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Found 19 results

  1. The mighty Quinn has found someone worthy of his powerful stare, the question is, who will blink first? My first try at OSL, not too bad if I say so myself.
  2. My submission for the OSL Iron Painter competition, it was very cool and different to paint to a deadline and I hope you all like it.
  3. Gnome mage using her staff as a conduit to harness aetherial power.
  4. My entry for the Iron Painter 2016 Round 1 - Pretty in pink. A succubus from Reaper Minis
  5. My entry for Iron Painter 2016 Round 1 - Pretty in pink "Strumpet"
  6. The room was scratch built, all the furniture as well, parquette flooring was placed plank by plank and all the pictures (as well as the bed cover) are freehands. And I don't mind telling you I don't want to paint another Hello Kitty or My Little Pony picture ever again Anyway, I hope you like my take on the theme. Feel free to critique and comment :)
  7. Views of the Gunsmith front, back and the two sides. Hard to see details of the heart tattoo on her tummy and the tally markers on her left arm unless zooming in. Made the base using good old green-stuff. All the best, Ade
  8. Iron Painter Round 1 Entry - Pretty in Pink - Ork boy
  9. Nepenthaceae Malifauxecai One of the newest members of the carniverous plant species; found to be exclusively native to the world of Malifaux. These plants lure their prey using shiny gold objects attached to the opening of their intestinal tract. While distracted the prey is ensnared and then slowly disolved alive in digestive juices deep within the bowels of the plant. High resolution available here: https://poormansterr.../img_7247-0.jpg

    © Dhampir 2015

  10. It is not every day we find a gold vein in these hills. No need to tell the boss man what we found.
  11. Someone needs to entertain the children; keep them out of trouble.
  12. Old Ulix has recruited some help around town and rounded up some buckets of gold paint to help keep Penelope from those that would would take his golden piglet!
  13. "A promise of riches would be their demise, then throughout their undeath unto their surprise." With this round I really wanted to really push myself to get as much unfinished miniatures/terrain done as possible (which also required me to scratch build the base for them all, in the end). I tried to go for a dynamic display - before/after kind of deal with plenty of atmosphere to sell the theme but as to not take away from a focus on the miniatures themselves. Let me know what you think - any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks for looking. (Also, please check out my WIP Thread for more

    © SEG 2015

  14. What's more precious in Malifaux than someone nice to be with? What's more foolish than to end up with a terrifying spider in a dress? Had a lot of road blocks trying to get this done, but it's to a level I can live with.

    © - Dr. What

  15. “She used to say that he had a heart of gold…”
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