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    Wargames of all sorts, miniature painting, comission painting, Malifaux gremlin faction

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  1. Green and shooty brotherhood.
  2. Aztec

    Skull Studio showcase

    http://paintingskullstudio.blogspot.ru https://www.facebook.com/SkullArtStudio/ "Skull studio" now is rather young gang of professional artists. We are glad to offer you all-level painting miniatures, for tabletop, for showcase, for collection. For now we do all our best to make our Studio better and your hobby brighter... or darker and grimmer=))))
  3. Close up of redface Somer. Angry ... always...
  4. Once and again about gremlin lads - now fresh view
  5. Family portrait from the depth of Bayou. Leave neverborn for some time and add som fresh and shooty greenlads.
  6. And some madnesses for today.
  7. Woody lads for today. Thanks for your following
  8. Hide and Seek Crew. And we've created album on this forum. Thanks for your following
  9. Arcane Effigy for today.
  10. Ama No Zako is ready. Do not trust her latern. And tere is great deal of other painted lads on our showcase. Follow our blog.
  11. It's high time to share some WIPs. The couple of silent chicks and greeny shooty bastard Burt Jebsen
  12. Привет. Да... признаться задержались=)))
  13. It's high time for a comlete miniature. There is Johan for today We've tried to add some railway/mine flavor with rails on the base and as usual were truely impressed with quality and sculpting of the model. This guy looks TOUGH as he should be.
  14. Welcome everybody, We decided to start our showcase-blog. From Cold Russia to those, who really loves this game and want to make it brighter. Wait for your comments. Let's start with fearful oni WIP - Ama No Zako almost done.
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