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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all! I recently picked up Serena Bowman and had a rules question regarding her 'Always comes back around' ability. It states 'if this model is killed or sacrificed, at the end of the turn, summon Serena Bowman' How does this interact with conditions that deal damage at the end of the turn. Eg. Serena dies of burning. Does she A. Summon back immediately B. come back at the end of the NEXT turn Or the unlikely C. Not come back.
  2. Certain schemes requires you to note one or more models, for example Take prisoner, Take one for the team, Vendetta and Public demonstration from GG18. How do these work with those rare models which have abilities that summon themselves? For example, Ferdinand Vogel can sacrifice himself to summon The Beast Within, and The Beast Within can then sacrifice itself to summon Ferdinand Vogel. Or Serena Bowman, who is summoned in your deploment zone at the end of every turn in which she is killed or sacrificed. The way I interpret this is that the summoned model is technically a new, different model with the same name and would therefore not be the model that was noted down. So, for example, if Serena Bownman is the "sucker" in Take one for the team and is killed on turn 2 by a cheaper enemy model, the Neverborn player would score 1 VP. The fact that a new Serena is summoned does not prevent this. If she is later killed again on turn 4 by the enemy Master, no additional points are scored, since this is a different Serena Bowman. Do you agree with this interpretation?
  3. I came upon an interesting quandary the other night when playing my Lilith crew against a Seamus crew. I had a mature Nephilim 2.5" away from my opponents Valedictorian who had popped My Little Helper, meaning that i had to be in 3" to target her for anything. Serena Bowman was 8" away from this encounter, but she can use the Mature Nephilim to take range and los for her Black Blood Tendrils attack. So is she able to bypass My Little Helper because she's using the Nephilim for range and los, or because she is more than 3" away she isn't able to? Also how would this work with other auras such as Barbaros' Challenge? would you take take the model she's casting from or her as the model targeting? For example, if an opponents Barbaros was stood next to another model of his and my terror tot but Serena was 10" away. Serena would be able to target the tot but would she then be able to target the opponents model or would she have to target Barbaros?
  4. I had a question on the interactions between Serena Bowman's "The things I've seen..." ability, and how it'd work in a certain scenario. I'm looking at using it on either Lelu or Lilitu in a Dreamer crew, as they are both nightmares fitting the move's basic requirements. The issue I see though is that they both already have the black blood ability. Does this cause the move to technically fail? Can the condition over write, but technically do nothing still being a success? The reason I'm asking is because the trigger to cast it on a non nightmare target is "on success". I can see this as being one of the reasons that there was originally both an ability and a condition known as "black blood" before. Maybe the moves should have been errata'd and the capable of being overlapped, but redundant condition/ability situation be left intact for something like this.
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