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  1. So an interesting situation occurred during my game last night. When Lady Justice kills a model it drops no markers. When the Metal Golem is killed it's demise ability would drop a scrap marker. Does Lady Justice's ability stop the demise ability?
  2. I suspect that we'll see most of the Explorers as dual faction and then maybe 1 or 2 will be mono faction
  3. Dear Wyrd, For years now you have been producing great plastic figures, a few of them require a bit of skill to assemble, but generally you can follow the instructions and look at the renders on the back of the box to get an idea of where everything goes. Until today. The Goryo kit is one of the most frustration kits I've had to assemble to date, and I built the zombie chihuahua whilst full of sugar and caffeine! If you are going to create a kit that is 30 pieces for a single model, please have numerically ordered instructions to avoid incorrect assembly. The instructions for the 1st Goryo says to assemble all 3 spirits and the Goryo and then just, put it together. It looks straight forwards enough. The first two spirits go on just fine, the lower assembly on the Goryo is a little tricky if you assemble it from right to left as the last piece has to slot in between the main body and the other parts you are connecting, I suspect that going the other way would cause no issues at all. However, on the final assembly step, the Goryo is missing it's back sash, which is supposed to go between the tails of the left most spirit, with that piece attached it is incredibly difficult to get the tail up into position under the mask. Even if you did leave off the back sash, the arms are so close to the body and the second tail on the spirit makes it so hard to get the spirit into the correct place without breaking something else, in the end I had to rip off the second tail and then leaver the tail into the groove on the chest with the tip of my knife before reattaching the second tail, which now has melted plastic all around it. The other 2 spirits tab int and lock together, making for a very secure miniature. The third spirit however only connects under the mask, it rests its arm on the other spirit next to it, but there is no indication to glue it to make it more secure. You could have had a ball and socket for it to connect onto, like the second spirit does to the Goryo. I only managed to assemble the one after work and I'm dreading building the other Goryo tomorrow. Yours sincerely, SteampunkCake
  4. You would only draw 1 card from 2 models being his simultaneously as it is once per activation. You can however do it once for each model that has an activation, provided the damaged model is within 6" of Sammy
  5. Similar problem, I was going to use the Reaper Bones Shipwreck Revenant for my Grave Golem for the nightmare Molly crew. I had a similar problem in that it is twice the size of a ht4 model and over hangs the base on all sides. Why can't these awesome models be made in the right scale!
  6. Hey, The list looks solid, however you can't put the Effigy of fate onto the nurse. It has Restricted(effigy) so it can only be attached to a model with the Effigy keyword (ie. Aracane effigy, carrion effigy, mysterious effigy, etc.) I don't think you should focus too much on trying to summon flesh constructs, it's more of an incidental thing that the good doctor can do whilst turning enemy models into corpses. Kentauroi are very good as McMourning can hitch a ride with them and get stuck into combat quicker. McMourning is a strong master and a powerful melee combatant, you want him into your opponent as fast as you can manage. With list building in Malifaux you generally don't want to make a single list and use that for everything, the whole idea of the strategy and schemes pool is that you know what your objectives are (and what your opponent is using) before you construct your list. If you were to play this list in reckoning, for example, the 2 gassers, 2 zombies and the nurse are all easy targets for your opponent's crew to take out and earn points, and if you are clobbering your own corpses you are spending your activation to set up something that a clever opponent could mitigate entirely (corpse marker removal, moving Mcmourning away from the corpses or getting him stuck with a tanky model) Hope this is of some help.
  7. Generally alt models will only be available on the webstore for the duration of the event they are for (nightmare editions and alt figures at gencon). They are usually available to purchase on the webstore on Black Friday for those that missed them the first time.
  8. I know it's not Archie XD I said it would have been a better Archie, rather than a Necromancy. I can't see them doing all the forgotten models like this, what they seem to be doing is a nightmare crew at gencon and then a single box to go with that crew on black friday. Nightmare Colette + Coryphee Nightmare Hamelin + Brother hood of the Rat Nightmare Ulix + Slop Hauler?*
  9. Well Lynch has new art on the 10 Thunders masters page and they previewed a new Hungering Darkness in one of the recent Waldo's articles. Defo getting a new box
  10. It's a cool model, probably would have been better as an alt Archie. It's not very rouge necromancy-ish. I was hoping for a stitched together abomination of sea monsters and zombies. I went ahead and ordered the alt rogue necromancy as I really like that figure, I'll probably just use that.
  11. If I had the technology I would. It's a perfect model, just wish it was smaller. I might try making my own, but that might take some planning and a lot of sculpting and scratch building
  12. Living and undead both drop corpses If something is a spirit then it won't drop a corpse
  13. The base it's feet are apart of is about 90mm across, it dwarfs the 50mm base it would have to sit on. I would never be able to measure from the base. If I were to cut the feet off of it's base then it would have next to no contact with the base and be very unstable.
  14. So my Shipwreck Revenant arrived! I don't think my plan will work... It's twice the height of the Rail golem and it's base is way bigger than 50mm so sadly I can't really use it TT_TT it's so pretty though! I really wish it was smaller, it would have been amazing as a stand in grave golem =( so back to the drawing board sadly.
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