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  1. Getting back into the game after taking almost all of 2nd off. I played Ressers/Outcast/Neverborn in 1.5 (in that order). But since Tara and Yan Lo are currently nowhere to be found, I've decided to play Titania while I wait for the other two masters to get new boxes. Down to business. With PullMyFinger disappearing (Side question. What the heck? Where did it go?) I don't know where to get a proper rundown of how to use her and her crew. So, my question is two-fold: 1) What sort of crew should I be building? 2) How does her crew work together? A casual read tells me that she
  2. Thanks! I don't have any models for his crew currently, and most of them seem hard to find. Do you think it would be worth playing the Neverborn crews I have while waiting for his new box? Any word when it will come out?
  3. Hi everyone. I'm coming back to Malifaux after taking almost all of 2nd edition off and was wondering what I should buy to play Yan Lo. Is Yan Lo playable as a Resser? I prefer Ressers to Ten Thunders as a faction. Thanks for your advice.
  4. Oh goodness. Just take my money already.
  5. I had the same issue. However, it seems that the head fits better when angled so she is looking slightly to the left.
  6. You folks are magic. A brief look indicated that Schemes and Stones is a podcast, is that correct?
  7. I'm coming back into Malifaux after almost two years away and have landed in Neverborn as my primary faction. I've got the Rule Book, a deck, and $300 to spend. My interest in masters (in order) is: Lilith, Titania, Collodi, Dreamer, Pandora, Lynch, Zoraida, Lucius. I don't really want more than three masters to start but they don't have to be the first three on the list. Build me a buy list pretty please
  8. After a long time away I've been considering entering the breach once more. For this adventure I'm considering delving into the world of the Arcanists as that was the one faction (outside of gremlins) that I didn't play. A bit of history. My first foray into Malifaux saw me playing all the Resser masters, with a focus on Nico and summoning. Got Kirai as soon as she landed and terrorized people like any good evil banshee should. At the time I had also picked up the Viks, Von Shill and Hamelin. After a brief flirtation with the Guild (if 6 months of tourney play can be considered flirtation)
  9. Yeah, creating angles, spreading myself out and other things like that. Hamelin doesn't need to worry about rat creation so much as generally by that time your opponent has bigger problems then trying to kill rats.
  10. I love Hamelin in Reckonning. I run him with Taylor, Friekorps Libby, Convict Gunslingers, Trappers, Killjoy and the like. I take no rats and only summon Stolen when I am feeling pretty safe to turn them into Rat Kings. Then I use Obey/Pipes to smash my opponent into oblivion while holding the center of the board. I do try and play the denial game (eating scheme markers) and try to get my own schemes, but mostly I focus on winning the team fight. When Make Them Suffer is on the board I tend to run a more standard Hamelin list and work to avoid allowing my opponent to kill my models. Things
  11. Hamelin is, without a doubt a tough master to take down. Between summoning and bleeding disease he can really bog down your crew. The key is remembering that he is, at heart, a control master. The key (as has been mentioned) to disrupting his plan is to force him into reactive action. If you let him build up over a couple turns he'll put a hurting on you but if you can disrupt that game plan early then he is much easier to take down. Things I am worried about when I run Hamelin: Heavy healing Slow (or paralyzed) Condition removal Anyone who can kill models on turn 1 or 2 Really, what you
  12. Nice to hear your thoughts Drool_bucket. I agree that Hamelin isn't a very sexy master, but is pretty strong due to most of his strong plays being ones that win games. However, I have to agree that he isn't very exciting to play against. I've been toying with some ideas and would like to start trying to find an "exciting" style that also works well. I'm thinking that 1 Stolen and a couple Lost + non-theme Outcasts should be pretty solid.
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