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Found 16 results

  1. From the album: A Rogues Gallery

  2. Is it possible that this ability is missing two crucial clarifications? 'Torment: At the end of this model's Activation, if it damaged an enemy model with an Attached Upgrade, it may draw a card.' First: When does the damaged enemy model need an Attached Upgrade? When the damage is suffered or when this Ability resolves? Second: Isn't the Ability missing a 'during this activation' phrase? As I read it, a model with Torment could damage an enemy with an Attached Upgrade in Turn 1 and would never have to do it again, because from now on it can always say 'I still damaged that enemy in Turn 1.'
  3. Really feeling Jack Daw as being my next main master and was just wondering what areas of focus Jack can present. After pouring over his rules and that of other tormented I see the he has the utility to go for a terror build, movement and repositioning focus or possibly a denial type of play - I was really wondering a few things... - Is it wise to take all three of his curses, leaving only 2 slots for his other upgrades? - what seems to be the best approach to using jack; or what would you consider a beginner approach to Jacking it with opponents. - The C7, Nurses and Drowned seem obvious but what Tormented would be best for jack to pull from other factions? Any feedback would be welcome
  4. So the Crossroads 7 are finally available and its totally legal to run them as a standalone crew... further they can declare any faction which is a great mind game for prospective opponents. The question is how many people have tried running them in a 50 point game as a stand-alone crew and what were your experiences? I have a game coming up shortly so i'll most likely share my experiences but i'm apprehensive to believe they will be as effective as a properly constructed 50 point crew. Thinking of ganging up on models with 2-3 models at a time to utilise their annoying aura's (keeping in mind pride and wrath's double edged sword aura abilities of course). Anyways I look forward to peoples feedback if any. Awgh I can't wait to use these new characters!!!! Note: Not sure which faction to post on since they are multi-factional -- although wrath is NB so thought i'd start here. apologies if this upsets anyone.
  5. Fetid Strumpet


    My take on the Crossroads Seven. This is the first display base/diorama I've build, and I think it came out well. I tried to challenge myself with this piece. I'm normally not very good with freehand, and so every sin has a tribal tattoo representing iconography relating to the particular sin they represent. Greed has a frog tattoo on her thigh. Sloth has a goat tattoo on his shoulder, Envy has a wolf's paw painted on the side of his organ. Wrath has a lion's head on his chest. Lust has a snake on her back. Pride has a peacock feather on his arm. Gluttony has a pig's head painted on his drum. Gluttony is also covered in bone tattoos to more fully match the artwork. Lust also has freehand painted stripped stockings. I'm particularly happy with how Lust and Gluttony turned out. Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated.

    © 2015

  6. I've played few games with Mister J, but a thought came to my mind: Where does Jack Daw and tormented posse shine at? I like his stories and the fact that he got promoted into master, this of course means I'll be getting his box no matter what people say. What are the schemes and strategies that benefit him or which ones he can ruin for his opponent? For example, what could this list play with(if there is anything). 50 point Scrap Jack Daw -- 4 Pool +Drowing Injustice [0] +Firing Squad Injustice [0] +Guillotine Injustice [0] +Twist and Turn [2] +Writhing Torment [2] Lady Ligeia [4] Bishop [10] Montresor [9] +Fearful Whispers [1] +The Creeping Terror [1] The Guilty [5] The Guilty [5] The Hanged [9] Mainly I prefer to have jack with everything that is injust, but that is only personal thing. Bishop got stuck in here because he is an generally great guy and capable of playing rough. And The Hanged is to frighten little children just in case. No Nurses made in to this party unfortunately.(McMourning had them working extra hours) But generally speaking, What are JD's strongest points?
  7. So while I am starting to come to grips with this pretty funny game, I feel I understand the basics of both the game and some of the masters (have mainly played Leveticus so far) but.... Jack Daw, what is his game, so to speak, i really like his style but am not sure what to bring or how to play him. What does he excel at? What missions does he like? I'd like to keep it in theme at first (unless realy strong suggestions to do otherwise) so mainly tormented models as base. So the current stable of tormented models are: Jack Daw Lady Ligeia Montressor Jaakuna Ubume The Guilty The Drowned The Hanged Crooked Man Nurse Papa Loco (Think thats all of them) I will try my hand at Jack probably next game, so any usefull insights i might glean from that will be reported here
  8. Hello there! I thought it would be nice to share my Tormented Crew with you all. So far it has given me great times playing it, and I both love the theme and the models I had to proxy for it, although I cannot wait to buy the official models once they show up! Well, here they are! http://s261.photobucket.com/user/Sezareo/library/Malifaux/Los%20Atormentados%20de%20Malifaux Family Shots: Jack Daw: Jack, Ligeia, Montresor & Hangeds: Ama no Zako & Lady Ligeia: Lady Ligeia: Montresor & Hangeds: Jaakuna Ubume & Drowneds: Daw is the official one from first edition, and I painted it several years ago, as well as the Hangeds. Montresor is the Carver, the limited edition model Wyrd sold last year. Lady Ligeia is "Nocturna, Princess of Night" from http://www.nocturnamodels.com, an antonishing model, although I didn't make her any justice with my painting... well, after all, injustice is the theme for the Crew, isn't it? Hope you like them!
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