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  1. Hey weirdo's! I am. Henchman in the PNW so things are pretty shut down here. Taking the time to get a TTB campiagn set up for my locals. I am very new to RPGs. My question is the core rule book is second edition. But the almanacs are 1st edition. Should I wait for the 2nd edition ones to come out? Will there be, etc. I'm sure this was answered somewhere I just couldn't find it:( any help would be great.
  2. Any updates? I'm flying blind here. My community as a whole has been having issues getting anything, it's looking like our new players may move on if we don't get some kind of communication about were things are at
  3. I also rule it that way in my community. For the same reasons. The damage is not a direct connection to reducing the condition. Also you take 1 dmg regardless of how much poison is on the model.
  4. The rules also state the push ends when it comes in contact with another model or impassable terrain. I rules it can't push over walls
  5. One of my players brought up a good question. Push says you can not move vertically during a push. So if you push a model off a ledge. Does the model finish it's push before dropping. Can the model not be pushed off the edge or does it push immediately drop and the push is over?
  6. Hello Fellow Weirdo's, Starting Oct. 27th at 2 pm in Everett WA I will be hosting a league at Geeky villain. It is a rapid growth League for beginners! all the info is on Geeky Villains facebook post https://www.facebook.com/events/419052522085449/ The basics: we will be starting at 35 ss and core boxes only to help new players get a good handle on the rules and their new M3E crews. the league will grow to 50 SS and open up to normal hiring restrictions, Single master only. entry Fee is $5 which will be rolled into additional prize support. any questions feel free to ask in the comments. we look forward to seeing folks out there.
  7. although I haven't run the crew yet I am playing with the idea of: jack lady L montresor Jaakuna hanged x2 drowned OR x2 dead outlaws x2 guilty 3 SS using the drowned and jaak to move together and mont and the guilty to draw out weaker models which leaves jack Lady L and the hanged to support as needed. again just a theory, but should be fun
  8. Hi Everyone, All Dec. Geeky Villain in Everett, WA is still having Malifaux every Sunday starting at 2:00 pm. I'll be available for both standard and demo game play. Any questions or to schedule games comment here! ~Dec. 4th, 2019 @MrDeathTrout
  9. I could see a rich english master with minions that are ment to be monster food. So when model kills said minion/totem they gain a condition, and the master can end the condition to get positive twists to attack.
  10. I may have missed a thread somewhere, so if this is resident I apologise. But has there been any word on what it when the new explorers master are?
  11. So I may be missing something obvious. if so just point it out and ill beat my own face, but why does McMourning's new upgrade let him summon "NON-GAMIN" beast? would it just give him access to too much, is it for fluff reasons. or is there an obscure broken synergy with one of them I'm not seeing? I bet the answer is staring at me somewhere lol
  12. we know there will be more factions to come and how ever they could get it in I agree a "ghost" titan would be pretty epic. they would just have to make sure hes balanced.. powerful as all get out, but balanced as well. some type of necro-infused kings hand or maybe floating mech weapons binded by a "tyrant-esc' spirit.....
  13. yeah if you think about it, you're right..... a far off land filled with swamp monsters and gigantic nightmarish bugs that kill you in your sleep. and for what? the promise of countless tanned hotties with a 3 to 1 ratio between women and men, sunshine and beaches... yea i got to agree, it's just a fairy tale:)
  14. ok my bad, just realized the link was in the text..
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