Colette goes first, and Tara generates 3 pass tokens. The doves fly forward while the Nothing beast hunkers down in a forest and focuses twice. Mad Dog Bracket goes clay hunting and charges a dove, killing a dove. We ruled that it was him who dropped the marker and not the dove and therefore we placed a scheme marker before the body was cold. The scion buries the Nothing beast and then walks forward Colette presto changos the scion for a Coryphee which Tara then charges, hits, but the duet succeeds on the wp test. It hits Tara back, missing once and then hitting again for weak before splitting. Aionus whacks the Nothing Beast to give it fast and then moves. The Duet reforms and then walks and charges Aionus, triggering execute and smacking for 4 damage. Karina tries to something but is worthless. Carlos attacks the Scion and the scion takes 1 damage and then disappears. Carlos moves forward and places a Pyre marker under Mad Dog. Tara activates again, gives the Coryphee fast, misses the one attack. Showgirl walks and then continues moving with a mannequin in tow. The void hunters spawns on the Coryphee, gives it fast with a red joker, attacks once and misses. Attacks a second time with 2 + flips. Gets a 12 and then the coryphee cheats with an 11. Cassandra walks forward and then drags the mannequin with her. The last showgirl moves forward and then tries to lure talos, failing her terrifying test. Scion and Mad dog burns Turn 2 Colette uses a soulstone for cards. So does Tara. Colette cheats initiative and Tara gains 1 pass token. The Duet activates with fast, takes 1 damage. Delivers a message to Tara and scores 1vp. Then attacks the Void hunter, flipping an 11 vs. 2. Dealing 3 damage after a cheat and incorporeal. Attacking again, cheating both the attack and the damage flip. I forgot the void hunter has terrifying and is killed on the second attack. It then splits, the left one activated. Mad Dog Bracket, mad, activates and eat the scheme marker, walks and charges, hitting a severe on the first attack, dealing 4 and 3 damage to the single coryphees. The second attack dealing weak damage, killing one. The last coryphee, scared, runs away, dropping the scheme marker and taking the mannequin with it once. Talos activates and charges Cassandra, she flips a black joker and Talos cheats a mask for the trigger. On a neutral flip he hits Severe. Cassandra stones for 2. Damage. Talos hits again, but flips a black Joker for damage. Cassandra walks back and forth and drops a scheme marker on next to talos. Tara activates and removes a scheme marker and then gives Cassandra fast. Colette then activates, moves within 8 of carlos and Cassandra and tries to presto chango them. Spends a soulstone but flips a one, failing. Then tries again but fails. Then uses her bonus action to move a Showgirl 3". Ainous activates and charges the poor mannequin, missing once but killing second. Transferring fast to Tara. And then fasting a coryphee (Which we realised had activated, but Tara delayed a scheme by one AP so it's fine). The mannequin who lived activates and tries to heal Cassandra, and cheats for a total of 1 heal, then places a scheme marker. The Nothing beast activates, unburies and attacks Cassandra, but the mannequin intervenes. Taking 2 damage. The second attack misses and the last attack and last focus kills it with a weak. A showgirl activates and really want to seduce the Nothing beast, and wins the Wp duel with a 13 flip, but fails seduction. Seduces again succeeds the terrifying with another 13, and win the seduce, giving the Beast distracted. Tara activates again, and strikes Cassandra twice killing her. Then summoning a Wretch by stoning and cheating. Carlos activates, fails a pyre marker, walks and tries to breath fire and fails again. The aforementioned Wretch activates and move forward from the Coryphee, removing a marker in the process. THe second showgirl moves up and tries to Lure Aionus and succeeds. The scion activates, targets vazquez and manage to remove is his fast from his by attacking through the wretch and focuses, taking to damage. ANother dove moves. Mad Dog and Scion takes 1 point of Damage from burning. Turn 3 Tara stones for card. Colette goes first. Carlos breathes fires on the Wretch twice, misses once and then deals 2-1 damage on the second attack and applies 2 burning. Then he runs away. Aionus activates, smacks Nothing Beast for fast. He then kills the Coryphee and gives it slow, which then transfers to the replacing mannequin. A showgirl runs away and drops a scheme marker. The nothing beast chases after Carlos, misses and he jumps away. I then make the mistake of attacking Colette. Never ever attack Colette. Never worth it. Colette jumps up next to Tara gives distracted to everyone, whacks the wretch dead with her sword trick dealing 4-1, tosses Talos 8 inches, presto changes herself for the dying Mannequin and drops a scheme for scoring 'Detonate the Charges Later' and smacks Talos for another distracted and stunned. Talos is now at distracted 4. Tara activates, kills the mannequin, moves up and assists the Talos, dropping 2 distracted. A showgirl activates and tries to seduce Tara twice, fails both twice. Talos activates, delivers a message to Colette and then focuses because it's not worth attacking Collette. A Dove activates and flies next to Aionus, attacks him for 1 damage and explodes (Why is it attack 4?). Karina activates after that and heals the Scion 3 points of damage after lucky flips and cheating. She still hasn't moved a single time. The second dove moves between Tara and Anions and is annoying. The scion activates and Removes burning from Carlos, dealing 2 damage to him and then destroys the bird. Vendetta is revealed and scored. She drops down to 2hp (again). Tara activates again, moves up through difficult terrain, gives a showgirl fast and then summons a void hunter after cheating a 13 tome. The newly born piece of Void activates, pops up next to the Showgirl with fast, reapplies fast again and begins smacking her, hitting the first attack and then flipping the Red Joker for damage, killing her. Somewhere here, the Mannequin and mad dog activated. They accomplished nothing or changed anything so I'm omitting them. We decided to end it here 4-3 to Tara because the coming two turns would literally be the benny hill theme played in Slow motion. What I, the Tara player could have done better If I ignore the fact that you shouldn't play Tara into a killy strategy when Parker exists and is in the same faction. But I need to remember terrifying and incorporeal. Use my SS more and triggered Fade Away on Colette instead of Carlos. I also shouldn’t have attacked Colette ever. MVP Mad Dog Bracket for just being a fun and exciting model. Also for blowing up the split Coryphee duet (and actually feeling like he’s worth his stones). Tara players thoughts on Tara When Mad Dog shooting and missing 2 times is more exciting than activating Aionus or Talos, then something is wrong with the core crew. And I think that is that they feel very lacklustre. Aionus is not worth the 10ss you pay for him, he doesn’t do a lot. The Talos was a distraction carnifex this game, but I have never gotten value out of him since his stats are low and he’s very vulnerable to all forms of control. Tara still only has 1 action besides summoning, which in itself is a very binary thing “Can I summon a void hunter, yes or no?” but I will talk more about her in a seperate post. May I ask why 4ss minions just feel bad? And why would I ever want to hire it for 4ss when I’m hesitant to summoning it for 1ss and a card? Also, why is Karina never allowed to be “good”? She’s a 5ss totem which best ability is requires her to keep up with a master who is apparently more of a scheme runner (luckily this edition is just death ball galore) and her second best ability is insignificant… with her best action probably being assist at this point… All in all her crew is very lackluster, it has its moments, but even broken clocks are right twice a day and it’s kind of hard to motivate myself to play more of her. An apt comparison would be if (M2e Tara) or M3e Parker is speed or any other kind of drug, Tara right now is a slow monday without coffee when you’re hungover. Tara players thoughts on Colette I don’t like how so much of the crews power is tied to two models: Colette and the Duet. The duet creates a sort of boring thing where if you have a counter (which in outcast right now is Mad Dog every day of the week) you play goose chase and if you don’t have a counter, it will just do whatever the fuck it wants. (I knew both my opponents schemes by the beginning of turn 2 and there’s in general very little point in trying to fake out schemes). I don’t think you can buff the performer crew without tuning down their already powerful models. Colette was about as fun to face as I imagined. The best counterplay to her is still just ignoring her, which isn’t very fun for either side, and then I’m supposedly playing the crew that counters her. Cassandra died without accomplishing much, mainly because my opponent usually overextends with their models without proper support. Carlos was an annoyance, but not really doing anything and I think most of it stems from him being a dual crew model. @valkirsWrath the Colette players thoughts: I should not have over extend so hard and respected Mad Dog Bracket. Should’ve been more careful with my resources. Think more seriously about my crew selection. I should’ve used Cassandra's defensive ability turn two instead of walking with nimble, so she would've survived maybe survived. False Reality was a beast, moving the Talos right to where I wanted him for detonate charges. Too bad he had a message to deliver. Colette is still very defensive, and very strong. The Mad Dog has a mean shotgun, note to self, never split the duet in range. Double note to self, his range seems bullshit. Will never let him that close to my duet again. Carlos was a distraction carnifex. He did nothing but let my enemy score for vendetta and look mean. Compared to Colette, Tara doesn’t really feel master tier I still have a lot to learn with Malifaux, this was my first beta game and I still have to shake my “Kill kill kill” reflexes from 40k and AoS. Fun game though, I’m looking forward to the tournament next sunday.
  3. So, can we just talk about the coryphee duet and how dumb it actually is? Sure, it's the only 12ss (think) model in the game (or two 6ss models at my friend pointed out). Defensive • 10 wounds • Df7 • Armor +2 • Can easily heal itself for 4/5 (if you can even deal that much damage in a round) wounds of damage with the price of 2 bonus actions (which you have) and being a bit weaker to AoE. • Can heal in an 3" aura around them for 2 without needing to flip for healing and a 6. • Gets replaced by 2 models for additional tarpitting and scheming when they die. • Average WP of 5 Mobile • Can leave engagement as they wish • Bonus action to move • Can jump to other models (only needing a 3 to jump to other performers with the potential of handing out distracted). • Can be presto-changed • Move 6 • Can charge trough models. • Can split into 2 models for scheming or support. Offense • Stat 7 • Decent engagement range • Average damage track of 2/4/5 • 3 different triggers, critical strikes, handing out distracted and. • Execute. And with stat 7 and a probable -flip for opponents makes even makes weak crows in your hand valuable. • Blade Rush for extra damage, with the possibility of 2 charges a turn. • Can be split for a +flip to disengagement strikes and an engagement area of around 5". They also have 4ap or 2ap and a bonus action (which is pretty much only used for nimble). Is in the Colette crew which means that the opponent basically have two models that most opponent will have a hard time dealing with. But with the recent nerfs to Colette you might actually be able to deal with her (Tbf, the fade away change is harsh, especially to other users). I do think that the power needs some redistrubution within the crew
  4. I've already submitted this via the form, but with as much traffic as both Colette and Seamus have been getting the last week or two, I felt it would be good to have public eyes on this batrep as well. There's a bit more here, as I'm limited by the size of the form. I have issues and recommendations to fix them near the end, everything is sectioned out. Overall, we did not take step by step notes in an attempt to better gauge how long the games are taking. We did discuss a few things as they came up, which added a few minutes overall, but the time given is more accurate than not. Strategy: Plant Explosives Deployment: Standard Scheme List 3) Harness the Ley Line 5) Dig Their Graves 6) Hold Up Their Forces 7) Take Prisoner 10) Deliver A Message Time & Rounds Played 2:45 hours, 3 rounds Final Score 4-4 Boomstick's Arcanists - Attacker Crew List Colette w/ 6ss Doves x3 Carlos Coryphee Duet Angelica Showgirl Mannequin Soulstone Miner w/ Magical Training Strategy VP Scored 2 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Harness the Leyline - 1 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Dig Their Graves - 1 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Take Cassandra instead of Carlos, in every game. He doesn't seem to have a role that sets him apart from her, other than "hurt himself". Also, if we're being realistic, if this weren't a beta test, I'd not have taken Colette (despite her being my favorite master) as she now has all the weaknesses she had at the end of M2E, plus more, while also now wanting to be closer to the fighting. She's gone from "able to be hurt/affected in specific ways" to "brittle like the Titanic". MVP model (and Why?) Angelica. She did 5/6 of the work of getting 2 points for Harness the Leyline herself, a good counterplay using a Dead Dandy stopped me at the last minute. Mrjasonguy's Ressers - Deffender Seamus w/ 3ss Copycat Killer Sybelle Bette Mourner Dead Doxy Rotten Belle x2 Dead Dandy Strategy VP Scored 2 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Harness the Leyline - 2 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Hold up Their Forces - 0 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Bring models that give out Stunned, ignore resistance triggers, or more that do blasts/shockwaves. MVP model (and Why?) Points-wise, probably the Dead Dandy, as it denied a point for my opponent at a crucial time. Overall, probably Seamus, as his ability to jump around made him excellent at scheme running and dropping explosives for the strategy. A Brief Breakdown of the Game: Turn 1: Mostly positioning, though between Doxies, Seamus, and Colette's push and teleporting, we got into the middle pretty fast. Carlos got in and gummed up Seamus and Sybelle for a bit before dying. Sybelle also made good use of blasts onto Colette, which all told, ate through half my soulstones this turn. Turn 2: 2 doves died ensuring Seamus couldn't enter a building to follow Angelica, the Duet finished killing a Belle and moved deep into Resser territory to drop a bomb. Bette dropped her own Bomb and Seamus ended up swapping with the Copycat to drop one on the opposite flank. Sybelle ties up Colette, a Showgirl, and a Mannquin to give them all injured +1 during their activations. Colette spent her turn Presto-Chango-ing the Showgirl with the remaining dove, so she could drop a scheme near the Duet and Belle for Dig before the Belle died. Angelica gets the final 2/3rd of Harness the leyline down herself (thank you, Suddenly Doves!), with the 3rd being from Presto Chango. The rest of Seamus' minions harness their own leyline. Turn 3: The SS Miner, which 2x focused and buried turn 1, popped up, walked, and focused again turn 2, finally lays down it's bomb, and walk-charges Bette, she buries, and the Duet walks back to stand on the bomb she was setting up to remove, and place another scheme on the centerline. Angelica does her double scheme dance again. Sybelle injures Colette again with her aura and focus-kills the Showgirl. Somewhere in there the Mannequin and final dove was finished off. Colette Presto-changos away to pick up Bette's bomb from the previous turn to try and deny a point, but Seamus finds a secret passage and drops his 2nd one, along with a scheme marker. The Dead Dandy replaces an Arcanist scheme with a Resser one, to ensure the tie. We both agreed that the Ressers would have pulled ahead, as the Arcanists were down to 4 models, leaving the rest of the Ressers to focus them down through weight of fire, and/or ignore Colette. Concerns and/or Confusions? Carlos, despite many different games of feedback, seems to just keep getting worse, and further from having a discernible role in the crew. For the same cost, Cassandra will live longer, work without needing to hurt herself, and cause as much if not more damage/board control. It seems like the current design is trying to make him work a little bit with the Performer keyword while still making almost link to the Wildfire keyword. My recommendation: decide on a role for him to fulfill, and give him the tools to do it. If he's meant to be a tank (and Performer as a crew could use one) give him the Flaming Body ability the fire gamin and golem have to offload burning as damage reduction, or (perhaps more thematically correct) Blaze of Glory. Give him back Df6. Also, remove Playing With Fire and replace it with Celebrity. These two abilities will allow him to work with both his keywords effectively without him having to actively hurt himself. Colette is a whole bag of contrasting frustrations, as I'm sure the design team is more than aware. I break this down further below but currently, her defenses are either so solid it's not worth attacking her (which hurts her crew, as she is designed to be the best way to get out a large amount of Distracted, which has it's own issue, more in a minute) or the opponent properly anti-techs when she's announced as the leader for the crew, and she will be cut down like wheat made of soggy tissue paper Underlying Distracted Issues The Performer crew being built around Distracted in general causes some problems. Primarily, with Distracted only being a negative flip to the attack flip only, it effectively invites the Distracted model to Focus to get a straight flip attack and still get a positive to the damage. For the relatively squishy Performers (especially the minions) this is death from anything and everything with a 5 in their moderate or severe damage for a cost of, at most, 2 cards (1 cheated to hit, one to do the moderate or severe damage). I don't know why the negative flip to damage was removed from Distracted in the first place in the Closed Beta, but I have to assume it's because people thought Distracted was too strong, and probably because they weren't using Focused to counter it. Showgirls specifically benefit very little from Distracted. If Colette is ignored, they need to activate and give up their Manipulative to put Distracted out...which is essentially a single instance of Manipulative. This is the reason that every time I've used Showgirls' actions instead of just walk and interact (handing out Distracted +1 for free to someone nearby), that it feels like a wasted action. Lure has occasionally been useful for scheme denial, but very, very occasionally. I still think Distracted would work best as the full opposite of Focused: negative flips to attack and damage. Mannequins can help a bit to give the Performer crew some much needed survival, with just a little nudge. They already have Take the Hit and healing, just give them the barest bit more survivability so they can take more of a hit than a Showgirl. Another wound, or up them to Armor +2 total. They can't hit or give out Slow reliably, so make protecting the Performers their niche (like it is in the fluff). Additional Feedback? Seamus and the Redchapel feel much more cohesive after the 1.31 updates, and are much more fun to play, and appropriately challenging to play against in a thematic way. Excellent changes made! Belles still feel a bit lackluster, just there for their lure, which was ok when it was the best/longest in the game. Now it's standardized and they are straightforward to the point of boring. Sybelle is more worth her points, but still not directly as synergistic with the crew as she could be. Giving her some ability to buff the Belles might solve both issues. Colette's 1.31 Breakdown: Colette, while frustrating to play against in her previous iteration, is now still frustrating to play against, and more frustrating to play. As a long time Colette player (my 2nd master, and by far my most played over my almost 4 years playing Malifaux), with the 1.31 changes, she has the same weaknesses as she did after Wave 4 and worse in Wave 5 of M2E (easily killed by attacks that don't allow Resistance Triggers and irreducible damage, which were often taken because they were good in general) PLUS the additional condition of Stunned in M3E turning off the Df/Wp trigger and bonus action she lives by. This is in addition to the things that have always been able to effectively hurt her all through M3E (forcing card discards so she has fewer options to Bury, Shockwaves, and Blasts). A quick breakdown of the current models that do irreduceable damage, don't allow resistance triggers, and do stunned, by faction: -TT: 8 (1 at range), plus a hench with an anti-trigger 6" aura, and 2 anti-trigger minions, 8 stunned -Arcanists: 1, and an Enforcer and 2 minions (1 versatile) that don't allow triggers, 6 stunned. -Bayou: 3 (2 at range), no denying resistance triggers, but 9 models that give stunned (many without needing to target her) -Guild: 1, plus executioners not allowing resistance triggers and 15 stunned. -Neverborn: 0, but lots of Wp attacks where she'll be needing the suit (which she needs for her self-bury and presto chango), and 16 models that hand out stunned (many without needing to target her) -Outcasts: 2, both ranged (Levi and the bandmate), a versatile minion that doesn't allow triggers, and another Jack can bring in from Ressers, 1 stunned on Hans (versatile, ranged) -Ressers: 2, 1 ranged, 1 anti-trigger for Jack, and 8 stunned. So it's not as targeted to 1-2 factions (beyond thunders) as it was in M2E, but the fact that you declare masters means you can tech against them, so this is actually going to make it more likely she's mostly being brought as a secondary master than she already is currently. And never facing Thunders, Bayou (Wong and Zoraida), Neverborn (Zoraida & Pandora). But every faction has plenty of ways of entirely ignoring what keeps her alive and, more importantly, functional. If M3E were launched as is today, Colette would only ever see play as a secondary master, and even then, there's a good chance something will be able to deny her. Recommendations: I think a lot of the frustration on Colette is previously, she could not be hit directly. This isn't new, and there's always been things that don't directly target (and more in M3E with Shockwaves). And the worst thing she did of handing out distracted (and stunned in an ever shrinking pulse) was and still is dependent on A) being targeted and choosing to bury, or B) swinging her bonus action sword with a high mask in hand, or a soul stone for it. I think what will help with her dual-sided frustrations at this point is this: --Return her escape defense to an ability instead of a trigger. But don't make it Fade Away. Burying her means the opponent can't continue applying pressure. Instead, make it be when she's targeted she can discard a card to make the attack fail, then place within, say, 6-8", within 2" of a friendly or scheme marker. This means she can poof around with a goo illusionist feel, but allows all crews a way to repeatedly attack her hand by attacking her directly, and keeps her most likely near enough friendlies that blasts can come after her. This gives the Colette player the choice of using their whole hand to keep Colette untouched, or allow their crew to be effective by having cards to cheat. --With this, Showstopper will need to change. I'd say allow her to pick one model in 6" to gain Distracted +1 with every place, as adding a TN for everyone in the current aura will really slow the game down with how often that could happen. --Likewise, update her Saber to place the target within the same range, or have a trigger for Colette to place herself. --Remove Serene Countenance. It adds insult to injury when targeting With those changes made to her defensive tech, I think her offensive tech could afford to be boosted back up a bit. As I mentioned to @mrjasonguy last night, it really felt like the only actions worth taking in our game for her were Presto Chango and, early on, her bonus saber (though her bonus push was nice turn 1). The saber got turned off turn 2 when he flipped the Red Joker on Df, and after that, I didn't want to bury any of his models, as he had enough schemes out that they would be able to come up in more problematic places. Without the built in crow on her melee illusion attack, it doesn't feel worth the action, where as with it, it was a wonderfully bad choice for the opponent to make: discard or take damage. I have yet to use False Reality, but I think with the proposed changes to her defensively to hand out smaller but potentially more concentrated amounts of Distracted, and wanting more cards to be able to discard, I think it would become much more attractive. Thank you for reading, I hope this helps make M3E the best it can be!
  5. This is simply an observation after playing a recent game with Colette and crew vs Brewmaster. 😊 To begin with I love the way she and her crew plays!! The distracted condition is great and flavorful and really fun to play with; I really think they hit the mark with this one. However! I do have one issue I think should be brought up. I know Colette already got a nerf to her defense but I think she needs another tiny adjustment to her Distracting Illusion action. Either the stat number should be dropped to at least 5 (my personal vote) or the crow trigger for Mental Trauma needs to no longer be built in; simply because it's crazy powerful with her current playstyle. Case in point in my recent game against Brewmaster I was able to kill him on turn 2 in one activation! She was targeted by an enemy attack action, buried, popped up later in the turn next to Brewie (who still had all 12 wounds), gave him Distracted, used Distracting Illusion twice with the built in trigger when my opponent had no more cards in hand so he took six damage, then used Sword Trick, flipped severe killed Brewmaster and still had one more action left! While no everyone will be flipping severe on Sword Trick and some opponents will have more cards in hand (especially if they know what's coming), both my opponent and I agreed it's just a smidge overpowered. Like I said I'm loving the feel of Colette and how she's playing, she just needs the tiniest little change to stick her in that target zone of good, but not OP. 😀
  6. Strategy: Plant Explosives Deployment: Wedge Schemes: Search the Ruins, Dig Their Graves, Take Prisoner, Assassinate, Vendetta Attacker: 5ss, Search the Ruins, Take Prisoner (Necropunk) Ironsides (2 Bombs) Mouse Amina Naidu 9 (Bomb) Howard Langston 10 Union Steamfitter 6 Colette & Magical Training 18 (2 Bombs) Mechanical Dove 2 Defender: 6ss, Search the Ruins, Assassinate Yan Lo (2 Bombs) Soul Porter Izamu Toshiro & The Whisper (Bomb) Chiaki (Bomb) Komainu & Grave Spirit's Touch Necropunk & Killer Instinct (Bomb) Turn 1, Arcanist wins initiative, Resser gains 1 Pass Token Dove double walks left by Resser terrain Porter walks forward, Empower Ancestor's Chiaki to move left Steamfitter Grit (Dash)'s and double walks left, discards for Discarded Tool to place a Scrap Marker Chiaki Lures Steamfitter forward, walks left Colette walks forward, Presto-Chango's Dove stoning the suit dropping a Scheme Marker b2b with Dove and Resser terrain and swapping the Dove with Howard, Practiced Choreography fails, Concentrates for Focused +1 Komainu double walks right Mouse Fight for the Union's giving Ironsides Adrenaline, double walks up Necropunk double walks and Leaps right Amina walks up, Walk the Line's Colette left, Impassioned Defense's Ironsides for Shielded +2 Yan Lo takes Bone Ascendant, drops a Corpse Marker, shoots Steamfitter missing, Treacherous Paths' Izamu placing b2b and pushing him left, does it again placing b2b and pushing him left Ironsides gains 1 Adrenaline, walks forward, Bring It's Izamu forward, charges him for 1 Toshiro summons Ashigaru discarding a Pass Token, Foul-Mouthed Motivation's it healing to full and giving Focused +1, walks forward Howard Power Converter's discarding the Scrap Marker for a Power Token, charges Chiaki with Execute trigger (Arcanist RJ) for 4 and discards, attacks again spending Power Token missing Ashigaru charges Steamfitter spending Focused missing, Vile Reclamation's Howard for Injured +1 Izamu attacks Ironsides missing, Good Shot does 1 after Armor and gains Adrenaline, attacks again for 1 after Shielded and removing 2 Adrenaline, Good Shot does 3 after Armor and gains Adrenaline End of turn, Necropunk Deadly Pursuit's forward Turn 2, Arcanist stones twice for cards, Resser wins initiative, nobody gains Pass Tokens Izamu attacks Ironsides (Arcanist BJ) for 3 after 2 Adrenaline, Izamu gains shielded, Good Shot's for 1 after Armor and gains Adrenaline, attacks again missing, Good Shot's for 1 after Armor and gains Adrenaline, discards to Flurry for 1 after removing 2 Adrenaline, Good Shot's for 1 after Armor and gains Adrenaline, Juggernaut's healing 1 Mouse walks forward, Fight for the Union's giving Ironsides Adrenaline, Emergency Surgery's Ironsides healing her 2, Accomplices to her giving her Focused +1 Ironsides gains 2 Adrenaline, hits Izamu spending 2 Adrenaline for 2 after Armor, hits Izamu spending Focused and 2 Adrenaline for 4 after Armor killing him, Ashigaru gains Reliquary (Izamu), and drops a Bomb Marker Yan Lo takes Blood Ascendant, free shot into Ironsides misses, Rebuild Corpus Replacing Ashigaru with Izamu, Instill Youth's him healing 3, Transcend fails, summons Ashigaru by Ironsides stoning the suit succeeds Colette walks left, drops a Bomb Marker, Concentrates for Focused +1, Sword Trick's Chiaki spending Focused with Twist Ending trigger for 5 killing her, gaining her Bomb Token, and burying herself, Izamu gains Reliquary (Chiaki) Necropunk Leaps forward, drops a Bomb Marker, Amina discards to gain a ss, drops a Scheme Marker, Amina discards to gain a ss Dove double walks right by Necropunk Ashigaru attacks Ironsides missing, Good Shot's for 2 after Armor and gains Adrenaline Howard Concentrates for Focused +1, charges Izamu spending Focused for 4 after Armor (Arcanist RJ) Izamu attacks Howard missing, does it again for 4 ignoring Armor Steamfitter walks forward, drops a Scheme Marker b2b with Resser terrain Komainu walks left, Breath of Fire's Mouse for 2 and Burning +1 Amina Impassioned Defense's Mouse for Shielded +2, walks right, Obeys Necropunk fails Porter Empower Ancestor's moving Izamu left, Empower Ancestor's moving Toshiro left Toshiro Foul-Mouthed Motivation's Izamu fails, charges Howard misses, attacks again misses End of the turn, Necropunk Deadly Pursuit's left b2b with Dove, both score the strat, Arcanist score Search the Ruins' Reveal, score 2-1 Arcanist Turn 3, both stone for cards (Arcanist BJ in hand), nobody gains Pass Tokens Mouse Fight for the Union's giving Ironsides Adrenaline, shoots Ashigaru missing, does it again for 1 after Armor killing it, Accomplice's to Ironsides giving her Focused +1 Ironsides gains Adrenaline, Bring It's Toshiro who attacks her for 2, Good Shot's for 1 after stoning and gains Adrenaline, attacks for 6 after stoning and spending 2 Adrenaline, she gains Poison +1, attacks again spending Focused (Arcanist RJ) for 0 after stoning, spends 2 Adrenaline for Second Wind to attack again missing (Resser RJ) Izamu attacks Howard for 2 after Armor, attacks again for 2 after Armor and gains Shielded +1, discards to Flurry missing Steamfitter attacks Howard healing 2, attacks again for 3 [flipped 3 severes], discards for Discarded Tool to drop a Scheme Marker Necropunk attacks Dove missing, Leaps back, drops a Scheme Marker b2b with Arcanist terrain Howard attacks Izamu for 1 after Armor and Shielded, attacks again misses Porter Empower Ancestor's moving Toshiro forward, Empower Ancestor's moving Yan Lo forward Colette unburies with Showstopper b2b with a Resser Scheme Marker and Bomb Marker, interacts twice to remove both, gaining a Bomb Token, charges Necropunk for Stunned and Distracted +1 [intentionally didn't use trigger since at this point I still think I can score Take Prisoner], Practiced Choreography fails Toshiro attacks Mouse for 2 killing him, drops a Scheme Marker b2b with Arcanist terrain, Foul-Mouthed Motivation's Yan Lo for Focused +1 and Shielded +1 Amina walks right, Obeys Necropunk stoning the suit missing Yan Lo gains Ash Ascendant, Ironsides gains Staggered, Treacherous Path's her spending Focused missing, does it to Toshiro placing b2b with him and pushes him left, drops Bomb Marker, Instill Youth's Toshiro healing 2 Dove double Concentrates for Focused +2 Komainu drops Bomb Marker, walks forward, Pounces Amina placing b2b and giving her Injured +1 End of the turn, Ironsides takes 1 from Poison, Necropunk Deadly Pursuit's back, both score the strat, Resser scores Search the Ruins' Reveal, score 3-3 Turn 4, (both discard their BJ) Resser wins initiative, nobody gains Pass Tokens Izamu attacks Howard for 2 after Armor and gains Adversary (Ancestor), does it again for 3 after Armor and gains Shielded +1, discards to Flurry for 2 after Armor and gains Shielded +1 Ironsides gains Adrenaline, Bring It's Toshiro for 2, Good Shot's for 2 and gains Adrenaline, attacks him spending 1 Adrenaline for 3 killing him, gains Poison +1, charges Yan Lo spending 1 Adrenaline for 3 Necropunk walks forward, drops a Scheme Marker b2b with Arcanist terrain, Leaps while Distracted placing left Dove double walks forward Porter walks forward, Empower Ancestor's Yan Lo forward Colette walks forward, removes Komainu's Bomb Marker gaining a Bomb Token, Presto Chango's Amina to the Dove dropping a Scheme Marker b2b with Resser terrain, Sword Trick's Necropunk for 2 after Armor and buries it Komainu attacks Dove for 5 killing it, Arcanist draws from Demise (Expendable +1), drops a Scheme Marker b2b with Arcanist terrain Amina drops a Bomb Marker, charges Porter for Slow Yan Lo gains Spirit Ascendant placing forward, drops a Scheme Marker b2b with Arcanist terrain, walks back, picks up a Bomb Marker gaining a Bomb Token Steamfitter discards to drop a Scheme Marker, charges Izamu for 0 after Shielded and Armor and gives him Burning +1, attacks again missing Turn 4, nobody scores the strat, Resser scores Assassinate's Reveal, score 4-3 Turn 5, Resser cheats 13 to win initiative, nobody gains Pass Tokens Yan Lo gains Flesh Ascendant healing to full, shoots Ironsides for 2 after stoning, does it again for 3, does it again for 4 killing her Colette walks forward, drops a Bomb Marker We call it there since no other activations matter can affect the score Arcanist scores the strat, both score Search the Ruins' End, Resser scores Assassinate's end, score goes to 6-5 Resser (game took 2 hours 12 minutes from start of 1 to end of 5)
  7. This was too big to add to the pinned Colette thread, apparently, so here's a new post. Mods, if there's a way to add this to the thread, please let me know. Places everyone! I've often heard people describe everyone's favorite Showgirl--as people describe many strong women--as complicated. In Malifaux, as in life, it can be daunting to approach such a confident lady. What are her interests? What friends does she enjoy spending time with? What should you do with your hand? (Hold on to every for starters.) Basic mindset for me has always been: My crew is practicing/performing a show. The opponents are being a horrible audience. Get off my stage! The Star - Colette, Prompt…and So Much More: Without trying to spell out everything on her card, since I know you all can read, here are the important points. - Defense - You've heard it before, Colette is "Impossible to kill!" Which *can* be true. Her two Df/Wp triggers are nigh-legendary. Just make sure you have a accessible (Artificial Soulstone is your friend!) and a friendly scheme marker 1" away. Even low s are great, since it goes off when she suffers damage and *poof* she'd 6" away, hopefully next to another scheme marker, you only wounded a smoky shadow. Her trigger is less often used, despite being built in on Df, but because of that I find people often forget about it towards the end of the game. If she's killed, a nearby friendly steps out of their costume and--Wow! It was Colette all along! -Things to watch for - Attacks that cannot be prevented, since that's how her trigger is ignoring the damage. There's more of these coming out lately, Zipp is probably the most notable. The trigger won't care, as it heals her depending on the sacrificed friendly's wounds, but still for both triggers you'll need to watch out for things that turn off/ignore the trigger, notably Joss's axe, Executioner claws, and s. - Support Shenanigans - Let's get it out of the way; Prompt is great. It's the obvious bread & butter of her actions. 3" push and a (1) action on a friendly in 10". Makes picking up heads easy like coloring inside the lines, extra attacks on your more kill-y models (only once per model per turn after her errata. I think it's an improvement, honestly), and a quick push out and interact for your scheme-y models. When you start with Colette you'll do this a lot. I encourage you, as you progress, to look beyond this to other actions. Using Disappearing Act to pop Colette into an area with many scheme markers to boost her Hooked Cane to a Ml8, followed by her (0) Saber Trick can be surprising--it's not going to kill anything big, but it will shut down a charge lane for a turn, and Colette will have plenty of scheme markers around if they want to hit back. Or pop a few of your models up the board much further and quicker than your opponent can. Bypass them, or beat them to the objectives. Squatter's Rights, anyone? For non-actions, remember every friendly Minion and Showgirl (including her) gets a (0) interact while within her 8" . Scheme Markers *everywhere*. Or any condition based Interacting schemes. Go nuts! And finally, her artificial Soulstone. Remember it, use it, love it. Starting out, I recommend using it as her first soulstone in the turn, no matter what for, so you get in the habit. Later, I might hold on to it if you expect her to be attacked a bunch and you don't have the s in hand. Even if you don't use it then, it probably deterred at least one attack. A Magician's Props Are Her Best Friends - Upgrades: 4 exclusive upgrades and the vast cornucopia of Arcanist goodies. Only 3 upgrade slots. What's a Showgirl to do? - Cabaret Choreography - I pick this one up when I pick up Colette's card. Every. Time. And that was before I realized Union Miners made All Together Now so simple it was ridiculous. Summoning doves with the other action on this upgrade is worth the 2ss by itself. Being scheme markers for your crew (for non-scoring purposes) means she can Disappearing Act and pop out a defensive scheme-dove if there aren't more around. Doves and Practiced Production is how you get those markers up the board in the first place if you don't want to kill the dove in the teleportation process. Above all, Colette likes bringing the best Arcanists have to offer to her show, meaning she usually likes a few cheap activations to pad out the crew. Or she can summon more in, and they can buff her crew! When starting, I would often hire one dove to give Colette +Ca flips on her turn in case I didn't have the cards in hand to summon more doves. Not always the case now, but it's still nice to have the option. - A Lady's Secret - I can see how this upgrade should work wonders in my head. I have yet to unlock it's full potential. It's designed to power up Disappearing Act by making the scheme marker/dove reusable. So redeploy a clump of your crew around Colette much further up the board. And it lets her use her Saber Trick a second time when she arrives at the end of the teleport. Again, not going to kill a ton, but an extra hit is one closer to the thousand cuts that will kill. I'll take this one when I have the stones and I want to be super mobile. - Shell Game - I tried it early, didn't really get much out of it, though I know some people swear by the Surge trigger on Prompt. Try it and let me know what you think. - Nothing Up My Sleeve - Seems really good on paper, but that's 1 of Colette's AP every time you want to use it. Personally, I'd rather take Arcane Reservoir. - Arcane Reservoir - Take it. Seeing more cards is good. Plus, makes up for the card your going to drop for Cassandra's Southern Hospitality every turn. - Practiced Production - I always take it, for pretty much infinite reasons. But I never take it on Colette. It goes one Cassandra. Or, occasionally, Carlos. I'm still trying him out. Auditions - Crew Composition: The girls of the Star Theater know their craft well, but there are many parts to be played in any show. - Cassandra - She's 8ss of amazing. Plus upgrades. I've never taken Colette without Cassandra and been pleased with the result. On the other end of the spectrum, I'm had plenty of games end in victory with only Colette and Cassandra left on the table. Put Practiced Production on her, plan to activate her first almost every turn, and go to town. For a second upgrade I tend to like Recharge Soulstone so long as I expect living targets, otherwise Imbued Energies is never a bad choice, or Imbued Protection if you want her to be even more ridiculous to remove. - Carlos - I would seriously take him just for the immense satisfaction I get for outrageously saying the names of his abilities. Luckily, no one has to, because he's quite good. Above all, he holds points and tanks like a champ - something the Showgirls were in need of, and thankful to get. His healing upgrade is free in a Colette crew (though with the wording it still counts for show of force). For a second upgrade I take a Union Minor, but we'll touch on that in a bit. Basically get him where you want him, engage a bunch of enemies with his 3" Ml range, and punch them with fire. - Joss - Does what he says on the tin. Chops enemies up and ignores just about every defensive tech. That said, I tend not to bring him if I think I'll be facing any Obeys, since he cuts through Colette's defenses too. - Arcane Emissary - Only tried him once, but he packs a punch and counts as a scheme marker for showgirl purposes with Colette's Conflux. I'd probably suggest bringing a Silent One to sit behind him for healing purposes, but he's a decent beater. May be the key to unlocking a more teleport-focused Colette, but I need more experimentation time. - Angelica - She's great at pushing things and carrying Practiced Production for cheap. Which the Showgirls already do. Take her, but in different Masters' crews. - Oxfordian Mages - Their main weakness is slow movement, which Colette can take care of easily. Take all three with wards and Temporary Shielding, put Warding Runes on Cassandra and Carlos/Joss if you bring a second henchman, and sling some serious magic. Great for facing Ressers, since the Runes shut down Lures and you have plenty of furious casting. - Coryphee/Duet - They're surprisingly resilient for the few wounds they have, and Colette can make them have a truly silly turn ending in merging into the Duet, which can generally take care of itself. I usually aim for early turn two. Word of warning, keep them away from everything that ignores armor. - December Acolyte - Ignores Horror. Solid range, above solid damage, auto-slow, auto-opponent discard trigger. And you can Prompt them. Need I say more? - Silent One - Ignores Horror. Can shoot through the Acolyte. Can heal in a pinch. Most importantly, casts, with , with no . We'll cover her a bit more below. - Union Miner - Most obvious too charge Carlos up, but I'll bring one even without Carlos because of his False Claim ability. - Performer - Don't mistake her place this low on the list for a lack of use. I do find I bring one of these girls more often than not, and not just in Colette crews. Don't Mind Me is fantastic, and there is much to be said for the ability to remove enemy scheme markers at range -- and *then* it causes enemies nearby to take a test or gain negative flips to wp/df for the turn. They pair well with a mannequin. - Mannequin - I take one as a mini tank to follow around the Showgirls, let them throw scheme markers at range, and do a bit of damage/slow when the opportunity arises. - Arcane Effigy - Full disclosure, this lil' guy's actually my favorite 4ss model in the faction in general. Nigh-impossible to take out in less than 3 hits, walks faster than most of the faction, and removes conditions. I'd take two if I could. Learn Your Lines! - "Macros" A few of my go-to cascades of actions with Colette. May they serve you well. - The Show Must Go On - Last minute before the curtain rises and the crowd's getting restless, better get into position, fast! Most easily used turn 1, Union Miner takes his (0) Interact from Colette to place a scheme marker, then uses his False Claim to place 2 more markers within 3" of him. They aren't placed via Interact, so they don't care how close they are to other models. Important thing is to get them each within 1" of another friendly model (could be Colette, but that one would only be for defensive tricks). Then do it again, or walk to where it would be close to a point useful to do it again. Since it's early in the game, it's ok if Colette goes early, but I still suggest moving up anyone not near a marker, then placing one of their own. Ultimately your goal is to have Colette use her (2) All Together Now on Cabaret Choreography to make everybody else near a scheme marker take a (1). It's in the order of your choosing, so the Union Miner can either walk or False Claim again if there are more models who would benefit from a marker. Generally this is just going to be a walk action, but that's still getting a boatload of AP for the price of 2, the Union Miner just makes this super simple. The trick is doing the different actions in the right order when it's more than just walks. - The Perfect Double Act - Why spend Colette's AP walking when she teleports further without using any? Turn one, before Colette goes, get a scheme marker near her before Cassandra activates. Or even when Cassandra activates. All she needs to do is attack Colette once that marker's in place. All Colette needs is a low card (preferably a , but use the fake soulstone if you have to) to make sure Cassandra's attack goes through with whichever trigger you'd like…and not black joker the damage. Note: Colette cannot relent this, she needs to be able to declare her Df trigger. So in a crowd-pleasing opening number, Cassandra appears to stab Colette (unable to declare triggers of her own, as they're both after damaging and Colette triggers first as defending model) and then, in a puff of smoke, Colette appears 6" from where she fell bloodied, but no more! And, if you have Cassandra use her Nimble to catch up, have another marker waiting, and another low for Colette, Cassandra should be in range to do it again! (I'd be careful with that though, it can become easy to over-extend). - Cassandra's Cold Steel - I've had games where I get this off to good effect a few times, but once is the norm, and it takes some resources in either good s/s, or a few soulstones. Take your Silent One, put her within 8" of where Cassandra will be attacking. When Cassandra attacks, get her understudy trigger. After damaging, take the Silent One's Freeze attack, and get a second to do it again. Three key points: nowhere in the Understudy trigger does it say the action taken needs to target the same target as Cassandra's original attack, Freeze is a cast without a close or projectile symbol so it can shoot into or out of engagement, and it's trigger doesn't say who the second shot needs to target either. And she'll have her second attack afterwards to push away. So, your choice if she hits the same target 4 times, or spreads it out a bit. I find concentrating the shots helps best, usually, but there are times. For best results, pop a dove to buff her damage flips and chain activate into Cassandra. - Puppet Shuffle - Probably the most infamous one. This can work in turn 1 in a game where everybody's going for the center, otherwise, I play a little tighter and aim for turn 2. Both Coryphee move up, drop (0) markers and move again (or charge for turn 2, pushing out with their 2nd attack). I like to end them 4-5" away from a threat since they can't be charged. You're going to Prompt both of them, the push will get them into range to attack. One of those Prompts you want a ram for the reactivate trigger. That Coryphee second activation will, if the two of them are close, be an attack with the built in push, then Dance Together. If they're far, you won't be doing this without the 4 of s for their teleport action to get to the other Coryphee, and end with Dance Together. Either way, you end up with the Duet (which won't sacrifice at end of turn from the reactive since it's a new model) which still has 2 of its normal 3 AP from being slow, and should be in a good position to finish off whatever one of the previous Coryphee started on. It's great activation control, getting 4 activations (10 AP with the Prompt factored in) for the price of 2 that turn, and the Duet is much more survivable for the rest of the game. - Carlos' Sucker Punch - So normally, it's nice to hit Carols with the Union Miner's welder, then unload all the burning in Carlos' first punch, gain a burning back with the second punch. After that, Carlos then proceeds to hold the line and tank for the turn. With Colette, you can Prompt the Union Miner to burn Carlos again, then Prompt Carlos to fire-punch a second time. Downside is there's not an easy way to get his burning back up for armor/healing, but not much will survive two min damage 5 flaming fists, and if he has no burning you don't need to discard at the end of the turn to heal him/keep him from taking fire damage. - The Ol' Switcheroo - Less a macro and more a neat trick. Leave Colette away from a scheme marker but within 8" of a Performer, preferably close to something big and scary of theirs. Like I said, a lot of people, mid to late game, have seen her trigger enough that they forget about her trigger. They kill Colette. But then she steps out from behind the Performer costume, letting it fall. Colette gets healed, and reactivate because the Performer dies. The audience reacts with thunderous applause. - The Big Finish - So you took Undercover Entourage on Colette, because of course you did. She may even be your last model on the table, your opponent still wondering what your second scheme was, guessing you're stuck and they just have to wait out the turn. Then the spotlight swings to Colette and the music swells. She summons a dove, Prompts it a total of 13" away, and *poof* Colette disappears from her bonds, dodging the guillotine and reappearing in the upper balcony to take her bow. So long as Colette was within ~14" of the opposing deployment zone, you most likely just got 3 points. I hope you all find this helpful in your fledgling forays onto the stage, I certainly had fun writing it up. What are your favorite combos/macros with Colette? <MOD HAT> This is becoming the new Pinned Colette post. The old pinned thread can be found here </MODHAT>
  8. I'm relatively new to Malifaux, been playing for about 2 months but the game has inspired me to paint like never before. My first crew is a Leveticus crew with all the bells and whistles, and I'll post that up if I can get a decent shot of all of them. But for the past few weeks, I've been eagerly painting up the Nightmare Edition Dark Carnival box that my friend picked up from Adepticon 2016, plus a few in-theme extras (Angelica, Coryphee), and I'm really excited to share this here as my first ever post on the forums. Some models were more interesting to paint than others, but overall I had a blast working through this crew, and it's quite a brain burner in-game too! Here goes...
  9. LulleK

    M2e Colette

    Hello! I've just started working on my smoke and mirrors box, to prepare for some Colette action. What do you guys hire for her? I ordered the special edition performer from the black friday sale. Do you ever use 3 of them? Thanks! <modhat> I'm arbitrarily designating this the generic Colette discussion thread. </modhat> <MODHAT>There is a new discussion thread </MODHAT>
  10. Hi dudes! Reading the new upgrade i have a doubt: Audience Particiapation (2ss): Friendly Minion Showgirls Within 8 of this model gain the following Abilithy: Add An Extra Flourish: When this model Activates it gains the Focused +1 Condition ... So... it ONLY affect to Minion + Showgirls like Performer or counts for December Acolyte and Cassandra? Kind regards.
  11. Hi all, A friend of mine is selling: Colette Du Bois, Cassandra, 2 Performers, 2 Mannequins, 3 Mechanical Doves, Angelica, 2 Coryphee, 2 Ice Dancers, 3 December Acolytes, 3 Malifaux Raptors What do yuo suggest? Are these enough to build a good competitive list or have I to add some other models? thank you!
  12. Hi dudes! This weekend I played an aprox. 30 people tournament, and now I'll report ^^ I don´t remember all the things, for example I can't tell you the upgrades of enemy crew, and if you see something wrong tell me please! In my opinion I played this tournament good but a lot of fucking red jokers on dmg killed me xD So... lets go! ------------------------------------- Round 1 Colette(A) vs Jacob(TT) Schemes: Headhunter - close deployment Claim jump Frame for murder Leave you mark Show your force Hidden trap Colette [CC, AR, SotD] + 3ss Dove Cassandra [PP] Myranda [IE] Howard [IE] Performer Arcane Effigy Jacob Hungering Darkness Emissary Lust Wastrel Monk of Low River x2 Katanaka ------------------------------------- I take Frame for murder on Howard and Leave your mark, Jacob deploys first and put the 2 Katanakas on my face, so I deploys Cassandra and Howard to charge him on the first turn ------------------------------------- T1 I win the initiative Cassandra nimble+charge to kill 1 Katanaka, use defensive trigger for - Lust double defensive with an As and return it to his hand Howard nimble+charge to kill the other Katanaka Monk hit Lust cheat with As and As to trigger draw card, and do it again Dove does + on Ca for Colette Wastrel hit Lust cheat with As and As to trigger draw card, and do it again Arcane Effigy moves to pick head next turn Emissary push and push Hungering Darkness Performer moves to pick head next turn Hungering Darkness kill Cassandra with the first JR of the day... Colette summon Dove, prompt Myranda to reactivates, and moves Jacob moves Myranda move+move+turns into Cerberus Cerberus charge Jacob let him on 3 wounds Colette: 0Vp 6 miniatures Jacob: 3VP Frame for murder 6 miniatures ------------------------------------- T2 I win the initiative Howard IE+nimble+flurry Jacob to kill him Hungering Darkness hit Cerberus Cerberus hit Hungering Darkness let him on 2 wounds Emissary kills Cerberus Arcane Effigy picks one head Lust move Performer try lure Lust with 12 of crows in hand but he flips 13... Wastrel hit Howard Dove does + on Ca for Colette Monk move Colette prompt Howard to hit Emissary, move + hit Hungering Darkness and flips BJ on dmg... Colette: 1Vp Headhunter 4 miniatures Jacob: 4VP Show your force on Hungering 5 miniatures ------------------------------------- My oponent plays so slowly and the round is near to finish... =( T3 I win the initiative Colette kills Hungering + prompt Arcane Effigy to reactivates + prompt Howard to reactivates try force him to kill Howard or loss all his miniatures Emissary kills Howard Arcane Effigy moves and place a Scheme Marker Lust kills Performer Monk picks one head Wastrel shots Colette Colette: 4Vp Frame for murder + Leave your mark 1 miniature Jacob: 5VP Headhunter 4 miniatures ------------------------------------- First game loss I think that it's my worse game because my opponent plays so slowly, and his JR on Cassandra kills my Leave your mark strategy ------------------------------------- Round 2 Ramos(A) vs Perdita (G) Schemes: Extraction - standard deployment Claim jump Eliminate the leadership Accusation! Cover breakthrough Search the ruins Ramos [UP, CM, SotD] + 7ss Brass Arachnid Joss [IE] Howard [IE] Angelica [PP] Mobile Toolkit Malifaux Raptor Perdita Enslaved nephilim Francisco Brutal Effigy Emissary Abuela Nino Santiago ------------------------------------- I take Cover the breakthrough and Search the ruins, and deploys all my crew in a corner to be on save from Perdita's and other shots ------------------------------------- T1 He wins the initiative Malifaux Ramos fly Enslaved nephilim push Francisco and Perdita Mobile Toolkit gives + on Howard Emissary move Joss charge Mobile for 2 scrap markers Francisco gives El Mayor to Perdita, moves + defensive Ramos does 2 Arachnid with one of the scraps Nino shots something but doesn't do anything Arachnid move Santiago move Abuela + move Arachnid move Abuela move Brass Arachnid reactivates himself Perdita move + defensive Brass Arachnid reactivates Joss and Howard Brutal Effigy move Angelica push Joss and Howard Joss charge Santiago and kill him Howard charge Abuela and kill him Malifaux Raptor down in enemy square Ramos: 0Vp 8 miniatures Perdita: 0Vp 6 miniatures ------------------------------------- T2 He wins the initiative with 13... he wins all initiatives in that game even with my upgrade Seize of the Day Perdita JR and kill Howard, second JR of the day on dmg Joss IE and charge Francisco he flips three 13 on defense and survives Francisco hit Joss Angelica put scheme on Raptor, push Brass Arachnid and moves Enslaved nephilim push himself and push Perdita Malifaux Raptor fly Emissary move Ramos does 2 Arachnid with the other scrap Nino shots Ramos Arachnids move and interact Brutal Effigy move New Arachnid move arround Francisco to low df Brass Arachnid move Malifaux Raptor down in other enemy square Ramos: 1Vp Extraction 9 miniatures Perdita: 1Vp Extraction 6 miniatures ------------------------------------- T3 He wins the initiative with 12, I use stone because have 13 of crows to 2Ap atack from Joss 5/8/10 and paralyze Francisco... and can't win Perdita JR and kill Joss, third JR on dmg Ramos try summons Arachnids but BJ on summon... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, shots Francisco with -2 df and kill him Angelica put scheme on Raptor, moves and interact Enslaved nephilim push himself and push Perdita Malifaux Raptor fly Emissary hit an Arachnid but doesn't do anything Nino shots Brass Arachnid and kill him Arachnids move and interact Brutal Effigy and interact Malifaux Raptor down in center of enemy zone Ramos: 2Vp Extraction 8 miniatures Perdita: 2Vp Extraction 5 miniatures ------------------------------------- T4 He wins the initiative Perdita kills Ramos 3 Arachnid form an Arachnid Swarm Emissary bury Arachnid Swarm Angelica put scheme on Raptor, moves and interact Nino kills Angelica Malifaux Raptor fly Brutal Effigy and interact Arachnid move and interact Enslaved nephilim move Ramos: 3Vp Extraction 4 miniatures Perdita: 5Vp Eliminate the leadership 5 miniatures ------------------------------------- T5 The time finish he can't put out my scheme markers and I can't do nothing Ramos: 9Vp Search the ruins + Cover the breakthrough 4 miniatures Perdita: 8Vp Extraction + 2 Cover the breakthrough 5 miniatures ------------------------------------- Second game win Hate, no, you can't undertand me I REALLY HATE the fucking JR xD and the BJ... I think he had a good luck with JR and initiative, if I can started one turn in the game could be diferent Every turn I has spends stones to draw cards and I never saw a book higer than four, so can't summon 3 Arachnids ------------------------------------- Round 3 Sandeep(A) vs Misaki (TT) Schemes: Guard the stash - corner deployment Claim jump Dig their graves Recover evidence Set up Last stand Sandeep [CAP, US, SotD] + 7ss Joss [WR] Kudra [WR, FoMS] Oxfordian [TS, BW] Oxfordian [TS, DW] Oxfordian [TS, NW] Sanctioned Spellcaster Arcane Effigy Misaki Emberling Izamu Toshiro Yin Johan Monk of Low River ------------------------------------- I take Dig their graves and Claim jump, I waking up since 4:45, I'm tired xD ------------------------------------- T1 He wins initiative Arcane Effigy move Yin move Oxfordian move and copy Sandeep push for push him, and Sandeep with the AP from book move Toshiro move Oxfordian move Izamu move Oxfordian try teleport but fails and move Emberling move Sanctioned Spellcaster move Johan move Kudra move and put forest Monk move Joss move Misaki move and stalks Sandeep Sandeep teleport + move + summon IceG with + + summon Banasuba engaged with Yin, Toshiro, Monk and Johan IceG do +1dmg Banasuba hit Yin but only do 4dmg with 3 Aps and + from the IceG Sandeep: 0Vp 10 miniatures Misaki: 0Vp 7 miniatures ------------------------------------- T2 I win initiative Sandeep summon PoisonG engaged with Misaki + teleport + focus + shot Yin... and flip only weak dmg Misaki move into engagement range and charge Sandeep... I doesn't expect that, but np 12wd + imposible wound + 5 stones... Misaki flip the FOURTH JR on dmg and kill him... Banasuba kills Yin and hit Johan Johan kills Banasuba and Banasuba explodes, fire + dmg for everyone The rest of our crew moves to positioning Johan dies from burning Sandeep: 1Vp Guard the stash 8 miniatures Misaki: 2Vp Last stand + Guard the stash 5 miniatures ------------------------------------- T3 I win initiative Joss paralize Izamu with his 2Ap atack Misaki charge on Oxfordian and kill him Toshiro charge Joss Kudra kills Monk The rest of our crews positioning and interact Sandeep: 4Vp Claim jump + Guard the stash 7 miniatures Misaki: 2Vp Guard the stash 4 miniatures ------------------------------------- T4 I win initiative Joss kills Izamu Misaki charge on Joss and the fifth JR on dmg ladies and gentlemens!!! Toshiro move Kudra stay for Claim jump The rest of our crews positioning and interact Sandeep: 5Vp Dig thei graves 6 miniatures Misaki: 3Vp Guard the stash 3 miniatures ------------------------------------- Third game win JR another time fuck my game, can't belive that ------------------------------------- Conclusion Really nice tournament and travel, nice games and in the end I won a mystery box with a special edition performer and can change it for a special edition firestarter ^^ The only thing i hates is the destiny and the BJ and RJ IMO JR are so powerful, I agree in the case can pick RJ even with - flips but weak + severe are so much, only do severe are ok for me... Hope you enjoy that report, sry for my bad english and sry to doesn't have photos to be more funny to read, and thx for all!!!
  13. Hi dudes! The next Saturday I'll go to a tournament [Declare faction + 50ss], and someone that knows me a little you can imagine I'm a very very meticulous man xD First of all this will be a hard and long post, if you keep reading assume that, and... if that are the case... thx!!! I'll go to explain all the shit of my head, and if you can and want, I'll really appreciate all the advices can give to me, thx for all blue mates =P I promise a report later if can ^^ I'll divide the post on sections: 1. Introduction 2. Miniatures that i have 3. Better Masters vs Factions 4. Better Masters vs Schemes 5. Schemes explanation 1. Introduction Thats are my opinions for the tournament and masters: Colette doesn't shines vs any faction but she doesn't are bad vs any faction, and she really shines on practically all Schemes, is a solid election for that reason if I doesn't know the enemy Sandeep is a new Master and I can get advantage of that if the enemies doesn't know all his tricks and he is strong like the fucking thunder kebab (Joke of my group of friends xD, don't kill me) Marcus is my better hitter with all of his Alphas for try to win fast and it's very versatile, can give me the oportunity to change hitter Marcus on control Marcus Ramos are a safe election if I doesn't trust on a victory, he can give me time to analyce the ground thanks to his arachnids and go for the victory Raspi doesn't are awesome on Schemes but with a gunline Crew and Ice Pilar can give a mental win before a real win on the adversary, and let me be honest, she is a fucking killer, and if the enemy doesn't have crew he can't score any VP 2. MiniaturesI have these masters: Colette[C], Victor Ramos[vR], Sandeep, Marcus[M] and Raspi[R] And these miniatures: Colette, 3xDove, Cassandra, Angelica, 2xCoryphee, 2x Manequin, 2x Performer, Ramos, Brass Arachnid, Joss, Howard, Mechanical Rider, Johan, 6xArachnids, 2xSwarms, Arcane Effigy, Sandeep, Banasuva, Kudra, 3xOxfordian, 3xSantionated Spellcaster, 2xPosionG, 3xIceG, 1xMetalG, 1xWindG, x1 FireG, Marcus, Jackalope, Myranda, Cerberus, Cojo, Rattler, Raspi, Wendigo, Snowstorm, Essence of Power, Arcane Emisary, Envy, Ice Golem, 3xDecember Acolyte, 3xMoleman, 2xSilent One, 3xRaptor, Mobile Toolkit, Rogue Necromancy, 3xCanine Remains, Dawn Serpent 3. Masters vs Factions The order of Masters it's below the factions with my decisions Guild (M > R > C > S > vR) Marcus and Raspi can hit fast and hard all his masters except Hoffman, if I can kill enemy miniatures fast I usually can get sobreactivating for easy win Perdita is a famous Guild master and didn't want Obey on Ramos for explode to Howard... Resurrectionists (S > vR > R > M > C) Sandeep it's awesome in that match, Ca burn incorporeal and can summon Ramos have a lot of armor and summon too Raspi have Frozen Heart so good vs Horror duels Marcus can get down easy his Masters Arcanists (S > vR > C > M > R) In general they have a lot of armor, the best Masters vs armor are Sandeep and Ramos, and the worst Marcus and Raspi (In the other hand, its really fun Alpha Ramos for explodes Joos and Howard =P) Neverborn (R > S > C > M > vR) In that matchup the best Arcanist hablity IMO it's Frozen Heart and if we add Ice pilars and Paralyze... Sandeep and Colette can do nice tricks here and can give tricks to Arcane Effigy a must on that matchup Again time I doesn't want Zoraida Obey Ramos for explode Outcasts (M > R > C > vR > S) Viktorias are the best hitters in the game, but Marcus really shines here, he can Alpha further and better, can kill his master in T1 and hit hard other Outcast masters Raspi can go to kill Masters too and blast are good vs Hamelin Sandeep and Ramos play's style is on a bubble, and Arcanist faction play's a lot of armor models, solid reason for play Viktorias and if i take this masters probably lost the game on T2 Ten Thunders (C > S > vR > M > R) In that Machup, the best master is a minion... Arcane Effigy it's a mandatory, so much conditions and tricks, and another time the masters can move and do tricks with that model are the best Colette and Sandeep Colette, Sandeep and Ramos can do a crew with Joss and I love cut defensive triggers Ramos and Marcus can do a great Alpha fast on his models Gremlins (R > C > S > vR > M) Wendigo can Devour virtually all Goblins and with Ml8... and Ice Pilars are good cover vs Snipers Again Colette, Sandeep and Ramos can do a Crew with Joss and this is the best weapon for kill the goblins 4. Masters vs Schemes Round1 Headhunter - close deployment (C > S > vR > M > R) Claim jump (C > vR > S > M > R) Frame for murder (C > vR > M > R > S) Leave you mark (C > vR > M > R > S) ---> (C > vR > M > R > S) Show your force (S > R > C > vR > M) Hidden trap (C > S > vR > M > R) Round2 Extraction - standard deployment (vR > S > C > M > R) Claim jump (C > vR > S > M > R) Eliminate the leadership (M > R > C > S > vR) Accusation! (C > S > vR > M > R) ---> (C > vR > S > M > R) Cover breakthrough (C > vR > M > R > S) Search the ruins (C > vR > S > M > R) Raound3 Guard the stash - corner deployment (C > S > vR > R > M) Claim jump (C > vR > S > M > R) Dig their graves (C > vR > S > M > R) Recover evidence (C > vR > S > M > R) ---> (C > vR > S > M > R) Set up (C > S > vR > M > R) Last stand (S > C > M > vR > R) 5. Schemes Headhunter (T2) (Colette > Sandeep > Ramos > Marcus > Raspi) A. Whenever a model kills or sacrifices a non-Peon enemy model, it places a Head marker within 3" of the deceased, not in base contact with a model B. A model in base contact with a Head marker may spend a (1) Interact action to pick it up C. Picking up one or more Head markers on a turn (except Turn 1) earns your Crew 1 VP. Tip: You can pick up friendly or enemy Heads and they score the same, so ranged attacks may just be giving your enemy points if they have another model near the target. Tip: From an offensive standpoint, models with Don't Mind Me are extremely useful for picking up a Head in the middle of a packed scrum Tip: Lures are also great for bringing opponents to your crew for easy killing and Head retrieval Tip: Models To Consider: (Arc) Performer; (Grem) Fingers; (Guild) Guild Austringer, Master Queeg, Nino Ortega; (Never) Beckoner, Doppleganger, Mr. Tannen, Scion of Black Blood; (Out) Big Jake, Hodgepodge Emissary (Pretty Floral Bonnet FTW!), Rat Catcher; (Res) Mortimer, Philip and the Nanny (10T) Mr. Tannen, Sensei Yu Extraction (T2) (Ramos > Sandeep > Colette > Marcus > Raspi) A. Crew 1VP if it has two or mroe non-Peon models 6" of the Marker B. After points are scored each turn (starting turn 2), the player with the most non-Peon models within 6" of the marker can place it within 3" of its current location (but not into base contact with terrain or a model) Tip: This means that, if you're winning, you can move the objective towards where you have the most strength...or towards where you want your models to be next turn. In practice, the marker's Tip: Tip: movement doesn't make a huge difference in most games Guard the Stash (T2) (Colette > Sandeep > Ramos > Raspi > Marcus) A. Two 50mm Stash markers (Ht5, blocking, impassable, hard cover) on the Centerline B. 5" from the center of the board in each direction C. At the end of each turn after the first, a crew scores 1 VP if it has at least one non-Peon model within 2" of each marker. Tip: Presence of the Stash markers themselves means that models with Incorporeal or Flying have advantages in terms of maneuverability Tip: Also, since players need at least one model in each of two places, there are two areas that need to be reinforced Tip: A single model in either location can be killed or displaced to ruin an opponent's scoring opportunity Frame For Murder (T1) (Colette[Howard] > Ramos[Howard] > Marcus[Cerberus] > Raspi[December] > Sandeep[Kudra]) A. Name non-Peon model like "sucker" B. If model is killed or sacrificed 1VP C. If the enemy model was Master/henchman +1VP D. If its before T4 +1VP Covert Breakthrough (T5) (Colette[PP+Raptor] > Ramos[PP+Raptor] > Marcus[PP+Raptor] > Raspi[December] > Sandeep[Wind Gamin]) A. End of the game +1VP for each Scheme Marker within 6" of enemy Deployment Zone Hidden Trap (T5) (Colette > Sandeep > Ramos > Marcus > Raspi) A. End of the game +1VP for each enemy non-Peon within 3" of one or more Scheme Markers B. Remove all Scheme Markers which are within 3" of an enemy model Claim Jump (T2) (Colette > Ramos > Sandeep > Marcus > Raspi) A. Scheme Markers near the Centerline B. Scheme scores at the end of each turn after the first C. Need at least two Scheme Markers within 2" of the Centerline, but they can't be within 2" of an enemy model or within 4" of another friendly Scheme Marker D. If you scored a VP from this Scheme at the end of the turn, ALL of your Scheme Markers within 2" of the Centerline are removed Tip: Be wary of taking this Scheme if you plan on dropping other Markers that you want to keep from turn to turn, since they might just vanish at the end of the turn Eliminate The Leadership (T1) (Marcus > Raspi > Colette > Sandeep > Ramos) A. Reducing the enemy Leader below half their Wounds B. Killing or sacrificing the Leader (or reducing them to 0 Wounds) C. Having the enemy Leader out of play at the end of the game Accusation! (T2) (Colette > Sandeep > Ramos > Marcus > Raspi) A. You cannot target a model that has already activated this turn to give the Accused Condition range 1" B. Condition is removed with its own Tactical Action, (1) Hold It!, which is not an Interact Action, and won't benefit from Don't Mind Me or other Abilities or Actions that allow Interacts while engaged C. Removing Accused is only a (1) at least D. Only need one Accused enemy, but the Condition must be ended to get the point, so you have to keep Accusing models each turn Dig Their Graves (T1) (Colette > Ramos > Sandeep > Marcus > Raspi) A. killing an enemy model that is within 4" of one of your Scheme Markers, then a Scheme Marker within 4" of the slain model is removed Tip: Abilities, Actions, or Conditions that allow you to place Scheme markers while engaged will help, but aren't a must have since there's a good bit of distance allowed between the Marker and the killed enemy Tip: If your opponent is going for this one, remember that an enemy model needs to do the killing blow, so sacrificing or killing a vulnerable model before your opponent can might not be a bad idea Leave Your Mark (T1) (Colette[PP+Raptor] > Ramos[PP+Raptor] > Marcus[PP+Raptor] > Raspi[December] > Sandeep[Wind Gamin]) A. At the end of the turn, remove one of your Scheme Markers on the opponent's half of the board that isn't within 6" of the Centerline or 4" of an enemy non-Peon model to score a point Show of Force (T2) (Sandeep > Raspi > Colette > Ramos > Marcus) A. ount the number of face-up Upgrades that cost at least 1 Soul Stone you have attached to models within 6" of the Center of the board B. Upgrades that are attached to a Master or started the game attached to a Master do not count to this total C. If you have at least one qualifying Upgrade and at least as many qualifying Upgrades as your opponent at the end of the turn, you get a point Recover Evidence (T1) (Colette > Ramos > Sandeep > Marcus > Raspi) A. At the beginning of any turn, you can reveal it to put one Evidence Marker in base contact with each of five enemy models chosen by your opponent B. Your models can then take a (1) Interact Action to remove an Evidence Marker in base contact Tip: Reveal this Scheme early and the Markers will likely be grouped together, but rather far away. Wait and the markers might be closer, but they'll probably be more spread out. Tip: Keep in mind that you can score multiple points in a turn with this Scheme, and you only need three out of the five Markers to get full points Set Up (T1) (Colette > Sandeep > Ramos > Marcus > Raspi) A. Scores 1 VP for each Scheme Marker within 4" of an enemy Master, Henchman, or Enforcer model that you chose at the beginning of the game Search the Ruins (T5) (Colette > Ramos > Sandeep > Marcus > Raspi) A. Score 2 VP at the end of the game if you have at least three Scheme Markers within 6" of the Center of the board B. Get a bonus point if at least two of those Scheme Markers are on the opponent's half of the table C. Be careful, because Scheme Markers within 2" of each other don't count for scoring Tip: Also watch out if you took Claim Jump, since that Scheme removes Markers near the Centerline and might make a marker you needed vanish Last Stand (T1) (Sandeep > Colette > Marcus > Ramos > Raspi) A. Get a point for having at least three Henchman and/or Enforcer models completely outside of your Deployment Zone B. Need to have fewer models in play than your opponent. Tip: Keep in mind that you need to reveal this Scheme the turn before you can begin scoring, so reveal it early or make sure that your Henchmen and Enforcers will last through the next to turn to start scoring
  14. I was playing in a tournament yesterday and one of the Schemes was Search The Ruins. Pretty much in the centre of the board was a cliff which was Height 5 Impassable. It was sufficiently large and so placed as to block 6" of the board centre from 6 to 11 around a clock face. My question is: If I have a model next to the cliff, using the Practices Production upgrade on Colette, could I place a Shame Marker on top of the cliff, in a position to score for Search The Ruins?
  15. Hey folks! I'm looking for anyone who has a 1e Colette avatar they're willing to part with. I'm willing to pay cash or arrange a trade, so if you have one, please contact me. Thanks!
  16. While I think the answer is no, I'm going to ask anyway. Can a Mannequin make an interact action when within 8" of Colette, under the Rehearsed ability? While I understand that Peons and Insignificant models can not normally make interact actions, the wording of Rehearsed says: Rehearsed: Friendly Minion and Showgirl models within 8 may take (1) Interact Actions as (0) Actions. So, why the question? A Mannequin is a Showgirl. The rule says that it may take a (1) Interact Action as a (0) Action - it doesn't say a (1) Interact Action as a (0) Interact Action I have scanned the forum, and I can't find anything related to this question. Thanks in advance HNS
  17. Specifically want the one where she pulls a rabbit out of a hat, but will buy the full pack of three if that's how it's sold.
  18. So Cassandra has an ability called (1) Understudy: Take a (1) Ca action belonging to target friendly non-leader model within 8". This action may target friendly leader models if they have the Showgirl characteristic. This action may only be used once per Turn. If Colette gets some (1) Ca actions via upgrades, can Cassandra use those with understudy? If so, does she also have access to the triggers given by the upgrades?
  19. Hello everyone, Welcome to my painting log! I'm new to Malifaux. In the first part of this log I will share some pictures of my Ramos crew and some pictures of my other painted models for other systems. I have a painting blog at Rust and the City. I'm going to save this space for links to different projects as this grows beyond 1 page.
  20. Hi,. I have a friend that is just getting into malifaux and has colette's crew and a few other models. We are going to be running a 2 master tournament and he is looking for a good master to compliment her. Since her crew is exceptional at scheme running I assume Something a little beatier would be better. He likes Marcus and Mei Fang if they work
  21. Morning everyone! This weekend I finally got to play my Colette crew and she was...AWESOME!! I could not have had a better scheme pool Squatters rights protect territory, spring the trap, plant evidence line in the sand and break through. I ran Colette Cassandra, 1 mannequin, 2 performers, 2 doves, 2 coryphee and they all did pretty well. There were two problems though 1. Anna Lovelace @#$%@%# #%#@% #$#@@ she is the worst thing ever for this crew. I was really under whelmed by the Coryphee they helped a bit with schemes to start but after that I just kept wishing I had taken Howard for the better damage. So I'm hoping for some good tips and trick for using them well. Do people split them up? when do you make a duet? do you try to combo their attacks performers seduction or there own condition? any and all help welcome thank.
  22. A mannequin looking at her reflection in a mirror backstage at The Star Theater.
  23. I'm working on putting together a Colette crew and one model that comes up a lot is Howard Langston. Now, Hank is a great guy and all but I feel like he is a bit... out of sorts with the rest of the showgirls- and also I know that if I buy the Ramos starter I'll end up filling out that crew as well, which I should probably hold off on.) So I'm looking for ideas for something else that could be turned into a good conversion for ol' Hank. My best one so far is Hannah- with a bit of re-working to add some steam vents and mechanical cabling and claws (which is pretty doable, since I have a large box of spare bitz to work from) she seems like she'd be a very passable conversion, but I'm not married to the idea yet. Obviously anything I use will have to be on a 50mm base and will ideally be roughly the same size as him. Can anyone else suggest any good stand-alone kits that might work?
  24. Colette Crew =) Comments are welcome =P
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