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  1. As someone who has begin Malifaux a yea ago, I have a different takes on this (note that the advice of playing for 10 to 15 games in keywords with a master is probably the right one if you have the time for this). Here how I proceed: 1) Read all you can on your faction. 2) Master all versatile in faction and most common OOK pick and know when to bring them or not. 3) Unerstand general playstyle in faction. 4) try a master in keyword (1 or 2 games) to see if it match the expected playstyle. 5) Try the same Master in each strat bringing versatile/OOK that are going
  2. I think you're fine with the 35 as limits for all + henchman + effigy... I like this format But : 1) Summoners have a distinct advantage; 2) the map may feel a little bit to big and some scheme will be easier to do (and some will be harder).
  3. My thoughts on the broader subject of game formats (because limitation in SS for OOk/ versatiles is just one of the many ways to achieved game balance and to diversify play experience):
  4. There's a lot of talk in different thread on Alternate format. Moreover, the world series events on vassal dips its toe in it (trying the 15 ook/ versatile limit). Here's my take on the topic (brace yourself, it's going to be a long post and please indulge my English). Comments and idea are welcome. As I said in other thread, I think restrictions and alternatives format are a good way to balance the game at the competitive level (casual game will balanced itself by mutual agreement). It also creates design space and can refresh a stalled game. As I said there's other way to cha
  5. Terracota is an orangy earth tone = about 4 parts red 3 part yellow 1 part blue (play around those proportion, it really depend of the paint you're using). Adjust with with white/yellow for the highlight and black/blue (carefully) for the shadow.
  6. Limitations are a way to balance the game after the released of cards/models. It also a way to encourage creative thinking. Most game with a deck/crew building component will get solve after a while. You can : a) introduce new component (models in our case); b) change the rule of the game (that would be new GG/FAQ); c) introduced limitations to how you can build your crew... The 15ss limits didn't nail it for me. But it's quite paradoxical from someone shouting really loud about how some keyword/models are broken (nexus being your latest target, probably rightly so) also stating that he
  7. There's an alt Barbaros! Nice. I agree that the figure is not great. My own answer would be convert it! Btw playing often against ShinShan with Parker, I must admit that his crew is surprisingly sturdy. The only things that put him as a middle of the pack master is his fairness. Even though he can draw a bunch of card and keep his models alive, his crew doesn't do anything especially broken. They also lack Mobility in keyword (Emissary help, but they won't be mistaken with Infamous).
  8. I see. If you're on the right side of the map, I really like the combo of placing a symbol just behind that size 3 impassable rock at the bottom (it just fit). An an othe on the crate (exactly 8" from the one behind the stone). Those 2 symbols are incredibly hard to get. If you have a model on the crate, they need to deal with him before getting the symbol (or waste an action to destroy the crate). If they don't have flyer/incorporeal/leaper you can just body block the narrow path between the 2 stones... They're some other really interesting placement on this map, especially if you don't
  9. You already picked side? Because you're defender, so you won't have the luxury to choose. I'm not sur this placement is as good if you're playing on the east/west axis.
  10. Last thing. I played 3 games of R1. Winning one with Dora against @Filox with Dashel and loosing 2 with Dreamer (the other one was against @Insomniakwulf with Seamus). So obviously the main take away is play Dora over Dreamer 😋.
  11. @ShinChan and @Maniacal_cackle thank for the feedback! I agreed with all of your points and I probably did some other mistake during the game. So 7-3 agains Misaki (4 strats, 2 Reseach, 1 Breakthrough). My Dreamer had 2 strats 1 Breakthrough and 0 research. The real score should have been around 6-3 (or even 6-4 with some lucky flip). The time went of as I had 2 models to play vs 0 for Kharnage. I could have denied the second point of research and/or score research myself (doing both was going to be though but one or the other were almost a given)... Anyway, still a loss. I wish
  12. Fair enough. That could be interesting since a lot of master have synergy with their totems. But for now let's keep it simple (and fast). Viks will be alone.
  13. Interesting tought. In most game I played in GG0 the centre end up being really important... But maybe, as you said, it's self fulfilling prophecy. You don't have to be in a brawl thoug, you can control it at range (but for me it's not the same as avoiding de centre). Also, I think it's map dependent. Alot of map on Vassal seem to be designed to favor those central brawls. Finally, the centre is arguably the best place to be to have control on the largest portion of the board. So if your oponent don't play the centre game, he gave up the best position imo (as you put that can stil
  14. Well @ooshawn it seems that you and we are the underdog for this round... Let's watch Miracle on Ice just before our match 🤣
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