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  1. Recover Evidence - I think Hoffman stands out the most in this one to me. Transfer power lets them kill something, move and interact all in one turn. That's before you consider Hoff making things fast, and generally being tanky enough to make it difficult for the opponent to get any evidence. Colette seems like she might be good, because lures, presto-chango and Don't Mind Me, but I'm worried most of her models just wont be tough enough in a killy strat like this. She may have to go out of keyword a bit Symbols of Authority - I'm not a fan of Marcus, but I think this one is great for him. There aren't a lot of crews as fast as Chimera, and with plenty of leaps around, denying them this one will be tough. Sandeep may also be a good bet, as he can pretty effectively get a Wind Gamin downboard in a hurry, and can leave some things behind to defend his own markers. Corrupted Leylines - High model count/out of activation movement is gonna win this one. I tried Marcus in this one since SRM has Laugh Off, and that worked ok, I suck with Marcus though. Sandeep seems solid here as well, with his elemental obeys. I still haven't played Foundry, but even with the no-place clause they seem solid at it. For denying this, offensive movement abilities are huge. Raspy might actually do well, since she can block off LOS to the stone carrier, and can make that model move with her gun. I think she will struggle to score points here but will deny them well. Public Enemies - Who did you take for reckoning? Probably just take them. Durability means more now than it did before, so I think Hoffman is going to be the winner overall. Not only do you need to survive to deny points, if your token carrier dies, you aren't scoring. This is not a glass cannon friendly strat. I didn't call her out specifically, but Kaeris is good at everything and I will continue to take her for anything . Actually though, Hoffman seems to be the overall winner of GG1 strats, he's possibly the best choice for 2 of the strats, and can certainly do the other two with a different crew build.
  2. Cyclops are pretty good at it . The problem with that is that Tara could bury her whole crew turn 1, putting all her markers on the back edge of the board. If you aren't a super mobile crew, that really sucks
  3. This is dangerous though, as if they do manage to kill Som'er, they auto score the rest of reckoning. Your 9 stones make that difficult but it could happen. Entertaining list either way
  4. Step 1) Bring Iggy. He is pretty fantastic at denying 3 of the 5 schemes available, leaving only two "easy" ones as long as Iggy is on the board. Deliver a Message and Hold Up both require you opponent to be in your crews bubble, something they normally do not want. Pandora is all about making your opponent pick the lesser of two evils, make them do that with their scheme selection as well
  5. Joss, SA Swarm w/ Diesel Engine, SS Miner, and a Steam Arachnid is pretty fun. Unfortunately the small spider is kind of a liability, but it being so cheap means you can bring some really beefy models for the rest of your crew. I want to try an Amina led crew, but haven't worked out exactly what it will be. Amina, 2 Gunsmiths, and maybe a Saboteur/Medical Automaton? A Union Miner would also fit into that slot, but I don't think he does much with this scheme pool other than be another source of Unionized (and potentially turning off problematic triggers). Saboteur at least has Don't Mind Me, and the Automaton can heal Amina to try to deny Assassinate. Hope your opponent also brings an 8 stone model, or else Vendetta gets difficult. Snowstorm + 3 December Acolytes could be interesting. Spread out far with From the Shadows, deploying in place for Explosives. Hope you get lucky with Tools for the Job-ing some crows, and lean into making all of your opponent's models slow all the time. 4 actions in the crew is a whole lot harder to work with than 8. Alternatively you could drop one Acolyte for a Silent One. What you lose in deployment shenanigans, you gain in healing and range. She also has the crow built in, so you only need to fish for 2 of them for the Acolytes.
  6. The one downside to this? The M3E mats from Mars are already out of date (though only for corrupted idols)
  7. Thanks for the writeup, always interested to see the lists of Arcanists who do well 1) You said you don't like Mei in explosives, do you mean playing against her? Or that she isn't good at it? 2) Howard into Zipp: What makes Howard worth it? Obviously turning off that defensive trigger is nice. but can't Zip just outrun Howard? SS Miners also turn off triggers. They don't hit as hard as Howard, but 2 miners is only one stone more than an OOK Howard (less if you consider them getting stones back), and they can just pop up wherever Zipp is
  8. Hoody is not a Woe, so unfortunately she cannot
  9. I've run Arcanist CR7 3 or 4 times, and I really think they do well here. Giving Envy the 3rd action really makes your opponent think twice about how close they want to get before he activates. As above, the Mech Rider is fantastic in this crew. You know whats better than a 3 action Envy? A 6 action Envy! I brought the rider originally to try to give everyone a crow for Sin Spiral, but that never worked (Rider ended up way apart from the crew to score points). As for who you bring, I always bring Pride. I would almost always bring Wrath and Greed. I usually bring Sloth. I rarely bring Gluttony, and almost never bring Lust (though she is good counter tech against someone drawing a lot of cards, like Zipp or Lucius). Gluttony is good counter tech vs a Marker Master (Kaeris, Raspy, Mah) and good in certain scheme pools, but I have never had him perform for me. Sloth is pretty good with Envy as the leader, since you have condition removal built in with your free effigy. This crew is squishy, so you need at least one healer. Don't underestimate a 10" flip-less heal 3. Even if you have to take the slow, honestly most of this crew does most of their work with their auras, more than their actions. Slow is certainly better than dead. I generally try to bring at least 4 band members, to help hit that saturation point of Sin and Resonance. Any less than that, and I think you'll be missing them. CR7 in general struggles with spreading out to score, luckily Arcanists have some amazing versatile models to help with this (SS Miners, Arachnid Swarms, Saboteurs, Mech Rider) Some of the Arcanist upgrades may be interesting takes for the band. SS Cache is generally not great because everyone is already a Henchman, but the 3 of getting soulstones back might work out, since you already want enemies within 6 for Sin, and even closer for Destructive Performance. Maybe put this on Wrath? Magical Training is probably only really worth it on Envy, shielded ontop of armor 2 is nice, and counter spell makes anti armor triggers a bit more costly. The one I want to try though is Diesel Engine on Envy. Envy shouldn't be charging often (though a on damage is nice if you have to), what you really want is the concealment. 3 on a 50mm is a decent chunk of board, and it may make it harder for you opponent to shoot your crew off the board/lure them out of the bubble, and instead come and play in your overlapping auras.
  10. I think at 9 points, and not having Amina/Ironsides nearby to turn on their Grit, I'd be hesitant to bring them. I'd rather bring something like Envy, who happens to be a construct as well
  11. Since constant motion says "after resolving the current actions" which includes its triggers, it should happen in this order 1) Mei attacks, declares the trigger and adds the Constant motion to the cue to do after finishing this action (she would push now if not for the "after resolving the current action" clause), and succeeds. Resolve the main effect (damage) 2) Resolve Jackhammer kick, pushing the enemy, and adds the extra attack to the cue after this action is done 3) Resolve first post-action effect in cue, which was Constant Motion 4) Resolve the next post-action effect, which is the extra attack
  12. True, but I have a feeling some of those 8 Bayou Gremlins will die quickly. Even without summoning more, there seem to be a lot of big hat models
  13. I'll second that Nightmare and Academic/Elemental would be straight up jank. Another one is Big Hat, for ALL THE MODELS. This does sound sort of fun to try, knowing ahead of time it would be extra stupid
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