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  1. cbtb11235813

    Iron Painter R2_Fitzsimmons

    Fitzsimmons has a very simple message. Down with the Guild
  2. cbtb11235813

    Who is the tankiest master now?

    I'll throw in a voice for Ironsides, depending on what you mean by tank. If you mean something you throw in to take the heat off the rest of your crew, and survive the hit, Ironsides all the way. Have some steamfitter protection and armor on, throw up challenge aura, and if possible have Amina nearby, she isn't going anywhere. 14 wounds, HtK, Armor 1, immune to severe/RJ damage, a great built in df trigger, and a truly nuts amount of self healing, she has to be a contender. And with challenge aura and her potential for offense, you can't ignore her
  3. cbtb11235813

    M2E Marcus

    100% agree. I've used that little trick to keep my 6 stone monkey on the board, far far longer than he has any right to be
  4. cbtb11235813

    Malifaux Lore Experts

    ... I'd be interested in hearing that
  5. cbtb11235813

    Round One Results & Round Two Begins

    To be fair, my Brass Arachnid by no means fits "comfortably" on a 30mm
  6. cbtb11235813

    M2E Ironsides

    If you haven't yet, get to know your friendly neighborhood union representative. Amina Naidu is a game changer for Toni, I recommend Imbued Protection (so she doesn't fold to a stiff breeze) and Warding Runes (most movement shanigans require multiple suits, and Counterspell makes that real difficult)
  7. cbtb11235813

    Mei Feng in GG 2018

    Imbued Energies Envy (a common take for me) can do it pretty well. Or even without IE. Built in positive, focus as a (0), 2/5/6 damage. (0) focus, focus, shoot puts you at , so even if Stalker is in cover, you're at a straight flip, and usually at least a straight to damage, if not better. Only downside is being at Sh 5, it may take some cards to pull off effectively
  8. cbtb11235813

    M2E Ironsides

    I have actually found Ironsides to be great against Zoraida. Ironsides is a master, so Zoraida actually can't obey her. Throw warding runes on important people (Amina, Captain, whoever), and watch Mama Z flounder. Throw up challenge aura, make Z pass a WP duel to obey anyone at all (granted she has crazy high WP, but its still more TN's they need to hit). Also, voodoo doll can't hem Ironsides, but with challenge aura has to pass WP duel to hem anyone else. Finally, with HPM active, Z's "proper manners" folds quickly. Even with regret, I just need a couple of Relic Hammer severes to take her out
  9. cbtb11235813

    Malifaux New Bases???

    As an avid user of magnets, I sincerely hope this new base design doesn't stick around. I'm not sure what was wrong with the current ones. If it isn't broken, don't fix it, especially if it creates new problems. Am I missing something wrong with the old ones?
  10. cbtb11235813

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round One

    Is that somewhere in the rules? I couldn't find it
  11. cbtb11235813

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round One

    @Kai, you couldn't have held this theme off until after all of my culty goodness shows up?? ALL HAIL THE BURNING MAN
  12. cbtb11235813

    M2e Kaeris

    Often the best way to expand is another crew box. A couple of good ones for Kaeris Ramos: Yea, he is sorta on death row as far as M2E goes, but in his box comes Joss and Howard Langston, which are great things to have in your toolbox. Also a bunch of steam arachnids, which really don't do much for Kaeris, but they are decently durable minions Ironsides: Possibly the best choice, as she comes with The Captain (quite possibly the best Arcanist Henchman), very solid with some incidental burning, as well as the trio of Oxfordian Mages (these have to be the single most complained about models in the game, they are very good). Backdraft (once it is available): You'll have to offload the Gremlin half, but everything in this box was (seemingly) intended to help Kaeris out, specifically the Fire Golem. Fitzsimmons seems like he definitely has play as well As for individual models, I'd recommend Carlos Vasquez, Arcane Emissary*, Medical Automatons, Union Steamfitters, or maybe a Rail Golem *The Emissary is pretty trash in general, but has specific uses with Kaeris, like giving her Instinctual
  13. cbtb11235813

    M3E Guild Prediction(read: Wish)

    Maybe an incentive to hire a Henchman as a leader, even in a 50ss game?
  14. cbtb11235813

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    They were all 30mm as far as I can tell, at least those were the only ones that Wyrd provided. Destructible so far means you can use an action to destroy a pillar in your engagement range. Not really that much has changed in terms of play. By learning new mechanics I meant all the new abilities and playstyles (Marcus and his mutations, Raspy's pillars, etc). We only played like 2 turns, and as it was a demo, didn't want to bother with scoring. We weren't going to even play half of a game, so it seemed unnecessary