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  1. Also, use the terrain to your advantage. I will often choose a slightly off position if I can put the symbols on raise part of the board, in severe or hazardous terrain. Obviously this depends of your opponent crew. If his scheme runner have leap, putting the symbols on a high 2 terrain is les effective, if they're incorporeal there's no point of using the hazardous or severe, etc. I like the 3-1, you can also do a 4-0 castle and try to defend all 4 (exept in wedge). This is really tough though since you'll face you whole opponent crew and will have to defend more ground. Still doable with a strong bubble crew.
  2. Hi fellow Canadian, we need you! @ShinChan and I want to play in the team cup for Canada (we're both base in Quebec) but we're missing a player. Shin is actually good, bit I'm not, so we're mostly looking to have fun during this event. + point if you're in Montreal, so we'll also be able to play live, but everyone from cost to cost are welcome. If you're interested but don't know vassal, don't worry we'll teach you!
  3. SEV

    Team Cup 2021

    I'm looking for fellow canadians to participate in this one.
  4. @fire5tone : good job. Small details: for Ulix you forgot that you can upgrade The Sow/Gracie to a Warpig with a 6 (which is super good in the right situation).
  5. I'm a big fan of your KoD work. I'm glad you make a painting detour with Malifaux minis. Great takes on Envy! I like the muted NMM. Do you plan on doing the rest of the band (Envy is the more spectacular pieces of the CR7, but they make a superb unit all together).
  6. Will you have a deluxe edition with real minis?
  7. Haha! Was that a competitive game? If it wasn't, what a jerk! I don't think we have hard counter like that in M3 though... I agree that, if you want to be competitive you're better to learn really well 1 generic master or 2 masters with opposed playstyle. Than learn the most powerful ook versatile options. But even if you don't have access to the super niche tech for a specific matchup and you bring only the second or even 3rd best option, I think you will have a massive advantage by knowing your crew well... Where I agree with you : titles will help with that. And this is awesome. I mean, most of my Malifaux buy are not to be most competitive but because I like the figs or, mostly, because I want to try something new. I do the same in tournament (switching masters and factions), and I'm pretty sure it's not the best idea (but definitely the most fun)!
  8. @Maniacal_cackle: your only way to the top 16 was obviously NB Marcus... You're doom now. Kidding, GL. Bayou Zipp is annoying. Be careful, he can put a lot of damage quickly into your crew and his really hard to pin down... Molly has a good center to piano... But a) he and Earl can drop a lot of Piano; b) he doesn't need to to be efficient; c) he can kill Molly... It's one of the crew with the most 2" engagement range. Also up we go allow to reposition models for easy bait and switch. I would avoid research and Claim jump if I was the Zipp player but beside that everything is doable. Finally he'll have a lot of Flyers (or Leaper since he'll hire TFM), so I'm not sure Emissary will work as intended (especially since he can just fly with me his ground troopers).
  9. You can play Crocket, 2 initiate and 4 corrupted hound and call it Marcus Pack 😀
  10. But the point of the title is to bring an other design to the master... So a jockey master would bring new synergy to that keyword...
  11. Why not? That could be a nice design opportunity imo.
  12. I Agree with @Maniacal_cackle 50SS gae can be played quite fast (you can even ask @ooshawnhow to have a 10 minutes game). When I started 18 months ago my game use to take 4h+ now I usually play in 3h. Still in 35ss summoning is the big problem. Beside that I think you'll be fine.
  13. Good luck! My though on the game to come (note that I'm not the best Z player out here). Deal with Manos quickly if you can. It's his only moving pieces (if he has to use the Emissary to scheme the game is going well for you). Don't be afraid to double stone on t1 for your summons if you have to. The doll will probably double attack you Bokor than die for a card. Just make sure that it dies next to WW so you don't waste a walk for your summons. If you don't need the fast on the Bokor t1, activate him before the doll. On t2+ you should have someone within 12" of Z so that means you can use doll tricks (especially good against jack). Use the terrain as much as you can with the doll. It loves hazardous terrain. Also, you probably already know that, but paying a life is part of the cost on its attack trigger. So you have at least 2 free ping on your Mojo target... Jack doesn't like that. Edit : also copying whisper truth can be situationally good (if you have a 8 to spare). Also copying the Hanged tactical can mess with Jack healing. Let us know how it went!
  14. My own power ranking for the Jockeys: Pig - good (nice utility, movement tricks and a lot of potential damage requiring not a lot of resources... good 7ss hench imo) Rabbit - average (good missile) Chicken - average (nice movement tricks, probably good with Mah) Three - weak (okish for 6ss maybe... Don't know what to do with it yet). Cuteness ranking : Rabbit - adorable Three - I'm Groot Pig - at least she got braided Chicken - those gremlins are not even able to pluck their chicken well.
  15. R3 is Public Ennemy in the player pack, I guess it should be turf war.
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