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Found 6 results

  1. Hi dudes! For long time ago I doen't play Mali, so I'm returning on M3E, in the rulebook says "The new model’s Health is set to the original model’s Health or to its maximum Health whichever is lower If the effect that Replaced the model Heals the new model the new model Heals at this point" So when I have 1 Fire Gamin, and summon 2 more with Sandeep, and with the last Fire Gamin with slow, replace for a Fire Golem, it will be created with slow, 1Ap and ONLY 4 wd? thx in advance.
  2. Following situation. 2 rats are already in play and have focus , two are summoned afterwards. One rat activates, moves twice into position and creates the Rat King. 1. Can the rat king still activate and how many actions does he have left? 2. Does the condition add up or does he get the highest value (so only one focus)? Thanks in advance.
  3. I have a rules question about what happens when you replace one model with two and two models with one and blight tokens. Let's take the Coryphee Duet as the example, if the duet has 3 blight tokens, then splits up - then only one of the Coryphee gets the blight Then when they recombine, the blight tokens only get transferred back if it is the Coryphee with the blight that gets replaced? I thought you weren't supposed to be able to get rid of tokens?
  4. I have felt, since the official release of wave 2 cards, that many players and their choice of master/faction are currently hampered by what is in essence a ‘buying limbo’. This point has been expanded, and discussed in far more detail here: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/106416-im-trying-to-be-patient-i-really-am/ There is the issue of models which are new (Vasillisa for Neverborn to name just one), and then there are those models who’s aesthetic has completely changed (All of the Effigys). If you were fortunate enough to have picked up the metal versions of the wave 2 models before production/distribution were stopped, then you are in luck. But if not, then you are forced to either; a) Trawl the 2nd hand market (A Coryphee pack went for £47 on ebay a few weeks back!!!) b ) Get lucky that your LGS has left over stock (highly unlikely in my experience) c) Not play that master (Sad face) d) Proxy This thread is concerned with choice D. It would be interesting to see the creative solutions to this problem that the community has come up with, whether it be proxies from other games companies, conversions or even scratch builds! I would also propose that people make requests for specific proxy examples or possibilities! Here are a few, by no means my own finds I must add, which I have found suitable: McTavish (Fon the hunter from Tale of war) Vasillisa (From Freebooters fate) Vasillisa (Tale of War again) I would like to request examples for: The Swamp Mother and Gupps!
  5. Hey Everyone, I pulled out some of my original crews the other day, (Leveticus and Lilith) Seeing as my gaming group is finally playing Malifaux i'd like to start using something other than ten thunders. Is there any way of getting the new stat cards for my crews? I've been looking on old threads and now that Wyrd have taken down their PDFs and the wave 1 stat cards are out of print i'm having a bit of difficulty. Cheers.
  6. So, I got my Thunder (Misaki) crew set a couple of weeks ago. I was so thrilled to see the quality of the plastic. Most of my kit went together like a dream, once I found the color coded picture grouping the parts by model. The exception, however, was the Torakage. The one with the ball and chain type weapon had the ball snapped off 5 or 6 links up the chain, which I was able to repair. Unfortunately, when I attempted to clip out the left arm of the kama wielding Torakage (the one in the middle of the trio on the back of the box), it was rendered completely useless. I take responsibility for that - I'm new to this, stuff happens. So, I used the Contact Wyrd functionality, and all they could offer me was a "if something strange happens and we happen to have this part, we'll put you on the will-call list". So, this game, which I purchased custom bases for all my minis so far (and already bought Mr Graves, the Armor, and Yamaziko) and been practicing trial paint schemes and working on learning to paint yellow on some old space marines - one of the core miniatures I own is missing an arm, and the only replacement option is to purchase another entire crew box? I don't have anyone who really wants Misaki etc and doesn't also want the Torakage, so I'm stuck. I'm just posting this in case some one else has another solution. My attempts to resolve the issue with Wyrd were quickly exhuasted and left me quite discouraged.
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