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  1. Now that the number of dual-faction Masters has been evened out across the board, I think the Dead Mans Hand could be a good home for some of these less important characters.
  2. I’m looking forward to seeing folks talking about Jack when the full open beta kicks off next week. (I have read into the closed beta rules, primarily to see how models fall into the various factions and keywords).
  3. I’m building a Jack Daw crew for 3rd edition, so I can dip into Outcasts for the first time, or back to my usual Ressers.
  4. Why not take one of each and see how both perform? I usually run Crooligans over Necropunks because I have the models painted up - although I imagine I'll give the latter another test run when they're painted up too.
  5. That's a lovely translation from orange to purple on the dress.
  6. Hello! Mechanicus Standard Grey is the colour I used. I believe I glazed it where the mid tones meet the final shading, after all the layering work was done. Mostly at the bottom of muscles as far as I can see on the model (I have Ryle on the shelf near me.)
  7. I'm already on the list and will let you know when I can (soon) pay up for the entry. (I be Daniel Willis)
  8. "The ring of fire, let it burn!" Sue has been finished;
  9. Great colours chosen and the flowery bases are rather nice as well!
  10. That sounds like the last couple of games I had! ? In retrospect I should of summoned in a scheme runner or two to run off and lay down / claim scheme markers and objectives.
  11. From my little experience with playing Molly; Dead Doxies are great for pulling and pushing your slower models around into position; Drowned, Punk Zombies... Speaking of Punk Zombies, summoning them in the enemies face then using Molly's (0) Action on the Forgotten Life upgrade to make it attack with a (1) action - then Chain Activate said punk for another (1) melee! Drowned are great tarpits for holding objectives and as both Horrors and Spirits they are useful for either variant of Molly crew. I also really like the models as well!
  12. Pretty! I love the greens on the Waldgeists.
  13. I always refer to GMort's Malifaux unboxings before I assemble any! Another good one, I'm looking forward to the Forgotten Marshall unboxing (next month?).
  14. Thanks! I've picked up the sculpting tools to play around with some TtB plastics, started on two characters; Left one will be Raethford from the story encounter "Joint Task Force". Right one is the start of a Maniacal Necromancer from TtB Under Quarantine. They both probably proxy quite well as Rasputina and Nicodem respectively in Malifaux as well! (assuming I manage to finish them!)
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