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  1. Hi there! I am running a campaing and I did some things sort of the way they are done in Malifaux but then I realized that I am not sure that it is the way it is supposed to be done in TTB, but I cannot find it in the core rules. I am refering to combat, I know the Fated must know the TN of any duel (i.e a Df duel against an attack) but are the consequences of the duel also to be known (the damage they will take if they fail or the triggers that the NPC has with any suit)? I have been telling my players all this information since in Malifaux the cards are public, but I am not sure which one is the way to procede in TTB. Any piece of advice is welcome
  2. That was my though but my player wasn't that sure, I wanted to double check. Just in case someone had a clever reason why it shouldn't work that way Thanks
  3. Hi everyone. Last week one of my players and me were wondering if it is possible to cast a spell using a magia without any inmuto. I could not find the answer to this (although I am sure it must be somewhere) since the book said you can add any number of inmutos you want... Can I add 0 inmuto then? Thanks a lot!
  4. Wow! Tons of Math lately on this post! I need to read them carefully but I haven't done it yet (hopefuly this weekend will do). This week I had another sesion with my players and I tried a different approach. I based myself in a "search flip" in the Nythera adventure, but I think it is done like this in much more places. Instead of answering with a "yes/no" I used margins of success. So the TN may be 10, and with that you notice noone is "following" you, but if you flip a 15 you may notice someone is "keeping an eye" on you. Maybe if you flip a 20 you can even realize that that guy has make some encantation so he knows where the party goes.... It worked quite well, I think my players really like it. (I promise I'll read all discusion above, but I wanted to post this ASAP in case it may help anyone DMing 😉 )
  5. I kind of like the idea of the ongoing challenge. It allows my players to do some nice narrative while it still maintainces the tension. I will look for those examples, I have the Into the Steam book, but I haven't read it yet. Since is my first time playing TTB I wanted to keep it into the basic book. We will be playing again (or I hope so) in two weeks, I will try your idea there
  6. Hi there! New DM here. Last week I ran my first through the breach game. It was fun and there was no big problem at any point, although there was a point I did not how to handle and I wanted to ask how you do it. I know TN of duels is to be public always so the fated can choose to cheat fate but my problem appears when, as an example, the fated wonder if they are been followed (and they are not). The approach I would use in other systems is to ask the players to roll and then tell them they see none following them. By doing this, the players have the tension of not really knowing if they are been followed (although they may feel sure up to some level, depending on how high did they roll). I feel this should be some kind of opposed duel against the follower, but since there is none, by having public TN, the fated know none is following them before they flip any card. How do you handle this kind of situation? Thank you for your help
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