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  1. That’s how I understand it - discard a card to use By Your Side, which then afterwards triggers Fading (Footprints) - that’s all before the Crooligan has used either of its AP or bonus Action!
  2. Just to clarify, Fading abilities happen immediately after the action / trigger that caused the model to discard a card is resolved?
  3. Yeah, you choose one of the Blast Markers to remain as a Riptide Marker once you've resolved the initial blast attack.
  4. @KingJocko OK, I’ll bite! (pun intended!): 2ss: Mindless Zombies - Pretty much for the same reasons you said. It would just be wrong if we didn’t include them! 3ss: Canine Remains - Seem like decent enough cheap Scheme runners, as well as their Carrion Away being able to drag Corpse Markers around with them. 4ss: Crooligans - I honestly think Necropunks are better value (even for their increased cost) for scheme running, so throwing in Crooligans in with Mortuary would give them a bit more reason to be taken. 4ss for Crooligan in-keyword would be a bit of a better reason to not instead spend 6ss for the Necropunk out-of-keyword. 5ss: Guild Autopsys - As well as currently having the Zombie keyword, they seem more fitting to Mortuary in-story than the other options. Although noting to write home about, their Light Pistol attack at least adds a ranged option to the hiring pool. 6ss: Rabble Risers - Since they are bundled with the current M2E Nicodem set, it would be remiss not to include them! They are also currently covered by the Zombie keyword. 7ss: Forgotten Marshal - Here comes the slightly controversial bit, I don’t think we need any summons at this as level or higher. I think instead that we could include the Marshal as a hire-only option. My reason is that he is also a summoner (to a limited degree), which may feel a little overkill but bare in mind that aside from Night Terrors, everything else on my proposed list can also be summoned by Nicodem. Also, if going down the summon-heavy route, they both Nicodem and the Forgotten Marshal will be both competing for those high Crow cards to Cheat in. I don’t think that it should go any higher in soulstone value, so that concludes my list. A nice mix of the lower-end Experimental and Forgotten Minions, which yes has been heavily influenced by my current miniature collection!
  5. Just throwing out a quick suggestion in place of the current Condemned upgrade, I’d like to see the Guilty give out an aura or something that gives Tormented to enemies whilst they are within 3”(?) - that way they are trying to keep close to enemy models, harassing them. Don’t know if it would work or not, but it seems a bit “cleaner” in terms of rules - Attaching deliberating Upgrades to enemies seems a bit clunky to me (but then again, I’m no games designer!).
  6. I bought Asura and some MZs purely to make a fun Zombie keyword list, so I’m pretty keen on the ideas being thrown about here. It just makes sense to incorporate the current Zombie models into Mortuary! Only suggestion I have is to drop Versatile from Asura and give her Mortuary and Revenant in its place.
  7. Mister Feral


    They’re not guilty of murdering the Guilty if they’re dead! 😂 Another thought on the Drowned, would it make more sense for the Undertow trigger to Push enemies within 3” towards a friendly Riptide marker rather than the original target of the attack? Just thinking specially when used on a Severe damage flip or with multiple Drowned, it opens up the options on where you can place the Riptide marker, to help deny enemy schemes / disrupt placement? To me Riptide is also clearly only supposed to work with Projectile Vomit, so makes sense to more directly integrate the two.
  8. Mister Feral


    What do we think of the updated Drowned? The Riptide rule seems neat, dropping a Hazardous Staggered marker after one of the on Projectile Vomit has resolved. If you use a then the Undertow trigger kicks in and Pushes nearby enemies towards the original target (and hopefully the Ripetide marker too)! Guilty have also been tweaked, attaching a Condemned Upgrade on any model that Kills them (increasing our hand size!)
  9. In Ressers, you can’t take Montressor without Jack Daw as Leader. I think Jack Daw is the only duel Outcast-Resser Tormented model anyway?
  10. To me, this has been a good update since on the Rogue Necromancy, I went from “bit naff and not interested” to “whoops, may of bought one to give a go...” I had another look at it, nice little bit of internal synergy where discarding a card for Ambush stacks Poison +2 on for that delicious Pervasive Metabolism!
  11. Just a couple changes to Forgotten with today's update (31st Jan); Archie - Gained Flurry (yes!) and Two Scoops have been changed from a Bonus Action to a Fading Ability - whilst i'm sad Two Scoops (as a name) has been dropped, its replacement name (Brain Freeze) is still quite funny! Now Archie has just the one Bonus Action (Leap), he theoretically should be able to get a round a bit faster now since you're not using the Bonus Action to Two Scoops. Fun new synergy, tag-team Philip and the Nanny with Archie (within 3" of each other) - free Healing for Philip when Archie discards a card (Flurry)! Quick rules question on Fading (Brain Freeze) though - if you discard more than one card, which one do you use for determining the value of the Healing? Rogue Necromancy - Grit (Frantic) has been dropped for Hard to Kill. Positive flip buff for Savage Bite, but Projectile Vomit loses and stat dropped from 6 to 5. Also gains Beast. Overall, looks good to me! Necrotic Machine - Gains Accomplice. Yay! Overall, another solid update. Thoughts?
  12. As long as they leave the Night Terrors alone, I’ve got some on the way to me for that sweet Forgotten Marshal synergy... Regarding Archie again, I’d quite like his Fading ability to either drop a Corpse Marker (found a new plaything!) or a small Push towards a friendly Forgotten (ooh, friends!).
  13. I’m looking at this from a thereotical perspective, but I think just giving Flurry back to Archie would help. Numbskull and his Fading Memories are fine as they are in my opinion. By discarding a card for Flurry, it would naturally set off his Fading Memories (ala Rabble Risers). I would like to imagine Archie just thrashing his many arms about when this happens!
  14. I quite like Hidden in Plain Sight, it seemed very thematic for the model! I would quite like to pick him up for my Tormented for the reasons others here have already said, and he seems to be able to cover quite a lot of ground if you run him down a flank away from your Leader.
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