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  1. True, but I have a feeling some of those 8 Bayou Gremlins will die quickly. Even without summoning more, there seem to be a lot of big hat models
  2. I'll second that Nightmare and Academic/Elemental would be straight up jank. Another one is Big Hat, for ALL THE MODELS. This does sound sort of fun to try, knowing ahead of time it would be extra stupid
  3. I swore to myself I would never play Guild... but this new TOS stuff might test my willpower. What happens Earthside stays Earthside right?
  4. Kaeris needs more than 6 pyres. I average about 10 a game, my record is 17. She is also going to need more burning, similar to Sonnia
  5. Come play with us in Toledo! Every Tuesday at Dragons Roost
  6. Before GenCon, sometime after GenCon. Hopefully Q4 this year?
  7. Ramos is the obvious answer, since many of our versatiles are actually his summons. But for non DMH, my standard Kaeris crew uses several versatile models, as she doesn't particularly needs lots of her keyword models to do her thing
  8. My bias as a Ramos player may be showing, but that seems like an awful lot of work for 4 damage (granted, it is unresisted which is great). You need a 5, then a 7, then discard a card, then any . Oh and you need to have spent an AP beforehand, or a model that can hit for 4 damage? So in total up to 4 cheats to hit TN's and suits (which may require stones) 2 master AP and someone else's AP. Unless the trunk is going to explode onto at least 3 or 4 models, it seems like it would be better to just shoot the thing you would blow up on
  9. Its a flip... that determines damage. Sounds like a damage flip to me
  10. Guild and Court of Two are definitely still things, they said in the newsletter the two player starter including them will come out sometime after Gen Con. Kimon and Three Kingdoms are next after that, "early-ish next year"
  11. I'll throw my hat in for Kaeris, I think she'd be good for a new player. She's a ton of fun, reasonably good at whatever you need her to be, and straightforward. Oh hey, you need that thing way over there dead? Cool no problem
  12. Obeys are very good. If they are better, it is probably because everything is a (1) actions (even though (1) actions don't actually exist anymore), so even a lowly Bokor can obey something to charge, a right traditionally reserved to the Queen of Obeys herself, Zoraida
  13. Yes there is. "Rapid Fire: Once per Turn. After this model resolves a Action during its Activation, it may discard a card to take that Action again." (emphasis mine). The "during its activation" was added to Rapid Fire and Flurry during the beta to stop exactly what you described.
  14. There tends to be a little more activity in the TOS facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/724838594384307/
  15. You can hire a second master in a crew (usually at +1 cost because they don't share a keyword with your leader). If you are using a Henchman leader, they cannot hire Masters
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