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  1. I was looking through some of the cards posted on the website and there were a couple of things that I wanted to address and wasn't sure where else to post. - The for glory side of the stormsiren's "siren call" action has a Ram trigger called "entracing song", should that be 'entrancing'? - The speckled crawlers are listed as 'reserves [3]'. Can someone explain this to me? I don't see it referenced anywhere, though it's highly likely it's either a rule I overlooked or one that is no longer being used. I'm really excited to play this game. If someone could clarify these for me I would greatly appreciate it, and also let me know if there is a better place to ask these kind of questions. Thanks!
  2. I've played five games with Asami at this point. I've taken feigned weakness four times and have yet to summon from it. (the one game I didn't take it obviously I would have gotten a summon) I find Heavenly design to be almost invaluable. The 0 place is great positioning and I find people over look that it grants any model that is sacrificed (i.e.: flickers out) finish the job. I've taken set up a lot lately, spamming out models and then just letting them flicker away to drop copious amounts of scheme markers in central areas. Terra-cotta warriors may not be a bad pick to switch into a needed upgrade such grasping strands to gives penalties to charge near her or nefarious pact when facing Mysterious Emissary, Lady J, Johan, or Chiaki. I've taken Yasunori a few times. His 0 action allows him to look at the top three cards and reorganize them, so on the first turn at least if you can avoid getting into an interaction with your opponent, you can set what cards you will need to summon or even find cards for the Amanjaku to raise conditions. Plus the Yasunori is just lovely in most other aspects as well, but this along with Tannen make summoning easier, though I would still just plan to stone for the masks. In terms of summoning, Jorogumo are delicious when possible, Obsidian oni are ruthless which really helped me in a game against Jack Daw, and they can also create scrap. Yoke are my go to summon though, as they get positives for charging, tons of triggers, a 0 interact and are fairly self sufficient with their flicker assuming you can get in a tomes. Haven't summoned any tengu or Akaname but I've been a huge proponent of Tengu since book 2 dropped. I realize people have issues with their survivability, but they are usually just hopping around in the sidelines accomplishing schemes. Asami is fine using her summons as her offensive actions and take the wounds needed to let them charge for 1. (they must be within 4" to do so, so don't try placing them the full 6" forward) Really not sure how to feel about Amanjaku and Ohaguro Bettari. (took me a really long time to realize that that's who the aforementioned "black betty" was, as Bette Noir literally translates to Black Betty so I thought we were talking about different things) Amanjaku is really card intensive, require a 9 on both of his primary actions. He can up the Emissary's condition which is the reason I think it's so high, but I would have preferred a lower TN and have it simply increase flicker. He is very unassuming and so far my opponent's haven't been in a position where they have been able to take him down over other targets, which should count for something. That makes him somewhat viable for late game damage. Ohaguro is a nice heat seeking missile that can surprise your opponent by charging through forests, walls and models ,but her min damage of 2 means she isn't really assassinating larger targets. She's a decent recipient of the Fate of Mortals upgrade as she is in a very central location to pass out flicker and increase the crews card draw, though without any defensive abilities, she dies quickly. I've rambled on enough, but I really like Asami's play style and look forward to trying her out in the future. So happy with this book. The models are so creative and dynamic and add so much uniqueness to and already incredibly diverse game. This is a post for a different thread, but if you haven't tried out Sun Quang, do so.
  3. Mine fit fine on the base. Didn't really love the "curled up like a bug" pose, but didn't hate it either. I did put them on top of some cork board to pass as large steppe rocks. I stand by the same mentality with them as with warpigs, I wouldn't usually hire them, but they make great summons. (though the pig did get a fix upgrade, but that's neither here nor there) As a summon they are great. Even if you are just going to let them flicker out at the end of turn rather than keep them around, they have a 3" melee range and a 0 to push or make an extra 1" attack, so they can really hold down a decent piece of the board and let you scoot around and scheme run. But without getting too Asami centered... With the smoke and shadows upgrade they can teleport across the board fairly easily, though since most of their survivability is in killing something to heal, it may just be better to activate them. It's also worth mentioning that they can be taken in outcasts by Misaki, though I'm not really sure what inherent benefits outcasts provide for them.
  4. Also, when I have 0 cards in my deck/discard pile, how does my opponent cut my deck? According to GG 2016, my opponent must place at least one card and place it on the bottom of the deck, so, is that the lose condition? When I have no cards to cut I'm assuming the Katanaka Snipers and Torakage emurge from the shadows and drag me kicking and screaming out of the store never to be heard from again.
  5. Ah your right! thanks for pointing that out. So now we're talking hypotheticals here, but lets assume with Df 5, needing an 8 to live, a little under half of the gremlins pass, and when they do, I cheat using bayou two card causing another half to fail. Then some would die to the explosive demise action if I started from the outer edge of the cluster. The rest I would have had slap each other around and actualy would have given me more summoning targets from Somer and more activations. This may further hit home that the list with 15 bayou gremlins and no Pere may be better for this, but it does not invalidate the definitive possibility of drawing 54 cards.
  6. So I got a game in with this Somer list yesterday, more to see if it is in fact practically possible in a vacuum. Spoilers, it can and did. (you might want to skip down towards the * towards the end to when it actually happens if your not concerned with the particulars) My opponent was not trying to help the process but note if it were to come up where an opponent was playing gremlins, this could potentially happen even more easily. Battle report and reflections below (sorry bout the long post). I won't mention our schemes as they are only relevant to this whether this list can be functional and practical rather than is drawing 54 cards possible, but I will note we had headhunter for the strat. My list was a copy of the one listed above in Necroon's post. My opponent used: Zoraida +(animal shape, Hexed among you) Primodial Magic Bad Juju +(Eternal fiend) Mysterious Emissary + (mysterious conflux) 3x Waldgeists and a changeling with 7 stones total. The thought behind the Somer list is that 15 gremlins need to die in a turn within 6" and LoS of Somer and the banjoista to facilitate the 54 card draw. We played corner deployment on a board with lots of forests, so my crew deployed with Somer and the Banjoista in the woods with a swarm of 12 bayou gremlins all around (still within los) and Pere off towards the right flank. The first turn I had planned on using Somer to bring the # of bayou gremlins up to 15 using do it like this for masks and then summoning with "git your bro", however I black jokered one of the summoning flips, and only got 2 new gremlins turn 1. With Hexed among you, Zoraida was able to plop the three waldgeists up the field, fairly close to my deployment. One of the waldgeists germinated and charged my right flank of bayou gremlins (something that is technically not legal as the germination goes away once they move, but that's our fault for not reading the card I suppose) and engaged I believe 5 gremlins, killing none. Through a combination of drunk and reckless banjo smacking, (and without thinking of the disastrous consequences of deforestation) bad juju popped out. Juju then proceeded to landslide and miraculously affected none of the gremlins involved, before punching one into paste, netting me 3 cards and causing a head to roll out onto the field. (I had forgotten about the waldgeist's head, and we decided in the chaos of clumped gremlins and juju, simply not to place it after the fact). The turn continued with the mysterous effigy popping out a changeling, zoraida Raven forming on top of a building in the center and attempting to obey Pere to "oopsie" but lacked the crow for the trigger to do so. Not too much else of note happened, aside from the banjoista activating and pushing all the other gremlins 2" somewhere (still in los and 6") and of course out activating the opponent by 8 activations. I had originally hoped to get the 54 draw on turn two however, I wasn't in a position to do so from the start of 2. It should also be noted that the hand size of 54 cards only works if you haven't been cheating a bunch. Bayou 2 card helps tremendously with this however, I had to cheat some key terrifying checks from bad juju, which meant this wasn't the magic turn either. Of relevance to this post rather than the game as a whole, bad juju was vanquished (buried) as were 1 or 2 gremlins from obeyed shooting and ricochet who were later replaced by Somer. Some other stuff died to shooting and Vp for the strat were scored by all. On to turn 3! *By the start of turn three I had beaten back some of Zoraida's forces (killing a waldgeist before juju went down) and it was decided that it was now or never. Pere oopsie'd, and I relented the Df flip with 13 bayou gremlins, drawing me 39 cards (plus 3 for pere), plus the 6 I had from the start of the turn for 48 cards in my hand leaving 6 cards in my deck. At that point I had Somer, the banjoista and 1 bayou gremlin left at 2 wounds. So, several implications here. With 48 cards in hand I could easily look through my hand and figure out the remaining 6 cards and figure out statistically what was likely to happen with each flip. After Pere did his magic, a changeling did something which caused a 7 and 10 to be flipped but didn't affect the board at all. I determined the only way to actually draw my deck was to activate Somer and summon more gremlins. Having all the masks in the word at my disposal I did the following: Summoned a bayou gremlin after cheating in an 8 of masks, which killed the old one (draw 3) and popped out a new one. I did this three times, cheating 1 and drawing 3 for a grand total of 54 cards in my hand. So, to end Somer's activation he 0 actioned "do it like this" to discard the red joker to add "it couldn't matter less" suit to all nearby gremlins. Edit* So as Rules Lawyer pointed out, you cannot relent simple duels. I guess we kind of let that slip our minds as it made the turn 26+ flips faster, but yes I couldn't simply ignore the flips on my bayou gremlins. With Df 5, needing an 8+ to live, a little under half of the gremlins pass, and when they do, I cheat using bayou two card causing another half and hope to fail. Then some would die to the explosive demise action if I started from the outer edge of the cluster. The rest I would have had slap each other around and actually would have given me more summoning targets from Somer and more activations. This would have happened regardless of Pere not auto killing 13 gremlins, so I'm not losing any sleep over it.* _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sooooooooooo, now every card in my discard pile and deck is the red joker. My opponent can no longer cheat as ever flip I have for defense is the red joker. (as the discard pile is shuffled into your deck and you draw a new card to finish the flip, even if it was a - - - twist, every one of those cards would be the red joker) The banjoista did read joker damage of 5 to zoraida and got the trigger (obviously) to make the attack agianst another target which it took against a changeling, killing it. The slow gremlin activated, declared dumb luck and did 8(B) damage to zoraida and 4 from the blast to a changeling before doing 4 to himself. This killed zoraida, popping out Juju, and forced me to draw 3 cards from the gremlin dying. And now we get back to the actually question of the post, what happens? I draw the red joker and 2 nothings as I have no cards in my deck or discard pile. A remaining waldgeist acitaves, and causes a flip against somer. I cannot flip. I could cheat any one of my 54 cards, or can I? The purpose of this game more than anything was to see if this is possible, and it is. We decided my flip generated a value of 0 against Somer's defense and I cheated in the red joker to squeel away and put it back into the deck, which we decided was legal, but what if I was at a negative twist because of cover and there were no cards in the deck? At the end of the turn I shuffle my one card from the discard into my deck for the following turn, and discard cards I don't want/down to my max hand size so I then put 48 cards into the discard pile leaving me with 5 cards in hand (4 kings and the black joker). The start of turn 4 I will draw up to my max hand size (pick up that red joker) and then shuffle the discard pile into the deck so I can draw initiative. The game is now back to normal with the exception of a completely stacked hand. Possible vs Practical So this definitely possible and would have been easier had I not dealt with from the shadows and a black joker summoning flip turn 1. Again, my opponent was not trying to facilitate this process, and it would have been much much easier if they had gremlins on their side of the board as well. The argument of "everything needed to be perfect to work" isnt really an issue, as you really only need 15 gremlins. Take out Pere and Family tree and you can start with 15 bayou gremlins. They would need to reckless and smack each other to death, which is entirley doable, with the last one dying to the banjoista, giving Somer 3 AP of red joker to do as he pleases. So yes, very Possible. Now is it practical? Eeeehhhhhhghhhhh no, not really. The gremlin gun line spam is stupid and I would never take it nor would I hope to face it. It gives such access to scheme runners that it would surely make even Colette blush, but that's not what I did with it. Remember there is a 6" sweet spot that all these fellas need to hunker in. They can move up quite a bit and still be in position (although note I was in a forest so I was moving slowly) but I was still hindered from accomplishing many of the schemes. This list would be strong because of its 3 ap, 3 point scheme runners, not 1 or 2 activations of red joker madness. But yes it can happen, and probably deserves clarification (I'm so sorry Aaron, please forgive me!!! :3 ) even if its a simple "if you have no cards in your deck to draw the value of the flip is considered 0...you jerk."
  7. I like to think he is standing on top of a train and that's why the cape is billowing. I'm also hoping there is an upgrade that gives a model the bandit characteristic
  8. What about saving the best for last though? :3
  9. I feel like the golem seems a bit too much like ashes and dust. Upon reconsideration, we already have a gamin for the major elemental types (ice, fire, metal, and wind) and I'm not sure about traditional Indian culture but I know the chinese elements are the above plus wood, so it's not unheard of.really looking forward to more Indian/middle eastern sub types. Reminds me of djinn and efreets and the like.
  10. Anyone else expecting sand gamin?
  11. Why not both? Smoke and shadows simply needs to be taken by a last blossom model, so I've put it on Yamaziko before if not running Misaki. Yamaziko is cheapish for a henchman, can gunk up a decent section of the board and now that schemes cannot be revealed at the start can get some cards out of the opponent's hand early turn two. Plus deep striking spider demons. What's not to like?
  12. I'm too scared as to what they'll do if it's a tie. I'd image they would only show the art or renders for both and then show the glorious rules for both the next week. This is something I cannot abide with. All or nothing says I!
  13. I've only ever seen the picture of the one render up until now, but that one has always been portrayed as having 10 limbs. also... http://geekologie.com/2008/11/good_idea_man_submits_drawing.php
  14. I think the idea of a summoner would be neat with her wrath of the oni ability. If they were really small bodies like 2-3 soulstone you could throw them at the enemy and have them charge despite being slow. One might also assume Asami would have some healing capabilities, or said summons could have a trigger to heal nearby oni. Ah, speculation season truly is the best.
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