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  1. cbtb11235813

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    They were all 30mm as far as I can tell, at least those were the only ones that Wyrd provided. Destructible so far means you can use an action to destroy a pillar in your engagement range. Not really that much has changed in terms of play. By learning new mechanics I meant all the new abilities and playstyles (Marcus and his mutations, Raspy's pillars, etc). We only played like 2 turns, and as it was a demo, didn't want to bother with scoring. We weren't going to even play half of a game, so it seemed unnecessary
  2. cbtb11235813

    Is it worth learning new masters now?

    I'm going to play the hell out of M2E while its here, and try to enjoy it while its here. So that includes picking up new crews that I've wanted to try, before they change, and seeing what cool stuff I can find
  3. cbtb11235813

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    We did play a demo, but no schemes and strats, just a deathmatch to get a feel for the new mechanics (I play both Raspy and Marcus so I was really interested to see how they changed)
  4. cbtb11235813

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    The reasoning is to make the strategy more important than the schemes. 50% of possible points come from the strat now, so you really need to focus on scoring it
  5. cbtb11235813

    Iron Painter - 2018 Rules & Sign Ups

    I'm in!
  6. cbtb11235813

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    I did go to GenCon and talked to the devs extensively. From what everyone said, it is now an 8 point max game
  7. cbtb11235813

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    No, the paired one likely works just as paired ones do now. You aren't forced to take Eliminate Leadership when playing Public Executions
  8. cbtb11235813

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    I am not 100% sure. I was definitely told you only score each scheme once, but there were several things I was told that don't line up with what other people heard
  9. cbtb11235813

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    I don't know if anyone else touched on this, but for scoring, it is now an 8 point game. You only score schemes once, basically an easy version for 1 point, or a hard version for 2. Strategies get progressively harder the more you have already scored. There is also a universal rule that you may not score any points on turn 1, regardless of whether you have actually done the thing to score
  10. cbtb11235813

    Nicodem - Post Nerf

    Supply wagons, Friday round 3. Those zombies were just oppressive, there was basically a wall of meat between my crew and Nicodem, getting to him was going to be very difficult with everything else going on. Plus them not being slow and borrowing Asura's attack makes them much more potent. And for the summoning fast, you had a punk zombie I think, just straight up murder something beefy of mine, and later put quite a hurt on Sandeep
  11. cbtb11235813

    Nicodem - Post Nerf

    I was one of those draws, and I vouch for the fact Nicodem is still good. Is he as good as he was pre-nerf? Obviously not, that is the point. But he is still difficult to play against. Anyone that can summon a model, make it fast, chain activate into it, hit me 4 times (flurry + fast) at positive flips, and basically just shred whatever is near, is decent at least
  12. Another couple things of note, 2 actions are gone in reality, but not in spirit. One specific example is Flurry (which the Ice Golem has). It is now a front of card ability that reads something like "Once per activation, after resolving a attack, this model may discard a card to take an additional " Caches are gone, but it seems like upgrades on masters will be less necessary. So maybe crew sizes will work out to be about the same, since you're saving stones on upgrades, but spending them on your SS pool
  13. cbtb11235813

    Price Check on 3E Marcus models

    The ones you won are the metal prototypes. not plastic finals. No idea how that affects value, just a consideration. I'll be keeping an eye on ebay for your listing though 😉
  14. That makes more sense to me, I thought Kai said only leaders do, but I could have misheard
  15. I talked to Kai, Kyle, and Matt pretty extensively throughout the weekend, and here is what I remember them saying. As for the cache/balance thing, the totems are used to balance the masters. Think of the totem as an extension of your master. The two Viks are designed to the same level (theoretically) as Raspy+Wendigo, Marcus+Jackalope, or Lynch+Huggy. Hiring an out of theme master costs the additional tax, but you still get the totem for free, as it is essentially part of the master. Your leader (even a Henchman if you chose) gets 3 AP, not Masters in general. If you hire a second master they only get 2 AP. Henchmen cannot hire masters Some other things, Keyword beats faction, if it has your keyword you can hire it across faction with no penalty Engagement ranges were generally shortened by 1" and damage tracks generally lowered by 1. Min 3 is reserved for actual beaters now, smaller models have min 1 or 2, maybe with a thematic way to boost it. 3" engagement is going to be rare, if there are any, 4" seems totally gone For balancing in faction, they are trying to use a carrot instead of a stick, making in theme models work so much better due to synergy, rather than heavily punishing for taking out of theme models. So yea you can still take Howard in Rasputina, but Howard is doing nothing for the rest of the crew, and the rest of the crew is doing nothing for Howard. Instead, bring the Golem, and have him pick up Ice Pillars and beat people over the head with them Edit: It was a very long weekend, so I may not be remembering everything correctly