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  1. @Mrbedlam I am very happy you wrothe this report. Gave me a lot of new instingt on brewmaster. So far I considered him the weakest of my masters (him or Wong). I really like the idea of 10 cups of coffee on Brewmaster. I am surpirsed though you consider his Intoication usefull. Usualy when I play him my enemies usualy take 2x condition removal (2x tanui vs TT or Serena Bowman/Eldrich Magic in NVB) which renders my posion useless if not immediately used by Blood Poisoning.
  2. Hi guys. Rules say following (page 17): "When drawing LoS between two objects, any inter- vening models or terrain with a Size or Height that is lower than either of the two objects is ignored." Does it mean that Sz2 model standing on 2" high platform would see another Sz2 model hiding behind 3" high building despite ture LoS? And second question: if our sniper on below image would decide to charge a model on lower elevation, can he do it? Charge is a push and all pushes should be horizontal (as per rulebook page 15), so perhaps no... But on the other hand maybe a model makes a push and when terrain no longer supports the base, model falls suffering fall dmg, and the push continues?
  3. Let's say you have to donate some money for charity to get respect of certain group of people and you decide to donate 0$ Jokes aside, I suppose you're right, especially when I give this more thoguht
  4. Maciej


    @Jesy Blue How do you Build the Brewmaster then? Maybe I should take more poison dealing models instead of Fermented Monks.
  5. @Deuteros @ebolazaire For the first question I'd say no. Text in intalics is a cost and it must be paid to proceed with other effects.
  6. @ Beeray Why does Sue scare you? There are models that I belive will be very usefull in this match-up 1. Trixie to carry and discard bomb markers 2. Lucky Emissary to place/ remove schemes and Make Way enemies without incorporial reducing dmg. Also can armour pierce Talos. I consider Sparks, but it will probably be marker battle and killing won't do me much good? OOK Fingers to make placing/discarding marekers more difficult to enemy?
  7. Maciej


    Brewmaster is awesome vs Outcasts who have crapy condition removal. But vs 10 Thunders who have 5SS Tanuki with twice per turn condition removal giving free focuses and bonus heal action it is not much fun. Nor it is vs Neverborn with condition removal upgrade. Basically in many matchups poison will only be used for Blood Poisoning instant damage, cause otherwise it will be instatnly dispelled. @ShinChan Your idea is hilarious and I love it. Wong and Sommer are only bayou masters I don't have thoug.
  8. Hi guys. Anyone with some experience or ideas for Mah vs Tara matchup with Plant explosives as strat and search the ruins & power ritual as schemes my enemy will most likely be doing? Traps wont do much to incorporeal minions and 4WP roosters will most likely get easily buried. I would need something to chase down incorporeal units carrying bombs and doing schemes.
  9. Maciej


    Guys, I wonder, what crews do you usually take for Reckoning and why? I have all Gremlin masters except for Sommer and Wong and I feel that Gremlins as a faction don't have very killy crews with exception for Ophelia. I suppose Zoraida can be good for anything and Brewmaster/ Mah can hit hard, but their crews not necessarily much (compared to Victorias, Levi, Misaki). Ulix'es pigs are murderous, but have no defensive mechanics and die quickly giving points to enemy.
  10. Ophelia LaCroix vs Victorias Reconing, Assasinate, Vendetta Ophelia, 6SS cache 3x Yound LaCroix Francois Sammy Raphael Pere Ravage Rammi Gauterax Bokor
  11. Also Ulix'es pigs have armour piercing triggers and so does Lucky Emissary. Zoraida does not need armour lebetratione because she wins games obeying people. Zip and his buddies can just avoid convencional combat and do their mission while deatrupting enemy. I wouldn't take Brewmaster though. I have a history of him struggling against amroured enemies. And I have no idea what would I do playing Ophelia vs von Shill.
  12. Ulix vs Misaki Takanaka. 7:4 for gremlins. Corrupted idols, harness the lay line and vengence are just perfect set for pigs. Ulix, 5ss Cache Penelope Old Mayoer Big Brain Brin (BBB) The Sow Gracie Wild Boar Piglet I played without squeelers, as they don't exist yet. I took one Boar and Piglet so I can reliably morph pigs turn one and still do actions with them. Piglet took vendetta on enemy Torkage, got morphed and killed Torgage eventually. The Sow is much more reiliable for summoning piglets than Slop Haulers or Hog wshisperer, so I decided to skip them entirely and don'r regreat it. I'm not really fond of those 2 guys anyway (usually just take 1 hog wshisperer for obey and tools for the job). BBB is just incredibly brilliant addition. Ulix'es greatest problem, for me, is that he has to spend good cards for morphing pigs, and then pigs dont have cards left to kill enemies or defend themselves and BBB helpes alot. If you can look at top 3 cards of your deck in turn one, and activate Ulix immediately after, you will know if there are any 12+ on top of your deck and you dont end up wasting good cards from hand. And arcane reservoir is sweet. Finnaly his sharp wit attack with slow is super sueful, and recently I get him to fight insted of hiding somewhere in the back
  13. I won a Brewmaster vs Levi game recently. Brewmaster himself got killet, but whiskey golem ketp alcie busy whole game, and Moon Shiobi with stealth and 12 cups of coffe were doing schemes and strategies like crazy.
  14. I played a game with Brewmaster vs Leveticus lately (corrupted idols, take prisoner, assasinate), and took following list:
  15. Thanks. I have expected them to be in some more obvious and offical location
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