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  1. I will try hunt down that post! Any idea which part of the forum it was in? Whoops managed to read over discord. Any chance you could with up the screenshot for me if it's easy to find?
  2. Hey all! A friend of mine pointed out this rulling in the FAQ The query is since this rulling specifies that once per activation effects cannot occur outside of an activation. And the wording of A Por El specifies that it happens 'after this model ends its activation That the action generated from A Por El cannot be concentrate, and cannot use the familey values trigger or any other once per activation effect. I would realy love any input to refute this as it hurts the family keyword a lot but as it stands the rulling seem consistent.
  3. Hi all! Ran into an interesting rules conundrum. If a model holdn the load stone in corrupted idols comes under the effect of an Asylum models 'Restraints: Enemy models engaged by this model with the staggered condition are ignored by their controller for the purpose of schemes and strats' what happens? It's pretty clear that the concerned model cpuld not score at the end of the turn. Nor could it use or be targeted by the stratagy spesific interact. But what happens to the loadstone? Does it remain locked on the model? Or does it move to the nearest model as if that mod
  4. I do much the same. I normaly only use a Small favor on Fiangers once and then walk forward and Lure an enemy in. Then send the Gamin of running.
  5. Hey all! I recently started an experiment which I shared over on FB and thought you all might appreciate here. As the title suggests, I was trying to get as much Poison on my own Brewmaster Crew turn one. I have taken Brewy to multiple events with great success and definitely do not recommend this in an actual competitive game. But as an experiment and challenge I thought it was a lot of fun! I am keen to see if anyone can come up with a way to improve this number or an alternate method! Let me know what you all think! What other excessive stratagys or funny meme strats can you
  6. We ran into a rules debate when Molly used lost knowledge to draw 2 cards gpi ng over the maximum hand size. After the action resolves Molly's player is obligated to discard down to the maximum hand size. Does this sound as Molly discarding the card (thereby triggering Fading) or not? We could see both interpretations from this wording in the rulebook under the control hand section. (Pg13 in the app) But could find no other ruling.
  7. Thanks all! It seems like a grey are that realy needs correcting XD I have asked my local henchmen who TOs our regular events and he plays it as grave diggers/mourners can use mindless zombies/candles as scheme markers. So will be running it that way.
  8. Hi all! New Resser player here and apologise if this topic has been covered somewhere else but I couldn't find it! I was curious about the interactions between Mindless Zombies and Corpse Candles (Which are insignificant) counting as corpse markers for the abilities and actions of friendly models. And Grave Diggers and Mourners both can count Corpse Markers as Scheme Markers. So Does the presence of Insignificant prevent them being used as Scheme Markers at the end of the game?
  9. Tri chi is phenomal for symbols of authority. Whiskey gamin are incredible scheme runners If you set up the posion engine correctly (i nromaly have 9 poison on both of them turn one) and almost everybmodel in the crew has a 2 inch engsgment range. Which allows them to deny interact actions very easily.
  10. Hi all! Got a pretty simple question. When a shockwave is centered on a model does that model need to take the shockwave duel? Examples include the pigapults full load and wongs ability to centre shockwaves on friendly models. According to the rulebook all shockwaves are pulses and therfore do not affect the model they are centered on. But it also says any model touched by the marker are affected. But would love a more accurate reference.
  11. I have had a great deal of success with Mcabe and Luna in a Basse Crew. Fast is great on Pathfinders. Getting basse into position gets a lot better aswell.
  12. Yeah? Going off. I recon the lady could be different. But the other two both have lion pelts, both have guns and both have skinning knives. Theres lots fo examples of multiple minions models having more different armaments with the same stats. (Torakage come to mind) The lady I can see being henchmen or totem. Hoping Henchmen over totem honestly.
  13. Seems like a safe bet! The three in the back look like minions to me. They all are armed similarly (Assuming the woman has a knife somewhere else on her model) and all have a pelt which seems to much in common for them to be diferent enforcers/henchmen?
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