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  1. Thanks. I have expected them to be in some more obvious and offical location
  2. My first question about M3E rules is... here to find them? Official Wyrd website looks like it hasn't been updated for a very ong time and I can't find anything on the forum. Could someone point me in the right direction?
  3. For me, the design is spot on. I fell in love with Malifaux because of Bayou models. The pigs were so unique, funny and cool looking that they outshined all other miniatures I know of. They had character. That is why I find this design so appealing (contrary, for example, to new Rasputina who traded cool character for unnecessary [in my opinion] special effects).
  4. Is there any info avaliable on the contetns of faction packs? Reason for asking are dual-faction masters. For example if someone plays Neverborn des he need Bayou and Guild packs for Swampfiend and Elite keyword?
  5. Maciej

    Anti armor

    Rammi LaCroix is a good sniper with armour piercing trigger.
  6. Maciej

    Ophelia and Kin

    I've played Ophelia today with the following list: Ophelia,5SS cache 3x Young LaCroix Trixiebelle 7+1 The First Mate 9+1 Mechanized Porkchop 7 Raphael 8 Rami 6 Merris LaCroix 6 So I took Mechanized Porkchop to test the idea of Ophelia shooting her 18" scrap cannon to make markers for Prokchop to Ride the Rails. Conbined with his reckless he becomes very mobile. I also wanted to try Trixie after last update and she is quite awesome. With good scheme pool she seems totally worth paying OoK tax. The First mate was there because he's just one of my favourite models- both visually and gameplay. Awesome scheme runnder and good beater. Generally I am happy with this crew.
  7. Maciej


    There is an additional file to download with only those cards they forgot to update. See the beta files thread.
  8. I must agree on Mc Tavish. For a henchmen model he is way too squishy. Other henchman models usualy have 2+ defensive skills while brining more damage or utility than he does.
  9. I also think War Pigs are bit too squishy for their cost, but they are mostly meant to be summoned, not hired. Also Ulix has quite an effective heal for piggies.
  10. Guys, I have a question about Zoraida mechanics: Am I correct to assume that LoS only is for actions and therefore does not work with Reading the Cards, which is an ability, not an action?
  11. That would also make him a viable scheme runner, as it allows to disengage and still drop a marker.
  12. For me the coolest thing about Sparks is not armour reduction, but the fact that enemy can't target his fiends within his aura. So no heals, pushes, obeys or condition removal.. I wouldn't like to see that part changed :-) Also Fingers seems unimpressive for his cost. Sammy LaCroix with glimpse the void and scheme marker removal seems to be a better distruptor.
  13. First Mate is one of my favorite models in faction. Thanks to leap and it's trigger can both deal great dmg (built in crit) and run schemes. He becomes quite a survivalist when upgraded with tactical tech coat. Mancha Roja, after 2 buffs, finnaly is in a decent spot but not necessarily an auto include. Gracie I'd say is OK if enemy doesn't have ignore armour. Her MV 4 and ML range 0" hurt a bit, but her push and reckless compensate that to some degree. Iron skiters can be great scheme runners. Despite terrible attacks stats they usually are models that actually score VP. However I've never taken more than one. Merris LaCroix, despite not being in keyword, is actually one of my favorite Gremlin models. Flying, mobile, with ability to throw scheme markers while engaged, meele attack targeting height and able to move enemies (great for strats and schemes) and flaming bottle which can be annoying for enemy. Flying piglets proved to be decent scheme runners thanks to flying and dropping markers upon death. A bit slow, but you can't complain while having them at 3SS cost (unless you play reckoning). Burt Jebsen proves to be rather mediocre for me. Dmg is avarage, and triggers not that amazing. At least for 8SS model. Wrastlers I've tested only once, and Smugglers never, so can't say much about those.
  14. The problem with Brewmaster is that his crew is eaisly counterpicked and he can almost never capitalize on enemy poison condition. There are many cool effects to use when enemy has 3+ poison, like slow aura or "a small favour" trigger, but in almost every case someone will have to use Blood Poisoning for instant damage before posison gets dispelled. Moon shinobi, as mentioned before, are just bad (especially compared to Fremented Monks with the same cost) Whiskey Golem is actually more squishy than other 10 SS models (beer googles are not too reilable) Fingers needs some buff... replacing enemy scheme markers with our own is not good enough for 9SS model who is supposed to be a scheme runner. Popcorn Turner is quite ok, brining buring to the crew. Pitty he has skills interacting with poison with no decent ability to apply it. That way he has to stick to some other models to be usefull. Cooper Jones, apart of summoning 1-2 gamin per game, is not that usefull, and to summon she needs some akaname of mechanized porkchop for scrap markers... I own and play 4 Bayou masters: Ulix, Ophelia, Zipp, and Brewmaster. Unfortunatley the last one is currently at the bottom.
  15. So far I end up with 1. If mission is scheme marker heavy First Mate and a flying piglet can often do the job. But recently I grow more and more fond of skeeters.
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