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  1. DarthSlider

    FnS 8

    That means that painting and/or photo could be done better
  2. DarthSlider

    FnS 8

    Also on her knee and shoulders. It`s covered by roses, take a closer look.
  3. My bet that "Well deserved rest" would be a theme for a next round
  4. This knowledge makes your work even more impressive!
  5. Amazing! By the way, what is "Anonymous 2.0" you are talking about?
  6. It's not easy to make a proper entry staying at the hospital (nothing really serious and everything is almost fine now). Most minis were from Collodi starter so it was a good idea to paint them in the same color scheme. btw it sounds dangerous to smoke when you made from wood
  7. So we have a mirror here, so it might count as a 5 fo theme, right?
  8. Aaaand submitted! Picking a clever description was so hard this time.
  9. Ok, you want to ruin a party. But kicking cake?! Isn't it too dirty?
  10. Only the hardest thing is left to do: photos!
  11. Guess it's better to stop bother about IP and keep going
  12. Top 10 anime betrayals: the cake was a lie!
  13. Main problem is not judges, scores, etc. It's about lack of communication.
  14. Thank you. Really appreciate your openness.
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