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Found 5 results

  1. Have a bunch of older stuff just gathering dust, ao I’d rather it go to a home that will love, and assemble, and paint these! I will actually be at GenCon this Saturday if anyone wants to meet there and save on shipping! Herald of Obliteration, Nightmare Box Set - $70 Dark Carnival, Nightmare Box Set - $70 Nightmare Teddy (2 of them) - $50 each Puppetwars base set (metals) - $70 Puppetwars multiplayer expansion - $10 Puppetwars Pawns 2 - $10 Miss Pack - $10 Miss Anne Thrope - $10 Miss Demeanor - $10 Hog Whisperer - $10 Rasputina Alt - $5 Killjoy - $10 Arcanist 2E Arsenal Box - $5 I also have an almost full Kirai crew (metal, box set plus 2 Shikome, extra Seishin, Kirai avatar, maybe a couple other things) that is just based and primed, but I can’t seem to find any of the cards for them. Granted, they would be 1E cards anyway, but if you’re interested in them, let me know.
  2. I'm relatively new to Malifaux, been playing for about 2 months but the game has inspired me to paint like never before. My first crew is a Leveticus crew with all the bells and whistles, and I'll post that up if I can get a decent shot of all of them. But for the past few weeks, I've been eagerly painting up the Nightmare Edition Dark Carnival box that my friend picked up from Adepticon 2016, plus a few in-theme extras (Angelica, Coryphee), and I'm really excited to share this here as my first ever post on the forums. Some models were more interesting to paint than others, but overall I had a blast working through this crew, and it's quite a brain burner in-game too! Here goes...
  3. So I made a bet in which I stated that I would use whatever Master is released as a nightmare edition box at this years Gencon in this years U.K. Nationals tournament. We know that Guild won the Kythera event, so it will be a Guild box that is due to be released! But that's all we know... I've started a blog over at http://brutalefficacy.blogspot.co.uk to document the journey to the Nationals with a master and crew I've no idea about yet.
  4. Okay, so: The Dark Carnival is coming out for GenCon, as a proxy crew for Colette's standard loadout (Colette, 3 Mechanical Doves, Cassandra, 2 Performers, and 2 Mannequins). We are getting a number of named models, themed after a circus troupe described in detail in the latest Wyrd Chronicles (images for the crew box are also in that issue). The Dark Carnival proxies as Colette, as mentioned above. I am not satisfied with that alone. What I have been tossing about as an idea both on this forum and on AWP is the idea of being amateur (or better!) devs and betatesters, all of us, and creating our own set of rules for Mr. Cooper and his Dark Carnival. And that we did. Now we are onto Stage 2 of this wonderful journey of ours: Playtesting. If you have been watching this space with great interest (or any interest at all, even), you probably have done so with the interest of playtesting this unofficial crew. That, or you probably just want to watch our process and progress. We finished the brainstorm rather early, and now it is the public's turn to give as much feedback as they desire. Unfortunately, I got a reply from Aaron Darland about getting this crew ruleset into the Chronicles and he said that between people skimming the Chronicles for things, and people just plain not reading the Chronicles, it wouldn't reach a wide enough audience and those it would reach may accidentally take the crew as solicited and official. So, the Chronicles is out, but I'm still by all means down to do this! Hope you are too. If you are comfortable working on a set of custom rules for casual games, and willing to make a constructive contribution, please feel free to join in on this great adventure. ~~~~~ DISCLAIMER: This project is not in any way supported or endorsed by Wyrd Games. I am not affiliated with Wyrd except by virtue of being a Henchman. Any games of Malifaux (Wyrd's game) involving this ruleset must be approved by all parties involved before being conducted. Official Wyrd events may not include this ruleset. ~~~~~ Credit thus far goes to: Solicitor 6 (major idea contributor) Da Git (major idea contributor) Manic Mouse (major idea contributor) Crush_Jansen (major idea contributor) SpiralingCadaver (for providing stat card templating) Phinn (idea contributor) Dirial (idea contributor) Fetid Strumpet (for recommending I contact SpiralingCadaver) Patzer (idea contributor) Victoria (idea contributor) Bstorz (idea contributor) Clockwork Top Hat (idea contributor) Jafar (idea contributor) Adran (idea contributor) TimH (idea contributor) and myself, as well as anyone who voted. ~~~~~ Models representing models: Mr. Cooper (30mm) = Colette Lola (30mm) = Cassandra Flying Monkey (30mm) x3 = Mechanical Dove (x3) Thin Lizzy (30mm) = Performer Mercury (30mm) = Performer Mummerette (30mm) x2 = Mannequin (x2) ~~~~~ The model cards for this week will be put in the post below. Below that, the schedule will be posted. At that point, Da Git wants to reserve the following post. After that, please, by all means, have at it! This is a space for both balancing and typos, so do what you can to do both. ~Lil Kalki
  5. Attempting to clean house just a bit while possibly completing my collection of 1.5 models. All models are New In Box, or, in the case of Miss Pack and Miss Demeanor, New In Baggie, unless otherwise noted. All prices listed are a starting point. Or Best Offer applies. Going to leave this post up for another week or so before putting models on ebay (will link auctions here when I do). [Have] Misses: Miss Pack (Nurse) Miss Demeanor (Convict Gunslinger) Miss Terious (Death Marshal) Miss Step (Howard Langston, Steamborg Executioner) (x2) $35 each Henchman Exclusive: Santana Ortega (Santiago Ortega) [box flattened for shipping, model still New on Sprue] $75 Nightmare Edition: Lord Chompy Bits & Dreamer $250 Teddy $75 Dead Justice Hanging Trees Tara & Co. New In Box Tara & Co. (Assembled but not yet Based) Assorted Models: Yan Lo, Chiaki & Soul Porter (Assembled and Primed) $25 Sebastian (Assembled and Primed) $5 Jack Daw & the Hanged $18 Non-Malifaux: Privateer Press Warmachine Convergence of Cyriss Prime Axiom (Gencon Gold Card Included) ------------------------------------ [Wanted] By faction (value of each based on Miniatures Market regular low prices): Ressers: The Drowned Dead Doxies Guild Autopsies (gotta double check) Avatar McMourning / Simulacrum 29 Alt McMourning Alt Nicodem Alt Seamus Outcasts: Malifaux Child (Yeah, really) Avatar Levi Avatar Hamelin Master Hamelin Nix Rat Catchers Gremlins: Gremlinette Egg Hauler War Rooster Arcanists: Mechanical Rider Alt Ramos Slate Ridge Mauler Molemen Hoarcat Pride Snowstorm Wendigo Silent Ones Blessed of December Gunsmith Male Gunsmith Female Guild: Perdita & Co. (all box models) Alt Perdita Avatar Perdita Abuela Pistoleros Enslaved Nephilim Governor's Proxy Drill Sergeant Warden Avatar Hoffman Sonnia Alt Guild Hounds Lucius & Co. (all box models except Ryle) Pale Rider [Found a painted one for the price of NIB] Neverborn: Hooded Rider Gupps Waldgeists Regular Zoraida Alt Pandora Twisted: All models except Donna the Cauldron Witch (already got her as a stand in for Zoraida): Carver Bowling Vampire (I know, these two are longshots) Imps Apparitions The Dwead Piwate Wubbwecht Dire Mushrooms The Living Impaired If I think of anything else, I'll edit this list accordingly. Other games: Warmachine: I'd like to get into the Convergence of Cyriss, so models for them. Wild West Exodus: Might want to start picking up their models. Deep Wars: Very intrigued by their models. Cash: Cash, via Paypal, is king, but mutually beneficial trades can be just as good.
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