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  1. I like this one : https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/943836012/dragon-trappers-lodge-sakura-female
  2. Yeah exactly. You can bring Merris and 3 piglets. Set everybody on fire with her shockwave (you only need to fail 2 duels out of 4 wich is easy enough if you cheat a low card), and transform a piglet in to a warpig on t1... nice value. Your 2 othe piglets can be grow later or go dies somewhere for a scheme. Meris is actually a fine models by herself. So I think this package worth 16ss (it also work with less piglets). With Bo peep, a slop hauler and Ulix himself you should be able to keep everything healthy.
  3. Yeah... And with a Changeling you can just like you scatter and disembodied voice (albeit the target must be within 3" of your madness) for some nice value. Edit : also, I think you can go really low on stone with the double mature build (even to 0) since Lucius is your only stone user and you don't really need them for the card draw. So maybe you can hire a second Lawyer.
  4. If you invest 13ss in a beater just to have it carrying the ball in a really inefficient way you're shooting yourself in the foot... Obviously if you have to do it one-game to score a point it's an other story (and you should), but there's better game plan (even with Lucius 🤣). As I said : Low severe map : Vasi would be my main carrier. high severe map : 1) the luxury option is the Hooded (since he can do so much more - taxi other model early; go for a far marker R3/4 than pass back the ball to a less mobile models and come back to wreck Hancock with your ultimate); 2) use the poor man Emissary (Waldgeist) with ambush + obey/issue command it should be fast enough and they do have planted roots. Give them IR for extra survivability and a way to get out engagement and you have a fine ball carrier. Lot of blocking/hazardous: I like a madness OOk here. I'm not sure a lot of NB player will agree on this one, but I think madness is a legit model. It's tanky enough and even though it doesn't have planted roots, it can score and denied on the same turn (scatter is great).
  5. So I'm pretty sur Emissary is not an option for the OG 😀. This is the kind of Leyline pool where I would feel confident to bring Dora. But, yeah trying stuff is cool! I think your new Rolling TT crew could thrive here (especially if you have Huckser painted)... But I'm no McCabe player and Lucius is one of the few NB master (with Euripides) that I don't play... So I don't have much to say about those keywords. About NB versatile/OOk though, I do like the Emissary as a Ball carrier but you don't have this option. The double mature list above seems nice but doesn't seems very well suited for Leyline. If there's not too much severe, Vassi is a fine ball carrier. Especially if she carries a doll with her. If you have a lot of severe, I would go with good ol' Hoody if you have the points. But a madness OOk could also work well.
  6. Hi again vile TT players. For R1 of my league I'm plit against OG Guild Hoff, I selected OG Lynch and I played against a really good player (ouch). The pool: Flank / Break the Line. Claim jump, Death Bed, Martyrs, B&S, Spread... I'm the defender. 1) Beside Kitty, how am I supposed to kick can (I know, I should have tought about that before selecting Lynch :-))? 2) the map is called the floor is lava (so a lot of hazardous burning) 3) Hoffman is probably not a good matchup, any way to mitigate that? Thank!
  7. I'm no outcast player but now I want to assemble the 6 horses crew and solo it in a tournament just for the visual effect (and the fun of playing a meme crew).
  8. It's nice that she emphasizes the use of Fae minions! Knight are great champions, but I think the real hidden gems are the Waldgeist. Heave and Delay are 2 amazing trigger and if the Ennemy is in severe the melee attack has a huge range. Also with all the push the queen and her crew have, the Emissary will continue to be a staple. You also have a big incentive to generate underbrush since drawing 3 cards, giving focus +1 and dropping a scheme seems like AFI e trade for a master AP 😀.
  9. Hog whisperer Will be really good with new Ulix. They're now the only model that give extra melee range. Gracie can help them to keep up with the rest of the crew. The new models is a nice tech piece against severe heavy map. Unfortunately him being the only source of underbrush we won't have a lot of mileage from forest fungus. Pere ravage is an interesting idea to have a War Pig t1. I'm not sure it worth 8ss though.
  10. Because he's so bad that he could already be dead?
  11. Klaus us an awesome tech piece! Infiltrator is dope and he's bringing a nice support package. Hildegard seems more niche, but they do operate well together... This seems like a fine 15ss distruptioni package. I'm not sure about Red Cape... They would make great puppets summons... But most of the time you'll want a stitch. Still they can hit quite hard with the guaranteed ram. Mama Z migh want to invest 23ss for Klauss + Hildegard + WW...
  12. There's so many cool alt-sculpt that could be done. I would like to see something inspire from the classic movies. For example 7 samurai's, Citizen Kane, Nosferatu and Clockwork Orange all have incredible characters that could be pastiche in Malifaux.
  13. Welcome to Malifaux. Enjoy the journey, just remember that bad things happen along the way 😀.
  14. And 46 can mimic just like you to secret passage... It's all working in the end 🤣.
  15. Nooo... as you can see, I'm no Lucius player. All my dreams are shatter now 😭
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