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  1. There's also 2 more titles and a minion shown off, Anya and Toni gain summons (a single summon, but summon nonetheless)
  2. No, because lodestones a token who's rules aren't tied to significance
  3. damage tracks *are* variable flips, but jokers bungle up any variable flip. so it should just be jokers as if it was a normal track.
  4. It's a variable flip (Wich aren't necessarily flips but a profile) so it should be 0/3/2/1/2 Treated as it normally would be with any other damage track
  5. Good catch with that, forgot it tends not to be called plentiful, also yeah, I think the correct term is "more than 3 in play"
  6. Yup, the only rule about plentiful is that you can't have more than 3 on the table, not that you couldn't have had more than 3 total
  7. I think the outcast book mentioned doc talking to Earl, so I believe he's fine
  8. It does bring anti synergy to them, just straight up it ain't amazing to 'em, because yes they have to be immune to it's injury and severe, but there's lots of stuff that can come with having 50mm scrap (and tbh, the test subjects are still strong as heck)
  9. A) scrap is turned to a trap, and traps are scrap, and friendlys are immune to both Edit: to be a little more clear, if he is within 6" of a real (50mm) pit trap, friendlys are immune to it, and it is treated as a jumbo sized scrap
  10. Twas just makin sure I wasn't misreading what he was saying
  11. By this do you mean that a marker with impassible can't be moved? Because if so Euripides simply doesn't work
  12. Not necessarily, spelleaters aren't
  13. I don't get the reference but it sounds funny so I'll laugh
  14. the bulk of the community uses a program called vassal, though i really like Table top sim most of the digital community is located here: https://discord.gg/brJTfGdjzD theres also the new discord by wyrd themselves, found here:https://discord.gg/vApKTaJKeK
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