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  1. Also Seduction is great for annoying enemy models. Forcing them to drop their Focus and gain Distracted at 10" is brilliant.
  2. Against crews that specifically deal with Conditions like Kaeris and Colette it is very useful. Even OOK a nurse is a great utility piece, the painkillers having a trigger for every suit is great, able to reposition, focus or shield your models, whilst healing and removing a condition is great especially as a bonus action so she can still walk and scheme, she also lets you pull the top card of the discard pile which is really useful for getting back a severe or the RJ back into hand.
  3. So basically it's just a dead plot line then? Leveticus lost his avatar powers and Zoraida lost the ability to see the threads of fate. So this is a future that won't come to fruition.
  4. First game with McMourning yesterday Vs Marshals. Reckoning, standard deployment. I took: McMourning Chihuahua Sebastian Rafkin Nurse Flesh Construct 2 Kentauroi My Schemes: Assassinate Take Prisoner - one of the death marshals My opponent had: Lady Justice - LLC The Judge - LLC Scales of Justice 2 Death Marshals Exorcist Domedores de Cadaveres Death Marshal Recruiter my opponent's schemes: Assassinate Breakthrough I started my first round by having the chihuahua and Rafkin loading the entire crew (except Sebastian - more on that later) with about 10 poison each. The two death marshals were on each flank and just ran forwards to the centre line. Mistake 1 - I activated the FC and had it barrel straight for the death marshal on my right and hit it for 3 damage. When lady Justice activated at the end of the turn she immediately went and decapitated it. I had the first Kentauroi drag McMourning forwards and then walk off and focus, to threaten the exorcist next turn. The second Kentauroi went to ride with me on the nurse to pull her forwards and failed. So it just went right to back up the FC. Mistake 2 - I left the first Kentauroi in range of the Domedores who command corpsed on it and had it charge at Sebastian, doing 3 damage to him. This is a cascading issue that I only compounded on in turn 2 and 3 Basic turn 1 stuff, move forward + focus. Turn 2 started with Mistake 3 - Sebastian charging at the death marshal with take prisoner and dealing a little damage to him, but engaging him to try and score. I should have waited until later in the turn to attempt this. The Exorcist activated, made Sebastian undead and then proceeded to give him adversary. The death marshal moved forward, stabbed Sebastian and then put him in the pine box. I had the Kentauroi move back over to McMourning and drag him forward before charging the exorcist and engage the death marshal. The other death marshal moved forwards to try and get into my deployment zone for next turn, but the Kentauroi moved in and finished the job the FC started (then pushed back away from LJ). McMourning charged forwards and killed the Exorcist before moving off into the trees for concealment (Mistake 4 - I should have kept Mcmourning back and moved back towards the blocking terrain in the centre). The domadores moved up and started putting injured and some damage onto Mcmourning and then the judge flew forward and started stabbing him. The recruiter started shooting Sebastian Rafkin moved over to support the Kentauroi and then got eviscerated by LJ. End of turn 2: Both scored Reckoning I scored the first point of Take Prisoner 2-1 Turn 3 With Sebastian in the box, the death marshal recruiter continued shooting him. With crit strike his min was 3 and Sebastian was on 2 health (Mistake 5 - I burned my last soulstone to keep Sebastian alive which didn't work as he only prevented 1 of 3. Mistake 6 - I didn't stack Sebastian with any poison other than what he started with, so when he took damage he was only healing 1 a turn rather then the 4-3-2 that the rest of the crew was getting). Mistake 7 - I activated a full health McMourning and tried to attack the Judge. I did 5 damage to him but failed to do anything significant other than give him 3 poison and make him ditch 2 cards to avoid being injured. The Domadores and the Judge proceeded to annihilate Mcmourning. The Chihuahua moved over, healed the severely injured Kentauroi back to full and then ran away. The remaining Death Marshal proceeded to put the other Kentauroi in the box and walk towards my deployment zone. Mistake 8 - The nurse would have been my only hope at saving McMourning, but she was too far away to reach him and thus he died. The Kentauroi failed to get out of the box and the other one engagine LJ pushed out with ride with me, charged, did a point with stampede and did 2 damage, then got Rear up and did another point of damage. Second attack, missed and LJ riposted. LJ then removed the Kentauroi in her activation. Then used leap to get into my deployment zone and drop a scheme marker End of turn 3: Guild scored a second point for reckoning and break through 2-3 Turn 4: At this point I had a buried Kentauroi, a nurse within range of the DMR, the judge, the scales of justice and the domadores, and the chihuahua. The nurse charged into the scales and killed it before healing herself. The judge then cut her down. The Kentauroi broke out of the box, ride with me out of combat with the death marshal, at this point I could either hope not to get put in the box and last 2 turns with LJ still running about, or I could take out a death marshal and deny him break through. I charged into the DM and failed to do much of anything. LJ moved around one of the buildings and removed the chihuahua. The domadores moved up and nuked the Kentauroi. End of turn 4: Guild scored a third point of Reckoning and I scored a second point. 3-4 Turn 5: Marshals tried to score breakthrough but were unable to get the last marker down. End of game: Guild scored a 4th point for Reckoning for wiping out my crew and scored a point for Assassinate. 3-6 First time using McMourning and I made quite a few mistakes. I shouldn't have blocked in all my movement on turn 1, the nurse and rafkin were stuck in the deployment zone without any means of getting further forward. The flesh construct should have gone to back up McMourning and make LJ's job a lot harder rather than hitting a death marshal once. Be wary of models with obey-like abilities when the Kentauroi are around because they can hit like a truck (essentially becoming a min 4 model if they get into B2B). Spread the poison around, the nurse, rafkin and chihuahua really didn't need to have 10 poison and Sebastian was left with the measly 2 he starts on which meant that he died to a few shots whilst in the box.
  5. I completely forget about opportunistic! The Pandora player at my local group basically never uses it outside of stunned. Good point about keeping him out of LOS, Self loathing on himself is a nasty way to get the good doctor into a world of hurt, suddenly ignoring his own defensive tech. It might even be worth it to bring a couple of nurses in that situation and get them to seduce enemy models into getting out of the death bubble or get teddy to attack kade or poltergiest to slap pandora
  6. They aren't terrible WP, it's just they have no tech against WP duels outside of getting into concealment. Nurses can knock off conditions with their painkillers, get rid of burning and distracted with assist which gives them fast as well. If you do end up playing into a control master, like Zoraida, then the best thing to do is send a FC into hit her and just focus and attack every turn as she will stop you from doing multiple attacks with her triggers. Against Pandora you'll want McMourning to start outside of the bubble and idea have Killer Instinct to ignore manipulative and terrifying, then get into pandora and start making a mess of her face. Use the shockwaves from Rafkin to tick away at their crew from range whilst the Kentauroi and FCs run about completing schemes that are away from the kill box. Keep a nurse on hand to remove stunned from the good doctor and to heal him up if things start going poorly for him.
  7. I'm yet to test out McMourning's crew so this is all just theory 'faux at the moment. With Hard to Wound on damn near everything and your ability to heal 5 damage with a bonus action it should be quite difficult to take out a FC in one activation. GST will certainly make it harder to kill, with terrifying eating some cards. But if it's in danger of dying next activation, activating the FC to heal 2 probably won't save it, whereas the chihuahua, McMourning or Sebastian can all use blood poisoning to heal it for 5 (provided you loaded it up with poison early on) and then they still have their full activation to kill and scheme. If you opponent has to waste 2-3 activations a turn to try and kill a FC then they are welcoming a skull saw to the face from the good doctor.
  8. I think Killer Instinct could be useful on McMourning for the ruthless. Grave spirits touch is largely irrelevant as you have perverse metabolism, catalyst, pain killers and blood poisoning to heal with, although if you really need to heal it can be useful, put it onto a Kentauroi or Flesh construct and they suddenly have terrifying, healing when they activate and healing at the end of the turn. The whisper could be useful so you can know when you need to stone/focus and to avoid getting a black joker on your attack that needs to kill something. Also on McMourning it will allow him to draw every time he kills something so not terrible.
  9. So during the avatar stuff in 1e Leveticus had a vision of himself riding into battle with the other 4 horsemen, did that ever come to fruition and where can I find it? Or is it a dead story line like the rest of the avatar stuff?
  10. As there doesn't seem to be a compilation of McMourning Tactics yet I thought I'd make this thread so people can share their tips and tricks for using the Experimental crew, what schemes and strats you would take them into. What models would you recommend using? How would you use them? Is there anything you avoid using? Any combos that you have used to good effect? What does your usual crew composition look like?
  11. What makes you say that? It says on Kirai's page that she returns from Earthside with the knowledge on how to revive Francis. We can assume she was successful, which is why he is now WP 2, a nihilist and living. Being dead for so long has kind of messed up his head I'm guessing. She got him back, but at what cost
  12. I would say yes. It is a marker with a terrain trait, so it counts as terrain, as per page 64. And favourable terrain rule doesn't stipulate that markers do not count.
  13. I wanted to check something about Pandora because I'm not sure one of my friends is using this correctly. Scenario: A model (A) with stunned activates within 4" of Candy and her corrupted innocence activates Does that model gain stunned and trigger misery? Or because it already has stunned it cannot gain it again and does not trigger misery? I looked in the rule book and it just says that models cannot have more than one of the same condition which is why I think that misery doesn't trigger because I cannot gain stunned again.
  14. Black Blood would be after resolving so after the whole action has been resolved. So Mad Dog hits with the burning cigar and gets the trigger. The trigger does a point of damage and pushes the nephilim 3" away. Then Black Blood activates.
  15. I believe this was part of Lucius' orchestration to get Dashel promoted to Guild Guard Captain. Collodi goes off everyone's radar, Lucius stages a scene where Dashel "saves" a bunch of people from the terrifying puppet (mimics can imitate puppets right?) and Dashel gets promoted to a position he neither wants nor cares about, but sits firmly under Lucius' thumb.
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