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Found 13 results

  1. There has been some discussion about Jack Daw on the forum and in my LGS (mostly thanks to me🙃) lately so I am gonna put what I learned about the crew playing about 10 - 15 games in m3e With him. I have a few games in with Tormented in Henchman Hardcore in as well and Montressor is quite good there but it is not what I will focus on here. Lets start with the one and only: Jack daw Df: 5, Wp: 7, Mv: 5, Sz: 2 Pretty average statline, the Wp 7 is nice but nothing special for a master. Undying and Injustice: At only 6 Wounds, Jack is the master in M3E with the lowest woundc
  2. I have found an interaction with a javk daw crew i was running a few days ago and am wondering how it works: if i use the dead outlaws collier revolver on my own guilty and cheat in the drop it trigger, counting the guilty as a enemy model for the action, which side will the sceme marker belong to. From a fluff perspective, it doesn't make much sense that it is an enemy sceme marker, but if it is, then i can use this combo to move the dead outlaw 8 inches turn 1 (shoot, push 3 charge, shoot again, get a prospector into base contact with the marker, double interact with both markers and gain 3
  3. Gloomy

    The Drowned

    From the album: A Rogues Gallery

  4. Is it possible that this ability is missing two crucial clarifications? 'Torment: At the end of this model's Activation, if it damaged an enemy model with an Attached Upgrade, it may draw a card.' First: When does the damaged enemy model need an Attached Upgrade? When the damage is suffered or when this Ability resolves? Second: Isn't the Ability missing a 'during this activation' phrase? As I read it, a model with Torment could damage an enemy with an Attached Upgrade in Turn 1 and would never have to do it again, because from now on it can always say 'I still damaged that
  5. Fetid Strumpet


    My take on the Crossroads Seven. This is the first display base/diorama I've build, and I think it came out well. I tried to challenge myself with this piece. I'm normally not very good with freehand, and so every sin has a tribal tattoo representing iconography relating to the particular sin they represent. Greed has a frog tattoo on her thigh. Sloth has a goat tattoo on his shoulder, Envy has a wolf's paw painted on the side of his organ. Wrath has a lion's head on his chest. Lust has a snake on her back. Pride has a peacock feather on his arm. Gluttony has a pig's head painted on his drum.

    © 2015

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