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  1. To me they look like Fiery Doomseekers, so they definitely check the "Cult" box for me
  2. Strongly disagree, those Firebranded look fantastic
  3. To support a local business that you play at? I almost exclusively buy things from my LGS, and special order just about everything I get. In return they provide a fantastic place to play and grow the community. When I can go meet up for a game at Ebay or Amazon then maybe that will change
  4. As my 2 cents on Lucid Dream, I've played probably 15 games against Dreamer, with just about every iteration of him throughout the beta. I really don't think Lucid Dream is a problem. The amount of effort that needs to go into removing 10 cards a turn makes it not viable in most cases. I've seen multiple people try to break it, and every time it fizzles. That being said, I think Stitched are incredibly strong. I've been bringing 3 of them with Collodi, and they are the only "beaters" I bring, and are more easily abused in a Collodi crew. Are they totally busted? Not sure about that, but they are definitely on the upper end of the curve.
  5. You absolutely cannot take this action while buried. From Pg. 33, "They still Activate, but they cannot take Actions." So unless Lucid Dream, or the model performing it specifically state they can take the action while buried, they can't.
  6. I totally agree. None of our masters I've played seem like auto-lose into any of the strategies. Some certainly struggle more than others, but they aren't unplayable
  7. So it sounds like a handful of crew boxes caught up to the normal price for them, and a couple lost minis. I'm fine with that, the company needs to make something, and $5 here or there isn't going to break me. On the other hand though, many things are now cheaper than they were. At first glance, more things got cost reductions than increases. Riders/A&D went down $5, the Emissaries now come with free Effigies at the same cost as before (so an $11) drop. Plus, more things are being bundled into keyword packs, which are almost always cheaper than buying the minis individually. So, not to worry, the sky is not falling
  8. He does have an awful lot. And for the most part they all seem good
  9. I've seen someone put No Prisoners on a Hunter, and that worked quite well. Basically it allowed his two hunters to run up opposite flanks to run schemes, but still get pot-shots in without sacrificing movement. Was it worth it? No clue. But it sure looked fun
  10. Shamelessly stolen from @Kolath Lets talk about our faction going into M3E!
  11. I think you might take the mage against certain masters, but most of the time the effigy should be enough. Someone like Kaeris spamming burning to a lot of models, or Raspy with lots of slow might justify the mage, but it gets pretty expensive out of keyword
  12. When multiple models have to take a duel due to something like a shockwave, who decides the order that these things happen in? I think I found the answer but want to consult the hive mind. For reference, from Pg. 34 Here is my understanding. If the model who generated the shockwave (making its controller the Active Player) hit any friendly models, those models resolve the duels in any order chosen by the Active Player. Once that is done, the non-Active player resolves duels for a model in an order that the non-Active Player chooses. The underlined portion is important. Which player picks the order can be very important when it comes to cheating fate, or in the case of my game the other day, deciding who is going to use Misery when. I was on the receiving end of a shockwave from Pandora, and decided to resolve the duels first with models I don't care about to bait out Misery. If the Active player always gets to decide, that makes a big difference. Am I correct on how this works?
  13. You aren't exactly right on that. They can only do it once per activation, which is a very important distinction. For example, I played Collodi the other day, and s/he and Vas can make them gamble during their activation, so they can use Fiendish again. You become limited by how many Lucid Dreamers you have, but you can still get some more mileage out of them with obeyers
  14. We don't have anything official yet, but my guess is crew composition hasn't changed that much
  15. Toni is so Henchman focused it might just be her, Mouse, and her 3 henchmen (hopefully not really)
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