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  1. Welcome back! Great looking models, really want to get my hands on that box too. P.S.: maybe some ivory or even white to paint in some reflections on the bottles, looking good either way ๐Ÿ˜œ
  2. I like your taste in models ๐Ÿ˜œ Try giving those piggies some shading and go over the green chameleon stuff again and you'll get more "glow" . And a nice base rim will make them really pop, promise ;D
  3. Love that style! Imagine a whole token set, with a matte finish maybe? Great work! *chef's kiss*
  4. Nice looking models ;D Really nice terrain for a first attempt, looks proper autumny.
  5. Love everything! But that Hungering Darkness... great base too, really paints a picture. Great Work.
  6. Some great work! Love all that texture! Those Dreamer bases are especially lovely. Keep it up ;-D
  7. Really looking forward to participating again. Also need to post some more to be eligible to vote this time around ^^ Have fun and i cant wait to see everyones contribution.
  8. Congrats to all! Really inspired by all the great work and looking forward to the next competition. Thanks to everyone, although i really need to up my image quality till next time...
  9. Ironically i can't vote, although i submitted something ^^. Well maybe i should interact in the forums a bit more... Good luck to everyone, some really nice contributions in both categories.
  10. Sorry if i double-posted, i wasnt sure if the first submission got through.
  11. Just submitted mine, barely made it... Hope it got through. Cant remember if ill get a confirmation, but at least im in time ^^ . Good luck to everyone participating!
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