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  1. Tri chi is phenomal for symbols of authority. Whiskey gamin are incredible scheme runners If you set up the posion engine correctly (i nromaly have 9 poison on both of them turn one) and almost everybmodel in the crew has a 2 inch engsgment range. Which allows them to deny interact actions very easily.
  2. Hi all! Got a pretty simple question. When a shockwave is centered on a model does that model need to take the shockwave duel? Examples include the pigapults full load and wongs ability to centre shockwaves on friendly models. According to the rulebook all shockwaves are pulses and therfore do not affect the model they are centered on. But it also says any model touched by the marker are affected. But would love a more accurate reference.
  3. I have had a great deal of success with Mcabe and Luna in a Basse Crew. Fast is great on Pathfinders. Getting basse into position gets a lot better aswell.
  4. Yeah? Going off. I recon the lady could be different. But the other two both have lion pelts, both have guns and both have skinning knives. Theres lots fo examples of multiple minions models having more different armaments with the same stats. (Torakage come to mind) The lady I can see being henchmen or totem. Hoping Henchmen over totem honestly.
  5. Seems like a safe bet! The three in the back look like minions to me. They all are armed similarly (Assuming the woman has a knife somewhere else on her model) and all have a pelt which seems to much in common for them to be diferent enforcers/henchmen?
  6. Wow that is a lot! 😮 thanks for all your help! Cant wait for the podcast episode to drop! Does the Criers obey get around the no interact on the turn you are summoned rule? I have had several opponents call me out there so was under the impression it didnt work. Gonna try him again in the coming weeks and see what I can manage!
  7. Hi all! I have been having a great deal of trouble with Sommer. I have had about 5 games with him so far and have not once felt like I was doing well or having fun. Now this just might be a play style difference but I realy do want to make the Big Hat man himself work! So what do you look for in a strat scheme pool to play Sommer into. I always feel like I have a different master I would rather take? What are some situations you look for that Sommer can take advantage of? What factions does he work into? Whatever it is if you have some Sommer knowledge I would love to here it!
  8. Looks like hes not in black friday whoever he is ;_;
  9. Just seeking some clarification to how Obeys Etc interact with Turf War. My understanding is since a model remains friendly to its own crew under an Obey like effect the following is true. 1. Friendly model obeys enemy model. Enemy model cannot interact with an Turf marker to flip it back to neutral, nor to flip a neutral to friendly. 2. Friendly model obeys enemy model to kill a different enemy model. No Turf markers are flipped as a result of this. These assumptions are based of the following wording int turf war. 'A model can take an Interact action targeting a strategy marker in base contact with it to change its alignment from enemy to neutral or from neutral to friendly' 'When a friendly model kills and enemy model, it can change one strategy marker in the same table quarter as the killed model from enemy to neutral.'
  10. Hi all! Working on upgrading my Bayou board to meet the new 40-50% terrain coverage standards for gaining grounds. Curious what kind of distribution between terrain types you all tend to like? As an aid this is where I am currently sitting. So far thinking some Concealing non Dense terrain. And some more small blocking. Perhaps a small amount of Hazardous terrain? Posion plants or something? Curious to hear what you all look for in a balanced board!
  11. Keeping a Pathfinder or 2 within 6' of Basse can help a lot. After your dust disappears you can then move Basse 4 inches after initiative. Either moving out of range, breaking line of sight, or getting to a position to trigger Favorable terrain if your not already. Combined with his push he can be incredibly hard to pin down with the right support.
  12. Could be a new sniper master? Or 2nd frontier henchmen for basse.
  13. As in is he an new explorers master. Or a frontier model for basse.
  14. Finaly got a preview! What's everybody's theories on the new guy? New master? Or possibly a new frontier model?
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