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  1. cbtb11235813

    Duncan's Sonnia List Question

    Having played against Duncan a few times (and attending 3 or 4 tournaments with him) you are correct. When he is playing to win, he kills everything turns 1-2, maybe into turn 3. Then he scores whatever points he needs after that
  2. cbtb11235813

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Five Announcement

    I have an unpainted Collette, but I feel like that's too easy!
  3. cbtb11235813

    So long! Have fun ...

    Thanks for all you did for us Kai!! Hope to still see you around
  4. cbtb11235813

    Gibbering Spam

    It very could could be OP. But until I see it on the table I'm not terribly worried. Theorycrafting can only get you so far. If that is what happens, I don't blame Wyrd one bit. Erratas have to happen to keep the game healthy, it should be expected. If someone jumps on the bandwagon and spends hundreds of dollars on a flavor of the week army, that's on them when it gets nerfed.
  5. cbtb11235813

    Smell Weakness versus Adaptive Armor

    Yes, and as far as I know, she is the only model who can do so. For reference Adaptive Armor says Armor cannot be ignored. Smell Weakness is not ignoring anything. The model is losing the Ability/Condition itself, so their is no armor to not-be-ignored. The upgrade says nothing about Armor being removed.
  6. cbtb11235813

    Gibbering Spam

    I think this may fall under the "really cool idea, but ultimately not a viable tactic to win games". I could be wrong, but either way, good catch!! This is really neat
  7. cbtb11235813

    Pandora in M3E

    Working on that too!
  8. cbtb11235813

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    I mean if you find it hard to believe, that's fine. But people I know personally have photographic evidence otherwise The group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/724838594384307/?multi_permalinks=975307689337395&notif_id=1539808260382974&notif_t=group_activity
  9. cbtb11235813

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    At least one person in the US has received their goodies (in the facebook group). Don't despair!
  10. cbtb11235813

    Pandora in M3E

    Lots of things are changing in 3e. Agonizing over one particular change mentioned in a blurb without any context as to the rest of the game isn't particularly effective. There is a large group of people in the beta all working very hard to make sure everyone, including Pandora, is balanced
  11. cbtb11235813

    Themey lists with off theme Masters

    I've played against Duncan's "Soffman" list a couple times, it was very effective. Leader: C Hoffman - Cache:(4) Pneumatic Upgrades 2ss On Site Assimiliation 2ss Field Mechanic 2ss Mechanical Attendant 2ss Samael Hopkins 8ss Witch Hunt 2ss Lead Lined Coat 1ss Witchling Handler 7ss Disrupt Magic 2ss Witchling Stalker 5ss Thalarian Queller 6ss Monster Hunter 6ss Watcher 4ss I've also seen him play a Hoffman/Papa Loco "Boom Bots" list that tabled his opponents crew turn 2 I think (which is just what Duncan does to be fair), but it was more impressive than the Pere Ravage/Iron Skeeter bomb I've heard about
  12. cbtb11235813

    New style bases?

    I do not like the new bases, at all. Almost every Malifaux player I know magnetizes bases for transport (because foam with some of these sculpts is a death sentence). Now there is no room for a magnet, without the base being risen off of your tray
  13. cbtb11235813

    0. Monster Mash_Gnasher

    "I brought my party cleaver!"
  14. cbtb11235813


    Sorry, Toledo Ohio USA! But if I'm ever in Spain I will bring models!