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  1. One more question to Coryphee Duet in association with Mechanical Rider. Am I correct to assume that duet can potentially perform 8 non-bonus actions in a turn? 1) Duet makes it's 2 action and then as a bonus action is replaced with 2x Coryphee 2) The one Coryphee that dosn't count as activated uses its bonus action be become Duet again and takes 2 actions as duet. 3) Mechanical Rider uses his 5xTome trigger on Revel in Creation to Activate Duet 4) Duet takes two actions and then breaks apart as bonus action into 2x Coryphee 5) The one Coryphee that dosn't count as activated uses its bonus action be become Duet again and takes 2 actions as duet. Total 8 non-bonus actions performed by duet.
  2. Can a model that normally isn't allowed to use soulstones discard one to prevent being executed? I always assumed it can, but want to make sure. Execute: The target may either discard a card or a soulstone. If it does neither, it is killed, ignoring Demise Abilities.
  3. Hey, how can I set up Henchman Hardcore game in the app? I only see choices for Standard GG0 and GG1 options.
  4. Hi Guys, couple of rule questions that came up in my recent games: 1) Mechanical Rider: Revel in Creation trigger ♣♣♣♣♣ Revelation: Any friendly non-Master model may Activate immediately after this model's Activation has ended, even if the ave already activated this Turn. Does the model that I want to reactivate with this trigger need to be in LoS to Mechanical Rider? 2) Coryphee Duet: Bonus Action Dance Apart: This model suffers irreducible damage equal to half of its current Health. Replace this model with two Coryphee models. Is the damage suffered rounded up in case of odd numbers? Duet with 5 HP left would suffer 3 dmg? 3) Stitched Together: Sharp Claws trigger ♦Rake the Eyes: Choose a suit. The target must reveal top three cards of its Fate Deck and discard any of the chosen suit. Place the rest back on top of the deck in any order. Since the cards are revealed, should opposing player be aware of the order in which the cards are put back on the deck?
  5. Does anyone else feel like the new war pigs are more like war piglets? Just finished building mine, and I'm quite disappointed by their size. Especially compared to M2 model.
  6. Mancha Roja So if a marker was removed, then target gains Injured +1 regardless if action was successful or not? Finisher trigger: if marker was removed, action successfully hits the target, target has shield 1, Finisher trigger was declared What happens in terms of timing: 1) Shielded absorbs 1 dmg from damage flip result and then suffers only +1 damage from injured, but without additional +1 from shielded because it was already used to reduce dmg orm the flip? 2) Targt suffers +2 dmg (one from injured, second from shielded) before shielded condition is used to adsorb dmg? Doppleganger What happens if selected action has built in suit or plus? Are they retained and only stat value from copied action is set to 7, or are any additional suits/modifiers lost? Egzample- in Crossroads crew led by Wrath, Doppleganger copies Gatling Gun from Envy. Would the stat of copied action be 7 or 7[+]?
  7. If Desolation Engine gets killed by enemy model does it give Bounty Tokens to the enemy? This replace effect has "instead" word, so I could believe it gives nothing to the enemy, but that doesn't really feel in spirit of the game. Demise (Lost Focus): After this model is killed, it is instead Replaced with an Abomination, then the Abomination Heals 4.
  8. Hi guys. I can't wait to get my hands on a box of squealers, but in the interim I tend to proxy them with stuffed piglets. I made them stat cards merging stuffed piglet art and squealer cards. If you'd like to use them I share a link below. JPEG file is meant to be printed on A3, but if you're using different paper sizes, I saved card fronts in pdf formats as well. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12KNsESqSftEoMizXjZ_t092Fbp2iZ71u?usp=sharing
  9. Thanks @Rufess. I wasn't clear enough on my second question I think though. What I meant, if he already targeted the model before replacement with this action, can he do it again via trigger after replacement?
  10. Hi guys, maybe you'd be able to clarify some of the below for me: 1. Onslaught trigger vs Scamper (After an enemy model within 6 Cheats Fate, this model may Push up to 2" in any direction after resolving the current Action or Ability) If enemy attacks model with scamper and declares onslaught trigger to attack again, does the Scamper model get to move before onslaught attack is executed? 2. Ulix'es trigger on grow strong. See below scenario: Ulix uses Herd Them action on a Piglet. It has following restriction "This Action cannot target the same model more than once per Activation." Then Ulix uses Grow Strong action on that Piglet to replace it with Wild Boar. It has trigger saying "Take the Herd 'em Action targeting the new model". Can he use that trigger on new model, or is it treated at the same model? Rules on replace say that ongoing effects like strategies and markers and conditions pass on new model but other than that it's a new model? 3. Soulstone Miner always treats Interact Action as Bonus Action. If Soulstone Miner uses his Bonus Action to get Stunned Condition and Unbury, can it interact? I thought it can't, do that because of one Bonus Action per activation limit, but people say that if you're stunned, Bonus Actions are treated as normal action, therefore he can Interact but must spend action for it?
  11. Hi guys. I haven't found similar topic in history, so here it is: Which crews you think are well suited to deal with GG1 strategies?
  12. Hi guys. I played M3E a lot in open beta and early released, but then had a very long break. I see there were some nerfs and buffs in the meanwhile (apparently my favorite guy First Mate was OP. And Serena Bowman apparently isn't ) But to the point- have any of you been using Bayou Smugglers with a success after errata? And if so, along which crews?
  13. @Mrbedlam I am very happy you wrothe this report. Gave me a lot of new instingt on brewmaster. So far I considered him the weakest of my masters (him or Wong). I really like the idea of 10 cups of coffee on Brewmaster. I am surpirsed though you consider his Intoication usefull. Usualy when I play him my enemies usualy take 2x condition removal (2x tanui vs TT or Serena Bowman/Eldrich Magic in NVB) which renders my posion useless if not immediately used by Blood Poisoning.
  14. Hi guys. Rules say following (page 17): "When drawing LoS between two objects, any inter- vening models or terrain with a Size or Height that is lower than either of the two objects is ignored." Does it mean that Sz2 model standing on 2" high platform would see another Sz2 model hiding behind 3" high building despite ture LoS? And second question: if our sniper on below image would decide to charge a model on lower elevation, can he do it? Charge is a push and all pushes should be horizontal (as per rulebook page 15), so perhaps no... But on the other hand maybe a model makes a push and when terrain no longer supports the base, model falls suffering fall dmg, and the push continues?
  15. Let's say you have to donate some money for charity to get respect of certain group of people and you decide to donate 0$ Jokes aside, I suppose you're right, especially when I give this more thoguht
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