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  1. Congrats to all the winners and everyone who didn't give up til the end! Still can't believe I managed to survive all the way to the end, the competition was fierce! Good job everyone
  2. Thanks! Looks to be a fun round Let's rock'n'roll!
  3. Thanks! I was on vacation when first round was due, so it was a very rushed job. Best of luck!
  4. We had a small HH tournament at a local club last week. I was running Barbaros, Lelu (with Satisfying punishment), Lilitu and Doppleganger. Ended up taking first place. Barbaros is an overall decent tanky piece, but his pushes really make him shine here cause he can easily deny some points in a critical moment. New Lelu is surprisingly good and the card cycling ability is great. Lilitu and Dopple give you the option of having 5(!) tries to lure, so you can pretty much pick any 1 model in enemy's crew pull it to your guys and kill it first turn.
  5. Now there's something I haven't thought of, good thinking! I'll have to try that and see how it works, thank you
  6. That sounds perfectly fine, especially now that the Beckoners got a 1 point decrease so it all fits nicely in the 20 points. That would be my go to list with Huggy, but I would like to try something different and include other TT models, also additional motivation to paint some more TT
  7. So I've been considering making a TT crew with Huggy for an upcoming local HH tournament. I have the 3 models pretty much locked in, but can't decide on the final slot for 8 points. This is my 'core' at the moment: Hungering Darkness + Hidden Agenda Oiran - 5 Illuminated - 7 For the 8 point slot I have the following 4 options (based on the miniatures I own): Samurai (which favor to take? I'm leaning towards Earth) Lone Swordsman Yin the Penangalan Mr. Graves What would be your pick?
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