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  1. Okay - I know it's red and grey... but in 1e it was red coats with grey sash / affectations. But since 2E it's looked more like grey coats with red sash / affectation. Is there some sort of ranking system that the colors represent?
  2. So I've been gearing up for a small game, digging deep on the setting and the rules, when one of my future players asked me how big Malifaux City is in comparison to other US "football" cities. I had no idea how to answer. I recognize as a Fatemaster I could make it as big or small as I wish. But to me, stories around Reva make it appear that Rotenberg night be as significant as "North Brooklyn" or "Oakland" - something more than a couple blocks but not. Thoughts?
  3. Sorry to resurrect this old post, but how would Bishop's Adaptive ability be affected by Nether Fluctuations? I recently had a Friekorps Librarian in melee with him. The argument was the ability says Bishop gets to allow the chosen suit to the final dual - not to the Ca, Sh or Ml stat. So Nether Fluctuations didn't apply. It seemed like a sound argument.
  4. Well something tells me it's not the Bayou Bash.
  5. Ran into this in a game last night. Disengaging Strike on a model with Terrifying prompts a horror duel. Does a disengaging Strike on Insidious Madness prompt psychosis?
  6. Hey guys, so I finally got a chance to try the crew out. I tried a combo of some of the suggestions made here - but the main one being take Nekima: Nekima + 1K faces Candy Baby Kade Terror Tot So my opponent surprised me by not taking Guild... but Neverborn... with Nekima. Neverborn with Nekima+FGF, 2 young neph Serena Bowman So it was Nekima vs. Nekima I won init but had terrible cards - a single eight and the rest were 3 or below. So I made a risky move and tried to lure opposing Nekima twice w/ Kade so Candy's Sweets bubble would prevent her from attacking first. But it backfired. I only got one Lure off, not the 2nd, which set-up opposing Nek to charge my Nek - taking her out round 1. Candy and the Terror Tot did some damage to Nekima - while the opposing crew closed in. I thought it was going to end with my conceding the win by end of round two. But I won init and surprisingly enough, a few good cards had Candy taking out Nekima. By mid round three, three models were standing - Baby K with 5 wds, Candy with 5 wds, and opposing Serena untouched. It ended in a tie - two rounds of it being Serena stuck in a Candy Sweets bubble - scoring me two points. Bottom line - Candy is a lot tougher than I thought. And a Nekima vs Nekima fight is quick.
  7. Thank you everyone for the great suggestions. Many ideas here that I may glean this and that from. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!
  8. So in a week or two I'm going to be going into a HH game with a few friends. I full expect I'm going to be facing the Jury (ecch) and an Executioner. I'm not looking forward facing 6 DF / 6WP, a 2" range and min 3 damage. I was thinking of using Candy with Widow Weaver to lower WP but that's such a squishy crew I can't imagine lasting long. Any suggestions?
  9. Got it. Thanks guys. Was looking in all the wrong places...
  10. So whenever I play up against Guild, I am always staring down the Brutal Emissary. Last game, I decided to have Zoraida Obey the BE to cast Back in the Box on himself. I argued this effectively put him out of the game... but I need a check on this. This was my argument - going thru the ability description after I won the Obey and the Cast flips: - "Target non-Leader model is buried..." (BE is buried and leaves play). - "...Unbury the target model in Base contact with this model..." (model is currently buried - so model isn't in play) - "...or any scheme marker in LOS ..." (while buried he doesn't have LOS to anything) - "...when this model leaves play." (again model is currently buried - so model isn't in play) The BE's Back inn the Box ability is different than the Death Marshall's Pine Box - because Pine Box has specific timing rules about unburying. Specifically it says "target model is unburied with this model before this model is removed from play." The BE does't have that clause on the end. So that effectively take thes BE out for the game. It's not easy - you need two flips to pull it off. So two questions: 1) am I missing something or mis-interpreting something? 2) what would happen if someone was already in the box when the BE was Obeyed to use it on itself? Frugalbar
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