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  1. Hi. Since I started playing this game (2 months ago) I played mostly Mah (and Dreamer). So I don't have as much experience as most of you, but I still try to play one or twice a week and experiment with the GG1 strats. Right now I love Mah in corrupted LL :-) I would like to hear you about her in this specific strat. Do you have a core build? Great tricks or most do sequence? Since the nerf, I think Mah's turn one is much more interesting. In corrupted I would try to push for the centre on turn one instead of securing my own marker if my opponent is slower and doesn’t have a great way to contest this (So, It also depends on the deployment I guess). Than I'll gun for one of the 2 markers in my opponent’s half on the turn 2/3 and come back to my own market later to secure and denied them to my opponent at the same time. I'll concede to my opponent both marker in its own half. I will fight for the centre (especially if it's relevant for a scheme) but might concede it as well if I have better things to do (scoring my own scheme), but I will always fight to the death to protect my own marker, aiming for a high strat score (4-2 or 4-3). Are you doing something similar ? Models The emissary is awesome in this strat. He's the best carrier for the lodestone : it's almost impossible to pin him down and he can reach every marker on the table really quickly. Trixie is great too. Lure is doing wonder in this strat and don't mind me is also really good. Beside that, the Roosters Riders are always good. 21" movement in one turn is a lot! I also like the bushwhacker in this strat if the opponent crew is vulnerable to pit traps. Area control with trap spamming is a great way to protect a marker. Frome the Shawow also help if you want to secure the centre on T1. I also think it's important to have shooters. If your carrier is isolated deep in your opponent’s territory, you can always shoot him down, so the lodestone will come back to a more suitable carrier. Burying an SS Miner will also work that way if he's carrying the lodestone... But with movement 4 right now and the lack of scheming ability the turn the miner comeback, I just think we can do better with 6ss.
  2. Too bad... I'll be there when we can go out again.
  3. I still think the traps are more an advantage than a liability in that scenario (most of the time they should help with the killing especialy if you use Mah and Bushwacker trigger correctly). Tricksy seem really good here. Unfortunately, riders are giving 2 points, but with IC they should kill there fair share of models before dying (still they're kind of glassy, and it would worry me to have a rider with multiple bounty hanging there until the end of the turn). I'm still discovering this game, but I was really impressed by the Test subject. They are sturdy, giving only one point when dying and have a nice damage output for 4 stones models. I'm yet to play this scenario, but here is the list I would try (with minor tweak demanding of the scheme pool /opponent). My first impulse is to try to avoid 7+ models (except for the rider), but maybe I'm wrong. Mah + LL - 2SS 2 x Rider + IC 3 x Test subject 2 x Bushwacker 1 x SS Miner
  4. I'm looking at Sonia as my first Guild crew (mostly because I like the keywords models). I read this thread, but I would like to know a little bit more about the play style (beside burning things at distance). Could someone enlighten me? Also what are the most important models to have to start this crew? Thank.
  5. ShinChan and I tried GG1 yesterday. I played Mah and he went with Reva. Corrupted Ley Lines - Standard Schemes : Assassinate, Claim Jump, Leave Your Mark, Hidden Martyrs, Catch and Release Mah and Little Lass Lucky Emissary Big Brain Brin Soulstone Miner Test Subject x 2 Rooster Rider x2 4SS Vs Reva and Candle x2 Vincent Restless Spirit Shieldbearer Lampad + Grave Spirit Touch Gravedigger Grave Golem 5SS I went with Assassinate and Hidden Martyr (Rider + Soulstone Miner) He went with Claim Jump and Leave Your Mark 6-5 for Mah I scored 3 points for the strat, 2 points for assassinate (thank for a timely BJ flig and a surprising damage output from the Miner) and 1 point for Martyr (The Rider died as he was supposed to, but I screwed myself with the new rules for miner by forgotting that I couldn't make him pop out on T5 to score the second part of the scheme anymore). He scored 2 points for the strat, 2 points for claim jump (that Golem just owned the centre for the whole game) and one point for LYM (my 3 models with forage + a timely kill on Gravdigger by the second Rider were key to deny the second par of the Scheme). Th 21 inches triple move from the rider are really good in this Strat. The Test Subject + BBB did a ton of job. I wanted to try the nerfed SS Miner... It was fine (mining SS is a great ability), but seem really hard to use for scheming now. That was a great game with a lot of up and down.
  6. This is probably too good for models that can burry themself... But design wise , they have several options if they want to mitigate this effect : cant burry in you own DZ, when a model burry anywhere else, it drops his marker; when a friedly model is burried by a friedly effect the opponent choose either if the marker is drop there or on the centerline, etc. Pretty sure the strat was writen this way to keep it simple... But it's unfortunate for my Stolen Soulstones Miners in Tricksy (oh and for Tara too I guess ;-)).
  7. In my first post (here) I received a lot of great advice from the forum members. I don't know if it'll interest someone (maybe other beginners), but here are some observation after 3 games. N.B. I do not own a lot of models yet, so I wasn't able to customize my crew as much as I wanted. 1) The Dreamer seem to be a really forgiving master. All games were won by him, 1 intro game against Parker (Turf War) and 2 games against other beginners (Mah/Idols, and Jack/Explosives). I'm not bragging (I was actually playing Mah in one of those game and my girl friend destroyed me). From a beginner’s perspective, the snowball effect from The Dreamer (summoning + lucid dreams) is really forgiving, at some point your crew just become way better than your opponent crew and that help to overcome some mistake. Also, in all those game the Dreamer crew manages to kill most of the models by tur 3/4, which put a dent in his opponent scoring capacity. 2) You were right Daydreams are amazing (especially with ancient pact)! Beside them, I was really impressed by Copelius (For now, I only have the core box + Teddy + Deep Sleep box, so we used him in every game we played). He's decent at Scheming, but he seems really good for scheme denial. - I have one question about his Unhinge attack : if a model is unburied when the opponent model failed his WP duel, will this give +1 damage to this attack (I assumed it does, but I just want to be sure)? 3) I summoned Alp over Stitch most of the time if I have the choice (a 9 and a 10 in hand)... Alps are just amazing at pinning the opponent and the Musk is a nice protection for other models in the scramble. Am I missing something. 4) We're really bad at dropping scheme markers. What can I do / buy to improve this aspect of the game ? 5) The Dreamer stayed alive in all 3 games, doing his thing. He's actually really hard to kill... Maybe his opponent didn't try hard enough? Any advice getting him and/or keeping him alive? 6) Regarding the strategies, idols were the one that seems to advantage the dreamer the most (having those recurring models coming in to push those statues + AP for the initiative bonus). Turf war was trickier. We didn't play reckoning yet, but nightmares seem built to kill! 7) Regarding the schemes : hold up their forces is great, deliver a message too... In fact, everything that allowed me to score by popping a minion next to a model is perfect. I avoided anything with a scheme marker (I took dig against Jack because the other choices seem lacklustre, but it wasn't the easiest to score). Now, do you have any advice to improve our games with the Dreamer (any combo) as well as against him (any counters / tech) ? Thank!
  8. Well, the good news is that I understood the rules well enough... Not coming from wargaming, I do thing it's a poor design (as I said, we could just extend the shadow vertically), but at least it's straightforward. Thank for your answers
  9. Hi, I'm a new player and this puzzled me : a size 4 model behind a 1-inch wall will receive cover because he is in its shadow... Am I wrong ? Does the shadow also extend vertically (that would make sense, but this is not what I understood from the rulebook)? Conceptually that makes no sense to me (how something 4 times bigger than the object can hide itself behind it). Thank.
  10. Hi guys. Thank again. First game is comming against Mah :Standard, Idols, Hold up their forces; Outflank; Deliver a Message; Breakthrough; Search the Ruins. Unfortunately, I don't have a full rooster yet (I'm unable to find the Insomnia box anywhere), but I like theory crafting, so what would you do (scheme pick and crew)? I read your advises and based on that i would go with this for this match : Dreamer + LCB 2x Daydream + AP (seem alway worth it and especially good here) a Serena Teddy (seem good in Idols, but i'm not sure because of the Scheme pool) WW and Bandersnatch (seem great for this pool, but maybe I should take, for the same price, Copelius + 1 Stiched) 7SS I would choose Outflank and Deliver a Message (Mah want to get close anyway, but maybe it's too risky?)
  11. Thank everybody. I agreed, your replies were excellent. It gives me a good starting point. I understand that I have to adapt to scheme and crew, but there's less variance in the strats in each game. So I'll find a way to adapt my stock build from there... If someone wants to go deep and explains his selection for every scheme, that would be awesome though :-) But you already help me a lot. Time to get some reps now !
  12. Hi everyone. I'm a new player and I'm still overwhelmed by the level of customization in this game. In your opinion, is it possible to adapt a Dreamer crew to each strategy? What is the best configuration (unlimited access to models, can multi-masters if necessary) and why? BTW I know that I can switch crew, but for now I would like to master one master in each strategy (even if it slightly suboptimal). Thank!
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