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  1. There’s a lot of Enforcers that nore powerfull than Sybelle. Look at Ice golem, Whiskey golem, A&D, Izamu and so on. Synergy is good point but Sybelle’s main role in Seamus’s crew is a damage dealing in my opinion (beater role) I think +1 Df would be extremely good (like in M2e). Maybe Lead the way fits more, like she is a real Madame who gives her orders to girls? I think she don’t really need range damaging ability, there’s more thematicaly fitting range abilities which resisted by Wp: You’re looking at me?, Lure, even Seduction (for pervs like McMourning 😀). I personally will be happy to see some source of ranged Distracted condition.
  2. I think it would be so good, especially Redchapel Killer. But I like the idea of the Lure with the higher stat (like Jaakuna's for example) with some weird triggers tho.
  3. Yeah, that's a good advice for sure. But opponent not so stupid that just let them live. In my games for Jack I always bring Jaakuna on the table just because Hazardous aura (even as a bonus action) is really good. And she need to be in 3", thats mean she'll be dead soon)) As I saying before, look at the models with Armor +2, they have pretty scary damage lines and triggers too. If Jaakuna tries to "drown" some of them, so I cant protect her long enough (I always spent all the good cards for her life)
  4. Yeah, like Whiskey Golem, for example. This guy already have 6Df which is impressive and he have Armor +2 and a lot of healing source from Tri-chi crew. This is a "Dragon" on the table which you need to be prepaired to kill.
  5. That's right. Especially Jack's crew which relied on synergy.
  6. This. Honestly, I can't believe that the discussion has already takes 3 pages. In my test games, the models with the Armor +2 were a disaster, breaking the game factor. For example, you reveal Jack or Seamus as your leader and you face a lot of Armor +2. In whole faction you have only one (I believe) non-master, non-totem model with neutral counter-armor ability and this is Student of Steel for 7ss (8ss OOK). Yes, resser player can hire McMourning as second master and so on, but again, this is very crucial as for me. And look at the models with Armor +2 (not Necrotic machine or Steam Trunk): Whiskey Golem, Ice Golem, Arik, Lazarus, Hinamatsu, Izamu and so on. This models are very strong, which strongly influence the course of the game. You can't simply ignore them. I had a game with three models with a Armor +2 and almost all of them was OOK, of course I was not ready for this. This is my problem, my fault, I know, but it was a freaking torture. There's a lot of healing in game and this 3 models simply tabled me without any casualities (almost). The meaning that I am trying to say, do you think it is not fair that after the revealing of the faction and the leader, the opponent takes into account the presence of high armor? He takes counter-armor models, he pays additional price for this strategic decision. Same for the Ruthless VS Terrifying or Manipulative crews. Honestly, I was going to create an exactly opposite thread with a proposal to reduce the amount of Armor +2 in the game. With a Shielded condition Armor +2 is super unfun to face. Just look from my point of view: I want to play test game, I'm already create a approximate roster with old good Seamus and lot of girls and my opponent call for Freikorps... (or some Ten Thunder, Augumented). And my roster need to be thoroughly rebuilded or I'll be tabled with no chances (I need Student with 8ss and some heavy beater who can deal 4+ damage)
  7. Baked Distracted is too good??? Well, just compare this with Nellie or Collette. They both puts distracted like for free and this is even not their core mechanic! Seamus’s girls need Distracted for damage output and survival, Distracted is a core if you want play for fully thematic Seamus crew.
  8. Sorry, forgot to mention Rotten Belles and Doxies. They're hardly sucks. They are difficult to compare with other models for 5 stones (and It is impossible to compare them with theirselves in the second edition). They are very much in need of baked in Mask on Lures and Seduction (and maybe some other Attack actions). Distracted condition already cleaned with the assist, not to mention posibility of the condition removal. When "The Whisper" gave Adaptive, the Doxies were just great, and yet their value increased to as much as 9ss. I hope you understand what I am trying to say, my knowledge of the language seems to me to be insufficient to express the thought correctly. Sorry for that.
  9. I can't to put into words my sadness about how in this edition Seamus became the "best errand boy". I can tolerate everything, but when I see rosters, where Molly is the Master with Seamus (her creator) as Enforser (literally), I feel hopeless... Of course this list is effective, but I cannot force myself to take my favourite Master to run errands for someone. Do not think that I want to offend someone, but when the closed beta test was going on, everything that Mason did with Seamus were strange, not affecting anything changes or even nerfs. Sybelle always was awful for 10ss, Bete was confusing with her immortality. Beth was a great model when she had a Blood marker mechanic, in my opinion. Yeah, she was pretty immortal vs normal attacks (still dies from shockwaves, burning, poison, hazardous trait, blasts and etc), but she just worked out her value and attracted the particular attention of the opponent. There still a lot models that doing similar stuff with different ways: Agent 46 (really, he can be immortal too but way more dangerous), Hannah Lovelace, Stitched Together (as summons they are just too deadly and valuable) and so on. With @matt and @Kyle on the scene, I just could not believe it when I saw the rework of Seamus. They gave him a very strong, thematic and unique bonus action (feels like irst edition reference), partially returned to the crew models Wp-mechanics, resolved issues with the mechanics which simply does not work (Wait for it..., Lie in Wait, Feast of Fear and etc). Mourners never felt part of the crew, had Forgotten keyword with "Fading Memories" and it was the best of their abiities (positive flip, you know) in my opinion, they'are always feels out of crew for me and never worth their cost. Now they're have Revenant keyword and feels far more reiable. With last updates Bete was tuned down and, honestly, become piece of s... something. I totally understand why it was done but I personally feel sad that old story repeated for the third time: 1. Here's Bete, she's a MONSTER! She's scary great undead model with a 3 different awesome great-looking models. 2. Well, seems like she's too good, many players complains about her presence on the table, lets nerf her slightly. 3. Well, she's garbage as ressurs players complains. Perhaps a small changes in the cost or stats helps? And Bete remains a strange, uncomfortable to play model for the entire edition... Don't get me wrong, I had great games in the second edition wis her, but it was an exceptions in which I forced myself to take her to the crew. I have problems in order to offer something from myself, because I always suggested something during a closed beta test and it seems always remained unheard. Something seemed to be heard in relation to Albus Von Schtook but never in relation to Seamus. So maybe I just asked too much. So I pin my hopes on the work of Matt and Kyle (without flattery). With their coming to the fore a huge amount of fantstic changes have occurred that literally brought me back to the game. Malifaux began to feel like Malifaux again.
  10. I playing for Levi entire closed beta-test and couple games in open beta and I can say that A&D is a great model, definetely not broken. In my games my opponents know how to deal with him and this is not something special. He's totally fine right now in my opinion, we need just to look at other models (like Madame Sybelle) and compare them, improve them to A&D level (or Montresor lvl, or Bishop lvl, or Whiskey golem lvl and etc).
  11. Draurgs and Lampads for sure. Asura Roten and Gravedigger\Mortimer.
  12. Manos has baked mask on his leap and it was too much. In last updates of closed beta-test he becomes an Enforcer with baked mask and later returns to his Henchman role without it.
  13. Yeah, you need to kill them somehow and it would be a nice plan.
  14. You are definetely not the only one. This guy for 6ss not changed too much in last updates of closed beta-test and he was pretty bad in all my test games. Even with cost of 5ss he would be outshined by Necropunk for sure (just because Necropunk have his solid role). Tools for the job - excellent way to go in my opinion. Its really fits to the theme of this model and gives some sense to him as 6ss model (you know, several 6ss-models already have it: Nurses, Scavangers and etc.)
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