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Found 17 results

  1. the sheer size of the model has been a concern of mine, even compared to its base its massive. Is he even meant to be played in real games?
  2. Im sure this has been answered but the few Forum answers i found for the hungering darkness attack were confusing to me. I'm new and just starting in Malifaux and have the Jakob lynch box and need layman explanation's. The few questions I have are about hungering darkness and his "Heed My Voice" attack. 1. Can I use "Heed My Voice" to use an enemy models (1) ap attack to attack his OWN crew and teammates? (I.E. I cast "Heed My Voice" on a enemy GREMLIN minion and use his attack to turn around and shoot his own crews GREMLIN master.) 2. After using "Heed My Voice" on an enemy model that HAS NOT yet activated that turn, will the enemy model lose 1ap when it activates because I forced him to waste it? 3. If I lure an enemy living model BEFORE it activates using "Heed My Voice" into a "Terrifying" aura from my Illuminated or my Hungering Darkness then will that model have to take that Horror Duel? AND if so and fails causing Paralysis will that model be paralyzed and not get its activation for that turn? Sorry if these dumb questions but I am new and still trying to learn. think that's all I got. Please try and explain in simple terms if possible. Thank you for the help!!
  3. So I've been considering making a TT crew with Huggy for an upcoming local HH tournament. I have the 3 models pretty much locked in, but can't decide on the final slot for 8 points. This is my 'core' at the moment: Hungering Darkness + Hidden Agenda Oiran - 5 Illuminated - 7 For the 8 point slot I have the following 4 options (based on the miniatures I own): Samurai (which favor to take? I'm leaning towards Earth) Lone Swordsman Yin the Penangalan Mr. Graves What would be your pick?
  4. I put greenstuff over the weird face mask thing, and am going to be putting an eye of Sauron looking thing there instead. I'd guess I've got another few day's work to put into shading and highlighting. Work done so far is airbrushing with black primer, then grey zenithal, and then painting in some details and smoothing it all out with a coat of Badger Minitaire Ghost Tint Oil Discharge (dark purple ink) I just wanted to show off how insanely huge this model is. He's also going to be my chaos spawn model for 40K if anything goes horribly awry for one of my chaos champions.
  5. Incorporeal description states: Now, if my comprehension of English language doesn't fail me, "reduce all damage by half" means I have to subtract half damage from the damage total. Since manual states that all roundings are made rounding up to the next integer, this means that 5 damages become 2. (5/2=2.5, rounded up to 3, 5-3=2). So 1 damage becomes zero. So, in the end, an Incorporeal model would always take half damage rounded down. The only way this could not be (beside my eventual lack of comprehension of the language) is if in case of multiple math operations, rounding has to be made at the very last, once all operations are resolved. But the manual seems to state otherwise. Small rulebook, page 20, inside the "math" box: So, since it clearly states that is the result of the division to be rounded up, my interpretation above seems correct. What bugs me is that this may not be what the authors intended. So, am I correctly interpreting the rule or am I stretching it ?
  6. Hi, i had been playing for about a month and half now. Enjoying the game a lot. I play neverborn, but i feel like i had been missplaying some stuff, and i wanted to see if you guys can clear it for me. Pandora's Fading memory push: - I had been using it with self loathing and self harm. Is it a correct interpretation of the requirement as an oppossed Wp duel, or has to be pandora the one using her willpower for it work, therefore only working with incites and when "defending" from opponent's actions ? Ok just saw this and learned how misery really works... i feel so dirty now : Dreamer and hungering darkness "buried": - I had been using it as i can activate it after coming back with the (0) from Lord chompy bits or in Huggy's case, after i manage to unbury him with rising sun. I haven't found anywhere why i can't use it, since it says removed from play. But in dreamer's case is the one that had me thinking it can't work that way, since i could chain spawn lord chompys ad infinitum with tantrum. I checked the FAQs, the rulebook, etc, and i had been unable to find an answer. So the question is, does a model that has been activated before being buried, keep counting as activated after being unburied ? Cheers and thank you in advance for the responses. By the way, loving the game, cheers to the Wyrd's staff.
  7. When starting to think what will I do for this theme, I had some ideas, but then I remembered one story from Storm of Shadows Malifaux book and got inspiration from it. The diorama shows an inventor who after receiving brilliance from Honeypot Casino created a machine that opens portals into different dimensions. Being strongly filled with brilliance after several visits at Honeypot, from the opened portal comes the Hungering Darkness to feed on him.
  8. Situation: Huggy is buried, Jakob is equipped with The Rising Sun upgrade. Jakob activates and use Hold Out Pistol to shoot an enemy with few wounds remaining and NO Brilliance characteristic. Assuming the following: the attack is successful, the damage is enough to kill the enemy model, Jakob is within 6" of said model, the duel total of Jakob include a (to trigger Coated Bullet). The enemy model would die AND gain the Brilliance characteristic due to Coated Bullet trigger. Which happens first? This is relevant because to unbury Huggy a model with the Brilliance characteristic must be killed within 6" from Jakob.
  9. I have a campaign starting at my lgs and would like input as to viability. I'm unsure about if I will allow masters from the onset, but assuming I dont, I was trying to think of a henchman who synergizes very well with the theme of a crew even without the master. Which led me to Huggy Would a Jakob Lynch themed list work in a campaign without Lynch?
  10. Hi everyone, long time no see... ^^ I've crossed the breach along the Lynch crew, but never really loved Huggy's model, so never painted it. Now, while painting another figure for another game, I got inspired on how to paint it. Here's the result (still a wip, but I'm quite pleased). But I have now to ask suggestions for teeth: I plan to make eyes pale green, very pale. They're now painted in Vallejo Verdigris. I plan to wash them with green ink then hilight them with verdigris up to white. What about making teeth the same? After all Huggy it is an unnatural creature, plus I really don't see standard painted teeth (bone + brown wash + higlight back to bone or white) as fitting with my scheme. Any opinion or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. The Hungering Darkness is a Totem, which are normally, Insignificant; however, he is not. Can he receive upgrades? If so, does he suffer from the limit of two upgrades, like a Master or Henchman? Or does he count as a Minion, able to gain any number of upgrades? [So far, we've played that he can get upgrades, and, let me tell you, HD with From the Shadows (due to 10T's Infiltrate) and Spirit is kinda potent.​] ----------------------------------- All weapons?! Or just Melee weapons? [I'd hate to see a sniper or a pigapult gain poison 2 on ranged weapons.] ------------------------------- Can Henchmen lead crews in Campaigns? If so, does their usual cap of their Henchman pool affect their total stones for the entire campaign, or can they use the Increase Soulstone Pool rule to go up the the 8ss total as well? [We're seeing a definite disadvantage to VonSchill only having his 4ss every game.]
  12. Here's my conversion of the Hungering Darkness. I've mounted him in a block of modelling putty on his back and placed Illuminated #1 in his mouth to make it look like he's being eaten from above and below. I had to cut off the end of Huggy's tail, and I've added a few bits of putty to cover the gaps and add some bells and whistles, plus there's some tentacles coming out of his mouth to provide a firm mount for the Illuminated, but basically it was very simple and I think looks awesome. I hope some of you agree. [ATTACH=CONFIG]11557[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]11558[/ATTACH]
  13. Is Huggy a valid selection for framed for murder? If so does it matter if you bring him back after the fact? Also if you flip the Ace of Masks for intiative does that counted as a 1 or a Red Joker. I had this happen twice in 1 game.
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