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  1. I could see a rich english master with minions that are ment to be monster food. So when model kills said minion/totem they gain a condition, and the master can end the condition to get positive twists to attack.
  2. I may have missed a thread somewhere, so if this is resident I apologise. But has there been any word on what it when the new explorers master are?
  3. So I may be missing something obvious. if so just point it out and ill beat my own face, but why does McMourning's new upgrade let him summon "NON-GAMIN" beast? would it just give him access to too much, is it for fluff reasons. or is there an obscure broken synergy with one of them I'm not seeing? I bet the answer is staring at me somewhere lol
  4. we know there will be more factions to come and how ever they could get it in I agree a "ghost" titan would be pretty epic. they would just have to make sure hes balanced.. powerful as all get out, but balanced as well. some type of necro-infused kings hand or maybe floating mech weapons binded by a "tyrant-esc' spirit.....
  5. yeah if you think about it, you're right..... a far off land filled with swamp monsters and gigantic nightmarish bugs that kill you in your sleep. and for what? the promise of countless tanned hotties with a 3 to 1 ratio between women and men, sunshine and beaches... yea i got to agree, it's just a fairy tale:)
  6. ok my bad, just realized the link was in the text..
  7. where did you get that model from? such an incredible paint job
  8. @Aaron I know you guys have a truck ton of work in front of you with TOS kick starting and TTB global event just around the bend, just curious if you could provide a teaser of when we might see new Guilder merch. or maybe what models we could expect in the coming future. I have a massed a nice treasury of guilders and would love to spend them like they are going out of style! please please with the sweetest Crooligan smile you've ever seen in a dimly lit room=)
  9. @Aaron as this will be my first time getting an alt master, will she come with his upgrade cards and totem. Or am I still going to have to buy that box to get the cards?
  10. Is it just me or does Hannah have elf ears? Please tell me you're going to use that photo in a store promo poster? You and....Yu are strikingly similar his pants are cooler, but your shirt is awesome so it evens out?
  11. the generic upgrade maniacal laugh places a mindless zombie in base contact with all corpse markers in a 8" pulse. discards the marker, but mindless zombies still count as corpse markers for us and not for the opponent. so it denies them the chance to pick them up for the turn in. I just also used Tara's reactivate ability to give her six AP a turn so I she ran around and dropped scheme markers for "leave your Mark" her alone pulled me 9 VP that game.
  12. I didn't see anything on the forms so I thought i would start a thread to help us (ressers) share ideas for the divergent path games. And possibly coordinate which char we want to win. I looks like we are already on the way to the trickster, which is good. this new Week 3+4 should be a no brain'er. I used Tara and gave her maniacal laugh. With her 6 AP she ran around, drop scheme markers, and turned all the corpse markers into mindless zombies. Which in turn gave me activation control and the zombies just shambled their way to my few anchor guys to pick up and turn in. hopefully that helps anyone still needing to get their games in. Look forward to seeing what our next scenario is gonna be!!
  13. what if her corpse candles sacrifice themselves to give target enemy model a condition that allow Reva to use THEM as a corpse marker for the purposes of attack actions?!?!?!?! @MrDeathTrout it could be called "of things to come" or "unavoidable fate".... mind blown!!!!
  14. i also thought she was a nun, but it's just a rich ladies fancy cloak, she might have adopted the look due to Vincent since he was/is a exorcist. Might be some twisted weird back story there **nudge nudge @Aaron** whispering to her while she was locked in the attic or something. @chris_havoc although a few masters don't have a special conflux upgrade for them, I seem to remember the general upgrade that comes with the C. emissary was pretty amazing looking with Reva. don't have them in front of me though. @Aaron
  15. that would make sense and be a way to sell more box sets.... mwhahahahahah!!
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