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  1. DarthSlider

    Iron Painter - 2018 Rules & Sign Ups

    I’m in!
  2. DarthSlider

    Femme Fatale 2018 - Results

    It would add an extra level of responsibility then voting, also it could prevent voting from "fake" accounts or make such votes easier to detect and harder to realize.
  3. DarthSlider

    Femme Fatale 2018 - Results

    I think that the voting system similar to the one we had in the first round of Iron painter 2017 could work. So, you rank EVERY work giving point for theme, technique and overall impression.
  4. DarthSlider

    Creature Feature Begins

    Beast Within is 100% humanoid monster...
  5. DarthSlider

    Creature Feature Begins

    A bit of info in case someone wonders what to paint: Poltergeist - Nay Stitched together - Nay Ashes and Dust - Yay Teddy- Yay Lord Chompy Bits - Yay Anything beast-like (nix/shroedingers cat, malifaux rat/cat, cat princess/rat king, rogue necromancy) - Yay
  6. DarthSlider

    Worst thing i ever assembled

    Sadly translucent was the only option for Curiosity box then I ordered it during black Friday. Somehow it's even 5$ extra for translucent compared to usual version.
  7. DarthSlider

    Worst thing i ever assembled

    Finally found some time to assemble translucent Curiosity Killed Cat starter. Millions of little pieces and my eyes started to feel pain because of translucent effect. Assembling it is real torture.
  8. DarthSlider

    Novice tournament, need help.

    @Adran, thanks! I also have Hannah, forget to add to her to the list. Also it’s legal to play unpainted minis so it’s possible to use whatever starter i have. I could even buy something if it would greatly improve my team. Another question, i saw quite a lot neverborn players registered to this event. Is it good idea to use Tarlir against them? Also is it legal to change your crew setup between games?
  9. Hello, guys. I'm planning to participate in novice tournament and I need help making a crew. It has special deckbuilding rules: Any starter + 2 any boxes (except Emissaries). I never played real malifaux games with my own crew, but I have some minis for painting purpose, so I want to ask you to help me make a crew. Here is a list of mini I have: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HKRyI6FUQcpNcLuBnhignfw6b7qjiZ0q6KaUnzLivEo/edit?usp=sharing It would be really cool to use Hired Swords starter because it's the only one that painted for now, but playing good by a novice pilot is a top priority. Any upgrades except wave 5 are usable, 35SS limit. Thanks in advance!
  10. DarthSlider

    Iron Painter - Final Results & Prizes

    @Octavus Congratulations! Well deserved win! @Annanas Congratulations! It's not a shame to lose to a winner Also your hand (no pun intended) was awesome! I also hope that I start next IP more prepared. Now I know how to make dioramas and there to get parts for it, also my chemistry knowledge (oh god, i hate polymer resins so much) is greatly improved. So, good work everyone! It was a pleasure (through pain sometimes) and honor to participate!
  11. DarthSlider

    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Five Announcement

    Wow, thanks. I'm glad you like my work!
  12. DarthSlider

    Tracking A Tyrant

    This hand is just wow. Where did you get it?
  13. DarthSlider

    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Five Announcement

    There are rules of this event and peoples in eliminated still share prize pool with rest of bronze winners. Prizes are not a reason to participate, but it would be unfair to people in bronze who spent time and resources for themed works in case if someone from elims, who was even out of theme would win some prizes.
  14. DarthSlider

    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Five Announcement

    There are so many works in the eliminated gallery which completely off topic. There is even work named "When you are eliminated and can post anything.jpeg". Is "EASY WAY OUT" rule even working? Also, I saw a bunch of works during rounds where was just multiple models. Is "MULTIPLE MODELS THAT ARE NOT SET IN A SCENE OR DIORAMA WILL RESULT IN A DISQUALIFICATION!! " rule working?