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  1. Hi Wydos For anyone around Hampshire UK and want to give this great game a try then give me a shout. I will be running intros and demos to whoever wants it at Southampton Sluggaz on Friday evenings. I should be in attendance most Friday evenings during July and August. Sluggaz is open every Friday 6pm-11pm at St Denys Community Centre, Portswood, Southampton. SO17 2JZ. Give me a shout here or our email to let me know southamptonsluggaz@gmail.com I will see you on the other side ??
  2. Hi We are holding our next Through the Breach adventure at Southampton Sluggaz (SO17 2TF). 4th November 6.30pm-10.30pm If you would like to join us give me a shout
  3. Massive thank you to everyone who attended and helped with the event. Special mentions to: Andy who done most or the background stuff. All the people who helped set up and take down everything. Hellfire Gaming Industries for donating prizes. Ceri designs for gaming mats (including the prize mat), at leadt 6 tables had mats from them. You generous lot managed to rause a fantastic £477.33 for charity. This money has been paid directly to Follow your Dreams to help make the dreams come true for youngsters with learning disabilities. Massive thanks to you all.
  4. Hope everyone has a good journey. I will be at the centre from about 9.20 and will have the kettle on. Any problems my contact number is 07962167985. See you all soon
  5. Was on rules pack ? If submitted early you get an extra raffle ticket. But you can always buy tickets on the day as well. (All in the name of charity, oh and to get some special stuff)
  6. Pool list recieved from most people. Outstanding from: Michael Curry, Stuart Snares, Ben Sime, Paul Dean, Michael Asquith, Jan Proudley, Shaunie Red, Maria Wieland and Josh Leak. If you have sent please check your emails and that you have sent to southamptonsluggaz@gmail.com. If not please bring a physical copy on the day to hand in at registration. Thank you
  7. Round 1 - Collect the Bounty Round 2- Interference Round 3- Stake a Claim (As per gaining grounds 2016) ?
  8. Wanted to clarify that some people may not own more than 1 master for a faction but that is still ok. 2 is just a maximum not a requirement. So no mixed faction. Both masters must be from same faction.
  9. To confirm The 150ss pool is a maximum there is no requirement to fill all 150ss and you can take less. You also may not own 2 masters of the same faction or you may only want to bring one. Of course you may not want to bring all your models. Of course only models you have listed in your pool are available for you to select on the day so make sure you check you have everything. (Remember models do not need to be painted, but do need to be assembled and on correct base.)
  10. The centre is a couple of minutes walk from st denys train station. There are several travellodges etc around the area. Either Eastleigh or Southampton would give best access to trains to st denys. There is a train station right next to the airport as well if you fancy flying in ?
  11. Bubblictus


    Hi Cosy little local tournament. Southampton verses Portsmouth. 3 40ss games with some other fun "Its a knockout" style mini games as well. Who will bring home the bacon. Southampton Sluggaz (St Denys Community Centre, Portswood, Southampton SO17 2JZ). Saturday 24th 10am-5/6pm Pm me if you need further info
  12. We have had a little feedback and are thinking of reducing to 3 games rather than 4. 4 does give a more accurate result but as we are so far South 3 allows us to be a little more relaxed with timings etc. Before we do change anything let us know your thoughts. Thank you
  13. Southampton Sluggaz is holding a massive 24hr charity event starting at 6pm on Friday 26th August and not closing till 10pm on Saturday 27th. I will be on hand to run demos and fun games so come one come all and enjoy a fun days gaming and all money raised is going to charity (Follow your Dreams) as well. Southalpton Sluggaz, St Denys Community Centre, Portswood, Southampton, So17 2KZ. Where bad things happen.........well maybe ?
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