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  1. 2 player starter set is basically a must. The fact M3 did not have one from the start surprised me.
  2. yes and theres been plenty of delays for many companies because of it.
  3. You've clearly not been following SFG and Guild ball then.
  4. Yeah that would be cool to have. Especially for TTB games.
  5. Yes. I got it in PDF yesterday after buying the book off of Meeplemart back in July and getting it physically then too. It's got a large fluff section and two maps one of the general area and one of the city. Glad I bought it.
  6. Fingers crossed while I wait for my newly ordered neverborn books PDF code to arrive hopefully today. Need some new reading material for the weekend while wife is away!
  7. Maybe just move on. Why waste your time being angry when there is so many other games around that may make you happy since clearly this one is not.
  8. No need to browse whole site. Just watch the blog every Wednesday around 6 PM AST/5 PM EST/9 PM GMT.
  9. And tons of GB players are doing the opposite. SFG is sadly suffering it's own supply chain issues for a while now. I play both but I have so many GB teams I am gonna trade some for Malifaux stuff.
  10. Until it goes on the upcoming page it is a mystery.
  11. As the article I linked says “please allow 10 business days “
  12. https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2019/9/4/waldos-weekly-same-ghost-every-night
  13. Playing 6-10 PM at the RECC Game Night at the Rath Eastlink community Centre. Millbrook A Room. Open tables and demos with extra minis on hand. Come out and learn to play some Faux!
  14. Books will be sent separately they've said. For now you can submit the receipt to get a PDF access copy.
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