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  1. Team Russia #1 (name in progress) 1. Dmitriy - Guild 2. Alex - Arcanists 3. Vladimir - Resurrectionists
  2. NotSoEmpty


    Same for Yan Lo with his upgrade. His crew have a lot movement tricks (especially in res faction)
  3. Hey, great report! It surprises me that everyone I read on this forum consider them great models. Their cost is 7ss, they was at 8 Wd, 4 Df, 4 Wp and with only HtW (and Metabolism in McM crew), for my opponents its always cost nothing to demolish them without even giving it special attention. FC never ever working well for me honestly, maybe I am doing something wrong. Their brand new +1 Wd is sweet and finally they're start work for me (not so great, but now they can finally survive for a Poison tick at the end of the turn). Kentauroi is still better choice in my honest opinion with just with +1ss. 100% agree. It's weird that Gravediggers far more reliable at, well, digging than chief gravedigger Morti and Nico himself. Morti needs a ton of ss to survive if he gets some attention. This is surprise for me that they really doing something. Just reading their card, I realized that I would never try them, because for their price there are much more juicy alternatives that do not cause damage to themselves with each step. Thanks to your report, I will definitely give them a chance!
  4. Thats true, I really hate this mechanic. My opponents (so am I) never used Pass Tokens for skipping activations, only for Initiative flip and this feels bad, especially with Corrupted Idols.
  5. Yeah, I'm personally really miss Friendly Fire as randomize... My experience vs shooty crews (like Parker, Perdita, Rasputina and etc) is really painfull too...
  6. Yeah, that hits hard and I'm personally really unhappy with this. Belles become really interesting with brand new attack with Wp Rst. Sybelle now have really good Wp Rst action, I asked for any kind of Lure (even without triggers) and this is even better! Bete still feels very bad (for me at least). Last few games she died really quick (Blasts, Shockwaves), especially vs Rasputina (really tough matchup). Doxies feels like in the second edition, they're alright now I guess. Only one thing upsets me: if you want to play for good old Seamus, take Jack Daw. Aura for -Wp in 6"? Check. Terrifying? Check. Great mobility and great damage with good cards? Check. Awesome survivability (even passive, out of activation)? Check. Well themed crew with good Wp synergy? Check. Some kind of summoning minions? Well, not exactly check, but new Guilty have really interesting mechanics.
  7. I even think it is great! I mean this is the point of beta-test to share different opinions, right? I think you right but with the current playstyle Seamus really better as mobile Assasin than Commander. May be this is ok, but I'am really miss Seamus-Necromancer+Assasin playstyle.
  8. Well, I have diametrically opposite opinion about the most parts. He's a really good, that's true. And he REALLY synergize with his crew at the current version. His "Why Hello, Love" and Redchapel Killer allows you to create stunning combinations with Dead Doxies, Madame Sybelle, Belles (and make them at least worth their price) and Bete with Pounce. He needs to rework his defensive abilities (in my opinion he definitely need HtW), especially almost useless Feast of Fear. I agree with part about "only leader A Cause for Celebration" tho. She's like student-handyman: can fill a lot of roles, but none of them can do better than the average. She have tanky potential - not so good, you need a lot of ss to keep her alive. She have a beater potential - not so good, again she needs a lot of ss for triggers (or cards with certain suits of course), she have same damage on weak and moderate (which is not so bad actually, but I think that for 10ss she can get 3/4/5). She have support potential - not so good, for this support abilities she need to be in 1" of enemy model with her 2" attack range and she need for movement tricks (which she have only on trigger). And she gives Focused +1 only for minions, I find this in my games really clunky. Her Wp attack is garbage, honestly. I would be glad to see "Lead the Way" or "Analyze Weakness" instead (honestly, just imagine, she's a Cathouse Madame, she should have been good at evaluating people.). Here I completely agree. She is a really expensive schemerunner, not so durable for now. What a pity. Scarlet Temptation + Feed on Grief abuse and Weeping Widow. There a lot Ruthless in the game, Mourner is a MVP model for now (one is enough). Scarlet Temptation + Feed on Grief abuse allows you to fishing for severe damage of 4 in 8" range with no high card spent. They are really good right now, not extremely great but really good. Mourner ALWAYS will be helpful in Seamus roster, even if at first glance at the time of creating crew list it seems unobvious. Their new Take by the Hand is INSANELY good, I really wish for 6 stat on this. This allows you to very sharply push back and forth enemy models, smearing Pounces, Bump in the Night and "Why Hello, Love" (free attack with Injured +1 and for Redchapel Killer!!!). They have two minuses - completely useless Unexpected Ferocity trigger (we are totally need to change this for Critical strike in my opinion) and they are REALLY need Grave Spirit's Touch upgrade, without this they are made of cracked glass. Their potential is really great, but they are definitely need a bonus action, agree. Lure 6 is not ok for them. We, of course, do not look back at the second edition, but they are always was the best luring model and now they're becomes the worst ones. Jaakuna, Beckoners, even Hamelin have faaaaar more useful Lure. In all my games I take at least one Belle and in all such games I regret this decision. In ALL my games they're useless in the state in which they are now. Take Crooligan for 5ss (they are insanely good with Seamus), take Dead Dandy (4ss cost, better scheming, stable Distracted source), spent one more ss and take another Doxy. Of course, I always figure out situations where I will need to break my opponent’s positioning, drag his models, but as the test games show, this is simply not worth it, crew already has good mobility and my Belles end up just running around and dropping Scheme markers/doing Interact actions. I only agree about Dandies (but they are men, eeeewww, Seamus what the heck?) and about CCK, he's at the point for sure. My main and only demand - give Seamus some proper defensive abilities, so that he could implement these incredibly cool combinations with his girls. His "Why Hello, Love" and Redchapel Killer PERFECTLY level a small amount of damage to the whole crew and the absence of beaters. Yes, you need set up this bubble, where Seamus will be surrounded by his girls, who will rub him and themselves with enemy models, but this is what makes interest. Outside of his activation, Seamus can hand out the damage with his bag, and when it comes time to activate him, he can quickly run off on a business trip with his Secret Passage and then return with blood spattered in order to continue the interaction with his girls. For this he needs to somehow survive. In my games there's no way to do that (especially with new rules of single ss spent for everything). We need for rework of his passive healing ability (Feast of Fear) and some another layer of defense (4Df, 11Wd is too low).
  9. 1. Strategy: Corrupted Idols (), Deployment: Wedge Deployment () 2. Scheme List: 3: Harness the Ley Line (Lucius), 10: Assassinate, 11: Deliver a Message, 12: Claim Jump (Seamus: Bete Noire, Lucius: Alan Reid), 13: Vendetta (Seamus: Bete Noire VS Executioner) 3. Total Time Played, Rounds Played: ~3.5 hours, 5 rounds 4. Final Score: 7 - 5 5. Player 1's Forum Name, Leader, Crew List, Strategy VP Scored, Schemes and the associated VP scored: @re999, Lucius Mattheson: - Lucius Mattheson (1ss cache) - The Scribe - Agent 46 - Alan Reid - Executioner - Changeling - Greed - False Witness - False Witness VP total = 5: Strategy - 2, Claim Jump - 2, Harness the Ley Line - 1 6.  Player 2's Forum Name, Leader, Crew List, Strategy VP Scored, Schemes and the associated VP scored: @NotSoEmpty, Seamus: - Seamus + The Whisper (2ss cache) - Copycat Killer - Madame Sybelle - Bete Noire - Dead Doxy + Grave Spirit's Touch - Dead Doxy + Grave Spirit's Touch - Rotten Belle - Sloth VP total = 7: Strategy - 3, Claim Jump - 2, Vendetta - 2 7. Any additional feedback and information from the game, as provided in the form: TURN 1 HIGHLIGHTS: - Seamus tried to kill False Witness with desperate jump, but failed, leaving him with a 1 wound. (12 vs 13 with focus) - Agent 46 with a lot of movement tricks managed to charge Madame Sybelle and hit her for 3 damage. - Doxy, Bete and Rotten Belle start to stick around the Agent 46 thx to Fast from Sloth. TURN 2 HIGHLIGHTS: - Seamus managed to kill Scribe with moderate damage (failed to use his corpse with bonus action because of range 2"), charge to Agent 46 for 2 damage and 1 Injured - A lot of Orders from Lucius + Changeling at Agent 46, who managed to beat Sybelle for 6 damage (with ss reduction) - A quite unplanned blob of Bete + Rotten Belle + Sybelle + Seamus was organized in the center of the table close to Agent 46. So, thanks to movement tricks of Rotten Belle and Dead Doxy I managed to give Fast to Rotten Belle and Bete, Focused +1 to Rotten Belle and provide couple of free attacks for Seamus with his "Why Hello, Love". - Lucius's crew came close to the centerline for devastating third turn. Score: 2 - 0 (Strategy, Claim Jump) TURN 3 HIGHLIGHTS: - Devastating activation of Lucius: with his orders he easily managed to kill Sybelle, deal about 6-7 damage to Seamus. - Seamus is forced to jump away, so he jumps, finishes off False Witness, FINALLY uses his corpse for Bonus action and Shooting at Agent 46 (killing him thx to Redchapel Killer). Awesome feeling, that was first time for ~4-5 games where I managed to use corpse on enemy half of table for Celebrate. - Alan Reid was extremely fast and furious, he managed to avoid all my screens of Doxies, Bete and Belle for charge Seamus. Seamus is dead by Garrote. - Centerpoint was almost fully claimed by Seamus's girls. Half-dead Executioner spoils the fun. - Bete + Doxies managed to deal 8 damage to Executioner. Bete damaged him for Hard to Kill's 1Wd and disengages + walks (thx Sloth) to the Centerline. Score: 3 - 3 (Strategy, Strategy, Claim Jump, Vendetta) TURN 4 HIGHLIGHTS: - A massive slaughter with Doxies, Executioner and Bete: Copycat Killer is dead, Executioner is Dead, Changeling is dead, Doxy takes a hit. - Blood shower for Idols, False Witness place 2 Scheme Markers on the Centerline. - Lucius have only 3 models for turn 5: Lucius himself, Alan Reid, False Witness. - Seamus have 5 models for turn 5: Bete, Doxy, Doxy, Belle, Sloth. - I made a terrible mistake (forgot about Alan's Diversion) so Lucius managed to drop third Scheme Marker on the centerline and I wasn't able to use my Bete's Trail of Gore to remove this... Score: 4 - 4 (Harness the Ley Line, Strategy) TURN 5 HIGHLIGHTS: - Lucius tried hard to slay or at least bury Bete and managed to deal 5 damage... - Thanks to Sloth Bete healed 3 damage, so she stayed at 4Wd. That gives me the final point for Claim Jump. - I made a terrible mistake again and just skipped my activations on Belle and Doxiy who could easily move out of 2" of Centerline Alan Reid... I totally forgot about his last Scheme. - Second Dead Doxy killed False Witness so there's no hope for second point of Harness the Ley Line. Score: 5 - 7 (Claim Jump, Strategy, Claim Jump, Vendetta) Final thoughts: I was surprised by the synergy of Seamus's crew. Seamus - Seamus himself is very mobile and can do good damage, I knew that. But I underestimated his ability to do damage passively, out of his activation. That was really unexpected and feels so good: girls pulls enemy models around while Big Scary Daddy slaps their faces with some Injures. But the happiness did not last long, and on the third move I paid a lot for this show, I paid with the life of Seamus himself. His bonus action feels good, really thematic and strong, but with range 2" it's really hard to get that sweet benefit. I think this is pretty balanced tho: a strong effect requires some significant efforts. Seamus is EXTREMELY fragile, he's made of cracked glass and you need to plan his position and interractions with Copycat Killer. Seamus starts to demand more tactical attention. His Feast of Fear is incredibly useless in my opinion. With "Once per Activation" restriction this is simply doesn't work (at least for me) and Terrifying is still a joke: my opponents not stupid, they never even trying to trigger Terrify if they're have a risk to fail. There a lot of models with Ruthless, in this game it was Agent 46 (and I want to admit that Ruthless on Seamus is great! Finally the most scary and mad person in Malifaux actually not afraid of anyone). My suggestion for Seamus - give him Hard to Wound at least or maybe return some healing options. I think this is not critical, but it would make it less painfull process of planning. Bete Noire - It was not just her test game, it was her exam. There was a load of two whole Schemes on her shoulders and she brilliantly coped with her difficult task. She no longer deals damage, but can meddle well. I'm not sure that she is worth its price, given that her survival rate was significantly reduced. But you can work with it if you think out in advance of its role and approximate moves. My suggestion for Bete Noire - Reduce her cost to 7ss (6ss would be amazing, but I afraid that's too much). I personally really miss Onslaught and really hate Unexpected Ferocity trigger. Just replace it already with Critical Strike, stop this Distracted-based-torture! Madame Sybelle - She's not survivable (even with ss reduction and Sloth's flat 3 heal), she's not so dangerous at damage dealing, she's not so good support (Bump in the Night is pretty good tho). For 10ss she's just a... meeeh. I really love her model and I would play for her anyways, but, really, look at other 10ss models. She's close to her final place I think, but we definetely need some final weight margin at one of this three directions: beater, support, tank. My suggestion for Madame Sybelle - 6Df or Flurry or Scarlet Temptation with range 2-3" (She's Madame btw). And she needs to exchange useless Projected Voice for something usefull. I would glad to see Lure (even without a triggers). I would happy with Lead the Way. Dead Doxy - They are good models for 6ss, but only with Grave Spirit's Touch upgrade in my opinion. They were rather ignored in this game, but in the rest they died too quickly, especially without an upgrade. My suggestion for Dead Doxy - Give them pounce and they're perfect. As I said before, Unexpected Ferocity trigger is a trap, whole crew need to swap it to Critical Strike if you want to give to the crew a chance to deal damage without Seamus (with damage lines like 1/2/4 and 2/3/4 any sort of Armor +1, Armor +2, Shielded becomes a dead end with a pain) Rotten Belle - Almost useless. Yeah, Lure, okay. All my last 7-9 games with Seamus (in Closed Beta-test aswell) Belles just failing Lures (because cards in this crew is a most valuable and very limited resource) and doing schemerunning. I regretted, once again, that I did not take Nurse for 7ss or Crooligan for 5ss instead. My suggestion for Rotten Belle - Give to her Lure for Distracted source. Just look at Lynch's Beckoner who plays the same role as Belles but waaaaay better. Their synergy is insane while they're cost same 5ss. Sloth - Great Versitile model, totally worth his cost. With Seamus he's not so good (Seamus, Copycat Killer not Undeads) and I chose between him and the nurse. My suggestion for Sloth - He's perfect, pretty balanced for all Masters in faction. English is not my native language, so I apologize for the mistakes! Thanks for reading! @re999 will surely describe his thoughts about his master in the near future.
  10. There’s a lot of Enforcers that nore powerfull than Sybelle. Look at Ice golem, Whiskey golem, A&D, Izamu and so on. Synergy is good point but Sybelle’s main role in Seamus’s crew is a damage dealing in my opinion (beater role) I think +1 Df would be extremely good (like in M2e). Maybe Lead the way fits more, like she is a real Madame who gives her orders to girls? I think she don’t really need range damaging ability, there’s more thematicaly fitting range abilities which resisted by Wp: You’re looking at me?, Lure, even Seduction (for pervs like McMourning 😀). I personally will be happy to see some source of ranged Distracted condition.
  11. I think it would be so good, especially Redchapel Killer. But I like the idea of the Lure with the higher stat (like Jaakuna's for example) with some weird triggers tho.
  12. Baked Distracted is too good??? Well, just compare this with Nellie or Collette. They both puts distracted like for free and this is even not their core mechanic! Seamus’s girls need Distracted for damage output and survival, Distracted is a core if you want play for fully thematic Seamus crew.
  13. Sorry, forgot to mention Rotten Belles and Doxies. They're hardly sucks. They are difficult to compare with other models for 5 stones (and It is impossible to compare them with theirselves in the second edition). They are very much in need of baked in Mask on Lures and Seduction (and maybe some other Attack actions). Distracted condition already cleaned with the assist, not to mention posibility of the condition removal. When "The Whisper" gave Adaptive, the Doxies were just great, and yet their value increased to as much as 9ss. I hope you understand what I am trying to say, my knowledge of the language seems to me to be insufficient to express the thought correctly. Sorry for that.
  14. I can't to put into words my sadness about how in this edition Seamus became the "best errand boy". I can tolerate everything, but when I see rosters, where Molly is the Master with Seamus (her creator) as Enforser (literally), I feel hopeless... Of course this list is effective, but I cannot force myself to take my favourite Master to run errands for someone. Do not think that I want to offend someone, but when the closed beta test was going on, everything that Mason did with Seamus were strange, not affecting anything changes or even nerfs. Sybelle always was awful for 10ss, Bete was confusing with her immortality. Beth was a great model when she had a Blood marker mechanic, in my opinion. Yeah, she was pretty immortal vs normal attacks (still dies from shockwaves, burning, poison, hazardous trait, blasts and etc), but she just worked out her value and attracted the particular attention of the opponent. There still a lot models that doing similar stuff with different ways: Agent 46 (really, he can be immortal too but way more dangerous), Hannah Lovelace, Stitched Together (as summons they are just too deadly and valuable) and so on. With @matt and @Kyle on the scene, I just could not believe it when I saw the rework of Seamus. They gave him a very strong, thematic and unique bonus action (feels like irst edition reference), partially returned to the crew models Wp-mechanics, resolved issues with the mechanics which simply does not work (Wait for it..., Lie in Wait, Feast of Fear and etc). Mourners never felt part of the crew, had Forgotten keyword with "Fading Memories" and it was the best of their abiities (positive flip, you know) in my opinion, they'are always feels out of crew for me and never worth their cost. Now they're have Revenant keyword and feels far more reiable. With last updates Bete was tuned down and, honestly, become piece of s... something. I totally understand why it was done but I personally feel sad that old story repeated for the third time: 1. Here's Bete, she's a MONSTER! She's scary great undead model with a 3 different awesome great-looking models. 2. Well, seems like she's too good, many players complains about her presence on the table, lets nerf her slightly. 3. Well, she's garbage as ressurs players complains. Perhaps a small changes in the cost or stats helps? And Bete remains a strange, uncomfortable to play model for the entire edition... Don't get me wrong, I had great games in the second edition wis her, but it was an exceptions in which I forced myself to take her to the crew. I have problems in order to offer something from myself, because I always suggested something during a closed beta test and it seems always remained unheard. Something seemed to be heard in relation to Albus Von Schtook but never in relation to Seamus. So maybe I just asked too much. So I pin my hopes on the work of Matt and Kyle (without flattery). With their coming to the fore a huge amount of fantstic changes have occurred that literally brought me back to the game. Malifaux began to feel like Malifaux again.
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