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  1. Hi all, I'm very new to Malifaux (started last week) and I was hoping to get some advice. I've picked up the Rasputina core set and the Ten Peaks set as I just really like their aesthetic. I've played two games with them against Collette, both times being a draw, and I've enjoyed playing. I was wondering, from the opinions of more experienced players, how are the December keyword models to play in a more experienced setting? Rasputina has felt a bit underwhelming - not terrible, but mostly best at setting up ice pillars to shut people down. The wendigo has been a nice s
  2. Hello everyone! I'm a very inexperienced player, who plays mostly Bayou, Thunders, and a splash of outcasts. In thunders, I really only own Lynch and Misaki and I'm absolutely loving them so far! Does anyone have any tips to help improve my play with a Last Blossom Crew? Thanks Everyone!
  3. Posting on behalf of a friend learning the ropes with his Bayou crews, who needs perhaps a bit of guidance. I play Neverborn, Dreamer, Titania, Nekima, Pandora and Lucius to date. So far he plays Wong and Zipp. In 2e zipp was a terror unto himself, murdering Dreamer from out of nowhere, using first mate to deny pretty well any schemes involving markers, and generally performing well. So far in m3e however things haven't been so good for the gremlins. Any and all advice on these match-ups, fighting Neverborn generally, or even just playing Zipp or Wong (especially Wong) would help a lot.
  4. I am totally new to Malifaux and looking for advice how to approach the game as a beginner and also how to approach it from a Mollys crew perspective. What are the main bits of advice you’d give to a beginner about the game and also about Mollys crew, their synergy and strengths and weaknesses? I have purchased the pirate themed Molly crew, Rogue Necro, Effigy, Crooligans and the Death rider – I will be proxying Archie until I can get a hold of one as he’s hard to find!. I like the idea of playing a small elite crew but not sure how realist
  5. Hi all Last night I played Hoffman for the first time, and had my a** handed to me. More than usual. My opponent was very pleasant and it was a fun game, but I would also like to win and I really like the idea behind Hoffman. I tried to make the power loop work, but were very unlucky (2 RJ on Dam from Rasputina) and after that I had no core to my team. How do you run Hoffman? Which upgrades do you take? Do you have any auto includes? And when would you consider running Hoffman, when regarding the strats and schemes? I know that Malifaux is a very versatile game,
  6. Hi. I just picked up the Core Rulebook and a few others, and had some questions. If these have been answered already, apologies. 1) Suit types in Fate Deck. Aside from Undead having to select Crows as their Defining Suit, is there anything else that checks for this, or are the names just there to avoid confusion? 2) The core book goes from tools right into weapons. Do weapons give you a [+] when using them, or that is that just for the toolkits? 3) All the toolkits say Skill 4 in the table. Does that add to/replace your skill, or is that a requirement?
  7. Hey all!! I have a list I am planning on trying out in a game tonight but i would love some feedback for it! The general idea is its built to utterly shut down and limit your oponents ability to score VP while keeping you mobile enough to achieve your own goals. Current line up is Zipp: - Rambaling Diatribe - The Gift of the Gab - Dirty Cheater Fingers: - Dirty Cheater First Mate: - Treasure Map - Where the Captain Can't See Iron Skeeter -Poorly Handeled Explosives Iron Skeeter - Airship Spotlight Gremlin Crier Gremlin Crier Zipp Fingers and The
  8. Greetings everyone! I am a new player and I am mostly going by looks of models for interests and The Dreamer with Lord Chompy Bits definitely speak to me. I know he's a vastly complicated master but any advice for a Chompy focused crew or just starting out with Dreamer in general. Thank you for any advice and guidance!
  9. Hello Everyone! I am working on building my own little Malifaux community and am seeking some advice for my first endeavor. I figure slow grow league style set up would be a good place to start but I would not mind some additional input or guidance! I thank you all in advance.
  10. Greetings everyone! I have been eyeing this game for a while and finally committed to buying and playing some games. I currently have Yan Lo crew, the McMourning crew and the carrion emissary(such an amazing model that sold me on the faction) in my fledgling collection. I was looking at also maybe grabbing Nicoderm but am a little intimidated at the prospect of the summoning aspect he brings to the table. I did briefly see someone mention he can be run in some alternative manners and was curious about that. If someone could chime in about that as well as maybe other general advice about this g
  11. Got my Gremlins now. I have Wongs Crew, Zipps Crew, McTavish and Burt. I've assembled and undercoated Wong and his Crew and found my paints are mostly knackered, some can be saved though. My question is... Which paints are the best value, good to paint with and give good results. I always used GW paints before but they're not as good value as they used to be and all the colours have changed in the years since I painted before... lol
  12. Hi I'm pretty new to Malifaux and still learning almost everything so I'd decided to not grab tons of models....... Yeah, that didn't work. So last night I'm at the FLGS with some store credit and I see the Tanuki box. I really love the sculpts and this box had the 'extra' model in so despite not having any TT models I decided I had to have them. Now obviously I can't use them on their own and my Outcast models are no help (Viks and Von Shill boxes) so I look at the shelves to find no TT masters at all. Disaster was averted by someone pointing out that they had the Brewmaster box
  13. Sorry as I'm sure this is a question that probably gets asked a lot but I couldn't find an answer. Maybe the answer has changed over time as well so I'm asking for your help. I've just started playing, I've picked Outcasts and I have some basic models on their way to me (hired swords, hired guns, Vanessa). So I'm sorted for models for a while because I intend to try and learn the game with those models (they seem to be the most new player friendly). So about the only thing I have left to consider are the general upgrade decks as I'll only have the upgrades that come with those mode
  14. Hello Greenskins, I am a relatively new player. I have started collection 10T, and really like the theme. I recently grabbed the Brewmaster box, and was disappointed to see that there is no crossover in the box, except the keg-master himself. I cant just let those shinobi sit there. I HAVE to play them. So i need some advice. I don't intend to play the box competitively, nor do i have any plans to begin collecting Gremlins. I am looking for quick recommendations on what couple SKUs i could pick up to make a 50pt list on top of what is in the box. Again- not looking for tourney opt
  15. Hey guys, after playing Neverborn with Collodi, Dreamer and Pandora for awhile I've decided to strike out into a different faction and have chosen outcasts. So far I've acquired: Hired Guns Hired Swords Salvage and Logistics Hannah Lazarus Hodgepodge Emissary I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on stuff like lists I could build, synergies, traps and what to add to my collection. Thanks
  16. Morning folks Looking to get an idea of the power levels in terms of difficulty in the published Penny Dreadful's. Most particularly I'm thinking about combat (amount and difficulty) but also generally. Obviously everything can be varied and modified but trying to get an overall idea from folks who've run. Thinking in terms of (assuming balanced TtB character builds) Novice's (say 0-2 pursuit levels) Fresh (3-5 pursuits) Experienced (6-8 pursuits) Veterans (9+ pursuits)
  17. Hi guys. I bought a sweet mat with malifaux deploy zone. Forest moss themed. I also painted some superb citadel woods and some brilliant resin rocks i found on ebay. I also converted one excellent resin rock (11"x4") with citadel trees to fit in the "deep forest". I don't have a table to host on my favourite toys and scenery yet, but i will buy one soon. I sas thinking after the table to buy lights and a camera to start some battle reports with my battle brother here. Do you have any advice how to do it? Pros, Cons? One of my problems is that i am not native English speaker and i sound too wie
  18. I often hear people swearing by Howling Wolf Tattoo (and putting it on Vanessa), but I haven't really figured out how to use this one. The few times I have taken it I haven't used it, so I don't even take it anymore. Giving somebody 'Sister' just seems highly situational. It can give melee expert to a beatstick, but that's just exchanging 1AP for another, so highly situational. Aside from that, having the sister buffs on such a beatstick can certainly boost the damage anywhere on the board, but to take advantage of that I'd have to activate the Viks early in the turn which I usually don't
  19. I'd like to get some advice about two masters that have the following characteristics: 1st: Cover the Strategies between them very well (for example: I read that Tara is very good at reconnoiter but struggles with Reckoning, which master would cover that weakness?) 2nd: Use the most shared models (for example: Collette has a lot of showgirls but no one else in arcanists really uses them, that would be a strike against) 3rd: Decently competetive I am looking to build a compact 2 crew travel collection that I can use to get games in wherever I find myself. I am on the road a lo
  20. So my play group is rebooting our league, and I was considering running Daw for it. As we are starting with henchmen, I was curious how viable montressor is on his own. I've heard he has survival issues, especially without support from Daw, and i'm wary about doing an almost strictly melee crew. So I was hoping for advice. The List as it stands is Montressor - Fearful Whispers, Survivalist Guilty X3 Convict Gunslinger, or Freikorps Trapper, or Hans (leaving me with 5, 6, or 4 stones respectively) Thank you for your feedback!
  21. Hi, guys! Having collected a large force of Outcasts, I have decided to move away from laser-shooting steampunk necromancers and mercenary Hulk Hogan-lookalikes and venture into the world of big moustaches, big knockers and big six-shooters that is the Latigo Posse. I’m not big on the gaming-aspect of Malifaux but it’s still fun to play once in a blue moon, and in those few instances it’s also fun to have a crew that is actually half-decent as well as awesome-looking. One of my favorite models in the Guild’s arsenal is that lovable tub-o’-lard, the Executioner – however, I’m starved for ideas
  22. Hi! I come here for some advice, first of all, forgive my bad English >.< I've been playing Leveticus for some games, but today I've faced the first "true" game with him and it has been a total mess. My crew was: Leveticus -Pariah of iron -Survivalist Alice -from the Aether 2 waifs 2 necropunks Johan Ashes and dust 1 Abomination 5SS His crew Pandora -Voices -Fears given form 2 sorrow Barbados Iggy Primordial Magic Bishop Doppelganger 6SS Strategy was the new one with the 2 pillars and schemes were ALITS, Entourage, Breakthrough, outflank and distra
  23. I enjoy helping others learn new tricks when painting, and love learning new tricks from others. Often, on a forum, you'll see fantastic painting blogs, where the artists will happily answer questions about their work, or threads where people ask how to do certain things; how do I make a balanced model, how do I paint/highlight green... how do I scratch-build an entire character! I figured it could be helpful to have a single thread meant as an ask/advise thread. Feel free to ask questions of veteran painters here, and hopefully enough veteran painters will peek in every now and again th
  24. I'm trying to figure out how to paint a black silk dress for my lilitu. Any idea get this effect?
  25. Hi, I've been looking at getting into Malifaux for a while now, but just never got round to it for one reason or another (money/life getting in the way etc). But now I have backed the Evil Baby Orphanage KickStarter and have a the bonus minis from that on the way - so now I have no excuse not to give it a go! Does anybody have any advice about the different ways that these models could be used in the same crew, and which way might be best for someone new to the game? Also what else would I need to buy to allow me to get started? Thanks very much in advance for any help!
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