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  1. Just throw Wretches at your opponents. Those built-in tomes work wonders.
  2. It's in the core rulebook 😉 About Aionus - yeah, it's not always helpful to slap your own models to make them fast. But if you have a buried Nothing Beast, for example, it can be a good idea to make Aionus do a Charge move, slap the buried Nothing Beast and either unbury it, or do whatever else you wanted to do with Aionus.
  3. You can easily bury your own models and give out Fast, that's the east part. You just either need to put Fast on already activated model, or have some Pass tokens and put it on a model within Aionius's LoS to not allow your opponent to make use of it before you can unbury. And after you get Void Hunters things start to get silly with their Existential Bite
  4. Are we sure we can get Tara fast that way? First of all the trigger's effect is a pulse generated by Tara, so she shouldn't be affected. Second of all - even if she could get Fast, wouldn't she lose it at the end of the activation?
  5. 1) Not from anywhere, just within LoS which can be obscured in numerous ways, if you find the delayed activation troublesome. 2) The target must have Fast. 3) Aionus must have Pass Tokens. So he either must have fewer models or use one of his 2 AP to get some. 4) The model that would skip its activation still gets to activate later, which is meaningless if you don't mind activating it last.
  6. So.. What's Obliteration's substitute for a third action? Does the ability to give out fast to the enemies and *sometimes* managing to get one for yourself without smacking your own models with 10SS Henchman count?
  7. As much as I like the idea of Taelor's ability being triggered by any Place, I'd rather have it affect only models with attached Summon Upgrades. So make it "when a model with a Summon Upgrade attached is placed..".
  8. You know, I kind'a like Talos. He's the only Obliteration model that can bury just from the opposed duels and applies additional damage to the buried targets. Like the Nothing Beast, he's quite resilient with his Terrifying with the added bonus of Armor+2. Yes, it can take a turn for him to get into the action, but when he does he gets his job done.
  9. Welp. Played my second game and my first 50 SS one. It was against Kirai on Corrupted Idols and I had an absolute blast.. Though I regrett picking Hannah and a Librarian for my crew. Should've picked Talos and the Scion instead. The game ended in a draw - I scored 1 VP both for Deliver the Message and Dig Their Graves + 1 VP for the Strategy, while my opponent scored 2 VP for the Strategy + 1 VP for Deliver the Message (miscalculation on my part - I forgot to reapply Fast to Lost Love after unburying Tara next to him; if I haven't forgotten he'd die from Age to Destruction). The MVPs were the Nothing Beast with SofDP Upgrade, who through his Accelerate Time action killed off four enemy models in total, healing for 8 through the course of the game; Karina, who ran up to Tara just in time to ressurect her and helped to Tara to jump where she was needed. Also Wretches are so awesome! Built-in Glimpse the Void and high mobility really help with schemes. Have yet to try out the Hunters, but really don't want to proxy in this game, so that'll have to wait until three months after their release)
  10. Ah, shame. Both Scion and Talos have such cool minis. I guess I could fit Hannah instead. But if I do so, would it be better to also add Lazarus or Librarian to the crew? To have a target for Hannah's bonus action?
  11. Ah, it felt so good to be back! Obliteration is so dammed fun, even playing against... Kaeris... Though Talos felt a bit underwhelming: he soaked a lot of damage, tied up Carlos for the entire game (killing him on turn 4) but that's about it. Is it worth taking Scion over Talos, or should I just save SS for in-game use?
  12. Oh boy, was it a long time. Last time I played Malifaux (before it died out in our community due to Beta) was almost a year ago.. And tomorrow I'll finally get to play it once again! So I've been wondering - how is our girl Tara doing? She's one of my two main Masters (the second one is Von Schill), and I wanted to know if there are any fresh tips and tricks at playing Obliteration.
  13. Guess will have to test blasts + dmg and push from Arik + mines in near time)
  14. I believe he was talking about + damage on charge?)
  15. Copying Arik's Bonus action will also give her a 2" enemy push on hit.
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