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  1. 3 x 3 on letter prints them at same size for sleeving.
  2. Someone was nice enough to share these pics on Facebook.
  3. Big convention. Lots to see and do. Not uncommon at all.
  4. Facebook when the preview was posted.
  5. Says on Facebook “new malifaux characters “
  6. This article gives good insight in to the gaming industry overall. Even though it is by a different company. https://home.privateerpress.com/2019/11/12/addressing-product-availability-delays/
  7. Seems the page was deleted sadly.
  8. Is there info on this event and what else was available anywhere ?
  9. Yeah I have been looking but it seems hard to search through it all how it is setup.
  10. I've seen rumours of a two player box coming and new factions ? Anywhere to get info and news on this ?
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