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  1. Guess will have to test blasts + dmg and push from Arik + mines in near time)
  2. I believe he was talking about + damage on charge?)
  3. Copying Arik's Bonus action will also give her a 2" enemy push on hit.
  4. Alright, that does require some setup to make work, but hear me out. Hannah has 2/4/6 damage track, plus crit, which is easily aquired from her Siphon Power and further boosted with a card or a soulstone. That gets her to a solid 4/6/8 Now, she can copy Arik's Bonus action for +1 dmg and a push. Things get creepy, as it is now 5/7/9. Spooky! And here it comes, at last. If someone has managed to place some mines nearby and Hannah pushes her target into the minefield and proceeds to Punch it within that minefield.. It gets her to the one-punch level damage at 6/8/10!!! Do you think it is fine, as it requires some set up, or is it too much in terms of damage?)
  5. CustosUmbra


    In the Last book. I don't see it like joining his band, though. More like a joint operation)
  6. So, you push your model and take a shooting attack, but treat it as if it had a melee range. That's a fairly easy part. The situation with Tara is a bit more complicated. My intuition suggests that if you treat a shooting attack as a melee one, Tara's trigger won't apply. But I can see a valid argument that it is still a shooting attack and is very capable of failing because of Tara's hole.
  7. I can see your point, but isn't Von Schill bound to have at least 2-3 decent minions to work with? Well, unless it's all-stars no-minion list and he's forced to unpack those tools for himself only, at which point I do agree - he becomes much less valuable as a support piece, but can still perform some great cinematic stuff on his own.. And perform as a healer, I guess? XD As for Lazarus.. It's more about many my opponents being pretty agresssive. The ability to assimilate strong melee attacks (or Talos's bury) helps a bit. Once again - do you really need to interact with Versatiles? Stalker can still benefit from The Trunk. Hans doesn't really need any of those upgrades.. Unless you wanted 20"+ Rocket Launcher with built-in crit. And a Child.. It's a Child. He's too young to be a soldier and too old to become Kade 2.0 Though I'm very sad I can't give Barbaros Mines anymore. It was giving me such an unpleasant (in a good way) vibe of a fighter who has lost everything and just wants to get in there, kill as many as possible and die in a blaze of glory! Nah, Arsenal Ups are performance-boosters. But they are performance-boosters both for Freikorps and any other minions. And Stalker, once again, in a weird way. Alright, I forgot what I was going for, lol. Only woke up recently After a mostly-sleepless night XD Guess I mean to say - you don't really need to interact with your whole crew as VS. Yes, it would be nice to boost some out of keyword Enforcer and henchmen, but losing this ability doesn't mean that VS is weaker, because he still has a decent list of both Freikorps and non-Freikorps to interact with.
  8. VS still can buff any minion. Yes, there's nothing special about it. Ronins, Voidlings, Ashes and Dust, Convict Gunslingers.. They all do well without VSs Upgrades and so do Freikorpsmen, but he can still give them those to enchance their performance. How is the game punishing you for hiring Ashes and Dust, if it can benefit from your Upgrades and synergize with Lazarus? How is hiring a Convict Gunslinger bad, if he's a solid model on his own? I agree, Freikorps don't really interact with VS in any unique way, while benefiting from his abilities.. But what's wrong with that? And He's not ONLY allowed to interact with them, there are always great minion and himself, even if you hire no Freikorps. How am I implying that Freikorps are bad? What I meant was - are non-minion non-Freikorps that bad that you won' t consider taking them just because they can't take Arsenal Upgrades?
  9. They get extra mobility or utility. Create hazardous terrain, leap for extra 6" movement, destroy scheme markers with grenades, or Just boost survivability.. You name it! Those upgrades do well on any model. How is taking versatile or out of crew models detrimental? Are non-Freikorps Enforcers and Henchmen THAT bad on their own that they aren't playable without VSs upgrades? If so, which ones?
  10. I mean, she must have some advantage over Tara when facing her, since Tara makes Misaki's key ability pretty dangerous to use XD Other than that - idk, reasons?
  11. From my point of view, shouting orders became more valuable with the changes to Concentrate. You're not able to spend the first turn stacking Focus, so After you've spent your first Focus you need an Action efficient way to replenish it.. And that's where Shouting Orders come into play.
  12. Oh my, you can actually TOUCH him now? Outrageous!
  13. Scion is also quite useful for gitting rid of benefitial conditions on enemies. All while being relatively safe from enemies. All for mere 6 SS! Just wish Wretches still had their healing action or could be summoned by the Nothing Beast.. or Scion. But that would be too hilarious to be true.
  14. Oh, and don't forget to use the Scion to help out his little buddies. Too bad they don't offer anything in return anymore. Also, aren't Wretches supposed to be "shards" of the Nothing Beast, or am I making things up? Would it be too much to allow it to summon Wretches out of killing model or smth like that?
  15. Unpopular opinion: After thinking over and over.. I think it's worth it to hire a couple of Wretches over a single Hunter. Just hear me out Wretches, even while not survivable, are great schemers - Mv 5 + Incorporeal is a great combo that will get you pretty far. If an enemy closes in on them and fails to kill them, he suddenly realises that he has some problems: 1. Tara can summon a Hunter on 11+ Tomes. Every Void model can hit burried models. 2. Void Wretches have Stat 5 Stutter Time, which isn't terrible and can apply Fast. That will allow a Hunter to appear near their little bro's offender. 3. While Wretches' attack has an unimpressive Stat 4, never forget that it has built in Tomes, which you can use to GTFO the problematic model far far away.. or force your opponent to cheat, which will allow you to apply Stutter Time more relliably.
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