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  1. Wait, so can you: 1) Rewind TNB, give it Fast; 2) Bury TNB and immediately Expedite it farther away from starting point and make it Charge; 3) Rewind it a second time, so it'd have two Echo markers; 4) At the end of Tara's activation Place TNB near the initial Echo; 5) After opponent activates, place TNB to another Echo that's closer to the enemy.
  2. No longer will my enemies' key models escape from Burried before I can finish them off. Or, well, do anything hurtful near Tara before I can deal with potential threats.
  3. I just recently bought the Engineers.. aw =(
  4. Played a game of Von Schill vs Kaeris today. Strategy: Public Enemies My Schemes: Hidden Martyrs, Sabotage Opponent's Schemes: Sabotage, Research Mission My Crew: Von Schill + Steam Trunk Hannah Lovelace Arik Schöttemer F. Engineer Drachen Trooper (SotDP) - Martyr#1 Freikorpsmann (Soldier for Hire) Martyr#2 SS Pool: 7 End Score: 4-3 Could've been 4-2, but I geeded out for a second VP from Martyrs, ending up hurting Kaeris one damage too much, trying to throw her towards my Drachen Trooper. Notable moments: 1) A burning Steam Trunk rocket-jumping towards Vasquez and a Fire Gamin, switching out for Mines and exploding at the end of the turn with 4 damage. My opponent would've gotten the last Bounty he needed for VP, but all witnesses died with the Trunk. We agreed that Hannah shouldn't get credit for the victims of the explosion, so I lost some Bounties there. 2) Arik forcing 5 models to fail duels against his powered-up grenades and beating the hell out of The Captain and an Oxfordian Mage on the third and fourth turns. 3) Von Schill making his way through half of the table to deny the first VP from Sabotage and surviving long enough to only allow one VP from it.
  5. Yeah, that's awesome. Hope I'll get something for my Freikorps/Obliteration
  6. Well, he no longer auto-unburies allied models, now he has to hit the TN, and that is good. Losing a suit.. It's fine. Don't see that as a serious or unjustified nerf.
  7. But who to pick as her support to utilize her Bonus action? Librarian? Lazarus (for further shenanigans with Talos)?
  8. How about min. 6 damage with double critical + Arik's Bonus + push within Landmines put by a different guy?)
  9. Age to Destruction is a nice tool to finish off enemy models, especially for Aionus. Leave an enemy model in 1-2 Wounds and Stutter Time it. If it goes off - the model will die in Aionus's aura, he will transfer Fast to another model and you'll be free to spend AP elsewhere. I found SotDP useful on NtB. He's already pretty tanky, but with the Upgrade he'll also heal himself. And if he manages to finish off 2+ models with his AoE action (happened twice in my games so far) you can call it GG.
  10. Just throw Wretches at your opponents. Those built-in tomes work wonders.
  11. It's in the core rulebook 😉 About Aionus - yeah, it's not always helpful to slap your own models to make them fast. But if you have a buried Nothing Beast, for example, it can be a good idea to make Aionus do a Charge move, slap the buried Nothing Beast and either unbury it, or do whatever else you wanted to do with Aionus.
  12. You can easily bury your own models and give out Fast, that's the east part. You just either need to put Fast on already activated model, or have some Pass tokens and put it on a model within Aionius's LoS to not allow your opponent to make use of it before you can unbury. And after you get Void Hunters things start to get silly with their Existential Bite
  13. Are we sure we can get Tara fast that way? First of all the trigger's effect is a pulse generated by Tara, so she shouldn't be affected. Second of all - even if she could get Fast, wouldn't she lose it at the end of the activation?
  14. 1) Not from anywhere, just within LoS which can be obscured in numerous ways, if you find the delayed activation troublesome. 2) The target must have Fast. 3) Aionus must have Pass Tokens. So he either must have fewer models or use one of his 2 AP to get some. 4) The model that would skip its activation still gets to activate later, which is meaningless if you don't mind activating it last.
  15. So.. What's Obliteration's substitute for a third action? Does the ability to give out fast to the enemies and *sometimes* managing to get one for yourself without smacking your own models with 10SS Henchman count?
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