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Found 17 results

  1. Looking to jump, run, swim, crawl, transpose, possess, or otherwise get into Malifaux 3rd edition? Come on down for a demo, some open play, and an Enforcer brawl! Whether your a returning player, long-time player, or just getting interested you'll be sure to be entertained. Location 113B Main St, Amesbury, MA 01913 Date Friday June 28th Schedule 11:00am – 5:30pm: Open Play and Demos 6:00pm - 8:30pm: Enforcer Brawl Prizes! Who doesn't love free stuff? Get raffle tickets to win prizes! You'll be entered into the raffle once for each of the following things you do (Limit once per thing) Buy a Malifaux item from the Toy Soldier on launch day Bring a friend with you Get a demo Play an open game Participate in the Enforcer Brawl You can win one of the following: Youko Core Box Basse Core Box Malifaux 3rd edition Core Rulebook Faction Card Deck of your choice (Limit one prize per person. In the event that you leave before the end of the night or the prize isn't in stock because of Distributor shenanigans or Imp related interference please be sure to give me your E-Mail address before you leave!)
  2. Hello, Quinn here! I am the friendly local Henchmanquinn located in New Bedford Massachusetts! I just wanted to let you all know about how much I want you all to play Malifaux with me every week. I can be found at The Armoury Wargames and Hobbies store in New Bedford on WEDSDAYS (evening), FRIDAYS (evening), and SUNDAYS. I might even get in on a MONDAY or TUESDAY from time to time. (WEDSDAYS are gaurenteed as they are our official Malifaux day, for any other day I recommend checking The Armoury's facebook page as I will post to confirm or deny my attendendance, although the store owners also play, so there should mostly always be someone around) On THURSDAYS you can often find me at The Battle Standard in Auburn (check their facebook page for my posting, as it is a bit of a drive for me and I prefer to only head down when there will be players). For Demos, I have pretty much every single crew box ever released in plastic (I am missing Hoffman, Kirai, Hamelin, Ma Tucket, Shen Long) so you'll have a lot of options to choose from! The Armoury on Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/TheArmouryWargamesandHobbies The Battle Standard on Facebook:https://m.facebook.com/thebattlestandard (main page, you have to click "about" to get the Auburn Location) (Please search for TBS Auburn Game Group on facebook, I can't find a link, but that is where I will be posting!
  3. The Armoury in is New Bedford is hosting a 4 week slow-grow league to help some of our new players get better acquainted with the game (veterans equally welcome!). Where: Games to be played at The Armoury When: Starting Wednesday, January 20th, until February 17th. New week begins each Wednesday. $$$?: entry fee is $10 Loot: Prizes based on participation! There will be store credit, weekly bingo prizes, and if I'm able to acquire one, prizes from the official tournament kits. Sportsmanship and best painted crew box will also win stuff! Structure: Week 1 is to be played with 20ss games, Henchman lead. Week 2 is 30ss, you may use a master. Week 3 is 40ss, week 4 is 50ss. You may play anything in your declared faction. Up to three games may be played per week. You get 2 points for winning a game, 1 point for tying, and 0 points for a loss. Points will be used to determine the overall winner. Bingo prizes: Each wedsday anyone playing games at the store will receive a bingo card. Bingo prizes may include paints, tokens, various malifaux products, etc. The Armoury is located at 58 Conduit Street in New Bedford,MA 02745. 774-202-0441
  4. Come down to The Armoury on November 14th for our Gaining Grounds Tournament! Doors Open at 12, Cards Flip at 1 (no pre-registration, just try to be here a little early to get all signed up!) Entry Fee is $15, which will go entirely to prize support! Also, free pizza for lunch! This is a 50ss single faction tournament. There will be 3 rounds. Each round will be 2 hours. That's 6+ hours of Malifaux fun!! PAINTING IS NOT REQUIRED. In addition to prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd we will also be awarding prizes for best painted and best sportsmanship, and a bingo prize too! (Can be either store credit or limited edition models, depending on attendance) As Per the official Gaining Ground rules, Strategies for the rounds will be as follows: Round 1: Guard The Stash (Standard Deploy) Round 2: Interference (Flank Deploy) Round 3: Extraction (Close Deployment, try not to get paired against Leveticus if you can help it) Schemes will be generated and disclosed the day of the event. The Armoury 58 Conduit Street New Bedford, MA 02745 774-202-0441 https://m.facebook.com/TheArmouryWargamesandHobbies https://www.facebook.com/events/933303336735539/
  5. Starting Thursday, October 22nd, at approximately 6pm, I will be starting a Malifaux Campaign! We will be using Nythera events, and I recommend everyone registers for Nythera, although it is not mandatory. The campaign rules detailed in Shifting Loyalties will be used (although a copy of the book is not required to play), meaning for week one I need everyone to get together a 35ss henchman lead team! Please note toy will be using the same henchman for a leader until you are able to purchase a master! This league is free, prizes will be provided in the format of LE figures and whatever other goodies I can scrounge up! Games are to be played at THE BATTLE STANDARD in AUBURN, MA. Games played on days other than Thursday will need to have their results emailed to me. For more info drop me a message, or show up on a Thursday! And yes, you can join late. 440 Washington St, Auburn, MA 01501 774-321-6012 https://www.facebook.com/events/435810929940324/
  6. Date: Sunday, October 25th Time: Store opens at 12pm, we will be there until closing (roughly 8pm, sometimes later if there are still games going) The Armoury in New Bedford, MA (see below for full address) will be hosting its first Malifaux demo day! No sign up is required, and there is plenty of room for everyone who wishes to come! Not only is the event free, but if you come down and recieve a demo then you can buy a crew box at a 20% discount! Just for this event! We have crews of every faction to try out and multiple people to play with! We look forward to seeing you! The Armoury 58 Conduit Street New Bedford, MA 02745 774-202-0441 https://m.facebook.com/TheArmouryWargamesandHobbies https://www.facebook.com/events/1505065723147406/
  7. Date: October 10th Time: Check in at 12, cards flip at 1 the Armoury in New Bedford, MA (see below for full address) will be hosting a tournament on OCTOBER 10TH, at 12 PM. No sign up is required, and there is plenty of room for everyone who wishes to come! There will be a $15 entrance fee that can be paid at the door, with all fees going towards the prize pool. Additional prizes vary based on attendance. This event will follow the following restrictions: 50 SS Single Faction Painting is required unless this is your first tournament with us. This is a Gaining Grounds Tournement and will be using the official Stratagies for the month, which are as follows: Round 1 - Guard the Stash, Standard Deployment Round 2 - Interference, Flank Deployment Round 3 - Extraction, Close Deployment Round 4 - Stake a Claim, Standard Deployment Round 5 - Squatter's Rights, Corner Deployment Schemes will be generated the day of the event. Number of rounds depends on attendance, rounds will last 2 hours each. Prizes : 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, as well as BEST PAINTED, BINGO PRIZE, AND SPORTSMANSHIP PRIZE The Armoury 58 Conduit Street New Bedford, MA 02745 774-202-0441 https://m.facebook.com/TheArmouryWargamesandHobbies https://www.facebook.com/events/1695029840719282/
  8. Come down to The Armoury at 58 Conduit in New Bedford , MA this wedsday evening (starting around 6). Captaincon is this weekend. Don't miss out on this chance to get in some more practice games before the big tournament!
  9. Come down for a fun night of Malifauxing , get in some practice for the upcoming tournaments at connecticon and captain con! Wedsday evening starting at 5, join us at The Armoury 58 Conduit Street New Bedford, MA (they're on Facebook!)
  10. Malifaux night in New Bedford! The newly opened game store The Armoury at 58 Conduit St in New Bedford, MA will be hosting Malifaux game nights Wednesdays starting July 1st. The owner just placed a huge order of Malifaux too, every 2e box released so far and key pieces for each faction.
  11. As always, we will be playing Malifaux coming up this Monday! Cape cod collectables is right off cranberry highway. Get some practice in for Connecticon, Captain Con, etc!
  12. Malifaux Monday, hobby night in east Wareham at Cape Cod Collectables! Located on Cranberry highway. I'll be there with every faction except gremlins! Please fight me. Or someone else. Or come paint! 6-10pm
  13. If your a malifaux player having a hard time finding a game in central Mass. or someone that is interested in the game that hasn't learned the rules. Maybe your a newer player and just wants some clarification on certain aspects of the game, come on down to the whiz store in Westborough MA on Thursday OCT 17 from 3:30 till 8:00 PM. I will be there to play pickup games and teach the game to new players. I have multiple copies of the 2nd edition rulebook and several different crews to loan out to new players or veteran players wanting to try something new. All are welcome, there are multiple tables available for play as well as painting tables, snacks are sold in store and there is a pizza shop right next door. come down and bring a friend or 2 have a fun night. The Whiz Store carries a large stock of malifaux as well as warmahordes and games-workshop minis. for more information pm me or comment on the thread.
  14. I looked at the henchmen list for MA and most seem to be out west. I am from Mansfield, MA myself and I am wondering if there are any players in this area? Not that i would mind too much driving out to the Worcester area (about 45 mins away for the most part) but I was hoping to look into something a bit more local. I just purchased 2 starter boxes, Perdita and Rasputina, the other day and am going to start painting this weekened, so I am a super new player. Haven't even played a match yet, so I guess that's another reason I am looking for other players, To help me learn to play.
  15. 25 SS Malifaux tournament When: Sunday, September 18th Where: Hogie's Hobbies, Wareham MA. Located an hour from Boston and 45 minutes from Providence What: 25 SS /45 SS pool Fixed Master 3 Round Domination tournament. $15 entrance fee covers pizza, drinks and prizes for top two players. With sufficient attendance prizes for sportsmanship and painting will be awarded as well. Scenarios (Each player will have one match for each scenario, story write up coming soon) 1) Shared Supply Wagon, Mountain terrain, Rockfalls & Heavy Snow in effect 2) Shared Escape and Survive, Ruins, Special terrain (campsite) 3) Shared Treasure Hunt, Guild Holding Facility, Special Terrain (Dead Zone) Feel free to message me with any questions. Custom terrain is being built for these events--it would be very helpful if you could RSVP so we can make sure we have enough tables ready.
  16. Malifaux has been picking up steam at The Temple in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. There's a Escalation league starting up on Sunday the 5th of September, and it will coincide with the shop's regular Malifaux casual play night on Sundays at 5:00 PM. Two seasons are planned, with "September Scrap" starting things off small, and moving into "October Brawl" with larger confrontations. We're looking to build on our active player base, so if you're in New England and are looking for some Malifaux action on the weekends, drop on by! The game shop/lounge itself is rather nice, and worth checking out. The league rules PDF is located here. For more information on the place and directions, hit the website at http://www.thetemplegames.com/ See you here!
  17. I should have thought of posting here earlier! We're having a 30 stone (fixed army) tournament at the Toy Soldier in Amesbury MA tomorrow at 11AM. $10 entrance fee. 3 round tournament. Scenarios to be announced at the event.
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