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  1. Homogenization vs uniqueness. There is no golden middle, but a lot of people think that we already have too much homogenization in 3e compared to 2e. Talking seriously it's a really tough question.
  2. We are not comparing games. You said that 200 cards are a problem and people do not want to read/remember/know so much. I say that there is tons of game with much more cards to remember which are quite popular (even excluding MtG).
  3. Amount of people who wants to read about 1000 new cards each year (and thousands total) in MtG would not agree with your argument.
  4. My bet that "Well deserved rest" would be a theme for a next round
  5. This knowledge makes your work even more impressive!
  6. Amazing! By the way, what is "Anonymous 2.0" you are talking about?
  7. It's not easy to make a proper entry staying at the hospital (nothing really serious and everything is almost fine now). Most minis were from Collodi starter so it was a good idea to paint them in the same color scheme. btw it sounds dangerous to smoke when you made from wood
  8. So we have a mirror here, so it might count as a 5 fo theme, right?
  9. Aaaand submitted! Picking a clever description was so hard this time.
  10. Ok, you want to ruin a party. But kicking cake?! Isn't it too dirty?
  11. Only the hardest thing is left to do: photos!
  12. Guess it's better to stop bother about IP and keep going
  13. Top 10 anime betrayals: the cake was a lie!
  14. Main problem is not judges, scores, etc. It's about lack of communication.
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