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  1. We don't know a whole lot, unfortunately. For Guild and Court of Two, we know there is a 2 player started box coming soon that is Sonnia vs Kirai for some cool Malifaux crossover. From the newsletter that came out this week, the starter will come out some time after Gen Con (4th quarter of the year is what they said, specifically). Rules wise, you could look at Bihn and Thrace (and their Envoy cards) to get an idea of how those factions might play. For Kimon, Three Kingdoms, and the Sandmen, all we know is that they exist. Fingers crossed for some news on those soon!
  2. Totally agree. Though, I definitely don't want double masters to be the only competitive option. I'm fine with them being really good, as long as they don't totally overshadow single master.
  3. Once again I will ask, have you actually tried the rules? Because it works very differently than you say, now that charge is a (1) action. Take a typical statline in M2e: 5 walk, 8 Charge, 1" melee, and a similar statline in M3e: 5 Mv and 0" melee (no charge stat needed). Say you are 10" from an enemy. M2e model cannot hit the enemy at all and has to spend its whole activation walking. The M3e model can walk and then charge, getting to hit once, instead of not hitting at all. In my experience (and I've played a whole lot of M3E) you actually "waste" actions walking far less than you did in 2e. Add that to larger deployment zones, more tends to happen turn 1 than it used to. Some of this I do agree with you on. Some models did lose some flavor, but at the benefit of having a less dense game. Other things were done for balance. Dreamer summoning a Teddy was unbalanced as shit, god forbid Widow doing it. As for master upgrades, they are addressing that with Titles, doing what upgrades did for alt play styles in a much more concise way. I honestly can't figure out what you are even trying to say with this one Paralyze is widely regarded as the single most NPE thing in 2e, and I'm not sad to see it gone. I really feel for you on this one, it sucks. But decisions had to be made to make the keyword systems (which is fantastic) work. Unfortunately you can't please everyone all the time
  4. In my opinion, M3E is more balanced at release than M2E was at the end. Are there issues? Hell yes. Some things are going to be above or below the curve. Are we going to find things that slipped past playtesting? 100%. But at the very least it is better. The gap between the best and worst master in a faction is far narrower than it was in M2E (especially as an Arcanist)
  5. I'm sure it would have! There are very good reasons Chompy is not resummonable
  6. Playing the rules correctly will solve that problem. Since Chompy is a Henchman, and Dreamer can only summon Minions, Chompy cannot be summoned by any current game effects
  7. I'd like to see an expansion box (like they've been doing with keywords in 3e) with crooligan deckhands, night terrors as parrots/undead monkeys and the Forgotten Marshall as something cool and barnacle-y
  8. That would be terribly confusing and definitely shouldn't happen. "No that isn't a Crooligan, I paid the tax for a Drowned" Maybe in M4E
  9. I think it is still far too early to make any real decisions like this. The game is just over a week old (officially at least). Instead of putting house ruled limits on things out of the gate, lets give it 6 months and see what happens. If DMH/Multi-master/whatever else people are worried about are consistently dominating sizable tournaments, then do something about it, instead of limiting some cool stuff just because something seems too strong right now
  10. I've played a lot of Ramos in M3E, and I really enjoy him. I think I play him a bit differently that most people though. While he can still be a pretty awesome summoner, that is no longer really my focus with him. In my eyes, Ramos is now an area damage master, and damn good at it. He has some awesome summons, but he can do some pretty insane damage by blowing them up. I usually kill my own summons before my opponent can touch them (my record is 30+ damage in a single activation, basically halving a Hamelin crew). My favorite thing to do is bring Mech Rider with SS Cache. She can hand out tomes to Ramos and Joss, relieving a lot of your soulstone pressure. With SS cache she can stone to protect herself while standing next to things that are blowing up, gaining you stones. Between this and Ramos' card draw, it is an incredibly efficient engine. I've played games with this where I am gaining stones faster than I can spend them, and ended the game with 5 or 6 left.
  11. We must be looking at completely different rulesets. M3E is absolutely an improvement over 2e, and I absolutely loved 2e. The game can now be played without a near encyclopedic knowledge of conditions, timing of actions, and vantage point LoS. What little we lost in flavor we gained in a more intuitive ruleset that plays smoother. Keyword hiring is fantastic, shadow terrain actually works, and like you said, pass tokens are great. Your models didn't get nerfed, the power creep that was so prevalent in book 4 and 5 models has been reset, meaning older models can actually be useful too. I strongly urge you to actually play the game before writing it off so derisively. Hundreds of people play tested this game, and the general consensus is that it is an improvement. Maybe it actually is
  12. I love bringing Doomseekers, letting morphlings copy their ranged attack makes your fish more much more dangerous. We don't have much ranged threat, and the doomseeker attack is great
  13. When we played this at Adepticon (not an event, just a pickup game with Matt watching to laugh at us) we just didn't count GH eating friends for points
  14. This question is asked about once per day, and the answer has always been the same. TOS plastic is for TOS, and Malifaux is staying with the same old Malifaux plastic we know and love
  15. I will second Nekima. Yes her crew can beat face, and that might not be the most fun, her crew is very easy to understand. They run forward quickly, little things grow into bigger things, and they punish you for trying to melee them. There isn't much else going on, barring them hurting themselves for black blood. Very easy for a new player to grasp, and learn how to play around (shoot weak things before they can grow, block charge lanes to important things with cheap things, etc)
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