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Found 16 results

  1. hi fellow ressers, i finally start painting my pirate molly crew, and it's amazing. but i know nothing about molly crew. i heard ar'rrr'chie was a must-take but then it was nerfed. so, after the update, is there any change in molly's tactics and strategies? crew members, and etc. is appreciated thank you so much
  2. Newish player here! Coming from Warhammer via Infinity and for some time now, playing Malifaux with a few friends - for whom I also paint stuff. Feel free to comment and criticise - I'm always happy to find ways to become a better painter First off: Ressers - the McMourning starter, painted for a friend.
  3. Does Hans ability to ignore markers that affect LOS ignore the carrion emissary or any other model that creates markers that are blocking terrain?
  4. Hey y'all, unfortunatelly my friend screwed up our GenCon order and FORGOT to order my Reva box. I'm super bumed out and now try to get it somehow from somewehere. I was looking forward to play her so badly! So if anyone of you has her box and is willing to give her away, please say so
  5. Finally got around to trying to work out Nicodem. I'm going to try and share what I learn along the way http://abnormalifaux.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/hes-re-animator-twisted-re-animator.html
  6. I was going to suggest this to my fiance as a cake topper, She said No.
  7. From the album: PeeJays mixed models

    Modded, with a slot in 30mm base in the 50mm, so I can play him as either Nicodem as master or Carrion Emissary
  8. A few weeks back my good friend bowchickawowers introduced me to Through the Breach, and I was instantly hooked. She is Fatemastering for the very first time, and I am playing my very first Fated: Miss Charlotte Mae Hawthrone. This thread will chronicle Charlotte's experience, primarily in the form of select correspondence sent back and forth through the breach. Since such things can easily be intercepted by Guild officials and others with prying eyes, many of the letters include secret messages written in arcane script which I will transcribe (in italics) at the end of each letter. Still,
  9. I havent seen many photos of this model, heres mine. She will have a place in my Kirai crew (obviously) and Seamus said she could come along too so they could share some serial killing stories over tea and biscuits. I painted the base using dark green and blotches of medium blue and then built up 3 layers of pva glue to create my water/swamp effect. The leaves are from gw basing range. Personally she is now one of my favourite models and she has come out exactly as I had hoped for.
  10. I like the ability, because it seems like a nice way of getting a charge for 0 AP. I've read a lot about using a Rotten Belle's Lure spell to get off No Escape. One post I read was talking about using it on a model, and then luring them within 6" so it goes off. As I understand, that wouldn't work, because they would have to already be within 6" for it to target them in the first place. What I really want to know, is when does No Escape actually go off? Is it as soon as the targeted model would start to move (but before it has actually moved), is it after they move, or is it any time th
  11. hey all been awhile since i have been on these forums. going to try and frequent them more now that i am working on my malifaux again. my ressers are pretty much done for now just need to finish the new flesh construct, but i thought i would share my finished bette conversion. i finished her awhile ago now but just have not gotten around to post pics. well here she is! heres a link the conversion work http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?20134-New-to-these-parts/page5&highlight= cheers all, hope to start a log for my victorias next .
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