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  1. Well, i think Bleeding Disease is too strong because some reason. In our community, Hamelin can put 4 Blight tokens with the lure the first turn. Then, Nyx can use Bleeding disease once because the enemy model is near Hamelin, (Lure Stat 7 12"), then the obedient can do it once or maybe twice, nyx also can do it twiche. Obedient is a very powerful model because of the Bleeding Disease, tummy aches, the rule that makes impossible to cheat against her in opposed duels if you have blight, her high resistance with manipulative and stealth. And, some says that there are no more interactions fo
  2. [Nacional de Malifaux – GoblinTrader Madrid Norte – 25 y 26 de Abril 2020] Desde GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid) nos complace anunciar que el segundo Nacional de Malifaux se celebrará este año también en Madrid. Afinad los banjos, sacad brillo a las armas y cargadlas bien, porque se acerca la contienda. · Estrategias e intrigas: se seguirá el sistema Gaining Grounds Season 0 · Facción única, máster variable, se permite contratar otros Master pero no está permitido el uso de las miniaturas de la Death Man´s Hand. · 3 partida
  3. Las festividades ya han vaciado las calles de la ciudad de Malifaux y después de dejar una temporada sus diferencias a un lado, los habitantes de Malifaux vuelven a sus intrigas y sus maquinaciones, por supuesto esto solo puede significar que el conflicto vuelve, y vuelve a Goblin Trader Sur. ¡Así que adelante con las bases del primer torneo de este 2020! BASES INSCRIPCIÓN El coste de la inscripción será de 10 euros y será destinado íntegramente a premios. Mínimo número de plazas: 8. Plazas: 16. Se seguirá el Gaining Ground Season 0 tanto para puntuación co
  4. BASES INSCRIPCIÓNEl coste de la inscripción será de 10 euros y será destinado íntegramente a premios.Mínimo numero de plazas: 8.Plazas: 16 .Se seguirá el Gaining Ground 2018 con las misiones de M3E, podéis encontrarlas al final del manual de M3EELECCIÓN DE BANDASLas partidas se jugarán a 50 SS.Se declarará una facción al inicio de torneo y de ahí se escogerán los líderes para cada partida.No se permitirá la contratación de masters además del líder de la banda así como las miniaturas de la Dead Man´s Hand, siguiendo el formato detorneo británico.RONDAS RONDA 1DESPLIEGUE: Wedge DeploymentESTRATE
  5. Hey Wyrdos, You got something new from GenCon? That Molly looks sick. And now it´s time to play! I´m running a new M3E Tournament in Madrid (Spain) in Goblin Trader Sur, this saturday 10th We are expecting a lot of newcomers and we will watch them get to the top! All bases can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/354125682191527/ See ya in the tournament
  6. M3E is more about sinergies between the crews and playing the game with models you like. In Ressers we have lost a lot of summoning mechanics, but this is not a nerf, it´s just that some crews play different. Now i don´t have to summon everyturn a rotten belle with Seamus, but that does not mean i cant keep playing with Seamus, it´s just other kind of game. And i´m glad to admit that counting with only 10 conditions is better than the more than a hundred M2E conditions...
  7. Im pretty sure it is a new Huggy, but the alternative one is so beautiful....
  8. Hello fellow wyrdos, Yesteday i bought the 10T stat and upgrades pack and while i was reading all the cards looking for changes, i got to the reliquary upgrades. And i saw these two. Is this the new look for Izamu and Chiaki? Chiaki looks amazing and Izamu a whole lot more menacing than now. What do you think?
  9. Hello bayou smugglers, I´m running the first oficial M3E tournament this sunday at GTS Madrid Sur. I´m expecting many players come back now that everything is official. If someone wants to come, you are welcome! All details on this FB post https://www.facebook.com/events/1341968279274301/
  10. Im nor rating them so highly but the capability of take the focus out and give distracted without any kind of defense is pretty good also. And they can do it buried
  11. Daydreams are incorporeal, have Lucid Dreams and push nightmares, also they cost 3 ss Alps give negative to dmg flips and they cost a bit more. The Terryfing ones are the Insidous madness and are incorporeal and Terrifying and yes, you need a 11mask, but are pretty cool also. In the beginning of the post you can see the initial crew that contains 8 models with Lucid Dreams that are almost 16 cards in turn 2. that left the dreamer deck with 38 cards. Yes, its random between 3 cards, but those contains a few low cards easily
  12. And is summoneable, 2 ap for each Stitched, and gamble your life ignores terrifying, incorporeal and focus. Yeah, pretty balanced. If anyone does not believe me, i will learn how to play with vassal so anyone can see what i´m saying. But besides this i´m open minded about crew list that can defeat the dreamer, better if the crew list are on Ressers, Ten Thunders, Outcast or Neverborn so i can test them against The Dreamer in tournaments.
  13. Yep, you are right there. It´s not a duel, so if i do not flip a RJ i´m f***** Yeah, i´m aware that with al alpha i can take down a few lucid dream models but here is another problem, stitched together are Df 6, 6 Wd and Armor +1, they are not taken down easily by many models in the game, and the Dreamer can summon them again full HP and the unbury in your face, ready to do the gamble. I understand your opinion of Lucid Dreams, but i just see that the dreamer is cheating in front of me and i can´t do nothing to stop him but killing his models, and that means that i can´t f
  14. In M2E, Gamble your Life was cheteable and also had the backswing in the damage. With same stat, think that if he ties with the other model, the stitched wins. The only models that could win the stitched are the monks as in any kind of duel can decrease the chi to gain +2 to the duel or the enemy cheating a RJ to stop your 13. The backswing has to be there. If not, the damage should not be cheateable and the track worse, like a 2/3/4 and affected by terrifying and incorporeal
  15. It´s a bonus action, and the crew works pretty well as i have said. Maybe there are not 10 cards a turn, but sure they can remove 7-8 cards easily if you don´t take down one or two models per turn and the dreamer does not summon anything else with Lucid Dream.
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