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  1. I loved all of the Resser stories. Anna reluctantly joining Transmortis, her will against Von Schtook's. And the art work at the end of the story is gorgeous. Kirai is one of my favourite masters so I was eager to see how her story continued after her vigilante story with Molly. Jack Daw continues to be a creepy as ever, and it shines a stark light onto Kirai's emotional state, where the ghost of Malifaux is stalking her and showing up to help her* doesn't even make her bat an eyelid, she remains cold and detached. And the ending definitely explains why Francis is still called the lost love and has a wp of 2. Molly's story has the least impact for me, but it was a nice story. Molly and her band of misfits are always fun to read about, especially when a guardsman shoots Molly and she is just concerned about the bullet holes in her dress. Archie is amusing as ever, but its a story that holds little weight for me. Somehow Phillip has been captured by the guild (off screen as far as I'm aware) and then by the end of the story everything is back to normal. McMourning's cameo at the end is amusing as ever and certainly drew a few chuckles from me.
  2. Seamus doesn't need a corpse marker on turn 1. And if he does, he goes and makes his own. Grant managed to flip RJ for damage with Seamus' Flintlock against me 3 out of 5 turns in our game. Killed Archie, Molly and the Dead Rider.
  3. Can someone confirm for me what happened to Coloddi? I saw someone mention that he's just a head now.
  4. As a wise man once told me, you only have to win your attack duel when you have focus. Unless your opponent has hard to wound (in which case you can stone in a ram in advance for puncture), this will always put you on a straight flip, allowing you to cheat in that moderate/severe damage against a key target. And then you still have 2-3 attacks left to go depending on how close the target was to Valley. With so many opposed flips, you should get a card out of studied opponent. Its all about target selection. If your opponent over extends a squishy model that is 6/5 stones go and murder it, summon an undergrad or a necropunk. If they throw out something more expensive that you can kill with 2 weaks and a moderate/severe go for it, summon a student. Having been on the receiving end of this I can tell you that it hurts, suddenly having Valley drop into your deployment zone and just remove a model on turn 1 and summon a student of viscera in it's place, then have the undergrads come to party and start playing whack-a-mole with your crew.
  5. I have a question about scoring in Claim Jump. Reveal: At the end of the Turn, if there are no enemy models within 3" of the secretly chosen model and the secretly chosen model is within 2" of the centerpoint, you may reveal this Scheme to gain 1 VP. End: At the end of the game, if the secretly chosen model is still in play with half or more of its maximum Health and within 2" of the centerpoint, gain 1 VP. If my chosen model is within 3" of the centerpoint on turn 5, do I score both points? Or do I have to reveal on turn 4?
  6. As he only has the Nephilim Keyword he would only be able to be hired by a master that is either Outcast or a has the Nephilim keyword, and he cannot be hired by Nekima. I think Hamelin is the only Outcast master that lacks an in keyword beat stick, the viks are a whirlwind, Von Schill has hannah, himself and the strong arm, Parker is a gunline, Zipp isn't concerned with killing things, Levi, Jack and Tara all have their own stuff in keyword that works better.
  7. Soulstones are just a resource, they aren't unique* and don't hold any particular significance to any faction, other than they are a valuable commodity and very powerful. There are a couple of unique soulstones however. The Gorgon's Tear is a fist sized soulstone that is in Seamus' possession** and has a strong connection to the grave spirit and resurrected Molly Squidpidge and Seamus. Mortimer has a soulstone that contains Nicodem's soul, but it's just an ordinary soulstone. Colette had an artificial soulstone that was created by Ramos, it was imperfect and had cracks running through it, not sure of it's current status. Out of those three, only the Gorgon's tear is particularly unique, the other two are just standard soulstones. If you are going to the effort to have custom metal coins made, having the faction symbol on them would probably be more significant to your players than a coin with a gem in it.
  8. Ah in that case you are correct, multiple auras with the same name don't stack so that trick doesn't work
  9. They are, which makes the 3 model box a little confusing. They are really good minions, fast, durable, able to hit like a freight train. On the charge, if they can end in base contact they essentially become a min 4 damage beater, with a trigger to do a further 2 damage to everything around them. And then they can ride with me out of combat and charge in again.
  10. I'm not sure I get what you are saying? A model can be affected by multiple auras at a time, just not multiples of the same aura. Are you referring to the the smuggled soulstones aura on the Mechanical dove? I think you are thinking of this paragraph in the rules: Auras are not cumulative. If a model would be affected by multiple Auras of the same name (i.e., if the Aura would change its game state in some way), then it is only affected by one such Aura of its controller’s choice. Smuggled Soulstones and Recharge Soulstone are different named auras so they both apply
  11. Auras are not cumulative with Auras of the same name. So Recharge Soulstone triggers when a model within 3" is killed, you get a soulstone. So you kill a dove within 3" for the suit on presto changeo, you draw a card due to demise and get a soulstone back due to recharge soulstone and then you get the summoned dove from the trigger. so net you are gaining a soulstone, but that requires an AP from Colette and a dove to be within 3". The rest of the card is pretty much irrelevant on Colette, she doesn't want to be on the board for long and definitely doesn't want to be stuck in the middle of a big scrum to absorb SS from dying models. You would be better off just taking the 2 SS and leaving the upgrade.
  12. Also Seduction is great for annoying enemy models. Forcing them to drop their Focus and gain Distracted at 10" is brilliant.
  13. Against crews that specifically deal with Conditions like Kaeris and Colette it is very useful. Even OOK a nurse is a great utility piece, the painkillers having a trigger for every suit is great, able to reposition, focus or shield your models, whilst healing and removing a condition is great especially as a bonus action so she can still walk and scheme, she also lets you pull the top card of the discard pile which is really useful for getting back a severe or the RJ back into hand.
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