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Found 22 results

  1. Memphis Malifaux Maul - 50SS Tournament @ The Cellar, Memphis TN 3/3/18 M2E 50SS Tournament Event Date: Saturday - March 3, 2018 Location: The Cellar, 2737 Bartlett Blvd, Bartlett, TN 38134 - (901) 382-8623 Entry Fee: $10, the entrance fee will be going towards gift cards for the store as prize support. 1st Place– 50% Entry fees in store credit. 2nd Place– 30% Entry Fees in store credit. 3rd Place– 20% Entry Fees in store credit. Additional Prizes Working on getting together a prize pack for participation and winning. More info
  2. ENFORCER BRAWL!!! Come on out to Camp Zama Warrior Zone on the 16th of September, 2017! Bldg 533 -- We'll get in at 1200hrs -- setup and start sharply as soon as we can! We've got an Enforcer Brawl set-up and with prizes to boot. We'll even throw in a prize for Best Painted -- as judged by your peers (or enemies... your choice). Hit me back here -- at my email: ngolmo@gmail.com -- or give me a call/text at 080-6528-7391 Here's the link to the event page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1428159030571148/?acontext={"ref"%3A"4"%2C"feed_story_type"%3A"370"%2C"act
  3. Greetings All -- it's the Eve of September as I write this... I'll be running demo game and answering any questions about Malifaux and Through the Breach for the whole month of September! You can email me direct at Ngolmo@gmail.com - can contact me here - or give me a call/text at 080-6528-7391 If you need for me to make a trip to Tokyo - I've got a travel demo kit too. Yeah, I'm really a big fan of everything Wyrd! Let me know -- we'll get you a game! Be Well ~James
  4. Greetings All, We're deep into July and I'm back on track (business trips 'n such)! We're totally ready for demo games at the A-Z Gaming Club on Camp Zama, Japan. You'll find us at the Warrior Zone each weekend! I'll also be taking my show on the road!We're looking forward to seeing you at the club and around Japan! Come see what Malifaux is all about. Get in touch and we'll sort out a Demo Game for you -- or even more Be Well ~James
  5. Greetings All, June is here and that means more demo time at the A-Z Gaming Club on Camp Zama, Japan. You'll find us at the Warrior Zone each weekend! I'll also be taking my show on the road! We're looking forward to seeing you at the club and around Japan! Come see what Malifaux is all about. Be Well ~James
  6. The summer is coming and we're going to celebrate it with an awesome event here in Berlin! Updates to be viewed here: https://www.facebook.com/events/295861557516294/ Time of the event: 1030 - 1730 on Saturday the 8th of July 2017 Place of Event: Battlefield Berlin Gneisenaustr. 43 10961 Berlin Cheers and hope to see you there. <3
  7. Hello All, F3armonger here for all you kiddies. I am running a once a month TtB One shot at Mastermind Models and Miniatures on Saturday Evenings. This month will be April 15, 2017. Time is 6pm to Midnight. You must be there by 630 to play!. We will have everything you need to play, characters, books, and decks. Just bring yourself snacks and drinks! Website to Venue Mastermind Models and Miniatures See you guys there! V/R, F3armonger aka George
  8. Hello everyone! I will be doing demos Saturday 1.28.2017 at Mastermind Models and Miniatures in the Lowe Mill. We start at 6pm and go till everyone has had a demo or no one feels like playing anymore. We have everything you need tables, terrain, and models. All you need is to bring yourself and a friend! Don't know how to get to M3? Mastermind Models and Miniatures Website Stay Wyrd, See you all there. F3armonger (aka George)
  9. I will be hosting a 32 player tournament at Southampton Sluggaz (St Denys Community Centre, Portswood, Southampton SO17 2JZ). 3 rounds of classic Malifaux action. £15 per person payable in advance by paypal to southamptonsluggaz@gmail.com (any money left after venue costs and prize support etc will be donated to charity) ensure your put your name in message so we know who has paid and that its for Oktoberfaux ? 50ss games chosen from a 150ss pool (inc upgrades, 2 master limit). Schemes and Strategies will be drawn before the event from the Gaining Grounds 2016 document.
  10. Hello all, F3AR here again, aka George. We will be doing demos at The Deep in Huntsville, AL. I am providing a link to where the Deep is just in case you don't know. We have everything you need to play just come on by. Tera will even be bringing out Lilith to show what the Mother of Monsters does! (Hint... kills... everything....) See you guys and gals there. The Deep 6pm till Close (10ish) Wed 5/18/2016 Stay Wyrd, F3ARMonger George
  11. Time for our next Tournament! this will be standard GG2016 3 rounds 50ss with 5$ entry fee, registration begins at 11am when the doors open and cards flip at noon! See you there! Location: Quarterstaff Games 152 Church Street Burlington VT 05401 802-863-3666 qstaffvt@gmail.com
  12. Hi Wydos For anyone around Hampshire UK and want to give this great game a try then give me a shout. I will be running intros and demos to whoever wants it at Southampton Sluggaz on Friday evenings. Sluggaz is open every Friday 6pm-11pm at St Denys Community Centre, Portswood, Southampton. SO17 2JZ. Give me a shout here or our email to let me know southamptonsluggaz@gmail.com I will see you on the other side ??
  13. Demos and Open Gaming at the Deep in Huntsville, AL https://www.facebook.com/deepcomics?fref=ts Date: Nov 4, 2015 Time: 6pm till they kick us out Come on in and get Wyrd! TTYL, F3ARMonger
  14. Spooky nights are on their way, leading up to a grand finale on Halloween! To celebrate this wonderous event, I will be hosting a specially themed Halloween Malifaux game date with custom Scenarios and even a special Fate Deck for each participant. Here is the relevant information: Battlefield BerlinGneisenaustr. 4310961 Berlin Tel: 030-45088708 The event starts at 10:30 a.m. on the 31st of October. What you will need are the regular items and miniatures needed for a game of Malifaux.Crews will need a limited build: 30SS 1 Master/Henchman (upgrades as normal)1 Henchman/Enforcer (upgrades as
  15. Ratty

    Gen Con 2015

    [color=#afeeee][size=6][b]Malifaux Releases July[/b][/size][/color] [img]http://www.wyrd-games.net/Newsletter_v3/Collodibar.png[/img] [b][color=#ffffff]In stores July 17th[/color][/b][list] [*][color=#ffa500]WYR20409[/color] - [url="http://www.wyrd-games.net/mint/pepper/orderedlist/downloads/download.php?file=http%3A//www.wyrd-games.net/Newsletter_v3/Ads/WYR20409-MasterofPuppets.jpg"]Master of Puppets[/url] Collodi Crew - $50.00 [*][color=#ffa500]WYR20215[/color] - [url="http://www.wyrd-games.net/mint/pepper/orderedlist/downloads/download.php?file=http%3A//www.wyrd-games.net/Newsletter_v
  16. There will be a Wyrd Presence at CMON Expo 2015. If you are in the ATL area and have some time stop by! http://cmonexpo.com/ TTHP2009 and yours truly F3ARMonger will be there running demos and we might even have some swag! See you soon! GG
  17. Hello all you Wyrdos and Potential Wyrdos out there. Just to let you know if you are looking to pick up any Malifaux or Wyrd Related stuff in the Huntsville area there are two awesome places you can do that. Either at the Deep http://www.deepcomics.com/ or Mastermind Models and Miniatures http://www.m3paints.com The local community plays Malifaux every Sunday at the Deep from 4pm till close. (Of course setting up a game is always helpful.) And we play Saturday 12 - 6 at M3. We conduct demos during that time as well. We have knowledgable Henchmen with crews at both area
  18. Hey hey time for a spring cleaning so put up some of my many crews on sale, hoping someone is interested, have to buy new m2 boxes http://www.ebay.com/itm/321355729893?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Best Regards Martin
  19. Hello all! If you are going to HAMACON this year, your friendly neighborhood Henchmen will be doing demos most of the day Saturday and Sunday to get your Malifaux and Puppet Wars Fix! Even if you have absolutely no idea what that stuff is come by and say hi! We would love to see you. We will be in the games room. Watch for us on @Preussel for Tweet Updates! Stay Wyrd! F3ARMonger aka George
  20. So there are many debates of what makes a delicious sandwich. Is it the succulent meat? The crunchy and vibrant vegetables? The mouth-watering sauces? Wyrd is definitely supportive when it comes to a tasty sandwich. So here's the question, what is your favorite sandwich guys? Here are the things that we wanna know: Type of bread Type of filling (meat or fish or whatever that's delicious) Vegetables involved Sauces And where it's from of course Here's mine: Grilled panini bread Turkey BLT Red onions and lettuce Mayonnaise with Apply Butter Pikes Fish Market in Seattle, Washington And yes,
  21. Hello all. Back up and doing even more awesome demonstrations at the Foundry. I shall be there from 1800 to 2200 this Wyrd Wednesday. Come on out play a game bring questions, bring friends, bring your friends questions, just don't bring a bad attitude :Sad_Puppet1:. Hope to see you all there. STAY WYRD!
  22. LONG POST TL;DR is at bottom :happypuppet1 Intro I went to Gen Con in '11 and while I was there I saw a huge line for Puppet Wars. I saw that it was with a bunch of tabletop games and since I wasn't interested in a minis game even though I thought the art was awesome, I went about my business. Boy am I kicking myself now. I could have had 5 months of extra time (plus the additional pre-release puppets) to play this very fun board game. I received Puppet Wars for Christmas from my parents. I am a college student and my family is pretty big into board games. This was the first time I g
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