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  1. What was wrong with the old, ability based method? I haven't seen any complaints on that, but I haven't been as active recently, especially in the Neverborn board
  2. Is it just me or is the new Grow stipulation utterly terrible design? Specifically the "exactly 3 soulstones higher" bit. What happens 2 years into the game when, for example, Lelu needs errata'd down to 6 stones for whatever reason? Or the mature neph needs to go down to 9? No models involved in the grow cycle can ever have the costs adjusted from here on out. I can't imagine it being a good idea, to take a crew and permanently price lock them into what they were when the game released. Especially a crew that has been as problematic as the Nephilim
  3. Corner is by far the worst deployment
  4. cbtb11235813

    Mech Rider

    Thanks for the response. Knowing now what the Rider can do, was there anything you'd have done differently about it? Something that catches you off guard can definitely seem too good, when in reality you just didn't play it correctly.
  5. cbtb11235813

    Mech Rider

    Was it any worse of a matchup that someone bringing the Arcane Effigy (or any sort of condition removal)? Using the Rider's "super" trigger to remove fast seems akin to building a catapult to cross the street. There are much easier ways to do it. This part also confuses me. How was the rider able to be so far into the corner to be untouchable, but still score points on a scheme that requires it to be on the opponents half of the board? Please don't take this as me being rude, I'm actually curious. The rider is fast, but not that fast
  6. I will also miss that a ton. Though current Ramos has more damage output than 2e Ramos could ever dream of
  7. Same, ~2.5 hours which is on par with my m2e pace
  8. I didn't catch that it was after resolving, oops. That does make it much better
  9. Agreed. There is so much that needs to happen, and the payoff seems marginal at best. As you said, its just a trade in most cases, and you still need to hit with the attack
  10. cbtb11235813


    I think Ramos is pretty damn solid. I totally agree, I wish his gun ignored Friendly Fire like in 2e, or was just straight up non- (which for the attack makes sense anyway). Other than that, he is a very competitive master who can honestly do pretty well in most pools
  11. Not holding my breath, I'm still waiting on an Iconic deck I preordered
  12. They may still change things between now and release, but I doubt it. Kinda sucks to get an overhaul right at the end with no time to test. If she goes to print as is I think it's time for me to shelve Ironsides, which makes me very sad. At least until a new GG makes having your entire crew balled up viable
  13. cbtb11235813


    Agreed. Honestly I think it is still fine, it makes sense for that to be leader only ability
  14. The mage looks much more interesting, I wish the was built in though. I'm a little confused about it though. If something has burning 1, can you reduce that to satisfy the requirements? Or does it need to have at least burning 2?
  15. We are back to never, ever leaving home without Amina. Not the worst thing in the world, but I just don't think a Henchman should be so necessary to the crew. Aside from that, Ironsides is looking better than she has in quite a while. Her grit is really interesting, in that once it is activated, Ironsides can just declare intimidation and automatically get an Adrenaline regardless of what you flip. Also with her melee, you can fail an attack and still get adrenaline (I think the "additional damage" clause on follow through means you actually need to hit with her for that to happen)
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