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  1. CustosUmbra

    Steam Trunk, aka "The Baddest MF in the Freikorps"

    Yeah, getting Df 6 back would be great.. or not. Depends on how you look at the situation. If you manage to get this riding bomb within 3" of 2-3 enemy models, your opponent would wish this chest wasn't so fragile.
  2. CustosUmbra

    Steam Trunk, aka "The Baddest MF in the Freikorps"

    Oh. I've always assumed it was a guy sitting inside and handing over gear to others. Silly me XD There's also one more use for Steam Trunk when equipped with Mines... use it as a satchel charge in a critical situation. Throw it towards the enemy with Von Schill and shoot it with someone else... all in a single action!
  3. He's been laughed at since the beginning of his career as Freikorps. No wonder, who would take a guy in a chest, whose only purpose is to hand out fire extinguishers and medkits seriously? Even his boss felt bad taking him on missions, because others would giggle behind poor chest rider's back.. Not anymore. He's sneaked some of the deadliest gear into his chest, and it is his time - not to giggle - but to let everyone hear his maniacal laughter! WARNING! This is not supposed to be a 100% or even 40% viable way to play this guy and only exists for fun. Game plan: Turn 1. Activate Steam Trunk. Spend 1 AP to get a Rocket Launcher. Spend 1 AP to reposition yourself. Bonus action: Focus from Von Schill. If that movement isn't enough you can either throw Steam Trunk with Schill, or instead of getting Focus and Rocket Launcher equip Rocket Boots, use leap -> discard a card to change it into RL + you have 1 more action. Chose wisely. What's next? Activate later in the turn and follow these simple steps: 1) Fire a Rocket Launcher 2) Are there scheme markers that need removing/guys to blast with Shockwave? Get grenades. No? Get boots and leap closer. 3) Whatever you did, get a RL again. Fire off. If there are enemy beaters around, you should then equip Mines. There are enemies 4-5" from each other and within 6-7" from you? Shoot RL, get 'Nades, and then equip mines. Or if you're low on cards, just strap mines on yourself and charge (!!!) closer to them. ... It was a terrifying sight. There was a madman flying around in some kind of chest, firing rockets at everyone. And he was getting closer. But as it got closer, it became clear, that it was harmless at such close range. James started to laugh, but his partner froze in horror. "He got explosives!", - he shouted. But it was too late. The driver of the weird chest jumped out and ducked for cover. A distand gunshot of a Freikorps Scout's rifle and the explosion of the vehicle were the last things these poor guards experienced...
  4. CustosUmbra

    Von Schtook's actions interfere with each other again

    It's his previous card. The current version says: "End all conditions on the target". Sad story.
  5. CustosUmbra

    Pray for Abuela

    And add SS reduction on top of that? So you might get two 1/2/3 flips + Focus? Too much.
  6. CustosUmbra

    Anna Lovelace

    Eh. Not a big deal losing Anna. Makes sense fluff-wise. Still got a beutiful model on my shelf. Though I do consider getting Transmortis, since I've already got Anna and Students.
  7. CustosUmbra

    Underbrush Markers

    My friend on average placed 7-8 markers per match.
  8. CustosUmbra

    New Hoffman.

    Guess that depends on playgroup members' playstyles and how players adapt to each others' actions. I prefered to keep my crew fixed at all times and created those scrap markers every time just for that purpose. My needs for mobility were covered by Hoff's Magnetic)
  9. CustosUmbra

    New Hoffman.

    To be fair, jump was extremely situational, OSA was mostly used to Obey or Loop more models and Upgrades had a "fixed" owners for best performance. It was still enjoyable, though What I really liked were Cyborg upgrades..
  10. CustosUmbra

    New Hoffman.

    Eh. Still better than his most regular M2E loadout)
  11. CustosUmbra

    New Hoffman.

    And that's exactly where Guardian's Toss comes into play =P The crew is pretty mobile when you think about it, just in a very odd way. And I like how easy it is to disengage your friendlies outside of their activation.
  12. CustosUmbra

    New Hoffman.

    Idk. If you really want to move Hoffman around, you can use his crew's Transfer Power with those who don't really need those Power Tokens to push him around. In turn, he can relocate those Tokens later in the game or, well... use them.
  13. CustosUmbra

    New Hoffman.

    Well, yes. My frequent opponents used to say things like: "Oh, it's Hoff's activation? Mind if I go get coffee for us while you play with yourself for the next 10 minutes?" He definitely plays much faster and isn't so much restricted in his actions. And at times ge can do out right hilatious things, like sniping with his Torch XD A bit sad I can't force Exorcists to synergise with Hoffman anymore. I was enjoying my Cyber-Undead hunting team, with Hoffman accusing machines of actually being Undead and Exorcists smiting them with disapproval. And yes, Hunters are in a much better place now)
  14. CustosUmbra

    New Hoffman.

    So, how do you like this edition's Hoffman? I feel like he became less cluncky to use and got more freedom in his actions, without caring about looping all possible models and having to cluster the robots around him for max. efficiency.
  15. CustosUmbra

    M3E Open Beta is close

    Oh, right. I forgot)