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  1. 2 i believe, i think the line of semantics goes that cremation isnt killing the target, its effectively the candle killing itself cause the deaths on its card (so funeral pyre doesnt proc) however my ability to remember resser stuff is not a shot short of shoddy so if anyone corrects it, probobly take their word quicker
  2. bear in mind that non title mah has pass tokens and ill omens along with a focus pulse, so its fairly trivial to obtain activation control along with getting a focus 2 miner, if you do it late in the turn you can effectively look at a very big and important model and do a double focus chomp chomp, then next turn chomp chomp bury compounded by the fact that having a buried miner could be an effective +1 to just about any engagement your opponent might be looking to take its not just mah your attacking its mah potentially + a miner or 2 bushwhacks + a miner or neither and you decide to do something else, ive had it force my opponent change up what he was going for just because of its existence before, and for its cost, that can be a tad harsh its almost like some guy was poorly describin misaki with what this thing should do before ending it off with "but its a cheap minion"
  3. So SSM are significantly better for mah than arcanist now probably, they don't count for schemes and strats but that's not what they're for anymore, a denial piece. A marker needs protecting? Unbury on it to engage anyone that comes near. An assasinate or vendetta need that touch extra damage hit em with a double focus miner, a tech piece you don't like? They can't protect it, if you can secure activation control (which mah can) you can score early next turn (unbury, next turn interact, concentrate, charge.) Along with it granting partial refund over the course of the game
  4. You can use sparks and make brewy himself a tri-chi construct Give him a hazard aura
  5. Declare hard slam, it's a cost
  6. Maybe Euripides is holding his intestines? (Waiting for mine aswell)
  7. He *cycles* 2 cards, and only when someone else draws them, not only does he need to pocket someone who can due to its range, but doing so twice leaves you in fairly easy one shot range, in order to actually use him more you have to spend far more resources healing him then they have to use to kill him
  8. to be honest, im not sure he is worth is stones, at all, cards or no, wong doesnt need many more, and he needs a ton of actions to get back to survivable state
  9. Merris might be better, flaming bottle, and can then fly off and do other things
  10. The origin still appears to be the elemental taken from, just drawn through the academic, so (and this is no-where near the extent of it) 'deep activates, takes kandaras throw knives for divine strike, hits a severe teleporting kandara up and staggering a bunch of enemy's... You now have multiple engaged enemy models with stagger *ripe* for movement shockwaves... You know where that goes You can do it to have deep concentrate Or have metal golem off the rails Or you can up we go someone 8" away from the golem, and pouncing strike someone else within 5 of it! There's a lot of potential and I think it makes for a pretty cool title imo
  11. So I'm surprised I havnt seen this yet 'Deeps an elemental, meaning academics can take *his* actions, among the many elemental only benifets
  12. So the issue with the backup is that it's df wp 4, and is going to die to a stiff breeze, if you get that thing within 3" of you that's your fault, and it can't get glowy easily so your heals don't get any bonus's so it's effectively on its own
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