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Found 10 results

  1. Simple question here: I've seen a couple of mentions of Blade Rush being used to trigger Black Blood by charging over your own models. Is this correct? My read on it is that Blade Rush is an Ability which causes damage as a side-effect of performing a Charge action, but does not alter the Charge action itself. As such, the damage isn't sourced from an action, and Black Blood wouldn't trigger. The damage is from the Ability, like Demise (Explosive +X).
  2. I had a question on the interactions between Serena Bowman's "The things I've seen..." ability, and how it'd work in a certain scenario. I'm looking at using it on either Lelu or Lilitu in a Dreamer crew, as they are both nightmares fitting the move's basic requirements. The issue I see though is that they both already have the black blood ability. Does this cause the move to technically fail? Can the condition over write, but technically do nothing still being a success? The reason I'm asking is because the trigger to cast it on a non nightmare target is "on success". I can see this as being one of the reasons that there was originally both an ability and a condition known as "black blood" before. Maybe the moves should have been errata'd and the capable of being overlapped, but redundant condition/ability situation be left intact for something like this.
  3. So I'm back to Rezers, how I missed the dead girls... Anyways, I'm planning on focusing all my energy on mastering Molly Squidpiddge, and I think I've been missing a little damage on my opponent. If Molly has the Forgotten Life upgrade on, giving all her horror and belle friends within 6 Black Blood, and she summons said horror or belle model within 6, when it takes the damage from being summoned, does it's black blood kick out a wound of damage to everything within 1, as well as the 1 damage to everything within 3 that fails it's Wp duel? 'Cause causing 2 damage to things while creating a slowed Punk Zombie in their face would be sweet!
  4. I have a crazy question though I think I know the answer. I had a Barbaros take damage from misery for being with in 6 of 2 sorrows and Pandora, all of them where within 1 inch. My opponent claimed that it was 3 different damage sources and that so armor 1 did not matter, which I agree with. They were then horrified when I told him to take 3 damage on each for because of his 3 separate damage occurrence. To which they tried to argue it was only 1 happening of black blood. My response was that each time I am damage I reduce the damage by 1 for armor and I do a one pulse of black blood; so it is either 3 different damage occurrence with 3 black bloods or it is 1 and with 1 black blood and my armor 1 and prevention reduces the total. I am believe it is 3 different damage occurrence with 3 black bloods; but, what do you all think? By the end of Pandora’s turn, she had 8 damage on her from black blood and the sorrows where dead. Sarrows died after the second wp check. Also I love Barbaros as a black blood missile, and yes I sent Barbaros in because he can survive his own hit better than most.
  5. Hi guys Forgive me for my ignorance but at the last event I was at this situation came up Vik of Ash got pulled into combat with Lilith a mature Neph and a young Neph I have 2 wounds left and spend a soulstone to get a and proceed to attack the mature getting the Whirlwind trigger off I take a wound for black blood and choose to attack the young next as part of the trigger would I be killed off before i get to attack Lilith or would i resolve the effects of the trigger first thanks for looking at this the TO ruled in my favour but i just wanted to make sure that i didnt do over my opponent
  6. Collodi attacked my Barbaros with (1) Pull the Strings whose damage track is 0/2/7. Collodi only got minor (0) damage. Would that trigger black blood? I couldn't find any trace of 0 damage in the rules, but because Collodi can use any of the 3 triggers that attack action has at any of the damage levels I believe 0 damage should trigger black blood. Thanks and sorry if this horse has been beat to a few deaths (this is Malifaux after all
  7. So lets say I have a Desolation Engine with 2 wounds left. He makes a melee strike against Kaeris which costs him 1 wound immediately leaving him at 1 wound. Now he hits Kaeris which triggers her flaming armor which does 1 dg to the engine leaving him at 0 Wd. Desolate Engine has Consuming Touch which heals him for 1 Wd for each Wd he inflicts on the defender. Does Desolation Engine just Die without inflicting Dmg even though he hit? Does he go to 0 wds resolve the dmg, resulting in a heal and live to swing again? or some other option.? Pg 44: "A model reduced to 0 Wd will be removed from the game as killed unless an effect that could prevent the Wd or heal the model to 1 or more Wd is applied. Bonus Question: aLeviticus is at 1 Wd and Does Severe dmg to a 1 Wd Lilith. Does the Black Blood Kill aLevi before he can heal because of killing her with Destructive Infusing? Double Bonus: Replace aLeviticus with Desoloation Engine. Does the Desolation Engine get killed before it can heal from Consuming Touch?
  8. black blood from the rising powers book reads "all non-neverborn models within 1" suffer 1 WD when this model suffers damage from a strike or melee spell. My question is, if a Performer's attack (0/0/1 poison2) does weak damage on a terror tot, does it take 1 wd from the attack?
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