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  1. Mister Feral

    The Versatility Disparity

    At current count for Outcast Versatiles; Barbaros, Hans, Malifaux Child, Prospector and Midnight Stalker (as well as the Effigy / Emissary and Pride). I'm also baffled at why Desperate Mercenaries are not Versatile either, but I might get some to paint anyway. However as KingJocko said, I imagine further down the line that the Versatility disparity will start to be resolved with new releases.
  2. Mister Feral


    Thanks for sorting it out in the hotfix!
  3. Mister Feral

    Asura Roten

    I’m guessing since she her stats are still within the same place within Reva’s lot, she is still intentionally part of that “crew”. Generally from what I’ve seen, the Versatile models that don’t have a keyword nor fit in with anyone else go at the end of the beta faction list.
  4. Mister Feral

    Is the Zombie keyword redundant?

    Looks like a hot fix has been pushed out - Nicodem has the same rule as Asura Roten which allows for hiring of Zombies without playing the extra SS. Overall I’m quite pleased with the addition of the Zombie keyword, it’s given me the excuse to paint up some Guild Autopsies that were originally planned for my Molly Horror crew in 2e - I can chuck them in with Asura and a couple other Zombie Minions I already own.
  5. Mister Feral


    In Jack Daw’s case, that’s also just the same thing repeated twice! I’m assuming that they deliberately removed Arcane Reservoir that granted the increased hand size.
  6. Mister Feral


    For now, I would assume that if an enemy is Staggered, then it would count as what was Staggered 1 in the previous beta rules - therefore just 1 additional damage on top of the normal damage flip.
  7. Now that the number of dual-faction Masters has been evened out across the board, I think the Dead Mans Hand could be a good home for some of these less important characters.
  8. Mister Feral

    M3E Open Beta is close

    I’m looking forward to seeing folks talking about Jack when the full open beta kicks off next week. (I have read into the closed beta rules, primarily to see how models fall into the various factions and keywords).
  9. Mister Feral

    M3E Open Beta is close

    I’m building a Jack Daw crew for 3rd edition, so I can dip into Outcasts for the first time, or back to my usual Ressers.
  10. Mister Feral

    Crooligans or Necro Punks?

    Why not take one of each and see how both perform? I usually run Crooligans over Necropunks because I have the models painted up - although I imagine I'll give the latter another test run when they're painted up too.
  11. Mister Feral

    My ressurectionists

    That's a lovely translation from orange to purple on the dress.
  12. Mister Feral

    Feral Paints Malifaux (Again)

    Hello! Mechanicus Standard Grey is the colour I used. I believe I glazed it where the mid tones meet the final shading, after all the layering work was done. Mostly at the bottom of muscles as far as I can see on the model (I have Ryle on the shelf near me.)
  13. I'm already on the list and will let you know when I can (soon) pay up for the entry. (I be Daniel Willis)
  14. Mister Feral

    Feral Paints Malifaux (Again)

    "The ring of fire, let it burn!" Sue has been finished;