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  1. wait, question, so the normal push on the gun only happens if you succeed right? but the trigger says "after resolving increase push to 4" am i correct in thinking that you can push a beast regardless of success?
  2. It also goes to mah and has 2 ways of pushing people on traps
  3. All units in that box have m3e stat cards
  4. yes the errata cards are on the app
  5. I will say, Neverborn as a whole are known for being super puzzley with a bunch of combos
  6. i guess i can join in, if no one has yet, im not all that good though
  7. i dont know ophelia very well, but i wouldnt mark gluttony as black in it, hes got some very good marker removal, decent anti-scheming and respectable damage for mah i would put weird science as a green, the amount those models can provide into a lot of matchups and pools is invaluable between brin helping your card draw and test subjects being surprisingly tanky minions and rather potent anti-armor (especially for its cost) typically i would take out the third rooster rider for a 3rd bushwhacker, flex between brin and trixie on the fly and i wouldn't always recommend having two riders with
  8. You say it didn't turn out great, but some of these look really quite good, outcast and ES especially And I for one, would mount that bayou egg on my mantle, so it could stare at me condescendingly with it's objectively superior fashion
  9. So, there are some sessions where I can hit out two destiny steps at once, there are some sessions where I'm not going for a single one, there was a campaign where destiny was more like a suggestion than anything else,
  10. it can be, and if you plan to go for a campaign that long i would stretch out the amount of time before they get a new talent, like multiple sessions for a single level
  11. i could maybe see keywords changing but i dont think factions will change at all
  12. the dark side of the bayou is a pathway to many abilities, some considered to be unnatural
  13. Poor man seems a tad confused, ripples of fate was *quite* some years ago in 2e so they have been out for ages, but as nathan above me mentioned, they're out in 3e too Most of the new stuff coming out is from the new faction (exploration society) with few exceptions as most every else has already released
  14. a trigger had its place replaced with a push, in my mind its a psuedo nerf because now it can work with leylines
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