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  1. Just seeking some clarification to how Obeys Etc interact with Turf War. My understanding is since a model remains friendly to its own crew under an Obey like effect the following is true. 1. Friendly model obeys enemy model. Enemy model cannot interact with an Turf marker to flip it back to neutral, nor to flip a neutral to friendly. 2. Friendly model obeys enemy model to kill a different enemy model. No Turf markers are flipped as a result of this. These assumptions are based of the following wording int turf war. 'A model can take an Interact action targeting a strategy marker in base contact with it to change its alignment from enemy to neutral or from neutral to friendly' 'When a friendly model kills and enemy model, it can change one strategy marker in the same table quarter as the killed model from enemy to neutral.'
  2. Hi all! Working on upgrading my Bayou board to meet the new 40-50% terrain coverage standards for gaining grounds. Curious what kind of distribution between terrain types you all tend to like? As an aid this is where I am currently sitting. So far thinking some Concealing non Dense terrain. And some more small blocking. Perhaps a small amount of Hazardous terrain? Posion plants or something? Curious to hear what you all look for in a balanced board!
  3. Keeping a Pathfinder or 2 within 6' of Basse can help a lot. After your dust disappears you can then move Basse 4 inches after initiative. Either moving out of range, breaking line of sight, or getting to a position to trigger Favorable terrain if your not already. Combined with his push he can be incredibly hard to pin down with the right support.
  4. Could be a new sniper master? Or 2nd frontier henchmen for basse.
  5. As in is he an new explorers master. Or a frontier model for basse.
  6. Finaly got a preview! What's everybody's theories on the new guy? New master? Or possibly a new frontier model?
  7. Hi all! We have a ruled query which came up talking about a game which is going down tonight. Perditas 'Finger on the Trigger' ability reads. Gunfighter Reads: The debate is if Perdita is engaged (Either prematurely or because Perdita herself has been charged.) can she still take the Shoot actions as a result of finger on the trigger. The interpretations we could come up with are as follows. 1. She can still take the actions freely at the full range. Since they are part of the aura not a shoot (Unlikley since the shoot action still needs to be declared and you can't normaly declare shoot actions while engaged) 2. Perdita can still declare the action but must use Gunfighter to limit the range to 1 inch. 3. Gunfighter changes the to a and therefore one Perdita is engaged she cannot use Finger on the Trigger anymore since they are no longer actions. Thanks for your help! And if there are any rules references to support any intepretations I would love to get the page ref for them.
  8. Hi all! Was hoping to get the forums take on the interaction between the new Plant Explosives condition where you cant place an explosive on your own side of the board. The confusion comes from the fact that Nellie's aura makes the enemy model friendly. Does this also change whoch side of the board that model considers friendly?
  9. Hi all! I was wondering if Wyrd had talked at all about boxing the contents of the 2e starter set for 3e? Its next to impossible to find the 2e starter set for sale and I would love to get my hands on the Asylum Keyword.
  10. I love Austringers for it. Easy to use the bird to score and plenty of AP to run/hide while still contributing to the game with the Bird.
  11. Brilliant! Thankyou very much.
  12. Hi all! New guild player here and I have some interaction questions with some of the Journalist abilities which I hope you can all help with! 1. On the 'Exclusive Interview' ability can you choose to allow the opponent to interact under their own control instead of taking control of it yourself? 2. When Controlling an interact through 'Exclusive Interview' it says it is treated as a friendly model. Does this stop 'Breaking News' and 'Chasing a Story' from triggering when you are controlling an enemy models interact. 3. With 'Headlines Secrets Exposed' Trigger, It says the enemy MUST take an interact action. I assume this means it must be a successful use of the interact. EG. If the enemy is base to base with one of their own scheme markers (And cannot place a new one as it is within 4 Inches.) Do they have to choose to remove a marker instead since it is the only legal option? or can they simply declare that they are dropping a marker and then failing the action? Thanks all! Had my first game with her yesterday and just trying to sort out some questions which came up!
  13. I have just finished painting the last of the currently available models for Basse and Mcabes keywords! My goal is to now keep up with all new explorers releases as they come out. I will be taking the faction to a local tournament soon!
  14. I have a question regarding the Rake the Eyes trigger. "Choose a Suit. Target must reveal the top three cards of their Fate deck and discard any cards of the named suit. Place the remaining cards on top of the fate deck in any order" My question pertains to the 2nd half of the trigger. Mainly which player gets to order the cards? And following on. Are both players aware of the order when they are placed on the top of the deck?
  15. Both me and my opponent had an issue at seperate times when running a game via the app. When trying to view cars in our crew through the game menu not the crew menu we would only get this screen. Restarting the app and rejoining the game does not help. In a separate instance I was not able to record HP loss on the app. After applying the damage a few seconds later the app would refill the health to full.
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