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  1. Mike Wallace

    Mike Asks Questions

    Depends on how much VP I can rake in.
  2. Mike Wallace

    Mike Asks Questions

    I came up with some homebrew rules, allowing for small amounts of customization. I want my Fated to feel like a Crew, so I'm encouraging them to get some subordinates to fill in that kind of roster.
  3. Mike Wallace

    Mike Asks Questions

    I'm starting a thread because no one wants my questions filling up the forum. Can Subordinate Characters advance? If so, in what way, and what the the limits of their advancement, since they are not Fated?
  4. Mike Wallace

    Surgical Instruments and Weapon Mods

    I am the Fatemaster. /manic laughter I feel that I should agree, because the Doctor's Kit itself isn't used for the attack, it's just necessary to have one to use the attacks given by the Sawbones. But imagine a doctor walking in with a nickle-plated leather bag, with a gigantic syringe and then blasts a guy with the bag's sewn-in shotgun like he's El Mariachi with his guitar case. He'd be the John Wick of house calls.
  5. I've got a Sawbones character (Under Quarantine, pg. 118) who just got the Surgical Instruments talent. Can he give his Doctor's Skill Kit weapon mods? Maybe a brutal scalpel? Sew a grapeshot gun into the material?
  6. Mike Wallace

    Reshuffling Twist Decks

    Hey guys, I've just started FM'ing a game with a few players and a question came up that I couldn't find a definitive answer for. If a player has a max hand of 5 cards in his control hand, and is allowed to draw a card, but his Twist deck is empty, does he just reshuffle his discard pile into a new Twist deck, or does he shuffle his hand and his discard pile? I'm assuming that he only has to reshuffle his discard pile into a new Twist deck?
  7. Mike Wallace

    So long! Have fun ...

    Best of luck, Kai! May the Black Joker find himself at the bottom of your deck!
  8. Mike Wallace

    Wyrd Chronicles Vol. 38

    That cover art is adorable.
  9. Mike Wallace

    Waldo's Weekly - Youko Hamasaki Reveal

    And the Ressers have a kimono-wearing woman in Kirai.
  10. Mike Wallace

    Waldo's Weekly - Youko Hamasaki Reveal

    Hoffman: "How did you blackmail my robot?" Youko: "He's got a thing for opium. And call-girls." /sinister smile I love Malifaux.
  11. Mike Wallace

    My First Game

    Brought DCR to my Monday game night and convinced the guys to crack it open. We started out with three players, but brought in a fourth when he showed up late. We had a few hiccups (like accidentally putting West Challenges in the South Region) but we managed to pull it together and I was elected to jump into Darkness, after scoring the Moon's Blessing and some other key items. It was a narrow race, because the Sun had already moved about half-way down Darkness' body when I got inside, and one of my companions failed a Challenge, resulting in 6-7 Corruption Tokens getting destroyed to move the Sun an equal number of steps. We were literally 1 step away from losing the Sun to the Rattle when my companions moved me two spaces and I completed the final challenge. 10/10 great game, but definitely not one that you play casually until everyone at the table is aware of the rules.
  12. Mike Wallace

    Monday Preview - Undercover Agent

    McCabe will be shocked when his horse splits in half and runs in two separate directions.
  13. Mike Wallace

    Favourite Malifaux Stories

    One of my personal favorites is "The Dead Man's Ball" by Christopher Gorham. I love his depiction of the Resurrectionist faction as less of a cult or organization, and more like a vastly extended family of powerful yet jaded aristocrats, who will happily welcome anyone who proves to be part of the family, but are otherwise content to scheme and plot and rave against one another.
  14. Mike Wallace

    Monday Preview - Newsies

    All the news that's [Guild approved] to print!