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  1. Fenriel

    Titan Mania

    Ugh. Didn’t catch that. She has to target a squad keyword which is on the non walker units. Although she could get them to fire more tracer rounds so the walkers av is high I think.
  2. Fenriel

    Titan Mania

    My opponent didn’t put toughness on the rhinos this go around. I think I caught one rhino pre glory and one after. I kept a high tome back in case. It was his first time seeing the cutters so I doubt he will make the mistake again. The walkers ability to add a suit for every margin +2 lends itself to easy card draw. And he shot quite a bit between Kansa and Thrace.
  3. Fenriel

    Titan Mania

    Interesting 2 commander game versus cult last evening. I really just wanted to try my new models, but it turned out to be pretty tough against cult. Objective Scavenge Commander - Kassa & Unathi Thrace Cutter & Walker teams Electrocutioners Dreadnaught Engineers mixed in CrowRunners summoned Turn 3 with behind enemy lines. keep the commanders back and using them to add tokens, take extra prototype actions & regular actions can be pretty ugly. Cutter versus Rhinos = dead rhinos. Very elite setup but more effective than I exp
  4. Wait you can reinforce and bring the titan back in combined arms fire teams?
  5. Good summary - No disagreements. I found I used mehal sefari alot when i started out, but now with access to everything alot less. I think the interaction with champions and tactics tokens is nice in the right situation. Elite is our thing. I never seem to have as many units as other folks on the board, but they always have a very difficult time killing anything unless they focus a fair amount of effort on it. I haven't tried this on Electrocutions but now that you point that out....I'll have to give it a shot. Mauraders - Cheap mobility scheme runner or their heavy machine with
  6. Fenriel


    Thanks all! Good stuff and things I hadn't considered.
  7. Fenriel


    Anyone have tips on how to handle these things? Getting pin balled between two is insanely obnoxious. Shutting down morale action once they glory really hurts.
  8. Fenriel


    When did she join parker? I still see her as a mercenary in the 1-31. She lost hard to wound awhile ago I think. Still has hard to kill.
  9. I'm not a huge fan of any of the outcast upgrades currently except for soldier for hire which is useful at times. I'm with you on the minion side, but I get the feeling they didn't want to accidentally buff enforcer+ and this made balancing easier at this stage.
  10. I've played against KE twice and I'll admit they can be a massive headache, but I feel we can be competitive in a single commander game. Rifle core is always a headache for me, anything I can do to neuter them helps tremendously. They love to go after easy kills to get into glory quicker. Armor helps, as does our ability to have alot of card draw and additional attacks via engineer and prototypes. I had some luck with the railgunner assuming I can keep them alive.
  11. It is very sad compared to the other allegiances
  12. @Mason Good luck! I'm a bit concerned myself. I love wyrd products and it's what finally got me into miniature games.
  13. Rules lawyer question - Someone reminded me of the voracious rat ability for hamelin. Stolen sac themselves for two rats, but if they die near him would there be a third rat from voracious rats? Seems like kill and sacrifice are different if I recall.
  14. This makes me very sad. Also helpful since I can stop buying models for him I really should ask this in the gremlins forum but just in case you are still watching, does this mean mama Z is loosing her ability to hire WP <= 4 folks as well?
  15. I'm torn on so many of these. Trying to stay optimistic until more facts roll in. Hamelin - I never thought I'd like this guy and now I find myself wishing I'd play him anytime I play something else. I have a bad feeling he's going to loose alot of his rat love in interest of balance. I'm against pass tokens at this point. I loved the concept of balancing more ap that did less versus less ap that did more. (Elite versus non-elite crews). Viks - I'd like them to be a bit less one trick pony, but you can't deny their style and I hope they keep it. VS - My original master. Wave 5
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