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  1. A lot of Asami's crew is really good at interacting out of nowhere, so despite being a summoner, I've had some success running her in a cursed objects pool.
  2. So had my first game against Maggie and rapier wit recently and it seemscreal good. I'm not outcrying against it (seems real good though) as comparing factions in this game is like comparing factions in starcraft. However, I'm looking for advice with how to deal with the old girl. Rapier wit seems like a better, cheaper conch horn. Should I (as a Horde player) simply ignore her and let her run amok? She can't be tied down in melee as she can bounce out, I can't burst her down and it's not as though O have control over how many tactics tokens my opponent has. Just looking for advice. Stop sending your girl to do covert missions, we gribblies don't have any secret Intel, just looking to get home. Thank you!
  3. I think a better approach to tier lists would be to create a radar chart for each master with a few different variables. You could do something like survivability, damage potential, maneuverability, crew buffing/ synergy, and keyword strength etc. That way, rather than trying to encapsulate everything that a master means and represents into two values, you cave a bit more wiggle room. It's always going to be subjective, but it would give a bit more room for comparison to evaluate say Nekima 1 vs broodmother in terms of crew buffing or raw damage potential.
  4. My guess is that twin toads is kin (twins), whiskey gamin is tri chi, then rocket bird would fit for infamous and big hat already has a mad max sub theme with Georgy and Olaf so the car could go there and finally we have the silurid with a fishing pole for angler if that pans out to be a master. No idea where the gator fits, though it could be future proofing. The other weird aspect to consider is from a marketing standpoint, what do you call a silurid mount? All the others even waldgeists, aren't that out there, but a player picking up bayou bash with no malifaux knowledge will be like, "catfish monster"? A minor issue. My guess would be gator and solurwould be for the 2nd smaller bayou bash expansion and for potentially 2 new keywords?
  5. Mei Feng gives you access to Neil Henry, the rock hopper and Sparks who has analyze weakness to ignore armor and rail workers and Sparks have triggers to drop scrap off of enemy constructs which can ping damage with Foreman's heated iron.
  6. Agreed, and one body two souls seems like a decent enough incentive to have these be a unit you take at least 1 of the get an extra bonus for flipping something. It is really interesting that their role completely changes depending on what side of the card they are on. They go from either a dedicated disruption/point scoring model to a less resilient more combat focused role, which is fascinating design space.
  7. Oh, really interesting design, I love it. I'm definitely getting the sense that Kimon plays around flipping back and forth between glory based on this and the previously previewed commander who summons, but I'm gonna need to see the allegiance card to wrap my brain around this.
  8. That makes sense thanks. I was only thinking in foundry so I hadn't thought of the Wastrel crew. That does seem silly copying off the rails, but I don't think I would invest the points in them. Still, I am interested to try the Obsidian Statue, so I may pick up the box at some point regardless.
  9. What would you take terracottas for? I've been running a lot of foreman in 10Ts lately but since terracottas can only copy tactical actions I'm not sure what they would do.
  10. Not to "resurrect" a dead post, but I too would love to hear people's thoughts on 3e Nicodem. I know I saw a general statement that he was too powerful somewhere on discord, but he honestly seems pretty middle of the road to me. I would love to see him come back as a mindless zombie focused master.
  11. Can Nexus use exoskeletal connection through the target? So, drawing range snd los from say Meredith, and targeting Meredith to drop a web and presumably Meredith would stay put?
  12. Also, I'm trying to decide how potent the Huckster bomb, (tuck and huck?) is. If it was too much of an issue, spiritual invasion could easily be enemy only, but even saying it goes off, the huckster is so vulnerable I see this as being a bit too cute (ugly?). I guess Katashiro could eat injured for you.
  13. It kills me to discuss how to get healing in the crew but no one has mentioned my beloved Tengu, poor birbs. The heals not great, but it's there and the flicker cost on the trigger to take it again is less of an issue now. Additionally, because I don't think anyone has brought it up yet; while not as flashing as stacking hazardous or throwing spider bombs at people, yokai seem really solid with this version of her now. Ephemeral warrior means that on an enemy turn, you get a free positive with from beyond plus a shielded. Flickering lanterns is once per activation, but each activation, you basically get a free from beyond which lets you place and then get a shielded (if within 8" of Asami of course). Doesn't seem shabby.
  14. My thinking with her is that I want to bubble more with the Asami "Takusen" as my oni are now incentivized to remain within 8" of Asami, so using coil around prey to bring a target into my line could be pretty useful. The synergy with from two worlds on a yokai is great (as are yokai in general) with new Asami because it's basically a free card and shielded on the yokai. On the subject of Aloha Betty, yeah I hardly ever take her which is a shame, however, her lure does have some additional uses now in that it will proc Asami's flickering lanterns (and out of activation moves are now that much more important for the crew) as well as being a WP duel along with whispered truths. Yume is interesting though. Tortuous Trance could definitely help stack a bunch of injuring on a model along with Asami to help really tear into a single target, but the whole crew is very fragile without a whole lot of defensive tech outside of from beyond and shielded.
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