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  1. Oh, i love that model! Painted him for the same contest aswell 😋 Really like the grimy style you're going for. Have you ever tried oils or enamels for washes? Would suit that style and you if you want saturation... oils do that too 😉
  2. What a desperate Situation... I love it. Love the piece and love the solidarity. I also love to see hobby work from the people responsible. Really fosters a community. More please!
  3. Nudelpullover


    Maybe a weirdly late answer. But firstly thanks ;D getting closer to being almost as good as you. And i also started uploading on Instagram, if you're still interested https://www.instagram.com/rainbowtonguepainting/
  4. Nudelpullover


    Thank you to everyone for the nice comments. Alot of things i didnt get to on this diorama regretably. Especially pushing the Highlights towards white on the ink-spell and also pushing the saturation and value on the lights. Thats what happens when you start late... Great pieces by all the other contestants, especially @Silver_lining_minipainting's Life vs Death diorama.
  5. Nudelpullover


    Just wanted to say, well deserved win. It also was my favourite and kinda guessed it was yours. Great composition, drawing the eye towards that beautifully executed bubble-effect. Great concept and great execution. I think the decision to leave the Emmissary muted is the right one, although maybe you could try to implement some small details or any kinda of visuel interest, just to leave something for repeated viewing. Your entry makes me wish i started a bit earlier 😛
  6. Great looking Models, you nailed the Boxart. Congrats on the commission Job, you deserve it 😉 Ohhh and Wyrd, If you need some more commissions done...
  7. Ohh, this one is yours Hawk? Saw yours on a google search i think and it almost inspired me to copy you. But i always hate just reusing someones idea, especially since you executed yours really well. Let's see what i can come up with. Had an Idea with sticking his sword in the ground and him pulling on the chain, like he caught someone with the hook and is pulling them in.
  8. Nice NMM stippling on the sword. I also like the autumn colour theme your going for with your Titania crew. I have the model on my table for a while now, but i want to change the pose before i build and paint it. I really like the design, but im not that in love with the posing.
  9. Great watercorpse skintone on the piglets and funny idea with earls base. Im also currently working on Zipp's Crew, love those minis. Let's see if i can come close to your paintjob.
  10. This one isnt really Malifaux related (could be a buff alt. version of Coppelius though?). Wanted to post it though, cause i was kinda happy with how it turned out. The model is a 3D-Print from "Lord of the Print" on MyMiniFactory, called the "Slayer of the Sea". Printed in 32mm Scale.
  11. Groovy! Looking forward to your Malifaux minis.
  12. Yeah thought the same thing. Maybe also shows i could've worked on the composition a bit more. Thanks for the compliment 😜 Thank you so much! Great fluorescent Snail on your part too.
  13. Here's my entry for the "City Nights 2022" painting contest, with some additional pictures: "Into the Lion's Den " Loved the challenge of the theme and widening my painting boundaries. Could've pushed the contrast a lot more though and maybe work on my colors for the next one (looking at you @Mupz, strong colors on your piece). Also, thanks for all the nice comments in the gallery. Thinking about the story behind my dioramas is alot of the joy for me and i'm more than happy that came through. Thanks to everyone that voted for me.
  14. A great looking model in a category with alot and also stiff competition. Given the topic of lighting effects you didnt pick the easiest model to choose. Those fiery wings would bathe her in light, leaving harsh shadows in certain areas. Alot of "light-value" contrast. Positioning of the light looks great and the wings look proper fiery. I also really like the broken, glowing ground rising with her, nice base. Keep at it 😜
  15. Hey Lillian, welcome to the community. Already saw you participating in the painting contest, waiting to see what your entry was 😉 Regarding glue and primer, you want to usse any form of "plastic-cement". It slighty melts the plastic so you get a really strong bond, compared to superglue. There are a lot of different brands, i have used Revell and "Tamiya extra thin". I'd go with the "Tamiya extra thin cement", it flows into cracks and barely leaves any marks on the surface, plus you can really easily make corrections. For priming i use an airbrush and dont want to ever go back (Vallejo black primer for me). But you can use rattlecans no problem, its more of a convenience. Used Vallejo and Citadel Cans before, could'nt make a recommendation though. Just make sure to give them a thourough shake through though, thats the main culprit for uneven coats and unwanted texture on your models. Hope i could help.
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