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  1. There is a generic rule in the rule book (sorry i dont have it on me right now to find a pg reference) which states that no damage reduction can reduce damage to 0. Unless otherwise specified. Off the top of my head. Shielded, Soulstones and Incorporeal can reduce damage to 0. In regards to the other point damage resuction happens before damage is suffered. So ifbyou did reduce damage to 0 you would not get a glowy token.
  2. Ended up using First Mate, Iron Skeeter, Gracie, Gator Gracie used ride with me to give the first mate a bump of extra speed turn one which realy gave me a lot of options. Won all 3 games and placed 1st overall! Thanks for all the tips and tricks!
  3. Does the rams trigger still generate a blast when targeting a feiendly model? Pg 30 of the rule book 'Attack actikns which target friendly models do not generate blasts' Or does it get aroubd this since its a trigger not a base effect if the action.
  4. Thanks all for the tips! Got a HH tommorow! Will let you all know how it goes!
  5. I thaught JuJu was 10. Interesting. I will check him out!
  6. Saddly JuJu doesnt fit. I only have one stone spare sfter the slang. I am looking into Gracie to replace the slang shes a lot slower but is far more threatening. Plus is a tougher vendetta target.
  7. Thats the construction for the origional crew. First mate can leap, walk and place a bomb. The Iron Skeeter can fly with me the gator. Then walk 7 then drop a bomb. The gator can then amvush 3 inches, walk and place and bomb. The grootslang is the variable at the momment. It cant place turn one and isnt a huge beater.
  8. Thats one heck of a list! Bayou gremlin scoring vendetta is rough though! Or are we giving up on that one (Edit: Just looked up Vendetta and I did not realise your leader can take it if the enemy has a 9 or 10 Point model)
  9. Looking into a potential crew of Trixsibelle 2x Rooster Riders 1 Soulstone Minor. 3 Stones remaining aswell!
  10. Hi all! Wondering what crews or leaders your all looking at for Hechmen Hardcore Events. With the Scheme and Strat pool locked it makes for some interesting crew building. My first instincts lead me to the First Mate as the best selection but are there any good options which have escaped my attention. My standard list is First Mate Iron Skeeter Gator Grootslang. (Not sure on this guy, love the model but limited use in Hency other then delivering markers to the flanks and harassing people. (1 Soul Stone Remaining) The List can easily put 3 explosives down on the first turn if necessary. Curious what everybody else is running!
  11. Inferiority Complex + Wiskey Golem is incredible. Nimble combines relay well with stagger. Twelve Cups of Coffee + Gremlin Crier or Twelve Cups of Coffee on Hog Whisperer. Both are key support models who need there AP and have to keep up with fast crews. (I normally hire one crier with Coffee and send them down a flank with both skeeters, that little unit can normally handle a scheme by itself.) Rooster Riders + Inferiority Complex are solid to.
  12. Hi all! So a debate came up in a game today weather the 'After Resolving' timing on an ability follows the same timing as the 'After Resolving' affect on a trigger. The rule book specifies on pg 60 that. on pg 70 its specifies under ability timing under Trigger no Ability timing on pg 48 it reads So the point of contention is weather Abilities must obey the same timing as triggers. Therefore if a model with an "After Resolving an Opposed Duel" trigger dies during the effects step of the duel does its ability either. A. Not Function, Abilities with timing obey the same timing as triggers therefore the model is dead. B. Function, Abilities are not triggers and therefore an After Resolving ability still functions even if the model is killed. C. After resolving an opposed duel is a step which happens before the damage is applied, and therefore the ability will function sequentially before the model suffers damage and is killed. If option A is the case a rules reference which specifies in particular to use the same timing as triggers would be appreciated. Thanks all!
  13. Hi all! Has anyone used Two Gremlins in a Ghillie Suit on Lenny to allow him to Toss Georgy and Olaf Into possition thanks to the +1 Size? I only got my Gencon order recently so I have my first Big Hat game this afternoon! Thinking of other possible combos already (Hiring the Whiskey google into Big hat and using lenny to throw it 10 inches into the middle of the enemy crew anyone?) So what do you all think? has anyone had success with Lenny and Ghillie suit yet?
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