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  1. Thanks, All. Based on your replies I realize I have really misread this card and how it functions. I thought the top-half only waived the card cost WHEN I was using a prototype on a unit. I didn't realize it meant take the prototype action AGAIN, and/or out of activation. Very different impact on the game. 😮
  2. RAW on Hazardous terrain says: "If a Fireteam starts its Activation in base contact with one or more pieces of Hazardous terrain, it takes a Hit with Strength equal to the highest Hazardous value of those terrain pieces. Similarly, if a Fireteam moves through one or more pieces of Hazardous Terrain, it takes a Hit with Strength equal to the highest Hazardous value of those terrain pieces..." Question: When Hazardous Terrain is created and dropped on a Fireteam does it hit for damage at that time? Or only on the affected Fireteam's activation? Examples: Prince Unathi's Poison Roc
  3. Is this Asset truly useful? Card text: Take the Action on a friendly Prototype Asset without discarding a card. OR Attach a Prototype Asset not currently in play on a friendly unit to a friendly unit that does not have a Prototype Asset. THEN Instead of removing this Stratagem from the game, you may discard a card. If you do, place this Stratagem back in your hand. It cannot be played again this turn. I've read many saying how great it is, and I suspect they're right if we're talking the second half the card. Maybe? The Top half allows for an effect to happen withou
  4. Last night I played a 1C game with Abyssinia (me) and King's Empire. He fired Artillery Strike via Stratagem and caught my Titan and squads all clumped up. Now the question: if it hits and causes damage to my Titan, and I flip an Asset to prevent the damage, that will cause Kassa to draw a card. Does this happen immediately? Or does the card draw happen after all hits and damage are resolved from the Artillery Strike? It's important because if Kassa draws the card mid-strike, she could potentially use that card to cheat a subsequent defense flip within the Artillery Strike still in
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