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  1. CustardBomb

    Zorida in Gremlins

    Hi! I never realy played zorida in 2nd ed (mostly because her crew box was exclusively neverborn) but I am keen to give her a try now! Anyone have experience running her I'm a gremlins list in M3E (though with keyword hiring I guess the faction is slightly less signifigsnt) On an off topic i am playing around with a fun idea for a mctavish leader list using silurids and gators
  2. CustardBomb

    Brewmaster clarification: Alcohol+Blood Poisoning

    I'm keenntok hear how a construct based brewmaster crew would go. Should like it could be a fun list! The bonus heal is quite powerful. Especialy since its prevalent throughout the whole crew with no real downside (except on Brewie where you have to pick between healing and blood poisoning) Overall I rarely found that the moon shinobi would survive the turn against an enemy of some effort was put in. I think they will crumble under a focus fire style of play. Especialy without the masks to slip out of range.
  3. CustardBomb

    Unbalanced Free Totem thaughts? (Dreamer?!?)

    That's a good take on it I will make sure to keep an eye on it through that lense while I do some tests both against and as the dreamer.
  4. Hi all. How are people feeling about the totems being free? I can imagine it results in a great deal of game imbalance at certain points. The spesific example that inspired this is a game I had against the Dreamer as Ulix. A free lord chomps bits certainly outweighs a free Penelope. And I dont feel that the dreamer was particularly week enough to justify the strength of his totem since they are both free now and both on the field simultaneously. Any other examples of this? Or ideas to fix it? Other then just making totems cost points again.
  5. CustardBomb

    The Hungry Void Upgrade missing?

    Sweet thanks i had noticed a lot of other summoning upgrades like Sommers came with added abilities (Such as insigifigant) So wanted to check
  6. CustardBomb

    The Hungry Void Upgrade missing?

    Hi all, Anyone know what 'The Hungry Void' upgrade does? or is it simply a limit on the number of things tara can summon with no additional affects like the other summon upgrades? In the files it only says
  7. CustardBomb

    Brewmaster clarification: Alcohol+Blood Poisoning

    Will make sure to test popcorn on monday!
  8. CustardBomb

    Made To Kill: Triggers on Summons

    Brilliant! Glad to hear it!
  9. CustardBomb

    Made To Kill: Triggers on Summons

    Pretty strait forward question here. Does an Alps 'Made to Kill" ability trigger on the place that results from unburying from summoned. Meaning that unburying an alp deals 1 automatic damage from Bad Dreams followed by a free attack.
  10. CustardBomb

    Grammar/Spelling Thread

    Typo on page 15 of main rulebook: Under Blocked line of sight it says Lilith when it should say pandora.
  11. CustardBomb

    Brewmaster clarification: Alcohol+Blood Poisoning

    Also poisoning your own crew doesn't directly benefit them but it does allow Brewy to lure more easily. I was playing reconnoiter with corner deployment, Using Brewy I was able to lure two moon shinobi up to the middle, and then easily claim 2 markers plus my deployment marker turn one! Massively put the opponent off balance, like any good drink I found the best way to play Brewy is to find the core of your opponents crew or strategy, and then pull it out of position and remove it. Put your opponent in a position where they are playing damage control and cleanup. If they are busy with that you can normally achieve your objectives in the background. Lure and Obey triggers like fingers are GREAT for this. Hoping to get a few games in in the coming weeks with Brewy, will try write up a battle report for them if I get the time!
  12. CustardBomb

    Brewmaster clarification: Alcohol+Blood Poisoning

    Thanks for the tips! I will make sure to try him out in my next game. Got a match vs outcasts on Sunday and archaists on Monday! Might bring Brewy to both! I would agree that hes a little overpriced for the utility I got out of him (He mostly just stayed alive while trying to score take prisoner) But I will keep an eye on him and come back with any revelations on the subject! I agree with the others here. Think of it as a setup and then a punish. The first few turns spread poison. And then you can wreck key parts of your opponents crew with ease. Having a lure with a stat of 8 is incredibly powerful. Play the edge of the combat area and pull out key models. Lure them forwards, poison them up, and finish them with blood poisoning, If anything comes after you, slip away with squeal or push them back with 'Your Drunk Go home' Hes very good at picking his own fights. And once poison is on there its a fight your going to win. New poison mechanics make mass applying poison more valid to, since you actualy get more damage on investment.
  13. Sorry if this has already been sorted somewhere else but I couldn't find it, nor a ruling in the main book. Are healing flips for actions like 'Welding Torch' and 'Heavy Wrench', which are both attacks that heal under specific circumstances, suffer from accuracy modifiers. EG. Sparks uses his Heavy Wrench to repair the Whiskey Golem. The Wiskey golem relents. Does sparks sufferon the healing flip? Since it is a relented attack action?
  14. CustardBomb

    Brewmaster clarification: Alcohol+Blood Poisoning

    I absolutely agree. Ulix is in a good spot right now to but the amount that brewmaster can disrupt an opposing crew and punish them is intense. In the game last night I was able to lure Hoffman out of safety twice. Got his poison up to 12 at one point and just punish him though the armor. I think his crew is soft under pressure but Thats a good balancing act compared to there potential output of damage and conditions (Easy access to stagered and stun on the moon shinobi was very helpful)
  15. CustardBomb

    Brewmaster clarification: Alcohol+Blood Poisoning

    Sadly I have only done a crew box game with brewy so far! (I got a bunch of my friends into Mali with the third edition coming out) I absolutely LOVED the moon shinobi now, So far they are definitely my favorite of the gremlins crews I play (Ulix, Sommer, Zipp, Brewy) Popcorn looks like a lot of fun. And still seems to fulfill a similar role to what he did in 2nd ed and provide a second core for a brew master crew to work around. Whiskey Gamin look even better as scheme runners now, though they can't provide there own poison. I think the golem is in a good place. I always felt its 'end the activation' defensive trigger was a bit powerful, especially with the high TN and willpower debuffs prevalent in the crew, so I am ok seeing that go. Seems like a good beater overall though slower since nimble isn't a thing anymore. Overall I think its in a good place. I honestly don't know how to approach fingers anymore. A lot of this is hang over from 2nd ed but without reckless he feels seriously slow and his lack of don't mind me stings a little, especially with that rule being present on minions now (such as Sabotures from Archanists). I imagine hes likely to fulfill a different role now. I just haven't worked out what that role is, and when I would take him over popcorn. Especially since Chatty is a lot weaker now to. Have you had good experiences with fingers? I would love to hear your thoughts on his M3E itteration.