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  1. Caver Ramos

    Zipp in OC

    You need it to carry mancha roja in Bayou, that's why I don't like Mancha un Outcast Zipp. He brings killing power but is seriously hampered for mobility in an alpha strike crew. "No flips just fists" is the motto of a professional tag team called The revival. It's a response to the criticism that wrestling is becoming "Flippy shit". Which means a spectacle mostly based on flips, gimmicks and spectacle instead of phisical aggression and technique. The revival is looking to bring wrestling back to its root as a spectacle based on technique and holds instead of gimmicks. Zipps crew is to me similar in spirit. It doesn't have any overly gimmicky mechanic or tricks for big plays that care to much about order of activation. Outcast Zipp is more about a consistent blitzing of the opponent's through movement and killing power. No flips, no spectacle, just a fist pounding you and looting your valuables like a true pirate
  2. Caver Ramos

    Zipp in OC

    Zipp in outcasts is downright unfair, I love him very much and have used him in very high profile matches to great success. Outcasts can take adavantage of every trick in the zipp back in a way bayou really cant. IMHO Zipp main obstacle is his lack of genuine killer models outside of mancha roja who has the problem of being size 3 in a crew where being size 2 is a godsend. Outcasts provide Zipp with a lot of high octane size 2 killer models that can take full advantage of the things the captain brings to the table. What does the captain bring to the table? What is the trump card of the nefarious pirate? The IRON SKEETERS. Iron skeeters in outcasts are the best utility model in the game, since they provide outcasts with a scheme runner that can also offer true keyword independent support and is easy to use and abuse. Outcasts have a wealth of murder machimes that have one glaring flaw, utter and complete lack of mobility. Lets look at johan for example, he is a one man wrecking ball, that moves slower than dirt, well not any more, with iron skeeter taxi and smokescreen agency johan can reach the frontlines mostly unscated and deliver ungodly ammounts of pain to anybody, which is great. We are talking about giving johan a reusable 7 inches boost in mobility here, something that according to malifaux is worth at least 2 soulstones. And that is without considering how utterly broken skeeters are as scheme runners. Look at bishop, another murder machine with a huge issue called 0" engagement range accompanied with average mobility, with an iron skeeter that stops being a problem. As bishops suddenly gets a 12" charge range that can bring 3 attacks to anything you need murdered. Granted, you have to pay 10 points for him but he is amazing once you can get him into melee in a fast and safe way. Another murder machine is the midnight stalker, who can easily reach the opponent half of the board on turn one and be a permanent thorn on your oponnents side from then on with 3 ap and leap for a murder machine that is also a scheme runner. The last and most important model i see zipp having a great ammount of sinergy with is Rusty Alice, a murder machine on his own right that can and should become godlike with zipp. See ideally ale should be played as an executioner turret, using his 3 pseudo ap on removing targets from the boards and nothing else. This means alyce should never ever waste actions in moving, and that you should have an Iron skeeter taxi and smokescreen agency parked around her from turn 1 to take her to wherever she needs to be, particularly if you find any birds nest like location in the map(an elevated piece of terrain with a little line of sights restrictions). Park Alyce there with a hand stacked of ravens and under certain circunstances it could be GG. This is where alyce fits better in zipps crew than in even her own. Zipp and all of his crew have showboating. Which means you can provide alyce with 3 ravens and a discarding for shoot card without actually taxing your hand in any serious way. This obvioulsy means that alyce should be the last model to activate in a crew, but if you pull the 3 raven offensive off you are talking about probably removing 3 models a turn(a third of most crews a turn) and you could realistically pull that off once or twice per game. Which is bananas, combined with every other murder machine you have we are talking about tabling your oponent while having spare turns to score unoposed. Also Zipp himself is no slouch either in combat, i have used him to great succes as a solo piece in a parker barrows crew once, He broke my oponents center almost by himself while also scoring claim jump. And this is the great part, with Zipp you can focus on murdering AND scheming at the same time without being less effective in either one as a result. Since Zipp has acces for free to Earl Burns, the most broken scheme runner in the game when next to an iron skeeter. The idea of having 3 3 AP models roaming the board from turn 2 onwards, plus a murder machine in the backfield taking potshots with regenerating hand and flying is just psichologically breaking to your oponent as well demoralizing him wins you games for sure. Bayou cannot provide him with this tools for the jobs. Overall I approach outcast zipp in the same way Al Davis(RIP) thought about football"We dont focus on getting first downs, we focus on scoring touchdowns with the vertical pass". With zipp I dont focus on scoring one or two schemes. I focus on utterly dominating the battlefield by applying high octane pression and aggression first with bishop, alyce and the stalker to murder my enemy and while they are getting massacred burns goes sillently scoring schems without nobody noticing the pesky totem. And the best part is, Zipp is not really a centerpiece in this crew, he is more of a free 3 AP model you get. As much as this sound super megalomaniacal, i do think outcast Zipp is the best master in the faction and one of the best in the game, that is super straightforward and fun to play. With Zipp you enter the "No flips just fists" portion of malifaux in a way that is very taxing to counter for an opponent.
  3. I just dont get Von Schill, on the outside he looks like a nice guy, whose scientific pursuits lead him to start practicing necromancy, ala mcmourning. I just dont see him being as blatantly evil as his student...
  4. Sonnia is the second greatest asshole in the guild, amd yeah poker night was worst than what he did to Ramos or the witchings
  5. Yeah right because in her short story we clearly had indications that Reva is planning a massive human sacrifice of something nefarious
  6. You are getting Reva all wrong she doesn't make them give up on life, she just helps suffering people have an easier transition to the other life, reducing their pain and helping them. When it comes to her powers yes, she has the power to instill devotion in his people but if you look at her deeds, her noble deeds also help Inspire the people too. She provided hope to the humble people of Malifaux and hope can inspire as much devotion as any magic. I think the legality of a characters deeds shouldn't really be a measuring stick for their morality. When the Law is created by the Guild being a a good person is probably ilegal.
  7. You know what, I would actually like to read where it says that Ulix raises pigs mainly to use them as murder machines. In his backstory the guy does literally every single thing a good guy does. First we get a text about how he respects his dog so much that even though she could use her as a mount he would never humiliate her like that. Then he gets a golden pig and Ulix at no point thinks about the monetary gain having such an animal would bring. He is instead happy to see that Goldie is welcomed by her brothers. Then when People come to take Goldie away he does not kill anybody while defending her. Instead relying on his wits. And also, he is able to make all other gremlins in his community value the life of Goldie more than her gold, which is a trait of heroes. I just don't see how he could be a bad guy
  8. Justo because Ulix raises some pigs to use as defenders of his herd he is now a bad guy? Asami is definitely not a bad person, in her story she is willing to suffer tremendous pain in order to save the innocent both physically and emotionally
  9. Hoffman should be on the list, but im afraid of how the death of ryle might affect his morality, I know nothing about basse. And yes i absolutely forgot that kirai is fighting against prostitution rings in malifaux. It is amazing how ressers have both the most morally righteous and most morally repugnant characters in the entire game
  10. I know malifaux is supposed to be a game where most characters are either morally grey or darker than black, but if you were to consider some guys the good guys in this world, who would you consider to fill that mostly scarce position. Here is my opinion on who are the most morally correct masters in Malifaux, per faction, in no particular order Bayou Ulix: there is literally nothing wrong about ulix, the guy is very smart and cunning but there doesnt seem to be malice in his cunning, his particular story makes a pretty great effort in showing him as a caring person that values life above anything else and his dignified treatment of animals make him one of the most simpathetic characters in malifaux IMHO Ophelia: Besides stealing Perdita's hat, Ophelia has been mainly a force of good in the bayou, trying to organize gremlins into a cohesive force that can stand against the humans and their invasion, she doesnt seem to be mean or malicious in any of her appearences and seems to be a great role model for female gremlins Brewmaster: this man is literally an example of a heel face turn done well. He started of as a villain, planning to use gremlins as meatshields in some nefarious ten thunders plan, but overtime he has grown to love his kin and now fights for their freedom against the powers that enslaved him so long ago Zoraida: This one is rather controversial, but Zoraidas en game is getting rid of the tirants, who are clearly the big bad of the setting, so his actions fall in the means justify the ends category. Also she doesnt seem to be particularly mean towards gremlins, sometimes even looking tender and endearing towards them. Overall in a rather twisted way i think Zoraida is probably the big good of the story. Arcanists Toni Ironsides: The president is probably one of the better human characters in the setting, sure, she let the best inventor in malifaux rot in prison, but just as zoraida her actions fall in the means justify the end category, which is a pretty understandable category to qualify as good in this setting. Also she does seem to care about the union workers and we dont really see her do anything wrong or criminal in her stories. Mei Feng: Mei Feng is a seriously weird character, on one hadn her fluff implies that she does care a lot about her workers and tries to give them a human treatment, on the other hand in her stories she is seen torturing and extorting workers on more than one ocation. But lets give mei the benefit of the doubt and say that the takanakas are the ones behind all this torturing and that she is forced to do it Ten thunders Asami: Asami is one of the saddest characters in malifaux alongside with Collodi and Molly. But unlike collodi and much like molly she didn't let the sadness of her life turn her into a bad person. In her story she tries to save the innocent time and time again and actively tries to prevent a great evil from being released into the world, even if it means losing something she values a lot. Overall it is impossible to not feel simpathy for Asami Guild Lady Justice: Lady justice is malifaux answer to batman, she seems to be beloved by the people of Malifaux and we never ever she her doing anything nefarious, all we see her doing is her job with the lowest ammount of civil casualties possible. Overall there isn't much bad to say about lady j Perdita ortega: Another character i can say n othing bad about, she fights nephilin and gremlins without being overly evil about it and seems to care a lot about her family and friends despite not always carrying herself all that well Outcasts Von Schill: A real german, overall he is nowadays fighting for freedom and offering all of malifaux outcasts a possibility to settle down. I dont see him doing anything evil unless it involves his job Resurrectionists Reva: An angel, she fights for the rights of the living AND the dead Molly: She seems to be a zombie that re socializes zombies and tries to help them live in harmony, just like Reva she is an angel
  11. Another master that i have found ,due to being repetedly pummeled by her, to be incredible as a second master is Zoraida, the hag is terrible thanks to her obeys and card drawing abilities. Also her totem is free. Overall zoraida as a second master is very interesting, but i dont know which bayou master would take the most advantage of her abilities
  12. After reading Zipps new fluff page in which it states that Zipp is currently working with Parker to planify the greatest robery in Malifaux history i decided to test how the two would look in the battlefield. I took the following lits to a 50 point Corrupted idols battle vs Rasputina Parker -dr -3 bandidos - Mad Dog -Bishop -Zipp Parker went with the bandidos to fight on one flank, while bishop and zipp went to the other, Mad dog was left in the center to act as a mobile reserve. The results were tremendous. Bishop and zipp pulled first turn charges against a december acolyte and ice dancer and quickly took control of the flank, 3 idols came from that flank and bishop stayed there securing control of said idols. Zipp on the other hand started pulling off flanking maneauvers that took down a blessed of december and a silent one, destroying Raspis center with a couple of chargers and zapper shots. Not only that, he also secured the claim jump point thanks to his insane ability to kill things in close combat. On the other hand parker and his bandidos acted as a self sufficient mobile gunline that had to fight against snowstorm, the wendigo and a soulstone miner. Fight was terribly attrition based, but eventually the barrows pulled the W, though most of the bandidos died. Finally with snowstorm dead, zipp and parker shot raspy to bits to make my oponent concede and take the win. Point is, zipp is incredible as a second master in a scheme pool that requires high mobility and killing power, while his lack of interact is terrible, his sheer killing prowess and movement make him an asset to harass oponents, add to that the fact that he has showboating which is a great ability for hand management AND the fact that parker and dr mitchell both have hand management abilities and you are talking about a team that has a lot of cheating ability. Overall im very happy to know that the fluffy relationship between this two infamous villains works so well crunchwise. And I hope i can have more succes on the team. How are you finding second masters in the current outcast meta?
  13. Am I the only one that thinks that raspi might be an interesting second master for Sandeep? With banasuvas mantra you can have the field full of ice Pilars in no time and then start arcing you way to victory without actually sacrificing the ice gamin
  14. I actually found firebranded to be quite useful, they can work as healers which is great as well as having a decent ranged game with their elemental bolts. Overall I always bring one with magical training. Elijah is a melee beast, the main issue with him is that his movility isn't all that great and it is vital to remenber to put him on fire before attacking. I've also found that kaeris can be a very efficient killer thanks to run and gun. Overall my main issue with this crew has been making sure everybody is burning from turn 1 and not being rosted alive. The fact that most of the models are not inmune to fire damage make this crew a crew pretty much based on risk management, which is not my specialty
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