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Found 16 results

  1. Thoughts on the changes? Glad to see some of the other faction's changes (first mate being nerft made my day, it always bugged me that he does more damage than anything in Neverborn with his built in ram and a card or stone) I was surprised to see only Stitched and Zoraida altered at all, and boy were stitched hit (deservedly), and inhuman reflexes seems significantly less useful than before. The big question: are stitched even good now?
  2. Hey everyone, we discussed the latest errata on our podcast, with players from each faction. It's not the most super-serious discussion ever, and there are a plethora of terrible jokes to make the medicine go down, but we'd love to know what you think!
  3. Any hopes and dreams for the errata? even if it's probably finalized, i'm curious what people are hoping for. My realistic hope is that Guild Autopsies gain a little something. My unrealistic hope is that Punk Zombies go down 1 point
  4. I'd love to see the date the errata was published somewhere on errata'd stat cards. It can be very time consuming to figure out which card is the most recent. It would also make it much easier to spot check know updated cards before a tourney.
  5. So now that the new FAQ's are out this is another instance where I will have to rely SOOOO much on my opponent remembering the changes. There are so many instances where I just say, "just tell me what happens I trust you" because its just so hard to know all of the other details of my opponents crew. I actually like this aspect, makes Malifaux what it is. Just have to live with the occasional aftermath of "oh that game last week actually shouldn't have gone that way..." I find that keeping things casual really helps mitigate all the complex and sometimes overlooked rule evolution. I am curious how other groups handle this? what are some steps or methods of dealing with the fact that sometimes some games aren't played correctly due to human error?
  6. So I found myself quoting old errata and was corrected last night during a game? I seem to remember reading a FAQ that clarified engagement range after a model gained paralyze. I could bet money that it read, "if a model gains the paralyzed condition then its engagement range is reduced to '0'. ~~~if the model is in base to base contact with an enemy model then it would still provoke a disengaging strike." So I can't find this anywhere in the FAQ or Errata. Has it been re-re-errata'ed? The only thing I found was an errata on Pg. 52: This seems to contradict the FAQ that disappeared, did this happen or am I just remembering?
  7. This has been bugging me for a long time, but I really don't get why almost no other company does what corvus beli (infinity game) does. 1) Give all the rules to the community and update those PDF's after errata => wyrd does this when it comes to the basic rules. 2) A complete armybuilder app that is kept up to date with all errata and faq's + is configurable for different formats of gameplay => wyrd sucks at this. What prompted me to write this post is the last added errata. I find this to be very problematic. Not because they changed things, but because the are starting to yet again make a mess of their rules and making it harder to find the correct ruleset for models. I get that they give free PDF's for updated models, but I find this to be lacking. this is also very unfriendly towards newcommers or the more casual player. Leveling the playingfield for everyone and creating a very clear ruleset is easy => make a free accesible crewcreator that is updated once or twice every year and can be considered the current legal ruleset. This would not only make the rules more clear and manageable, but also greatly improve comfort for making new lists and playing the game. To illustrate my point, this is what corvus belli provides for their costumers: https://army.infinitythegame.com/ I strongly feel wyrd can and should do the same as i see no downside for the company itself and only advantages for the playerbase. Should their already be an official wyrd endorsed crewcreator then I appologize for this rant, but I can't seem to find any. (PS: the same is true for the "the other side" game => you really should consider an armybuilder for that as well)
  8. So I just received my delivery from war games vault only to find that all the cards I ordered where the same ones that I've got, not the updated ones I ordered! What a pain!! I have sent them a contact form stating the above but I am rather disgruntled If I'm honest....
  9. Where have the errata pdf's gone?? all i see now is the jpeg photos of the errata'd cards, definitely not as practical for printing my errata'd cards..someone help please
  10. Can someone confirm that the Limited Edition versions of recently Errata-ed cards are indeed updated to 2017 rules? All other normal prints are clearly labeled as updated, but the below are not: Nightmare Tara Nightmare The Nothing Beast Black Friday Francisco Ortega Miss Terious Mr. Cooper Hanged Nathan Hanged Eric
  11. So The recent thread "Nix and the Red Joker" (no, this is not an additional attempt to get a sandwich) brought up a point that we should really get clarified: Namely, When The printed rules do not agree, or when they are insufficient to define a rule for a given situation, should FAQs, and pictorial elements such as diagrams, charts, and pictures be used to determine the rules? To wit, are they, on some level, themselves rules, and which has primacy? If a FAQ or chart introduces an element heretofore lacking from the printed text ruleset, should it be taken as a printed rule, or should it be used only for clarification of the specific situation that is being referenced? Don't get me wrong. Justin, Mack Dammit and co. did a fantastic job, and have done a fantastic job, at keeping the rules as clear and simple as possible, and ensuring that information in the diagrams and charts are also present in the text—but if we are going to come up with rules of thumb, and answer questions that aren't quite FAQ-worthy for each other, it would help if we knew where the various resources available to us stood in relationship to rules validity. As it stands now, I'd say that the order of supremacy(which rule trumps which) goes: errata FAQ Card Text Book Text Diagrams Charts pictures _________________ Word of Justin Rules Forum WHere _________ is the line of legitimacy. Anything below that is just a suggestion, whereas anything above that is Gospel and should be used to determine a rule dispute. I'd prefer to get a general guideline now rather than set ourselves up for endless arguments about how legitimate a source is for determining rules. It just seems simpler.
  12. Just in time for the holidays we've completed the long-awaited (and, yes, overdue) errata for the Hamelin suite of models. Outside of rewriting all of the models completely this was the batch of changes we felt keeps Hamelin's core concept and play style intact but closes loopholes and balances him thereby allowing players to place him on the table without feeling dirty or being chased out of the county. Before you ask, yes, there WILL BE a PDF of the revised stat cards online in the next couple weeks, but in the meantime this errata is legal for all games. Rather than clutter up this post with the inevitable discussion I'm closing the thread and opening a discussion thread below. HAMELIN Replace text for Indiscriminant Void with: “When this model would be killed or sacrificed, sacrifice a friendly The Stolen within 3” of it instead. Heal all wounds and remove all effects on this model. This model receives -4 Ca until the end of the Encounter. Replace text for Nihilism with: “Friendly models lose the Insignificant Characteristic while within 6” of this model.” Replace Bully with Ruffian: “Ht 1, Harmless, Pitiful, and Insignificant enemy models targeting this model must win a Wp → 13 Duel or the Action fails.” Fate is Meaningless: Change AP cost to (1) Haunting Melody: Change Wp Duel to: Wp → 14 OBEDIENT WRETCH No changes STOLEN Delete Abandon NIX Replace text for Nihilism with: “Friendly models lose the Insignificant Characteristic while within 6” of this model.” Replace text for The Sweet Taste of Failure with: “This model heals 1 wound whenever an enemy model within 2” of it loses a Duel.” RAT-CATCHER Delete Insignificant Add: Affinity [Hamelin the Plagued]: This model may be hired by Crews containing the indicated model. Delete: (0) Slaughter Rats Add: (0) Herd Rats: 6. Malifaux Rats lose Slow. MALIFAUX RAT Delete Rabies, Instinctual, Impetuous, Hungry Rats Add: “Get them Off!!”: An enemy model in base contact with three or more friendly Malifaux Rats receives -2 Df and -2 Wp. Add: "They're Just Rats": This model may not be reduced to less than 1 Wd during a friendly model's activation. If this model would be killed while within Hazardous Terrain it is removed from the game. see below HAMELIN, AVATAR OF CONTAGION Replace text for Nihilism with: “Friendly models lose the Insignificant Characteristic while within 6” of this model.” "And I heard him declare as he flew out of sight...'The Winged Sister is next, her Errata's in sight!"
  13. Okay this is pretty pedantic but it's potentially important! The poison errata currently states (emphasis mine): "When a model is hit by an attack with Poison # or affected by an Ability with Poison #, increase the number of Poison Tokens the model has to the # indicated either after resolving the attack, or as indicated by the Ability. Each time the model begins an activation it suffers 1 Wd per Poison Token it has, and then discards one Poison Token." The way I read this, is that it takes each Poison Token causes 1 Wd individually. Thus, something with Object 1 that has 2 Poison Tokens on it would take 2 Wds when it activates. Similarly, a model that is Hard To Kill with 2 Wds remaining that has 2 Poison Tokens on it would die when it activates - the first Poison Token would cause 1 Wd, reducing it to 1 Wd, and then the second Poison Token would cause 1 Wd, reducing it to 0 Wd, killing it. Now, if the intent is that it that it is all applied in one go, the bit I've highlighted in bold should probably be worded differently to make this clear. Perhaps something along the lines of "Each time the model begins an activation, it suffers # Wd, where # is the number of Poison Tokens it currently has, and then discards..."
  14. Hello all, first post on these boards! I was introduced to Malifaux by some fellow gamers, and have played some demo games with borrowed crews. Now, the time has come for me to pick my own. After some research, I've narrowed it down to 4 masters: Colette, Kirai, Dreamer or Hamelin. While searching for tacticas on how to play/design a Hamelin crew, I've stumbled accross multiple threads declaring him an "NPE", calling his design overpowered, and the mention of possible errata that will cuddle him. Looking at the Errata/Fixes section, I can't tell whether his current errata is already the one that's supposed to "bring him in line with other masters". What I'd like to ask is: 1) Has Hamelin already been cuddled? If so, in what ways/magnitude (e.g. Dreamer)? 2) If not, are cuddles to be expected anytime soon? 3) Is he still considered a viable competitive pick?
  15. Just out of interest, after an errate is released. Are later versions of the cards re-printed with corrections? And if not, why not?
  16. Is there a PDF of the latest complete Erratta for Malifaux? if so where can I find it? I've been looking through the Wyrd and Mali websites and have not been able to find it. Regards Rannith
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