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  1. Dear friends! It is time for another (16th annual) Agram Arena Summer Tournament! We are well in the second half of the second decade of organizing Arena events and this year's Agram Arena Summer is going to be held over a record three weekends: 07.07.2018. International Star Wars X-Wing Regionals Tournament 14-15.07.2018. International Malifaux Tournament + Hobby and miniature painting competition Black Queen + demo/open gaming (14.7. Infinity & LOTR/Hobbit SBG and 15.7. Flames of War & Warmachine)! 21.07.2018. LEGEN Invitational Location: MS "Cvjetni trg", Miskecov prol
  2. thanks guys for the comments and yeah, that's the final chapter of the poor Wanderer
  3. great entry! good luck mate, and may the best painter win
  4. My take on the Snowpocalypse theme. Miniature (bust) is the Wanderer by FER Miniatures. The base was scratchbuilt using (mostly) natural elements like slate and twigs/roots. hope you like it and as always, feel free to leave a comment and/or critique Happy New Year :)
  5. Love it. simple and effective! Gotta find where I put my Wanderer bust and put some love into it... (probably after round 5 ) good luck!
  6. Love the pissed off piggy in the bathtub good luck!
  7. LOL thanks. believe me, I had every intention of giving this the full 2 weeks. Unfortunately, real life stepped in
  8. We've all been there. Poor kid Anyway, I hope you like my entry and as always, feel free to comment and/or critique
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