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  1. Assuming this but just checking. For Schemes like Hidden Martyrs or Vendetta that refer to a model's points cost, a model that has an upgrade when hired is treated as have the points cost of it's card plus the upgrade cost, correct?
  2. For your Bandit one, I'd switch around the yellow and orange a bit. Dead Outlaws just don't do it for me in a Bandit crew. In Tormented keyword they're gold, but in Bandit outside of putting on Staggered or Slow they have minimal use and other minions outshine them. Their ability to put Fast on a model is only really useful IME to Sue, and getting that to work is situational. I'd bumpt them down to orange. The ones you've got in yellow, the Emissary/Effigy should be top of that list. The Emissary in Bandit is super good. Wokou Raiders come in next for me. Definitely need bumping up from Orange. I'd use them far more often than a Dead Outlaw. The Paid in Blood box not so imporant for me now that Midnight Stalker lost Demise Eternal. He was an auto-include before for scheming, now.. not so sure. The other two I rarely if ever use. Others may get better mileage out of Hans but I find him near useless. Can't wait for Catalan Snipers to render him fully redundant. I'd bump the A Hard Day's Work up to orange just for the option of a Prospector. Sure Parker can generate soulstones but that's not always a given. A Prospector is always reliable for that. Barbaros can be useful for sure, but maybe not enough to elevate to orange. Agree Bayou Smugglers should get a mention having Bandit keyword, but second from last in red category. At least their marker drag makes them useful for something, Benny should stay rock bottom.
  3. Check out Chimeric Designs. He is based in the UK. Very reasonably priced, and the markers and tokens are superb. Any markers or tokens in the game that are not on his site, he will make on demand. Just got a bunch of power tokens made by him for my Hoff crew.
  4. Awesome, thanks for confirming So that will be like GG1 and include Scheme and Strat cards plus all the errata'd cards?
  5. Can't seem to get an answer on this on FB pages. The lack of any GG2 pack in the upcoming release schedule suggests that Wyrd may not be releasing a card pack like they did with GG1, leaving Wargames Vault as the only option for actual cards. Does anyone know definitively if there will be a GG2 card pack released for sale by Wyrd?
  6. The summoning action for The Dreamer doesn't summon a model onto the table, they start off buried. So why does the summoning action Manifest Nightmares have an 8" range?
  7. Would he be redundant given there are already keyword beaters in Joss and Howard, or is he useful as an alternative to tech in? Disclaimer - I have no intention of doing an M&SU crew so just looking at his value as a versatile.
  8. Is that because it's rare to end up with 3 Abominations on the table as that relies on summoning them, as there are better crew picks?
  9. I've heard the Desolation Engine isn't popular so wondering where it has a niche in an Amalgam keyword crew? Weighing up between buying a super cheap M2 box of Abominations with M3 cards or forking out 3 times as much for an M3 box just to get the Deso Engine. Do I need the big fella?
  10. I started with Outcasts and picked a generic style of resin bases that match the flagstone roads on my gaming mat. Using the same bases across all masters in the faction so that when I use Versatiles or OOK models they tie in visually. So I'm looking for a simliar basing theme for my Arcanists and currently really liking these ones, Shattered Ritual from Secret Weapon. Anyone used these and have pics of them painted up? And what bases do the rest of you use that are thematic for the faction? Show us some pics
  11. Thanks Yore Huckleberry, nice summation for Guild. I'm not a super competitive type, rather run with a faction for thematic reasons and model aesthetics so it was more curiosity than wanting to choose which faction for optimising or powergaming.
  12. Can you explain why for someone new to Hoffman?
  13. Thanks guys. I prefer Arcanists to Guild as a faction hence leaning that way, but I also like the aesthetics of a bot crew so yeah those Guild boxes are appealing. Joss looks great, looks like I'm getting two additional boxes then LOL. What are your favoured models to use for scheming? The Watchers seem ideal with their bonus actions but look a bit fragile.
  14. Taking a dip into Arcanists as second faction and going with Hoffman. He seems to have quite a few choices of keyword and versatile boxes to expand on. I'll eventually add several, but for the first purhase on top of the core box what's the best one to get and why?
  15. Looking at these online and they look superb compared to tinted acrylics. Wondering if anyone has them and what they're like 'in the flesh' as sometimes it's hard to gauge online. If you have them, be interested to know your opinion.
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