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  1. cbtb11235813

    Changes for Ramos

    As for the Langston thing I'd frankly rather see him lose another keyword to gain Ramos' (since he, you know, built him). But that's probably just bias, as having the Machina/Visionary keyword actually doesn't effect anything except hiring currently (which Ramos already gets him tax free)
  2. cbtb11235813

    Hired Mercenary Name Change?

    Why is it weird? Calling a master a mercenary? Many of the Outcast masters are literal mercenaries. The Viks even have that as their keyword
  3. cbtb11235813

    Gunsmiths (+Ironsides)

    Though at some point I need to see what the hell @retnab keeps squealing about with Mei
  4. cbtb11235813

    Gunsmiths (+Ironsides)

    Agreed, I think this is very bad for Ironsides. She is first on my testing list
  5. cbtb11235813

    Changes for Ramos

    So some changes happened for Ramos. His keyword changed from Visionary (which I personally prefer) to Machina. He also picked up saboteurs, which is interesting. It is the first non-construct model he can take (though with the changes to DMH I'm not sure that is true anymore). Did I miss anything else?
  6. cbtb11235813

    More teddy please!!

    Not necessarily, if we can have the Viks (Master 2), why not an enforcer 2?
  7. cbtb11235813

    General Rules Analysis (1-16-19)

    For focus idk if a cap is really necessary. If your model spends it's entire first 3 turns concentrating, it really hasn't contributed to the game much
  8. cbtb11235813

    Any changes from final closed beta?

    Am sad about the loss of Rafkin... And confused at the name change for Marcus
  9. cbtb11235813

    Is anyone actually beating Kings Empire?

    I've never lost against them, playing Hordes and Cult. KE definitely has a shallower learning curve than some of the others, but all factions are viable. Like Retnab said, with GH use cover/pools to your advantage, and bring Whelks if you have them. Storm Siren has an amazing Lure, which you can use to bring the food closer to your fishes. For non faction specific advice, remember that you win games by scoring points. Excluding Pitched Assault, it tends to be very difficult to score points if you don't leave your deployment zone. Casualties are acceptable (especially if you play Hordes) if it means you are scoring
  10. cbtb11235813

    Waldo's Weekly - Rapid Eye Movement

    I did beat you to it unfortunately
  11. cbtb11235813

    Waldo's Weekly - Rapid Eye Movement

    Probably just "3e Dreamer" and "3e Chompy". Calling them alts would get confusing because some masters already have alts (looking at you Rasputina...)
  12. cbtb11235813

    Waldo's Weekly - Rapid Eye Movement

    I mean its not really an alt (it is but it isn't). Unless you consider the 2e model an alt for his 1e model. I propose Teenage Dream(er) and Lord Chunky Bits
  13. cbtb11235813

    Waldo's Weekly - Rapid Eye Movement

    Thanks! Also, no daydreams? Or is that thing behind Dreamer a daydream....
  14. cbtb11235813

    Waldo's Weekly - Rapid Eye Movement

    When I click on the gallery link, it takes me to the website post, with just a render of Dreamer. Is that all there is?
  15. cbtb11235813

    General tips and tricks

    Summoned units also come in with a single full fireteam instead of the full unit